20 Of The Most Magical Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Unicorn Bedroom Ideas

Personality is key to creating a dream room. One popular bedroom style that has inspired children for generations is the unicorn themed bedroom. Full of both bold and neutral colors, creative patterns, and textured fabrics, the options are endless.

Modern and simple designs are best for people looking for change over time. Bright and bold rainbow rooms can give your child a portal to the unicorn universe. Add a sense of magic to your child’s most important room with the addition of unicorns!

Unicorns charm people of all ages. They give off a sense of enchantment and inspire positivity for all who are around them. Unicorn nurseries will mesmerize any baby with explosive color. As your child ages, they can customize their unicorn room to fit their own desires.

Toddlers and younger children will love living in such a magical environment. Unicorn bedrooms are even great options for teenagers, as the inspiration of magic never stops when you age.

Unicorn bedrooms aren’t just for children and adolescents, though. You can incorporate your favorite mystical animal into your home with a mix of bold and modern design features. Regardless of who your newly designed unicorn room is for, the beautiful and magical design will fascinate all who see it.

For some of the top sparkle-inspired unicorn bedroom ideas, here are 20 of the best ideas from across the internet!

The Best Unicorn Bedroom Ideas This Year

1. Pink Pastel Unicorn Room

Image source: Nursery DIY

Most people think of unicorns and picture rainbows everywhere. However, this isn’t the only decorative option for a unicorn inspired nest.

Using light pink pastel colors, like Nursery DIY features in this beautiful bedroom, still provide a unicorn vibe great for daintier and prettier option.

The unicorn feature on the wall is still boldly highlighted and gives the room a clear theme: think ballerina unicorn. You can’t go wrong with comfy pillows and a privacy canopy. Perfect for girls who love magic – and pink!

2. Whimsical Unicorn Nursery

Image source: Kristen Booth

Less obvious than others, this classical-looking unicorn room is catered for the more refined unicorn lover.

Gone are the rainbows, and in are the inspirational gold, pink, and grey colors. Kristen Booth hit the nail on the head with this nursery design.

Any baby girl will be captivated by the calming hues and majestic unicorn protector watching over her changing table. This is a top unicorn bedroom idea for a less colorful, yet ever-magical, nursery.

3. Rainbow String Bead Curtains

Image source: Whorange

For the rainbow lover in the family, rainbow string bead curtains could be just the touch they need for their unicorn room. Everybody knows unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand.

In this bedroom, Whorange went the extra mile and even covered the furniture with bright pink string. This extra step might be difficult in a child’s room, but it makes the space pop! Colorful lanterns line the ceiling and give you something to look at while falling asleep at night.

This room will certainly give your unicorn-loving child the magical inspiration they’re looking for. Rainbow beads are the new canopy bed!

4. Dainty Unicorn Wallpaper

Image source: Wallpaper List

One effective way to quickly add a unicorn theme to a room is through wallpaper. Wallpaper List features this cute rainbow and unicorn wallpaper that really brings out the magic of the room!

When combined with less bold furniture, you get a dainty feature wall that all eyes gravitate towards. Any unicorn wallpaper will surely give the same room feel. Make sure to finish your unicorn room off with a unicorn sculpture just like the one in this example!

5. Hand Painted Unicorn Decal

Image source: EPBOT

For a more creative option, consider hand painting something onto your child’s wall. EPBOT redid their girl’s room and surprised her with a detailed painting of two unicorns over her bed.

This symbol of love will protect and watch over your child for years to come. Finishing touches, like unicorn stuffed animals and pillowcases, seal the magic in.

Tuck your girl in and wish her a good night with a set of painted guardian unicorns.

6. High Tech Unicorn Gaming Room

Image source: @u/lolwowgaby via Reddit

Who said unicorns are just for children? The magic of the unicorn never leaves once you have it. Incorporate a teenager or adult’s gaming corner with these mystical animals.

Lolwowgaby’s gaming room is one of the coolest, most high-tech gaming areas on the internet. It’s unapologetically pink and bold. This room screams unicorn and isn’t afraid to do so.

Highlight the space further with stuffed animals, display cases, and figurines. Show pride in your favorite creature with a cool gaming space.

7. Abstract Bedroom Wall Design

Image source: Bored Panda

Like wallpaper but more personalized, a hand painted bedroom wall can make your unicorn room unique. Bored Panda features a hand-painted rainbow abstract statement wall behind a large bed.

This is a classic adulted, upscaled version that appreciates unicorns as much as the other examples on this list. Abstract creates a more refined vibe that lets the young at heart express their unicorn love.

Consider a similar scheme with marbled bedding and paintings to emphasize the magical feel. You’re never too old for a little rainbow magic!

8. Unicorn Room For Minimalists

Image source: Amanda Seghetti

Not everybody wants to highlight their unicorn love outright. For these people, a minimalist room design is best. Amanda Seghetti created a downscaled rainbow for her daughter’s room.

With a more retro design, you get the classic unicorn theme without the vibrant colors. Instead are more relaxed and meaningful tones. Don’t forget the cartoon unicorn featured on a functional piece of furniture!

This bedroom is perfect for a calm and positive night of sleep.

9. Inspirational Unicorn Quotes

Image source: Sami Says IG

A great way to make sure your child feels happy throughout the day is by plastering their walls with positivity. Combining inspirational quotes with their favorite animal – the unicorn, of course – gives them a favorite place to call home.

Sami Says IG created a safe space for her daughter. Put framed quotes on the wall. Use glitter, sparkles, and pastel colors. Escape the real world and enjoy the magic of a unicorn universe with a motivating bedroom.

10. Vintage Unicorn Room For Twins

Image source: Eleven Magnolia Lane

Designing a room for one is tough enough, let alone a pair of twins! You can never go wrong with a tasteful unicorn theme. Seen in Eleven Magnolia Lane, this twin room features tasteful rainbow pastel colors for just the right amount of pop.

A wall lined with shiny polka dots and pom-pom ceiling medallions completes the look. Separating two beds with a dollhouse gives your girls the best way to spend time: having fun in their unicorn room.

11. Refined Unicorn Accent Pieces

Image source: Little Vintage Cottage

The love of unicorns never goes away. Perfect for both vintage-loving children and adults, a unicorn accent piece brings just the right amount of magic into your room.

In this set-up by Little Vintage Cottage, the black background wall makes the white ceramic unicorn pop even more. The adjacent wall of wood brings another magical and woodsy feel into the home.

Statements and accent pieces are key to keeping a minimal and classy unicorn room design for adults.

12. Pink and Grey Unicorn Nursery

Image source: Blush and Batting

If you’re looking for a beautiful, yet soothing unicorn room for a baby, look no further. Blush and Batting shows a gold-painted crib, pink and grey tassels, and unicorn bedding for a baby girl.

These calming, warm tones will make your child comfortable and dream magical unicorn dreams. You’ll love walking into your baby’s room – no matter what time of day – and seeing this chic room design. Baby girl will love it, too.

13. Gender Neutral Unicorn Bedroom

Image source: Oh Joy

Unicorns are not just for girls. Any gender can be inspired by the magic that unicorns and rainbows symbolize. Perfect for a shared room, or a gender neutral setting, Oh Joy features a lighter blue room that anyone is sure to love.

Unicorn accents line the walls, as do rainbow pillows for some added comfort. No matter what gender, magic is still magic. Bring your child’s fairy-tale to life with this unicorn inspired bedroom.

14. Sweet Unicorn Toddler Decor

Image source: The House of Hood Blog

Some children are bolder than others. If your child is more laid back and introverted, a sweet unicorn room might be key to opening that shell.

This space by The House of Hood Blog gives a girl the room she sees in her dreams. With a unicorn watching over her and light pink and blue pastels, this room is magic.

Your child will love spending her days in this spot to call her own.

15. Unicorn Picture Frame Wall

Image source: Southern Styled

Wall art is a top way to show someone’s inner creative side. Whether the pictures are homemade or print, like seen in Southern Styled, your child will always have something unique to look at.

Place pictures right above a desk or alone on an accent wall. Encourage your child to paint her own unicorn pictures. Consider painting with her and create unbreakable memories.

She’s bound appreciate her bedroom even more. The memories will last a lifetime!

16. Comfy Rose Quartz Bedroom

Image source: Style Me Pretty Living

Not everything unicorn inspired has to be blasted with unicorns. Ballerina pinks, soft whites, and star-shaped pillows do just the trick. Style Me Pretty Living did a great job at giving her child a comfy corner to relax in her bedroom.

A covered canopy prides just enough privacy for a growing child. Featuring a plush blanket rug, your daughter will feel as though she’s sitting with a unicorn. What a perfect place for an imaginary mystical friend!

17. Dream-Worthy Unicorn Twin Room

Image source: Project Nursery

Twins are often thought of as best friends. What better than to share a magical room with your best friend? Project Nursery agreed. By putting big, white pom-poms on the ceiling, the room magically transforms into a unicorn’s universe.

Coupled with unicorn pillows and bedding, your girls will drift away into dream land with their favorite unicorns in mind. Remember to personalize their room with their name to give them a space they can call their own.

18. Smart Storage Unicorn Bed

Image source: Findefant

Not everyone has a big space for their kid’s room. Conserving space for play time is a best practice. Findefant thought this through with the use of functional furniture in their girl’s unicorn inspired room.

Twinkle lights and unicorn sheets give the room a dreamy, unicorn-like feel. Pink and grey storage boxes act as the bed frame that doubles as a secret fort for play time with magic unicorn friends. You can’t go wrong with a space saving unicorn bedroom!

19. Retro Rainbow Room

Image source: Mr. Kate

Most suitable for tweens, teenagers, and adults, this retro rainbow room is just the right amount of unicorn. Mr. Kate’s room was inspired based off her favorite animal and features a rainbow accent wall with bright furniture.

Also pictured is a unicorn wall hanging that brings the whole room together. For a larger bedroom, this space gives a magical and relaxing space in the home. Go back in time in your retro unicorn rainbow bedroom!

20. Simple Unicorn Bunkbed Bedroom

Image source: Livette's Wallpaper

Light colors, rainbows, and open spaces are the best bedroom environments. Unicorns love open spaces, and so does your child. Livette’s Wallpaper displays extra floor space that allows more play time with friends, both imaginary and real life.

For real life friends or siblings, a bunk bed with a rainbow ladder cover is perfect for sleepovers. The accent rainbow wall, stemming from the window, is a stairway that allows unicorn into the room from their unicorn universe.

The room is brought together with a pink ceiling pom-pom and unicorn head on display. Perfect for girls who love enchanted fairy tales.