23 New Teal Bedroom Ideas For 2024

Teal Bedroom Ideas

Teal is the perfect blend of blue and green and reminds us of the Caribbean sea. What better color to choose for your bedroom than one that elicits beachside vibes! Don’t worry if ocean decor isn’t your thing, teal is a great addition to numerous styles and designs.

We have compiled a list of 23 teal bedroom ideas to help you design the perfect bedroom. In this article, you can expect to find painting ideas, decor ideas, color combinations, and so much more. The possibilities of decorating with the color teal are nearly endless!

Some things to consider when decorating a bedroom with a teal color scheme are paint colors, furniture, lighting, art to display, rugs, and flooring. We will share ideas for all of these categories and we’re sure that you’ll find something that you love. It’s time to start your Pinterest board and collect ideas that inspire you.

The Best Teal Bedroom Ideas This Year

1. Weathered Teal Wall

weathered teal wall
Image source: Annie Schlechter

The appearance of this weathered teal wall gives off ocean vibes. The wall not only adds color and character to the bedroom but also has a lot of texture. Annie Schlechter uses a painting technique that creates this weathered look. It appears that parts of the wall have fewer coats of paint than some of the others. 

The caramel upholstered headboard looks beautiful against the teal color of the wall. The accent pillows on the bed, especially the teal-colored ones, help tie the design together. We are loving the various natural accents in the room including the rope and the potted plant.

2. Teal Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame

teal fabric upholstered bed frame
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Go for something completely different by picking a teal fabric upholstered bed frame like the one shown in this Annie Schlechter design. The lighter color teal of the sheets blends nicely with the darker teal bed frame.

The area rug is colorful and beautiful, featuring a light blue background with a floral print in pinks, blues, greens, oranges, and white. Even the various colors of books on the bookshelf match. The vintage-inspired light blue phone is a nice touch.

Overall, this bedroom has an eclectic design, and the teal fabric upholstered bed frame is a good fit in the room.

3. Rustic Elegance

Image source: Jinx Mcdonald Interior Designs Inc.

This Jinx Mcdonald Interior Designs Inc. bedroom has a rustic yet elegant look to it. The dark teal upholstered bedframe and the velvet pillows on the bench make this room look elegant while the tree-branch-inspired light fixture and shiplap ceiling give it a more rustic look. It’s a beautiful combination of styles!

We are also loving the area rug choice because it includes various shades of the teal color. Even the wall behind the bed is painted a light teal color. All of these features bring everything together for a cohesive look.

4. Velvet Glider and Ottoman

velvet glider and ottoman
Image source: Crate & Kids

Every bedroom needs a comfortable chair and ottoman for relaxing in. This teal-colored velvet glider and ottoman are the perfect examples! The dark and rich teal color of this Crate & Kids chair and ottoman pairs nicely with the gold accents on the furniture.

This would be a great chair for sitting to read a book. If you’re decorating a nursery, this would be a great chair for rocking little one or for nursing. Take a seat here in the mornings to enjoy your coffee and enjoy the scenery outside of your bedroom window.

5. Pink and Teal

pink and teal
Image source: Adore Magazine

A light pink or mauve color pairs nicely with a dark and rich teal color. This bedroom was featured by Adore Magazine and it expertly combines the light pink and teal colors throughout the room. 

There are walls in the room that are the light pink color and also another in the dark teal. A light pink velvet chair sits next to the teal wall, which makes a nice contrast of color. The comforter is a dark teal color while the accent pillows and the throw blanket are light pinks.

Overall, the room has a warm and welcoming vibe. Plus, it’s very pretty!

6. Dark Floral Wallpaper

dark floral wallpaper
Image source: Floral Art Wallpaper

Another way to use teal in your bedroom is by choosing a floral wallpaper that includes the color teal. The one pictured from the Floral Art Wallpaper Etsy shop is a great example. Its jewel tones are bright and bold while the dark background balances it all out for a moody look.

This bedroom features a variety of contrasting prints, patterns, and colors. It’s an eclectic mixture of artistic elements that come together nicely. However, the bedding used in this room is neutral and it works perfectly with the overall look that includes so many busy prints and patterns.

7. Reoriented Area Rug

Image source: Flor

We’ve seen Oriental-style rugs in a variety of colors and styles, but this is the first time we’ve seen the reoriented style of rug. We like how different shades of teal are used in this rug. We have to say that we love the design and the overall concept of this rug style!

Flor allows you to choose the color and the pattern of the “tiles” used to create this rug. No two tiles will be alike and the patterns do not align. It’s a creative and whimsical piece and, as Flor states, “a nod to the classic Oriental rug.”

8. Teal and Blue

Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

Teal pairs well with a variety of colors, especially those within the same color families. In this Flynnside Out Productions bedroom design, the designer uses light teal walls with white trim paired with a navy blue comforter and area rug. It’s a color combination that works well combining both a warmer color with a colder color.

This particular bedroom has ocean vibes with the white coral on the wall and the overall color scheme used. We are loving the herringbone blue and white lamps on each side of the bed. The ceiling fan is also a unique design that reminds us of a sailboat.

9. Teal and Gray

teal and gray
Image source: Roomdsign

Teal and gray are another color combination that look great together. In this bedroom featured by Roomdsign, the designer has used a bright and bold shade of teal paired with various shades of gray.

There’s no doubt that white sandy beaches and crystal clear water coordinate well with the color teal. The three photos of a beach scene above the bed look beautiful because the teal wall behind them helps pull out the color of the water in the photos.

The bed features a weathered gray bed frame with teal sheets and a white comforter. This design helps bring everything together.

10. Bold and Colorful

bold and colorful
Image source: Cantoni

Depending on the shade used, teal is a color that goes well with a bold and colorful design theme. In this bedroom featured by Cantoni, a bold teal wall is located behind the white upholstered bed frame and a white nightstand. The rich teal and the white contrast in a beautiful way.

We are loving the painting above the bed that combines both the teal and white colors used in the room while also introducing tan and blue. It reminds us of the Caribbean seaside.

The overall style of this bedroom is bold and colorful and we are loving it!

11. Dark Teal Accent Wall

dark teal accent wall
Image source: Persia Lou

A dark teal accent wall gives this bedroom a sense of sophistication and elegance. The color looks absolutely beautiful with the straw mirror hung on the wall. This color would also look beautiful with gold or brass accents.

The curtains that Persia Lou uses in this design match the teal wall almost perfectly, but have a simple yellow tassel edge that separates the two. The yellow accent pillow on the bed helps bring this color out more.

The upholstered bed frame features a unique black and white print with donkeys and palm trees. It has a globally inspired feel to it and we love it!

12. Teal with an Accent Color

teal with an accent color
Image source: Farrow & Ball

As previously mentioned, teal goes well with a variety of colors. Using mostly teal with an accent color is a great way to style your bedroom. 

In this Farrow & Ball bedroom, the stylist has used a deep teal color called Inchyra Blue on the walls, trim, and door. The comforter is teal and even the table lamp has a teal base. The room features a lot of dark teal but is accented by the mustard yellow color beautifully.

Having just one accent color that is used sparingly creates a stunning look. The mustard-colored upholstered headboard is unique and adds character to the room.

13. Jewel Tones

jewel tones
Image source: Graham & Brown

Jewel tones are rich tones that add warmth and character to any room. The Graham & Brown jardin teal wallpaper features jewel tones throughout the design.

The accent pillows on the bed help bring out these gorgeous colors. Teal looks amazing when paired with a deep purple, mustard yellow, red, and green. The gray floral print on this wallpaper helps tone it down a bit and balances out the overall design.

In a room decorated with such bright colors and bold designs, it makes sense that the bedding is a neutral color, with the exception of the jewel tone accent pillows.

14. White Trim

white trim
Image source: Behr

As we’ve seen on other items in this list, white trim looks spectacular against teal walls. This bedroom features an accent wall in the Behr Tornado Season color. The trim is painted in the Ultra Pure White color. 

This photo really shows how stunning this teal and white color combination really is, especially with the white bed frame where you can see the teal wall through the white design.

The addition of greens to this color scheme is unique and adds character to the room. There are two shades of green used including a darker green and a light yellow-green color.

15. Teal Ceiling

teal ceiling
Image source: House of Brinson

You may paint your walls teal, so why not paint the ceiling teal too? In this bedroom design by House of Brinson, the all-out teal look is both elegant and unique. The use of white sheets balances out all of the teal used in the room while the teal blanket ties it all together.

This bedroom has an old-world style to it. The bed frame has a beautiful wooden finish and a vintage style. The curtains at the head of the bed give the room a romantic feel. There is framed vintage art displayed on the walls. This bedroom has lots of character.

16. Hand Painted Teal Dresser

hand painted teal dresser
Image source: Granola Girl Treasures

This hand-painted custom order teal painted vintage dresser is gorgeous! You can purchase a similar dresser through the Granola Girl Treasures Etsy shop. 

If you like a good DIY project, this is a look you may be able to achieve with a paintbrush, chalk paint, and a little elbow grease. You can find plenty of tutorials with instructions on how to chalk paint an old piece of furniture. 

The results of chalk painting furniture are stunning, but don’t let that scare you! It’s not as hard as it looks. You can distress the paint or even use an antiquing gel to obtain that classic look.

17. Teal Macrame Decor

teal macrame decor
Image source: The Wise Fiber Company

Depending on your decor style, a teal macrame wall hanging may be just what you need for your bedroom! This particular wall hanging features ombre teal tassels. You can find this macrame decor from The Wise Fiber Company shop on Etsy. 

This style of decor is ideal for bedrooms with a boho style. We picture this hanging in a room with plenty of natural elements like natural woods, potted plants, or flowers in vases. You may also want to add some white twinkle lights for good measure!

This teal wall hanging looks best against a white wall because it helps the colors stand out more.

18. Teal and Purple

teal and purple
Image source: Home Threads

A rich, dark teal and a similar purple may be the most beautiful color combination of them all. Purple is the color of royalty and in some cultures, teal is a color that symbolizes the infinity of the sky and sea and a color representing truth and faith. Both colors are meaningful!

This bedroom featured by Home Threads has a dark purple wall and bedding that includes a light lilac color. These colors are perfectly accented by the various teal pieces in the room including the upholstered headboard and the plush throw blanket on the bed.

19. Diamond Sketch Wallpaper

diamond sketch wallpaper
Image source: Magnolia

This teal diamond sketch wallpaper by Magnolia is a beautiful wallpaper featuring a diamond pattern. Magnolia is a brand that we know we can count on for being trendy and stylish. Anything purchased from them is a safe style choice!

This wallpaper would be gorgeous when used on an accent wall so that the pattern doesn’t become too overwhelming. The cherry wood bed frame looks stunning against the teal diamond sketch patterned wallpaper.

The overall style of this bedroom is classic yet modern. While the teal color is beautiful, this pattern is also available in neutral tones too.

20. Bohemian Glam

Bohemian glam
Image source: Aleena

This Bohemian-style bedroom is neat and tidy, whimsical, yet refined. The dark teal on the wall is a rich color that goes well with the Bohemian style. The color brings out similar tones in the area rug. 

We are loving the wood beaded chandelier that gives this bedroom even more of the beautiful Bohemian style. The white side tables with intricate detailing are also a nice touch. Each side table features a curved mirror above it which helps reflect the light from the table lamps. The velvet teal curtains hanging by the window add a sophisticated vibe to this room designed by Aleena.

21. Mid-Century Modern Lamp

midcentury modern lamp
Image source: Target

A teal bedroom needs teal lamps for the side tables. These Mid-Century Modern teal table lamps from Target are a perfect choice. The lamps have a droplet shape that will be a beautiful addition to any bedroom. These lamps are a great addition to the rest of the teal decor in your bedroom. 

The lamps come as a set of two which is perfect for a room with two side tables. Each lamp is made out of steel and includes a white drum shade. These lamps are highly rated by customers who have purchased them at Target.

22. Gender Neutral Design

Image source: Mariam Al-Khatib

Teal is a color that can be used in gender-neutral design styles such as this kid’s bedroom designed by Marian Al-Khatib. Teal and coral are used to create this eccentric and fun bedroom.

The style of the beds is cute with the separate house-style frames that are complete with windows. There is a small table between the two beds that is connected to the bed frames.

Coral and teal go together nicely and are equally balanced with the addition of the color white. We’re also loving the teal and coral stripes painted on the accent wall behind the bed.

23. Romantic Style

romantic style
Image source: TLC Interiors

This bedroom designed by TLC Interiors has a romantic and feminine vibe without being overly feminine. The dark teal walls are absolutely stunning, especially with the burgundy bedding next to them.

The bold and dark floral print completely transforms this bedroom and gives it a unique style that we love. The floral arrangement on the teal side table matches the painting. Plus, there’s a pretty floral accent pillow on the bed. 

Good design is all about the little details and this room certainly shows that the designer was paying attention to these little details.