40 Best Mermaid Inspired Bedroom Ideas

Mermaid Bedroom Ideas

Every person fantasizes about their dream bedroom at least one time in their life. For many young children, mermaid rooms are the standard. They are colorful, mystical, and inspirational. Regardless of your child’s style, it can fit perfectly into a mermaid room. That’s because the options for these bedrooms are endless. From reserved rooms to big and bold patterns, your child will be living in their dream.

Mermaid rooms aren’t just great options for children, though. These creatures continue to captivate teenagers and adults all around the world. They’re the queens of the ocean and symbolize feminism. Mermaids empower everyone!

The best part about mermaid bedrooms is they grow with you. There are always small changes and additions you can make to these rooms to modify it to suit your style. No matter how old you get, your mermaid bedroom will always be a staple in your life.

Below are 40 of the most beautiful ocean queen mermaid themed bedrooms from all over the internet!

1. Ombre Shag Rug

Image source: nuLOOM Store

The best way to brighten up a room instantly is with a beautiful rug. A teal to white ombre rug like the one made by nuLOOM Store will complete your child’s mermaid bedroom look flawlessly. This rug looks like ocean water flowing onto a sandy beach – perfect for mermaids that just want to relax in the sun.

2. Mermaid Scale Mural

Image source: Oh Yay Studio

For more artsy people that want to add a piece of their own personality into their mermaid room, try this scaled mural look by Oh Yay Studio. Just choose your spirit mermaid colors and paint a series of scales. This serves as a standout accent wall and adds plenty of character into your room!

3. Fishnet Display Wall

Image source: Live Whimsy Lane

Looking for a creative way to display paintings, notes, and crafts? Five Whimsy Lane’s room features a fishnet as a display wall. Simply hang it up and clip your favorite mermaid-inspired creations up! Your child will love the ship-vibe that this accent brings.

4. Super Simplistic Mermaid Room

Image source: Two Points for Honesty

Some children prefer the simpler things in life. Instead of overwhelming them with loud colors and patterns, a simplistic mermaid design like the one by Two Points for Honesty is a great option. Light purple and blue colors, paired with a small mermaid stuffed animal, help the room come together perfectly.

5. Mermaid Book Nook

Image source: Little Dove Blog

Every mermaid needs a place to perch. This room by Little Dove Blog has a built-in alcove and bench seat perfect for a relaxing nap or unwinding with a good book. Your daughter will want to spend all of her time there! Not to mention, she’ll love the scalloped mermaid tail wallpaper, too.

6. Beach Bunkbeds

Image source: Create. Play. Travel.

If your children share a room or love to have sleepovers, they’ll never get enough of this beach-themed bunkbed room by Create. Play. Travel. The blue walls and sand-colored carpet will remind any mermaid of their favorite place – the ocean! Your daughter will love imagining herself building sandcastles with the bucket and float accessories at the foot of the bed.

7. Functional Mermaid Storage

Image source: Jennifer Taylor Design

Kids love having games, books, and mermaid stuffed animals! Jennifer Taylor Design created a unique piece of functional storage for all of your daughter’s mermaid memorabilia. This gives them somewhere to sit while also teaching them about the value of organization. The purple and turquoise colors are sure to stand out!

8. Rainbow Bed Canopy

Image source: Heather's Handmade Life

Mermaids come in all shapes and sizes. This rainbow canopy made by Heather’s Handmade Life will give your daughter a bit of privacy and help her fantasize about her underwater mermaid life. Remember to add a stuffed mermaid on her bed for a finishing touch!

9. Mermaid Statement Table

Image source: Darragh Dandurand

Mermaids aren’t just for kids! This beautiful statement table, featured by Darragh Dandurand, enunciates the beautiful features of mermaids. Keep an underwater themed vibe going by placing a tiny fishbowl or aquatic plant atop it. All of your friends will be mesmerized by the feminine beauty of this table!

10. Shipwreck Rope Mirror

Image source: Stephanie Elliot Photography

Just like mermaids, boats are a staple of the ocean. Stephanie Elliot Photography perfectly captures this essence where boats meet mermaids with the use of a rope mirror. Hang it right next to her dress-up corner! Your daughter will love looking into this portal and imagining herself swimming with her closest mermaid friends.

11. Lofted Mermaid Bed With Slide

Image source: Inspiration Made Simple

Give your girl the room of her dreams with a lofted bed and slide like this one by Inspiration Made Simple. Mermaids use rocks to dip into the ocean, so think of this slide as your daughter’s rock. Whenever your daughter uses her slide, she’ll picture herself jumping in the water like her favorite mermaid.

12. Mermaid Statement Pillow

Image source: Pretty Real Blog

For a more refined room, dainty accent pieces can seriously liven up any room. This room by Pretty Real Blog features a realistic pillow print that showcases the natural beauty of mermaids. Your child will love feeling grown-up with such a sophisticated, yet fun-loving, looking bedroom!

13. Mermaid Bubble Decal

Image source: Raising Whasians

Sometimes, simpler designs stand out more than the most lavish of features. This classic bubble decal design by Raising Whasians shows just how much a minimal design can impact a room. Your daughter will feel like she’s swimming underwater with her fish friends when she looks over and sees a trail of bubbles.

14. Inspirational Dresser Mermaid Quotes

Image source: Live Whimsy Lane

Mermaids are motivating, so why not add inspiration in your daughter’s room with encouraging words on each drawer. Five Whimsy Lane used decals on her child’s dresser to remind her that dreams are not only possible while you sleep. Dreams can come true if you put your mind to it!

15. Contemporary Starfish Bedroom

Image source: Decorpad

If you’re looking for a more polished mermaid room, use Decorpad’s room as an inspiration. Say goodbye to bold mermaid colors and welcome a white, gold, and seafoam color scheme. The unique shiny starfish accents above the bed represent a mermaid’s favorite accessory. With this adult room, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your bed to live in a mermaid oasis.

16. Mermaid Accent Wall

Image source: One Thousand Oaks

Show off your child’s style with an accent wall of mermaid pictures and decorations. One Thousand Oaks uses anchors, dream catchers, and mermaid embroidery to highlight the true mermaid magic. Every time you glance at the mural, you’ll be reminded of your overarching love of these mystical creatures.

17. Rustic Mermaid Bed

Image source: The Miami Rose

For nature loving children, this rustic wooden bedframe by The Miami Rose makes for a great mermaid throne. Paired with a mermaid tail bedsheet and a whimsical name plate, your daughter will feel as if they’re living in a real mermaid’s room underwater. Be sure to include light blue and pink colors to tie everything together!

18. Scalloped Shell Chair

Image source: The Miami Rose

Shells and mermaids go hand in hand. Place a coral pink shell chair in the corner of your mermaid room, like The Miami Rose did, to add a perfect pop of color. Finish off the relaxing nook with a mermaid picture mural and mermaid stuffed animals. You’ll never be more comfortable!

19. Neutral Baby Nursery

Image source: Project Nursery

Pinks and purples aren’t the only colors that represent mermaids! Project Nursery does an excellent job at creating a neutral mermaid nursery for any gender. With anchors, sea animal friends, and a mermaid inspired mobile, you’ll foster any child’s imagination with this room. It’s never too early to introduce the spirit of mermaids!

20. Lilac and Turquoise Mermaid Curtains

Image source: KOUFALL Store

Walls of a room aren’t the only canvasses for creation. These curtains by KOUFALL Store add another splash of mermaid color into your child’s bedroom. The deep purple and blue ombre will remind anybody of the beautiful tail colors of these mystical creatures. When the light shines through these curtains, the hues they emit are sure to mesmerize.

21. All White Mermaid Room

Image source: Willow Street Interiors

For a slightly more grown up version of a mermaid room, Willow Street Interiors uses white colors to brighten up the room. Paired with accent hues of light blue and pink, this makes the perfect teenage mermaid oasis. With a mermaid stuffed animal and porthole mirror, the finishing touches make this bedroom more magical.

22. Mystical Jellyfish Lights

Image source: Jessica Welling Interiors

Accent lights add a certain dreamy vibe to any room. Jessica Welling Interiors uses these jellyfish lights to create a mystical mermaid look. Jellyfish are friends with mermaids, so this only enhances a room’s mermaid theme! Whenever you turn your jellyfish lights on, your room will magically transform into an underwater mermaid oasis.

23. Beautiful Beach Chandelier

Image source: Very Very Vicky

What’s more mermaid than seashells, the blue ocean, and starfish? Very Very Vicky combines all of these features into one beautiful chandelier for her room. A beachy chandelier is the perfect addition for any mermaid room, as it is sure to bring any mermaid feelings of home.

24. Peaceful Pastel Mermaid Bedroom

Image source: Homes to Love

Pretty pale pastel colors create a flawless mermaid room. In this room by Homes to Love, it features light purple and sea foam colors with a burst of coal. Pastels keep a room calm but surely don’t take away from the boldness of a mermaid bedroom. If your child prefers more relaxing tones, a pastel mermaid theme is a great option.

25. Bright Blue Mermaid Room

Image source: Spot of Tea Designs

When most people think of mermaids, they picture bright pink and purple colors. However, mermaids come in all shades! Spot of Tea Designs highlights how any favorite color can be used to transform a plain room into a mermaid bedroom. The bright pale blue color, paired with mermaid bedding, gives this room an underwater mermaid feel without the overwhelming rainbow shades.

26. Wavy Ocean Wallpaper

Image source: Modern Day Moguls

All children have wild imaginations. If your daughter thinks she transforms into a mermaid every night, she’ll love the wavy wallpaper that Modern Day Moguls features! Oceans are home to mermaids, so she’ll feel right at place whenever she’s in her bedroom.

27. Hand Painted Mermaid Dresser

Image source: Brushed By Brandy

For the crafty mermaid lovers, this Brushed by Brandy dresser perfectly encompasses the mermaid bedroom theme. Deep oceanic blue shadows and gold trim tail-inspired handles fit perfectly in any adult or refined teenager’s room. This option is less obvious and based around interpretation therefore giving your room an artistic vibe.

28. Coral Mermaid Nursery

Image source: Melissa Hoko

A mermaid’s favorite color is coral. Melissa Hoko’s use of this shade, along with accents of white and aquatic blue, bring a mermaid’s favorite color scheme together. Her wooden mermaid decoration above the baby’s crib ties the whole room together. This nursery is perfect for any parent looking to add some color and meaning into their baby’s room.

29. Sea Glass Shelves

Image source: Melissa Hoko

Accents are essential for bringing together a room theme. In this room, Melissa Hoko uses white and gold shelving to display sea glass and starfish. Mermaid and ocean themes go hand in hand, so it’s no wonder why these features play off one another so well. Finish your shelving off with a framed abstract picture of a mermaid as pictured!

30. Minimalist Mermaid Room

Image source: Little Dove Blog

When you’re looking for a simplistic design without all of the bold colors that come with mermaids, a minimalist room is a top choice. As seen by Little Dove Blog, with a wire frame bed and modest decorations, your child will love the calming feel of her room. Remember to finish the look with her favorite mermaid stuffed animal!

31. Mermaid Accessory Table

Image source: Nashville Wifestyles

When you’re looking for a simplistic design without all of the bold colors that come with mermaids, a minimalist room is a top choice. As seen by Little Dove Blog, with a wire frame bed and modest decorations, your child will love the calming feel of her room. Remember to finish the look with her favorite mermaid stuffed animal!

32. Refined Mermaid Bedroom

Image source: Lipstick and Sawdust

For someone who has a love for mermaids but not an overwhelming burst of color, this refined room is a great inspiration. The dark green shade of Lipstick and Sawdust’s walls brings a deep ocean feel in the bedroom. Not to mention, dainty pillows atop a white bedsheet helps everything work together. Finish the room off with mermaid paintings and decorations!

33. Cozy Sunset Mermaid Cove

Image source: u/lleahmurr on Reddit

Mermaids don’t just come out during the day. U/lleahmurr on Reddit shares her daughter’s comfy mermaid cove which features a deep purple wall, orange light, and swimming wall decals. Underneath the lofted bed is a cozy cove area for your daughter to read, relax, and play mermaid dress-up with friends in.

34. Upscale Mermaid Room

Image source: Jennifer Taylor Design

There are all types of mermaids, even classy and upscale ones! Channel your teenage daughter’s inner mermaid with this fashionable mermaid bedroom by Jennifer Taylor Design. The neutral scalloped headboard works perfectly with oceanic blue nightstands. Remember to add seashell lampshades as a beautiful finishing touch.

35. Adult Mermaid Artist Lounge

Image source: Margaret Wright

No two rooms are created equally – especially for an artist. If you’re an adult artist who is inspired by mermaids, this room captured by Margaret Wright is sure to captivate you. Functional futons turn into beds so that you never have to leave your studio. Be sure to hang all of your mermaid paintings on your wall to continually change your vibe!

36. Hand Painted Mermaid Headboard

Image source: Tracey's Fancy

If you’re willing to spend a little extra time creating something special for your bedroom, this hand painted mermaid headboard does just the trick. Tracey’s Fancy uses oceanic colors to paint herself as a mermaid. Lined with gold trim, your favorite mermaid will be the center of attention and will watch over you while you sleep. Like a guardian angel, but with mermaids!

37. Ombre Seafoam Mermaid Sheets

Image source: Pottery Barn Teen

When you’re sleeping, you want to be surrounded by your favorite things – that includes the ocean. This duvet from Pottery Barn Teen features sewn wave patterns and a sea blue ombre color. Your teenager will feel like a magical mermaid as she drifts into her dreams while sleeping in the comfiest cover possible.

38. Beach Accent Painting

Image source: Artsy Chicks Rule

Art brings a room together like conch shells call mermaids together. This perfectly decorated bedroom by Artsy Chicks Rule shows how a mermaid room can suit any adult. The ocean painting is the highlight of the bedroom and will remind you of your favorite creature’s home. Finished off with mirror portholes, easily take a look into the world of a mermaid.

39. Simplistic Mermaid Wall Art

Image source: Mr. Kate

If you’re inspired by mermaids but don’t want your entire room to revolve around them, this DIY painting by Mr. Kate is perfect for your bedroom. Abstract colors and gemstones gravitate away from a realistic mermaid vibe and cater towards a more creative feel. The best part is this DIY project gives you something to feel accomplished about!

40. Boho Mermaid Bedroom

Image source: Chenoa Morris on Pinterest

Instead of opting for a mermaid bedroom with bold colors, get inspired by this sandy boho mermaid room by Chenoa Morris on Pinterest. The burlap rug, wicker headboard, and light wooden floating table, your room will instantly transform into a beach. Be sure to highlight your favorite mermaid decorations like large seashells, starfish, and a mermaid wall hanging to complete the look.