53 Unique Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

The Farmhouse style is a popular choice for those looking to create an airy and relaxed vibe. With design elements that are cohesive and curated, there is a focus on raw materials, mixed textures, and rustic elements. As this is a collectors’ style, it’s essential to create a curated look rather than one where everything matches.

To achieve the quintessential farmhouse look, it’s all about wood elements and white tones. Don’t be afraid to be bold! Mixing textures and adding accessories that have distressed surfaces will give depth to your design. Try to find a perfect balance between hard and soft elements by combining raw wood and exposed bricks with plush rugs and neutral colors. Exposed rustic wood beams are a popular design choice that really catch the eye, and you can balance this out with house plants, knickknacks, and wall décor.

The heart of Farmhouse design is in creating functional, clean spaces that are a mix of wood, iron, and stone, punctuated with soft fabrics and a neutral color palette. 

Our Favorite Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

1. Candle Style Chandeliers

Image source: Your Space Furniture

As one of the more popular chandelier styles for Farmhouse design, this mimics pre-electricity days when candlelight would fill a home. Much like candelabras which have arms that would hold candles, these popular farmhouse style lighting fixtures instead use bulbs.

Designed with a spoked wheel in mind, like this chandelier from Your Space Furniture, they are often made of iron or have a rustic wood finish. Many incorporate beaded ropes or droopy chains that hang from below the ‘candle’ holders.

2. Rustic Wood Beams

rustic wood beams
Image source: Studio McGee

As a powerful visual element for your space, exposed rustic wood beams add contrast to your Farmhouse style home’s soft tones. These are often procured from old barns and are an essential part of the modern farmhouse design.

As an added bonus, reusing old wood is excellent for the environment! There are many wood styles to choose from, with differences in color, warmth, and depth. Like this design from Studio McGee, it will help create that cozy, lived-in look that defines the farmhouse style.

3. A Warm Color Palette

A warm color palette
Image source: McGee and Co

The farmhouse style starts with a color palette full of warm or cool neutral tones. From there, you can start adding in natural wood tones and other elements. In order to stay true to the look, it’s important to keep your overall color scheme neutral.

Focus on cream, beige, and gray, to keep things soft and light. You want to convey a feeling of softness as if being enveloped in a cocoon of comfort, like this room by McGee and Co.

4. A Large, Comfortable Sofa

large sofa
Image source: Amber Interiors

The sofa is often the center of comfort in the home, and when it comes to farmhouse style, comfort is everything! The safest choice is going with a white or cream sofa, as this will bring a light and refreshing look to your room and goes with everything.

You can use throw pillows in an assortment of soft colors, textures, and materials, like design team Amber Interiors, to add a burst of personality.

5. Textures

Image source: Blackband Design

Make sure to use an assortment of different textures to add depth to the room. Mixing fabrics like cotton, wool, chenille, and canvas creates a meaningful juxtaposition. This will fit perfectly with the farmhouse style’s “collector” vibe and give you room to play around with your accessories.

As seen in this Blackband Designs living room, the unfinished wood makes you want to reach out and touch it! Using different tones of wood and metal types will also help create a peaceful dichotomy, which keeps your space from looking too flat and one-dimensional.

6. Dark Overhead Beams

dark wood beam
Image source: Tracy Lynn Studio

To add some contrast within your space, using dark overhead beams, whether painted wood or metal, will work wonders. Best for a room with high ceilings, this is an attention-grabbing design element that will help balance out a room’s soft tones.

An excellent choice if you have skylights or white walls and ceiling, as seen in this Tracy Lynn Studios design, it will help bring some depth with its striking contrast. Perfect for cathedral ceilings!

7. Organic Materials

Image source: Max Kim-bee

The farmhouse style relies on bridging the gap between the indoors and outdoors. To help with this, follow the lead of Max Kim-bee and use organic materials to maintain that connection. Wood floors and support beams will add that natural element to your space, which can be enhanced by selecting the right materials for your décor.

Furniture pieces made of wicker, rattan, sisal, and other natural materials will help in a creating a cohesive interaction between your home and the outside world.

8. Vintage Furniture

Image source: Antique Farm House

The goal isn’t to fill your home with vintage furniture but to have some carefully curated pieces. A vintage table between two reading chairs, or a vintage sideboard, like one from Antique Farm house, can add a lot of character to a room.

Choose pieces that pair well rather than match, such as a brass lamp on a wooden table. Most vintage furniture has a worn, well-used look, which fits in perfectly with the farmhouse aesthetic.

9. Wicker Furniture

Image source: Completely Coastal

A little bit of wicker can go a long way. Using a wicker basket, or a wicker chair like this one from Completely Coastal, brings a natural material into your space. You don’t want to overdo it on the wicker furniture, but a few key pieces will help soften the room’s tone.

This also helps create that indoor-outdoor connection and maintain the soft tones that are key in farmhouse-style living rooms.

10. Weathered Finishes

Image source: Lisa Furey

One thing to avoid is having too many pieces that look shiny and new. Furniture and décor that has a weathered effect gives that timeless charm and can soften a room, like this design from Lisa Furey.

A coffee table with rough edges, wall frames with a weathered paint finish, even a rug with faded areas, will keep that farmhouse look intact. This is a great opportunity to scour antique stores and find those pieces that speak to you!

11. Soft Textiles

Image source: Kiki Interiors

To offset the bold impact of rustic wood beams and chunky furniture, you can use different textiles to soften the room. Throw pillows with frilly edges and woven blankets draped over the sofa will create an invitation for relaxation.

You can also follow the design of Kiki Interiors and hang them on a vintage ladder. The objective is to have a welcoming, relaxing, and cozy space, and the best way to do that is with soft materials.

12. Mixing Patterns

mixing patterns
Image source: Amber Interiors

With the farmhouse style there is no need to be wary of mixing patterns. Using stripes, ginghams and florals like Amber Interiors have, are okay as long as they are within a soft, light color palette.

Limiting yourself to one design will make the room feel uninspired and is the antithesis of farmhouse style, so be carefree with how you mix your patterns.

13. Wide Plank Wood Floors

Image source: Lisa Furey

Wide plank floors are a staple in farmhouses all across America and showcased here by Lisa Furey Interiors. Often made from locally harvested wood such as pine and oak, it’s a good idea to follow suit and keep things reminiscent of ancient farm days.

As an iconic architectural style, wide plank floors bring a sense of warmth and character to a home that is hard to replicate. You can also use reclaimed wood, which has a texture, color, and warmth that only time can create.

14. Animal Print Accents

Image source: The Cottage Journal

The word “farmhouse” conjures up images of wide-open fields, large tractors, and plenty of animals. To bring a bit of this into your home, you can add a touch of animal print.

From a cowhide rug in front of a reading chair to a throw pillow decorated in animal print, you can get really creative in how you decide to bring the outdoors into your space. The Cottage Journal uses animal print throw pillows to add a bit of flair to this charming room.

15. Rustic Signs

Image source: Cutting Edge Stencils

This farmhouse-style sign by Cutting Edge Stencils is a quick and easy way to showcase your personality and enjoy a DIY project. Whether you go with one large statement piece or a few pieces scattered around the room, this is a popular way to celebrate the farmhouse style.

You can’t go wrong with choosing signs that have positive affirmations and witty sayings or that welcome in friends and family. This is a great chance to get really creative!

16. Chicken Wire Doors

Image source: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Using chicken wire for cabinet doors is a great way to honor the farmhouses of old. Whether you place it behind glass or by itself, it will elevate your space and give an authentic farmhouse appeal.

Like Cedar Hill Farmhouse, fill your cabinet with items you want on display and that will complement the room, such as a vintage tea set or old books. If your cabinet has weather and peeling paint, even better!

17. Leather Chairs

leather chair
Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

The leather chair used by Bria Hammel Interiors adds a comfortable elegance and helps ground the room amidst all the white. The footstool’s mixed materials don’t perfectly match the chair and create a slight dissonance that catches the eye.

Using these pillows, each with a unique pattern, adds to the farmhouse style’s collector’s vibe. The straps at the side of the chair are reminiscent of a saddle, and it’s this type of attention to detail that makes all the difference.

18. Pottery

Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

Pottery adds an old-world charm and a soft, warm tone that fits in perfectly with this style. You can go with painted or plain, and make a great addition to any bookshelf or table.

This design by Bria Hammel Interiors uses pottery as décor for these floating shelves, and the colors complement the wood tone and white walls perfectly. Using both painted and unfinished pottery will work wonders in any space.

19. Live Edge Table

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

Live-edge tables, where the edge of the wood is not sawn off but displayed in all its glory, really drive home the indoor-outdoor relationship you are looking for.

This design by Lisa Furey Interiors uses a live-edge coffee table as a focal point for this charming farmhouse-style room. Another option to bring live-edge wood into your home is by installing live-edge shelves.

20. Wall Ladder

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

Wall ladders are a practical and interesting design element for any room. Whether they are vintage metal, raw wood, or painted, they can be tucked away in corners or used as a focal point.

When used in the living room, like done here by Lisa Furey Interiors, it can serve as a place to hang blankets and scarves. As the perfect furniture piece for draping textiles, it also creates a wonderful display that is constantly changing.

21. A Rug with a Pattern

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

A rug can really bring a room together, so it is important to plan accordingly. In this room by Lisa Furey Interiors, they use a striped rug to pull together the two white sofas.

The pattern balances out all the white in the room, without being overbearing. It also pairs well with the black chairs, bringing everything together in one cohesive style. The eye is drawn from the chairs to the dark fireplace, and a sense of balance is created.

22. Frameless Windows

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

Using frameless windows helps reduce the bulkiness of a space, as seen here in this room designed by Lisa Furey Interiors. This is especially important if you have dark overhead beams or other dark features.

The frameless windows make it seem as if there is little separating the inside from the outside and this allows for a more spacious interior. The sunlight streams in through the window and there is nothing that distracts the eye from the outside views.

23. Rustic Bench

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

A rustic bench, like displayed here by Lisa Furey Interiors, makes for the perfect farmhouse aesthetic. One look at this bench and you can imagine the forest it came from and the farmer who constructed it.

The soft white cushion looks inviting, even while resting on the hard bulky wood of the benches frame. The pattern of the back pillow marries the rich tones of the wood with the cream of the cushion and creates a welcoming sitting place.

24. Accent Wall

Image source: Lisa Furey Interiors

An accent wall can change the entire dynamic of a room if done correctly. In this design by Lisa Furey Interiors, the wallpaper calls to mind a rustic cabin and helps complete the farmhouse look.

The color plays well with the design of the rug, tying the room together. When the room is viewed as a whole, an accent wall can add depth and dimension to an otherwise monotone space.

25. Hanging Baskets

Image source: Amazon

The farmhouse style loves anything woven, whether it be baskets, chairs, or footstools. If you find that your room is lacking in floor space, don’t be afraid to go to the walls.

Hanging a basket, like seen here from Amazon, adds dimension to the room and a burst of warmth. If you can tie in the color to another piece of furniture, all the better! In this design, the basket pairs well with the chair across the table and helps to bring everything together.

26. Multiple Seating Options

Image source: Blackband Design

The farmhouse style relies on comfort and a laidback aesthetic, so having plenty of seating is important. In this design by Blackband Designs, they have given plenty of options for comfortable unwinding. The living room is often the entertaining room, so providing ample options to your guests, and in different formations, will give the room an air of relaxation.

27. Tall Window Treatments

Image source: Andrew Howard Designs

If you have high ceilings, like in this room decorated by Andrew Howard Designs, then going with tall window treatments will create a lengthening effect.

Eyes will be directed upwards towards the beautiful features along the ceiling and give the room even more height. Whether open or closed, using long curtains will help open up a room and keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

28. Sideboards

Image source: Lindsey Brooke Design

Sideboards are very practical pieces of furniture. They provide ample storage that is hidden away, while also contributing another surface to display knickknacks and other décor.

In this design by Lindsey Brooke Design, they used a a sideboard with a soft wood finish, which is the perfect middle-ground between the tone of the wood floor and the white walls. You can decorate the top of the sideboard with plants, books, and other rustic items.

29. Shiplap Walls

Image source: Rachel Whyte

Shiplap is a special type of inter-locking board that creates a cabin-wall type finish. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, though for a rustic look you should follow the design captured by Rachel Whyte.

Horizontal shiplap walls will add the perception of length, while vertically installed shiplap adds to the height of a room. With the ladder leaning up against the wall and the tall floor plant on the other side, it creates a wonderful balance.

30. Trunk Carts

Image source: Antique Farmhouse

Trunks are a great way to add a vintage piece to your room that is as practical as it is charming. This trunk cart by Antique Farmhouse makes for a great place to store wine as well as giving a small area on top to display photos or knickknacks.

Other kinds of trunks can be used to store blankets, games, and items that you do not want out on display. They can also double as coffee tables and side tables, thereby tripling their usefulness!

31. Leather Throw Pillows

Image source: Antique Farmhouse

Throw pillows are a must-have for any living room, as they provide both comfort and style to an overall design. Whether you are looking for pillows for a sofa, chair, or floor, mix up your materials to keep things interesting.

Leather is a staple when it comes to farmhouse design, and this leather pillow with subtle pleating by Antique Farmhouse, would look great anywhere. Because leather is rich in tone and warmth and is also very soft, it makes a wonderful companion to your seating comfort.

32. Table Plants

Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

The farmhouse style is based around woods, whites, and a mix of patterns and materials. Because most of the color palette revolves around light tones, incorporating table plants will add a burst of color and vitality to your design.

Easy to take care of and move around, house plants are a versatile addition to any room. Whether it be cactus or ferns, like this beautiful plant chosen by Bria Hammel Interiors, you can’t go wrong. Not only can they instantly change a space’s dynamic, but they also purify the air you breathe!

33. Wicker Blanket Holder

Image source: Daley Home Design

Wicker and rattan are great for the farmhouse design aesthetic, as they are natural materials that perfectly match the color palette. A wicker basket tucked away in the corner or next to the sofa makes for additional storage, as seen in this design by Daley Home Design, and makes them a practical choice for storing blankets, books, and toys.

If you choose a basket with handles, you can easily move things around, which is part of what the farmhouse style is all about.

34. Books

Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

When it comes to décor, you should always add some books wherever you can. Stacking a few in a pile on a coffee table, like seen here by Bria Hammel Interiors, adds depth and creates different layers. Anytime you have a space and are unsure what kind of décor to go with, try adding a few books.

Whether laying down or standing, they add character however they are used. Find vintage books with worn spines, or try standing the books up with the pages facing outwards.

35. Tufted Coffee Table

Image source: 22 Interiors

A tufted coffee table not only fulfills the ‘table requirement’ but also gives additional seating if needed. This table’s metal frame paired with the soft cream of the pillow top, chosen by 22 Interiors, is the perfect juxtaposition.

A tufted coffee table will contribute personality to a room and give depth to an otherwise flat design. With the sofa’s smoothness, this coffee table pairs well and makes the room feel soft and inviting overall.

36. Honeycomb Credenza

Image source: Amie Corley Interiors

Many of us associate honey bees with farms, and rightfully so. For that reason, it is not uncommon to see honeybee-themed items within the farmhouse design. This honeycomb credenza displayed by Amie Corley Interiors does a wonderful job at combining a credenza’s functionality with the design aesthetic of farmhouse style.

A beautiful piece, the stark white helps to calm down the dark color of the upper wall and creates a wonderful division between these two warm-toned chairs.

37. Round Wood Coffee Table

Image source: Wayfair

This round coffee table made of reclaimed barn wood is a great choice for this living room. Anytime you go with a round coffee table, it helps soften a room, as there are no hard edges to catch the eye.

It also contributes to the feng-shui style, directing energy and movement around in a circle. Avoiding sharp corners in a small living room is a must, and this coffee table by Wayfair is a great choice.

38. Vintage Decorative Mirror

Image source: Lee Owens Design

A large wall mirror like the one displayed in this design by Lee Owens Design has multiple benefits. As the sunlight pours into the room, it will be reflected throughout by the mirror, helping to elevate the whites of the room and banish any shadows.

This is especially useful as the day starts winding down, allowing you to keep the lights off longer. The beautiful frame pairs well with the wall art frames and the throw pillow patterns and gives a vintage charm.

39. Hanging Rattan Chair

Image source: Kristina Crestin Designs

Rattan is a staple in the farmhouse style, usually found in reading chairs and baskets. This hanging chair that floats before these large windows provides a wonderful spot to relax and daydream.

Kristina Crestin Designs‘ choice adds an air of relaxation and the worn white finish pairs well with the floor’s softwood tones. It is especially charming if you can hang it from the ceiling beams, a hanging chair is both fun and practical.

40. Bookshelf Decor

Image source: Pure Salt Interiors

A built-in bookshelf is an extra bonus, as it adds storage and display potential without taking up any floor space in the room. To decorate a bookshelf, don’t be hindered by fear.

Take this as an opportunity to showcase your treasures, memories, and special items. Stacking books in a small pile with a plant on top, placing a cluster of jars or pottery, and layering framed photos, will create a diorama that speaks volumes.

This display created by Pure Salt Interiors has a mix of plants, jars, and photos and looks beautiful.

41. Floor Plants

Image source: K and K Interiors

In a room full of wood tones and that follows a soft color palette, bursts of green can completely change the dynamic. A tall floor plant in the corner, especially near a window like in this design by K&K Interiors, will glow with its own radiance that is impossible to ignore.

The vibrant green of a living plant brings life to space and helps bridge the gap between the inner and outer world. Farmhouse style is all about using organic materials like wood, cotton, and wicker, so what better way to honor this than having living, breathing plants!

42. Fireplace Art

Image source: Studio McGee

A fireplace in the living room is a staple in farmhouse design and contributes immensely to the feelings of comfort.  In this design by Studio McGee, the black frame blends in well with the wall and makes the image pop.

If you have a mantle you can choose to rest a piece of art on that, which creates a more relaxed vibe and can be book-ended by other décor. Vintage farmhouse signs would be perfect for this spot and add a touch of rustic charm.

43. Wall Art Groupings

Image source: Ballard Designs

Hanging art on the walls is a practical way to take advantage of this massive canvas. When you hang groupings, like done here by Ballard Designs, it creates a cohesive element that captures the eye and imagination.

The soft-wood tones chosen for the frame keep the room feeling calm and warm, pairing well with the footstool below. The trick to hanging clusters of art is keeping them aligned with each other and when done right, really works well.

44. Animal Print Rug

Image source: Amanda Reynal Interiors

In this design by Amanda Reynal Interiors, the animal print rug ties all the room’s warmth and tone together into one cohesive idea. The soft browns set the stage for the wicker loveseat and matching stools.

As the sunlight filters into the room, it helps pull out the warm tones and makes this a very relaxing room. When choosing animal print rugs, choose patterns that will work in symbiosis with your other furniture pieces.

45. Vaulted Ceilings

Image source: Jean Stoffer Design

Many farmhouse-style living rooms have vaulted ceilings, and for good reasons. Barns are known for their wide-open interiors, with exposed beams and pitched roofs.

Mimicking this within our interior design helps to create a space full of breathing room and limitless possibility. Vaulted ceilings allow you to do a lot on the ground level without needing to worry as much about stuffiness, as seen here in this Jean Stoffer Design.

When combined with exposed beams, it creates a beautiful architectural vision.

46. Stone Fireplace

Image source: Harding and Co Designs

Farmhouse-style fireplaces need to have more personality than the modern variants set into plain, smooth walls. Using exposed brick and stone adds plenty of character and depending on the color palette, can really elevate the warmth of a room.

Find brick and stone that respects the wood floor’s tone, and they will help draw out each other’s unique characteristics. The stone fireplace shown here by Harding & Co Design is rife with depth and exquisite patterns.

47. Glass Jars

Image source: Flourish Design & Style

In the farmhouse days, milk was hand-delivered door-to-door in glass jars, and those jars would be reused for other projects. In the modern farmhouse style, we use glass jars as décor, and it works wonderfully.

You can leave them empty or fill them with stones and dry plants for a bigger impact. In this room, designed by Flourish Design & Style, the 1-gallon jugs are left empty and give a clean, low-key look.

48. Eclectic Wall Art

Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

In this room designed by Bria Hammel Interiors, the wall is covered in a unique collection of framed art and mirrors. This is a great opportunity to showcase important memories, cherished photos, and beloved art and hang mirrors that will help reflect light around the room.

Adding in a hanging sculpture will add depth and help enrich the flatness of hung art.  Mixing frame colors and materials are welcome here, and you can really get creative with positioning.

49. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Image source: Lusco Brick and Stone

Reclaiming wood and turning it into a new use item is a popular trend in farmhouse design. Whether it be signs, sliding doors, ceiling beams, or in this case, a coffee table by Lusco Brick and Stone, you can’t go wrong.

Using old wood to make new furniture is great for the environment and gives a rustic feel that is hard to replicate with new materials. Wood has a history, and the older it is, the more character that it has.

50. Rustic Floating Shelves

Image source: Wayfair

Floating shelves create a less cluttered look than the standard variant. In these wood shelves by Wayfair, they honor the wood-heavy farmhouse style and give a great space for displaying treasures and photos.

Floating shelves can be hung anywhere and without the visible brackets, create a more streamlined design. If you can, go with a raw edge or natural wood finish that pairs well with other wood tones.

51. Vintage Water Pitcher

Image source: The Reclaimed Farmhouse

Anytime you can bring outdoor pieces inside, it’s going to be a win. Farmhouse style relies on combining these distinctly separate spaces, and using a watering can as a flower pot, like done here by The Reclaimed Farmhouse, is a charming adaptation.

You can fill these with a variety of different dried plants to add a pop of color or to match the surrounding palette and create some dimension. The flowers used in this example exude a softness that is warmly welcomed.

52. Sliding Barn Doors

Image source: Dancing Grains

Sliding barn doors are a big statement piece and can really bring a living room back a few decades. Not only are they a practical way to separate spaces, but they also look great! Dancing Grains‘ barn door is made with reclaimed wood of different shades and tones, creating an artistic look.

Sliding along an iron bar, this combination of mixed materials honors the farmhouse aesthetic and looks great with the leather chair and dark wood floor.

53. Recycled Window as Decor

Image source: Kirklands

Whether you lean it up against the wall or hang it, recycling an old window is a popular style choice in any farmhouse design. With its weathered look and peeling paint, it adds a rustic quality that is beautifully matched with the décor.

Found at Kirkland’s, this window is painted in a soft white, and the worn areas bring out the tones of the plant holders around it.