60 Of The Best Luxury Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Luxury Bedroom Ideas

If you enjoy the finer things in life, chances are that you want a luxurious and comfortable bedroom where you can relax in style. No matter your personal style and design preferences, there are luxurious options that will work for you. We’ve researched for you and compiled this list of 60 luxury bedroom ideas.

Luxury is more of a feeling that is evoked when you are in a room. So whatever makes you feel like you are living the luxe life is what you should feature in your bedroom. Some of our ideas include luxurious bedding, lighting options, paint colors, flooring, and art. 

You can make any bedroom style feel luxurious with just the right design elements that make you feel like it’s luxurious. We think you will love these ideas for how to style a luxury bedroom, but you will want to choose whatever design elements seem luxurious to you personally.

1. Black Walls

black walls
Image source: Sara Beltagy

The color black is becoming increasingly popular in home decor and design. In this luxury bedroom, they use black walls which makes the space dark and relaxing. Sara Beltagy uses dark wood paneling and a deep purple tufted headboard along with gray and deep purple bedding.

2. Metallic Table Lamps

metallic table lamps
Image source: Santamaria Design

This gorgeous bedroom design by Santamaria Design features silver metallic lamps on each side of the bed. Metallics tend to add an air of luxury to whatever room they are featured in. The patterned wallpaper has a slight metallic look to it also. The upholstered headboard and bedding are absolutely beautiful!

3. Tufted Bed

Tufted Bed
Image source: Wayfair

An upholstered and tufted headboard is a classy way to add luxury style to a bedroom. This particular headboard is from Wayfair. The neutral colors throughout the room make it easy to add accents with a pop of color that could change with the seasons. 

4. Black and Gray Bedroom with Pops of Pink

black gray with pink
Image source: McClure Interiors

To give your luxury bedroom a touch of femininity, decorate the room with black and gray and then add pops of bright pink. This McClure Interiors bedroom design is fit for a lady boss! The crystal chandelier gives the room a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

5. Beachside Luxurious

beachside luxurious
Image source: Benjamin Cruz Designs

Beachside homes can be elegant and luxurious while still having that laid-back oceanside vibe. Benjamin Cruz Designs uses whites and neutrals with accents of black in this bedroom. The clean and straight lines give the room a modern touch. The artwork of a beachside paradise is perfect for this setting!

6. Golden Accents

golden accents
Image source: Houzz

In this bedroom featured on Houzz, gold accents are strategically used to make the room luxurious and elegant. The style of the headboard and crystal chandelier has a classic elegance. The rich and luxurious fabrics used on the bedding add to the luxurious nature of this bedroom.

7. Fireplace

Image source: Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Who wouldn’t want a fireplace in the bedroom to keep you warm on cold winter nights? This Frantantoni Luxury Estates bedroom combines luxury with a rustic vibe. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling juxtapose nicely with the crystal chandelier and the french style fireplace design.

8. Stained Glass

art glass
Image source: Adore Magazine

Stained glass can be custom designed to meet your style needs and to match your color scheme. In this bedroom featured by Adore Magazine, stained art glass is used on transom windows above the venting windows. Stained art glass allows light to filter in while also providing some privacy.

9. Rustic Elegance

rustic elegance
Image source: Fratantoni Luxury Estates

The rustic elegant design style is ideal for a home in the mountains or desert areas. This Fratantoni Luxury Estates bedroom has distressed and exposed wooden beams along with distressed wooden furniture. There are hints of luxury and elegance throughout, from the crystal chandelier to the beautiful curtains.

10. Neutrals

Image source: Architectural Digest

We’ve seen how neutrals can give a bedroom style a simple elegance, but this bedroom goes the extra mile and uses neutral colors for almost every aspect of the room. The detailed ceiling, floor-to-ceiling curtains, and fireplace make this room beautifully luxurious. Architectural Digest featured this 50-million dollar home on their website.

11. Artful

Image source: Boca Do Lobo

We’re loving how Boca Do Lobo combines simplicity with elegance and artistry in this bedroom. While white is a plain color, it is beautified by adding details. The simple neutral bed is accented by beautiful throw pillows. Perhaps the main focuses of this bedroom are the artsy gold side tables.

12. Leather and Gold

leather and gold
Image source: Covet House

This Covet House bedroom has a masculine design that’s luxurious and sophisticated with features in leather, gold, and wood. The highlight of this room is the chandelier with the bold black stripe separating the top from the bottom. The various shades of gray of the bedding look gorgeous. 

13. Contemporary Luxury

contemporary luxury
Image source: Igor Oksiuta

Contemporary style meets luxury in this Igor Oksiuta bedroom design. The lighting that is inset into the wall behind the bed gives this the luxurious touch it needs to stand out. The straight lines are balanced out by the large circular mirror and globe pendant lighting by the bed.

14. Copper Accents

Copper Accents
Image source: Boca Do Lobo

Copper is a beautiful accent that adds character to any room. Boca Do Lobo uses an inset space into the wall as a shelf. It is lined in copper that coordinates nicely with a table lamp on the side table by the bed. The butterfly print gives this room a relaxed vibe.

15. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting
Image source: Lightology

If you want to save space on your side tables, we recommend using pendant lighting! These gorgeous pendant lights from Lightology add a lot of character to the room, in addition to the flamingo wallpaper of course! Because of the busy pattern of the wallpaper, the sleek and simple bed design is perfect.

16. Textured Accent Wall

Textured accent wall
Image source: Svetlana Nezus

This accent wall brings texture to a whole new level. It has a honeycomb effect that is beautiful. The lighting inset into the wall gives even more dimension to this Svetlana Nezus design. The pendant lighting is also unique and luxurious. We love how the designer uses various shades of brown throughout this bedroom design.

17. Pinstripe Bedding

Pinstripe Bedding
Image source: Fox Lab

Everything about this Fox Lab bedroom design is luxurious and elegant! From the oversized tufted headboard in the beautiful purple color to the metallic side tables, high-quality pin-striped bedding, and to the floor-to-ceiling curtains. The pinstripe print is always a sophisticated addition!

18. Tenor Ottoman

Tenor Ottoman
Image source: Designs and Inspirations

This bedroom has some jungle vibes going on, but it’s unexpectedly luxurious. The dark green color scheme paired with the pale pink is beautiful. Designs and Inspirations use this Tenor ottoman at the end of the bed. We’re loving the gold-metallic legs and green tufted velvet. 

19. Ritzy

Image source: Ibrahem Magdy

Ibrahem Magdy is putting on the ritz with this luxuriously ritzy bedroom design. We are loving the pale blues used throughout this bedroom. It has a traditional yet modern design style that’s both whimsical and formal. Our favorite features in this bedroom are the striped bedding, the gorgeous chandelier, and the large blue headboard.

20. Floating Bed

Floating Bed
Image source: House of Grey

Is it an optical illusion or is this bed really floating? It sure looks like it is! House of Grey uses a clear platform bed to achieve this effect. The full glass wall presents beautiful scenic views so the simple design of this bedroom works well. We are loving the pendant globe lighting on each side of the bed.

21. Upholstered Platform Bed

Upholstered Platform Bed
Image source: Wayfair

This upholstered and tufted bed is unique because of its shape. The round sides of the platform bed give it a circular shape. Plus, there’s plenty of space to sit down, not to mention extra space for storage! The gray color scheme is sophisticated. This bed is available on Wayfair.

22. Modern Rustic

modern rustic
Image source: Boca Do Lobo

This Boca Do Lobo bedroom design is both rustic and modern. The antlers on the wall and the bearskin blanket give the room its rustic vibe. The side table is artsy and luxurious. The straight clean lines of the furniture lend themselves to the modern design.

23. Floating Side Tables

floating side tables
Image source: EN AIM LTD.

Earlier, we saw the floating bed design and now we have floating side tables. Actually, these side tables are simply connected to the wall in this EN AIM LTD. design. We are loving the Edison-style light bulbs used in the pendant lighting on each side of the bed. 

24. Statement Lighting

statement lighting
Image source: IQOSA Architect

Lighting plays a big role in the overall style and atmosphere of a room. Statement lighting can give a room the character it needs as IQOSA Architect shows in this bedroom design. We love the peaceful vibe in this bedroom. The greenery of the tree is the perfect addition.

25. Neutrals with Blue

neutral with blue
Image source: Irina Kuzina

Irina Kuzina uses an artistic pattern on the blue wall to make this bedroom unique. The blue carpet and wall look great with the otherwise neutral design theme. We are loving the lamps on the side table. The gold touches throughout the room make it luxuriously beautiful.

26. Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright
Image source: Denis Syrov

The bright and bold color scheme in this bedroom is different than anything we’ve seen so far! While this room has an 80s vibe, it’s still quite luxurious. This Denis Syrov design is somewhat futuristic also. The purple accent lighting is unique and matches the overall decor perfectly.

27. Feature Lighting

feature lighting
Image source: Sherif Talal

Strategically placed lighting can completely transform a room. In this bedroom, Sherif Talal uses feature lighting to highlight various areas throughout the room, primarily on the wall behind the bed. The feature lighting lights up the items on the glass shelves that are inset into the wall.

28. Penthouse Appeal

penthouse appeal
Image source: Georgios Tataridis

Give your bedroom that penthouse appeal! This Georgios Tataridis design certainly achieves the look. The granite accent wall behind the bed is unique and luxurious. This bedroom has a masculine vibe with its style of bedding. We love the glass globe pendant lighting by the bed. 

29. White

Image source: Britto Charette

If you don’t have children, you will love this Britto Charette bedroom design that is almost all white. It’s a clean and simple design that is both sophisticated and elegant. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful view of the ocean like this room has? The white roses on each side table are a nice touch.

30. Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid
Image source: Robson Furniture

This little mermaid theme bedroom is perfect for a little girl. The overall design of this bedroom is luxurious. The little mermaid luxury bed is available through Robson Furniture. The pattern of the wallpaper gives ocean vibes to make this room look like it’s literally near the ocean. The mirror is a cute touch!

31. Plum Sofa

plum sofa
Image source: Brabbu Design Forces

An accent chair or a sofa is the perfect addition to the bedroom. This plum sofa has a distressed leather look that adds character to this Brabbu Design Forces bedroom design. The color block walls are a unique feature in this room, with even the ceiling being included.

32. Barcode Mirror

barcode mirror
Image source: Tonelli Design

This Tonelli Design barcode mirror serves both a utilitarian purpose as well as an element of artistic style. The color scheme is neutral and dark. The room has a masculine vibe and a luxurious look. There are numerous unique accents in this room from the mirror itself to the lamp next to it.

33. Pink

Image source: Artemest

This bedroom is decorated in various shades of pink, making it a beautiful feminine bedroom. The marble platform is luxurious. The painting above the bed and the style of the walls gives this Artemest room a traditional and classic vibe. The darker color pink framed by the lighter color pink looks pretty on the walls.

34. Matte Black

Matte Black
Image source: Tosconova

There is something classy and sophisticated about the matte black look in home decor. The wall is a slightly lighter matte black color than the matte black bed frame, which gives this Tosconova bedroom design dimension. The accent pillows add a pop of color and the sheer curtains brighten up the space.

35. Silver Chest

Silver Chest
Image source: Perigold

The furniture in this bedroom is unique and luxurious. The silver chest is especially artistic and beautiful. The bed frame adds a lot of texture to the bedroom and looks great with the silver chest. We’re loving the color scheme in this room. The luxury silver chest is available at Perigold.

36. Gold Twist Stools

Gold Twist Stools
Image source: Love Happens Mag

Another idea is to add a couple of ottomans or stools at the end of the bed, like these gold twist stools featured on Love Happens Mag. The stool seats are half-moon shaped and fit nicely against the bed. The gold-metallic wallpaper in this bedroom is gorgeous!

37. Letter Art

letter art
Image source: Sovini Furnishing

Decorate your walls with letter art! In this Sovini Furnishing design, they use empty white frames and place a letter within each one. You could use letters to spell a name or word, such as love. The modern white bed with lighting built into the headboard is luxurious.

38. Under Bed Lighting

under bed lighting
Image source: Mayra Interiors

How gorgeous does the under-bed lighting make this bedroom look? The lighting plays a big role in giving this Mayra Interiors bedroom design a sophisticated and luxurious look. The brown color scheme along with gold accents comes together nicely. The wood grain adds texture to this room.

39. Luxurious Cave

luxurious cave
Image source: Sadriano Visual

Is there such a thing as a luxurious cave? This Sadriano Visual bedroom pulls it off! The appearance of the accent wall behind the bed looks like a cave wall. The majority of the bedroom is dark, with the large windows allowing in the light like the cave entrance would.

40. Gold Splattered Area Rug

Gold Splattered Area Rug
Image source: Covet Studio

This gold splattered area rug is unique and artistic. The black and white lines look luxurious with the gold accents. Placing framed artwork on the floor and propped up against the wall is a good look in this Covet Studio bedroom. Overall, we love the appearance of black and white with gold accents!

41. Fur Throw Blanket

fur throw blanket
Image source: Shallash

This bedroom juxtaposes an elegant atmosphere with a rustic vibe. The fur throw blanket along with the tufted headboard add to the overall effect. This Shallash design also features floor-to-ceiling curtains which always make the room look larger. The door blends in with the wall in an unexpected way.

42. Sculpted Glass Lamps

sculpted glass lamps
Image source: Rashanna Ayana

Place sculpted glass lamps on side tables on each side of the bed as Rashanna Ayana does in this room. These glass lamps look great paired with the mirrored furniture and the glass chandelier. Everything about this bedroom is luxurious and it also looks like a comfortable place to relax.

43. Polished Chrome Bed

polished chrome bed
Image source: IGGI Interior Design

Here is a new take on a spindled bed frame. Instead of wrought iron, this spindled bed is made with a polished chrome finish, which makes it much more luxurious and sophisticated. This room is beautiful with its various shades of gray. IGGI Interior Design added a blue accent pillow for a pop of color.

44. Glass House

glass house
Image source: Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing

If you live in a private and secluded area, you could consider living in a glasshouse, or at least have a glass bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light into this bedroom design by Twist Tours Real Estate and Portfolio Marketing

45. Royal Egyptian Lux Sateen Bedding

royal egyptian lux sateen begging
Image source: Tranquility Bedding 

One thing that we can’t live without is luxury bedding. There’s nothing better than climbing into a bed made with royal Egyptian lux sateen sheets like what is shown here from Tranquility Bedding. You can practically feel these smooth, soft, and luxurious sheets and bedding just by looking at the picture!

46. Marble End Table

marble end table
Image source: Crate and Barrel

Pretty much anything that is made out of marble is going to look luxurious. This marble end table by Crate and Barrel is no exception! The modern style features a round marble top on gold legs. Lay your book on the table each night when you’re ready to go to sleep! 

47. Glass Closet

glass closet
Image source: Pictures of Luxury

If living in a glasshouse or sleeping in a glass bedroom isn’t your idea of luxurious living, maybe you’d like to have a glass closet to show off all of your luxurious clothing and accessories. If you can keep your closet nice and tidy, this idea from Pictures of Luxury is the way to go!

48. Glam

Image source: LUXXU Modern Design & Living

Get your glam on with this LUXXU Modern Design & Living bedroom look! The black-colored furniture with gold-metallic accents combined with the crystal lamps is certainly glamorous. We especially like the black and gold bench at the end of the bed. This tufted beauty looks amazing!

49. Luxury Shelf

luxury shelf
Image source: Homary

If you collect treasures from all of your exotic travels, you can display them on this luxury shelf available from Homary. Or you can simply display a perfectly curated set of items chosen just for your bedroom style and personal tastes. The unique shape of the shelves makes this piece gorgeous!

50. Include a Sitting Area

include a sitting area
Image source: Elle Decor

Every luxurious bedroom needs a sitting area like this one featured by Elle Decor. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be simply a place to sleep at night, but it can be a comfortable spot to sit and read a book or work. The blue colors create a serene atmosphere.

51. Recessed Lighting

recessed lighting
Image source: Arditi Collection

Recessed lighting has a huge impact on the overall appearance of a room design. Something about this lighting on the ceiling adds an effect of elegance. It also adds dimension to the room, just like it does in this photo from the Arditi Collection. The mirrors also make the room appear larger.

52. Rosegold Accents

rosegold accents
Image source: Stylish Design Furniture

Rose gold is one of our favorite metallic colors. It’s not as bold as gold metallic but still has just as much elegance and sophistication. The Stylish Design Furniture in this photo features black and rose gold colors. The sage green bedding complements the rose gold metallic color perfectly.

53. Bedroom Set with Lighting

bedroom set with lights
Image source: sohomod.com

You won’t need table lamps on your side tables if your side table and headboard have built-in lighting like this bedroom furniture from sohomod.com. Each piece of this furniture features built-in lighting. It gives the bedroom a luxurious and sophisticated vibe that we are loving.

54. Sheer Curtains

sheer curtains
Image source: Hype Project Interiors

Include the elegance of floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains to allow natural light to filter into your luxurious bedroom while still enjoying a little privacy. This Hype Project Interiors bedroom also includes a bed frame that gives the illusion that it’s floating, which is always a fun feature. 

55. Chandelier Sconce

chandelier sconce
Image source: Design Abramova

You don’t need to stop with only having a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling but you can also install a crystal chandelier on each side of the bed as Design Abramova has done here. While this bedroom is elegant, the distressed area rug makes the room feel more relaxing and comfortable.

56. Gold Abstract Art

gold abstract art
Image source: THEMIST645

Etsy stores are always a wonderful place to shop for art for your home. THEMIST645 Etsy store sells these gold abstract art masterpieces that you can add to your bedroom to complement the luxurious design theme. Add one piece or many pieces! You can make it your own by showing your own sense of style and personality.

57. Marble Accent Wall

marble accent wall
Image source: Boca Do Lobo

We often see marble walls being used in kitchens or in bathrooms, but not in bedrooms like Boca Do Lobo does here. However, this look is absolutely stunning! The navy blue upholstered and oversized headboard perfectly complements the color of the marble wall. We’re also loving the pendant lighting next to the bed.

58. Plush Carpeting

plush carpeting
Image source: luxurybedroom.europe

There’s something comforting about having carpeting in the bedroom, even if you have wood or tile floors throughout the rest of the home. This bedroom featured by luxurybedroom.europe has plush carpeting that looks like it’s super soft to the touch. Who wouldn’t want their toes to hit this carpeting when they wake up in the morning?

59. Satin Wallpaper

satin wallpaper
Image source: Wayfair

Satin wallpaper is luxurious and sophisticated. This particular wallpaper has a metallic appearance to it that adds to its overall luxurious style. We love both the pattern and the color. This satin wallpaper is available on Wayfair. The chandelier looks wonderful with the satin wallpaper as a backdrop.

60. Rich Colors

rich colors
Image source: Irina Maslova

Historically, deep and rich colors of fabric were only available to royalty or the wealthy. The appearance of these rich colors still gives off the luxurious and elite vibes that they have in the past. This Irina Maslova design incorporates red and various shades of green into the bedroom design.