75 Of The Prettiest Pink Bedroom Ideas In 2024

Pink Bedroom Ideas

There are so many shades of pink that you can achieve a variety of bedroom themes and styles with this color. Don’t assume that all bedrooms designed with shades of pink will automatically be feminine! While many of the designs are a bit feminine, the color can be used strategically to make it an understated feminine look.

Not every pink bedroom needs to have flowers, glitter, and bows, though. Pairing the color pink with contrasting or complementary colors can completely transform a room.

Whether you want a room decorated with shades of bubblegum pink, elegant mauves, or cheerful fuchsias, you can design a bedroom that works for you and the style that you wish to achieve. We’ve compiled a list of 75 pink bedroom ideas for you to spark your creativity.

We have ideas that are perfect for children’s rooms, nurseries, teenager bedrooms, and adult bedrooms. We’ve featured bedrooms that are whimsical, refined, elegant, boho-style, and more. We’re confident you’ll find something that you love!

The Best Pink Bedroom Ideas This Year

1. Multi-Shades of Pink

Multi Shades Of Pink
Image source: Crate & Barrel

Using various shades of pink gives dimension to the overall style of the room. In this room styled by Crate & Barrel, the dusty-rose-colored walls coordinate with the comforter, throw blanket, carpet, and accent pillows. The additional pops of color in the additional accent pillows, rug, and other accents make this room beautiful.

2. Pink Anemones Watercolor Artwork

pink anemones watercolor artwork
Image source: Furu Store

One of our favorite decor design styles is to choose a piece of artwork for a room and then base all other style choices off of that. The pink anemones watercolor artwork from the Furu Store is the perfect example. From the walls to the bedding and furniture, this color scheme brings it all together.

3. Pink Crezenda

pink crezenda
Image source: Charleston Blonde

Credenzas are typically seen in a dining room, but they work great for storage in a bedroom too! The bright pink credenza that Charleston Blonde uses in this room is brilliant, cheerful, and summery. While you can buy furniture in bright colors, you could also bring new life to old furniture with a coat of paint!

4. Pink Lacquer Side Table

pink lacquer side table
Image source: Ashley Furniture

While this side table is a much lighter pink, it’s just as beautiful in the right setting. In this bedroom design, Ashley Furniture shows this pink lacquered side table in an otherwise neutral-colored room. It’s just the right amount of color that’s needed!

5. Vibrant Color Combinations

Vibrant Color Combinations
Image source: Dominic Blackmore

This room radiates summertime. The vivid and bright colors look even more brilliant in front of a white wall and coordinated with white furniture. The mixture of patterns between the stripes and the florals complement each other well in this room designed by Dominic Blackmore.

6. Rose Boquet

Rose Bouquet
Image source: The Decor Diet

Nothing makes a room more feminine and chic than a bouquet of fresh pale pink roses on a side table. We love the way that the pink roses coordinate with the color of the books and the candle in this style designed by The Decor Diet.

7. Plush Pink Rug

Plush Pink Rug
Image source: Wayfair

You can practically feel this plush pink rug under your feet when you see this photo! What a soft, and comfortable space to relax in style. This pale pink color looks beautiful with the neutral tones throughout the rest of the room. This rug is available on Wayfair.

8. Pink Shiplap

pink shiplap
Image source: UFP Edge

Shiplap has taken the home decorating and design world by storm, but pink shiplap isn’t seen very often! We like the vertical placement of the pink shiplap on the lower section of the wall. Trimming out the upper section of the wall and filling it in with a different shade of pink is a nice touch that is seen here on the UFP Edge website.

9. Royal Magenta

Royal Magenta
Image source: The Mayfair Hotel

This bedroom at The Mayfair Hotel looks like it was designed for royalty! The magenta is just the right pop of color in this room that is designed with ornate gold and black furniture. Any boss babe would love to stay here during a business trip, so why not bring this style into your own bedroom?

10. Pattern Mixing

Dominic Blackmore
Image source: Dominic Blackmore

The pattern mixing game is on point in this one! The bright pink floral wallpaper, chevron Roman shades, black diamond print pillow, and numerous solid-colored items come together nicely in this room styled by Dominic Blackmore. How gorgeous is the tufted storage bench at the end of the bed?

11. Pink Glitter Wallpaper

Pink Glitter Wallpaper
Image source: Lancashire Wallpaper

You could go to all of the trouble of painting your bedroom with glitter paint, but why do that when you can simply peel and stick a glitter wallpaper to the walls? The polished silver look of the mirror and the furniture complements this shiny glitter wall wonderfully in this room styled by Lancashire Wallpaper.

12. Abstract Pink Mural

abstract pink mural
Image source: anewall

Make an accent wall an art statement with a pink abstract mural. This peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply and the outcome is beautiful! Anewall has a variety of wall mural options that would look great in a pink bedroom.

13. Paired with Animal Print

paired with animal print
Image source: Glamohemian Girl

Bright fuchsia pink pairs with leopard print splendidly. In this design by Glamohemian Girl, the black and white striped lamp and the leopard print pattern mixture is artfully displayed. The chandelier and the velvet leopard print chair give the room texture. We’re loving the canvas art too!

14. Upholstered Headboard

upholstered headboard
Image source: Heatherly Design

This upholstered headboard is a unique shade of pink that looks gorgeous with the deep pink color of the comforter. There’s also something to be said for the geometric elements in this style. The diamond and circular artwork, along with the rectangular framed photo, and the scalloped headboard were artfully chosen by Heatherly Design.

15. Pink Lampshade

pink lampshade
Image source: Dream Green DIY

A vibrant pink lampshade can completely change the look of the lamp. In this design by Dream Green DIY, we love the gold elements of the vase, art frame, and lamp base. This design looks as if it was styled off of the colors used in the artwork, and we love it!

16. Monogrammed Pillowcase

monogrammed pillowcase
Image source: Brittany Ambridge

Bring some southern charm to your bedroom with monogrammed pillowcases like the ones in this room that was styled by Brittany Ambridge. The pink gingham upholstered headboard is a nice touch to the room. The white bedding with pink trim offsets the abundance of pink in the room, which makes this the perfect combination.

17. Minimalist

Image source: Simon Upton

When you think of minimalist style, pink doesn’t usually come to mind. However, Simon Upton proves that it’s possible with this minimalist pink bedroom that he styled. The entire room is styled in pale pink and white with stainless steel hardware. The overall look is clean and structured with a feminine touch.

18. Painted Cabinets

Painted Cabinets
Image source: Ahmed Elnashar

We’re loving the angled paint job on the cabinets in this bedroom styled by Ahmed Elnashar. The contrast between the white and the pink paint colors gives this room visual appeal. Plus, how adorable is the unicorn mural on the wall? The overall style of this room is super cute.

19. Warm Tones

warm Tones
Image source: Kanler Construction

This bedroom style gives off 1970s vibes with its use of warm and bold colors. While the walls are painted a pale pink color, the rug, furniture, and bedding is made up of warm colors giving it a perfect contrast. Kanler Construction uses deep orange, fuchsia, and green to pull off this look.

20. Bubblegum Art

bubblegum art
Image source: norsehus

You can’t think of pink decor without thinking of bubblegum pink! How adorable is this zebra blowing a pink bubblegum bubble? Norsehus offers similar prints with a variety of other animals like a koala bear, giraffe, and kangaroo. Choose one, or make a wall collage with numerous prints! 

21. Pink, Blue, and White

pink blue white
Image source: Monica Wants It

There’s no doubt about it, vivid pinks, bright blues, whites, and gold all go together wonderfully. Monica Wants It shows blue and white patterned ceramic vases with bright pink peonies and roses, along with a golden pineapple, and brightly colored throw pillows. We’d love to see the entire room styled this way!

22. Triangle Wallpaper

triangle wallpaper
Image source: Katie Kime

Let geometry play a role in your bedroom design with this pink and white triangle print wallpaper. This wallpaper print is busy, so there is no need to go all out in the decor throughout the rest of the room. Katie Kime styled this room with a simple white comforter and a throw pillow with a pop of color.

23. Inspirational Prints

inspirational prints
Image source: Katie Kime

Every room needs at least one inspirational print. We’re loving this inspirational print by Katie Kime that says “Courage, dear heart” and is printed on a colorful pink background. Add this to a collection of art pieces for a collage, or simply display it on its own.

24. Neon Pink Accent Corner

neon pink accent corner
Image source: Domino

When it comes to bright neon colors like the neon pink that is in this room featured on Domino, a little bit goes a long way! Neon pink might be too much for an entire accent wall, which is why using it in just a corner is perfect.

25. Pink Candles

pink candles
Image source: Matthew Williamson

Colorful accents are like the final icing on the cake because they just complete the overall look. We’re loving the style of these pink candle votives shown here by Matthew Williamson. Pairing the bright pink candle along with gold accents and various other colors is the perfect accent for any room.

26. Muted Pink and Green

muted pink and green
Image source: That's So Gemma

Go for a boho look by using muted pinks and olive green, like the room shown here that was designed by That’s So Gemma. The use of earthy tones paired with the pale pink forms a nice contrast. This looks like a peaceful place to relax!

27. Pink Rattan Pendant Light

pink rattan pendant light
Image source: Debenhams

This pink rattan pendant light would look beautiful in the last bedroom style that we showed! If you’re going for a boho look, this is the pendant light for you. This particular light is available at Debenhams. It’s a subtle pink color that will go with a variety of color schemes.

28. Modern

Image source: Max Attenborough

This modern-style room combines cool grays with pale pinks. The table lamp, pendant lamp, and the gray and orange vintage-style telephone transform an otherwise feminine room into a modern look. Max Attenborough is the designer of this style and the beautiful take on the pink and gray theme.

29. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic
Image source: The Homing Bird

This bedroom styled by The Homing Bird is feminine and has a shabby chic vibe. The vintage rose print wallpaper pairs well with the pinks, blues, and whites throughout the rest of the decor. This bedroom looks like it’s taken straight out of a countryside cottage. 

30. Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink
Image source: HGTV

Millennials have contributed a color all of their own to home decor and style and it’s called Millennial pink. This color is cool and does not have any blue tones in it. Instead, it has tones of salmon and peach within it. This bedroom featured by HGTV utilizes Millennial pink and it’s gorgeous!

31. Macrame Decorative Curtains

macrame decorative curtains
Image source: PB Teen

Another great decor option for a boho-chic style is the macrame decorative curtains that are available at PB Teen. The detail on these pink curtains gives texture to the room. We love the way that light is able to filter through these curtains!

32. Faux Fur Bench

Faux Fur Bench
Image source: Target

Speaking of adding texture to a bedroom style, check out this faux fur bench from Target! The gold finish on the frame of the bench makes this the perfect option for a glamorous bedroom. Place this at the end of the bed or in front of your vanity.

33. Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper
Image source: Mong Decor

We’re loving the rainbow colors used in this geometric print wallpaper that’s featured by Mong Decor on Etsy. Since the pattern is so busy and colorful, a simple white comforter is all that’s needed to complete this look, although the pale pink upholstered headboard is a nice addition!

34. Pink Decorative Books

pink decorative books
Image source: The Posh Bible

A stack of color-coordinated books in a room makes a beautiful addition! You can get these pink-colored books from The Posh Bible on Etsy, or you could search through garage sales or library book sales to find just the right color books to match your decor.

35. Neon Lights

Neon Lights
Image source: Metal Signs Designs

We’re loving these pink neon lights from Metal Signs Designs on Etsy. The font choice is modern and trendy, making these lights the perfect addition to a teenager’s or college student’s bedroom. While these specific lights say “it was all a dream”, there are other sayings and words available.

36. Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones
Image source: Design Sponge

This bedroom is decorated with deep, jewel-toned colors. The deep blue-green upholstered, tufted headboard is gorgeous. The deep fuchsia walls coordinate perfectly with the throw blanket on the bed. If you look closely, there is a sapphire blue lamp that’s unique and beautiful. We’re loving this room that was styled by Design Sponge.

37. Accent Chair

accent chair
Image source: Not on the High Street

Add a colorful accent chair to the room for added flair. We’re loving this accent chair featured by Not on the High Street. The magenta color at the base of the chair cushion is vibrant and the seat of the chair is colorful and fun.

38. Stop and Smell the Roses

stop and smell the roses
Image source: Not on the High Street

This “stop and smell the roses” print is a mix of vintage style decor and modern style decor. It’s a fun and whimsical print that we love! The two candles in different shades of pink are a nice addition and help bring out the color in the print. You can find this print at Not on the High Street.

39. Formal Drapes

formal drapes
Image source: Rustic White Interiors

While these pink, formal-style drapes are the focus of this idea, we can’t help but notice how gorgeous the wallpaper in the background is! There are subtle flecks of pink in the flowers in the wallpaper that the pink drapes help to pull out and make the color pop. This style can be seen with Rustic White Interiors.

40. Rose Gold Accents

rose gold accents
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

Rose gold pairs wonderfully with Millennial pink and similar shades of pink. The pendant lighting in this styling by Sherwin-Williams is trendy, stylish, and beautiful! We love the use of three different pendant light shades for the added character to the room. Plus, the rose gold table lamp is a nice touch.

41. Floor Pouf

Floor Pouf
Image source: Urban Outfitters

A floor pouf comes in handy because it can be used as a footrest, extra seating, or even something sturdy to stand on to reach something up high. Plus, it’s a great decor option for your bedroom. We love this floor pouf by Urban Outfitters, especially how it pairs nicely with the peach-colored bedding.

42. Bold Pink

Bold Pink
Image source: Architectural Digest

The bold pink colors in this room, combined with the lighter shades of rose-quartz pink make a nice combination. The upholstered bedding gives the appearance of tile, making it unique. You can decorate with items made out of rose quartz also, as Architectural Digest shows in this photo.

43. Unexpected Color Combinations

unexpected color combinations
Image source: CLARE

Unexpected color combinations give a room character and, as is the case in this room, sometimes you end up with results you wouldn’t expect! CLARE uses their Rosé Season paint color, which has warm undertones, paired with a denim blue upholstered headboard and accents of green on the curtains and artwork.

44. Natural Vibes

natural vibes
Image source: Andrey Barinov

This bedroom design is featured in a tiny apartment in Taiwan. Its use of natural elements throughout makes it feel larger than it is, and is like a sanctuary in the middle of a busy city. The salmon-pink walls contrasted with the emerald green bed frame and complementary green pillowcases is beautiful!

45. Fuchsia Accent Wall

Fuchsia Accent Wall
Image source: Tallon Perry Interiors

What a beautiful room for a child! The fuchsia accent wall gives a pop of color in this room without being over-the-top. Tallon Perry Interiors utilizes enough white in the room to balance out all of the bold colors used throughout the room, such as teal, yellow, and orange. 

46. Pink Tapestry

pink tapestry
Image source: Ftuency

Hanging a pink tapestry on the wall above the head of the bed is an easy way to add color to the bedroom. We’re loving this mandala print tapestry and it would look even cuter with white twinkle lights draped on it. You can get this on Amazon with Ftuency.

47. Glamour

Image source: Sherwin-Williams

If you want a glamorous bedroom, then you must utilize pink in the room! In this case, it’s a shade of mauve that makes this room look classy and chic. The muted colors create a serene environment. Who wouldn’t want to take a nap in this lovely room?

48. Painted Headboard

Painted Headboard
Image source: Magnolia

This painted headboard by Magnolia is simply sweet. We can imagine this in a little girl’s bedroom paired with pale pink and gray decor. The monogram look is an extra touch that we love! The color of pink used on this headboard is named Ella Rose.

49. Pearl Velvet Shell Cushions

pearl velvet shell cushions
Image source: A Matter of Style

Who says you can’t use shades of pink in a room with an ocean theme? These pink pearl velvet shell cushions would be an adorable addition to an ocean or mermaid-themed room. You can find these pearl shell cushions at A Matter of Style.

50. Abstract Wall Mural

Abstract Wall Mural
Image source: Young House Love

We can see the pearl shell cushions (that we showed in our last idea) being used in this beautiful room with an abstract ocean wall mural. The various shades of pink and pastel blue, yellow, and orange look beautiful with the white furniture in this design by Young House Love.

51. DIY Lamp

DIY Lamp
Image source: Just Destiny Home

Redecorating doesn’t have to be an excessively expensive process, especially if you choose some DIY methods for decorating. We’re loving this DIY lamp tutorial from Just Destiny Home. Find an inexpensive lamp at a garage sale and paint it pink for an easy way to add color to your room!

52. Pink Fleur Round Rug

pink fleur round rug
Image source: Rugs.com

Whether you get a round area rug to take up the majority of the room or simply choose a smaller sized round rug for a special seating area in the bedroom, adding a brightly colored round area rug can transform the bedroom. We love this pink round fleur rug from rugs.com.

53. Painted Pink Plates

painted pink plates
Image source: Lushome

The painted pink wall decor in this room featured by Lushome is a unique idea that could easily be recreated inexpensively. Find some old dishes and paint them a bright, bold color pink or fuchsia and then stencil on white butterflies over the top. And voila, you have a unique piece of art created by yourself.

54. Pink Accent Chair

Pink accent Chair
Image source: Hot Pink Pineapples

A pink accent chair is a great way to add a pop of color to any room. In this room that is styled by Hot Pink Pineapples, the bold pink fuchsia color makes the pink accents in the wall collage stand out. The contrasting black color of the frames is a nice touch.

55. Monochromatic

Image source: natmaks

This monochromatic color scheme makes the colorful artwork stand out even more. The colors of the walls, the headboard, the curtains, and the lamp blend together bringing attention to the contrasting colorful accents. This monochromatic room design is featured by natmaks on Instagram.

56. Color Block Accent Wall

colorblock wall
Image source: madeupstyle

The color block wall in this photo includes a unique shade of pink, almost a mauve color, on the bottom section of the wall. This color only covers about three-quarters of the wall, and the white at the top helps keep the room open and light. This design was featured by madeupstyle on Instagram.

57. Pink Circle Wall Art

pink circle wall art
Image source: Benjamin Moore

Painting a simple pink circle on the wall behind the bed gives the appearance of a setting sun. We’re loving the boho vibes in this bedroom styled by Benjamin Moore. The muted tones of pinks and neutrals creates a calm and relaxing environment that anyone would love!

58. Pink Ceiling Detail

pink ceiling detail
Image source: Doug Warner

The bright pink detailing on the ceiling is a unique feature of this bedroom designed by Doug Warner. There are small accents throughout the room that match the pink on the ceiling, giving this room a cohesive design. We’re loving this chic and glamorous design!

59. Pink and White Striped Walls

pink and white striped walls
Image source: Mark W. Teskey

The light pink and white striped walls are a cute accent to this room. You can achieve this look with a roll of painter’s tape to mark the lines. The contrast of the black dresser gives this room a sense of refined elegance. This room was designed by Mark W. Teskey.

60. Pink Chandelier

pink chandelier
Image source: Luxe Pros

A painted chandelier can give any room a chic style. We’re loving the navy blue and white stripes contrasted with the coral-pink chandelier and the trim at the ceiling. The stripes give this chic bedroom a refined style. This room was featured by Luxe Pros.

61. Bold Pattern Mixing

Bold Pattern Mixing
Image source: Alicia Weaver Design

The bold colors and pattern mixing in this bedroom designed by Alicia Weaver Design aren’t for everyone, but if you love the eclectic nature of this style you will love this bedroom! The white chandelier on the ceiling contrasted with the deep pink ceiling and white walls balances out the busy pattern choices for the beds.

62. Pink Playhouse Wall

Pink Playhouse Wall
Image source: JCD Homes

This pink playhouse wall would be any little girl’s dream! It appears that this particular playhouse wall leads into a separate room or play space, but even if your home isn’t that large, simply adding the house front to the wall would give the room a nice touch. What a great design by JCD Homes!

63. Mexican Inspired Accent Pillow

Mexican inspired accent pillow
Image source: Girl with a Radio Mind

A colorful accent pillow can provide much-needed character to an otherwise neutral-colored room. This Mexican-inspired accent pillow is perfect for this purpose! With stripes of pink, orange, and blue and multiple patterns, it’s a cheerful piece of decor! This Mexican-inspired accent pillow is available at the Girl with a Radio Mind Etsy store.

64. Neutral Decor with Pink Accent Pillows

neutral decor with pink pillows
Image source: Kriste Michelini

Imagine this bedroom without the pink accent pillows on the bed. Pretty boring and neutral, right? It’s amazing what the addition of bright pink accent pillows can do to an otherwise neutral bedroom. These pillows give this bedroom a feminine touch without being too over-the-top. This design was featured by Kriste Michelini.

65. Color Clash

color clash
Image source: Andrew Howard Interior Design

The patterned wallpaper on the one accent wall in this room includes clashing colors of bright pink, light pink, and a blue/purple color that give the wallpaper a 3D effect. The pattern mixing in this bedroom with the accent pillows, Roman shades, and the rug give this room an abundance of character. 

66. Patterned Ceiling

patterned ceiling
Image source: Lark Interior

We often see patterned wallpaper on an accent wall, but not typically on the ceiling of a room! But we are loving the unique style of the patterned wallpaper on the ceiling of this bedroom designed by Lark Interior. We’re also loving the bright pink area rug in this room!

67. Pink and Gold

pink and gold
Image source: Lucy and Company

There’s no doubt about it, deep pink and gold metallic colors go together wonderfully. The white and gold furniture and white bedding provide contrast against the gold patterned wallpaper and bright pink and gold accent pillows. This style was designed by Lucy and Company.

68. Pink Tree Accent Lamp

pink tree lamp
Image source: Lucy and Company

Every bedside table needs an accent lamp. This pink tree accent lamp is featured in a room design by Lucy and Company. The color and style of this accent lamp against the gray and white patterned wallpaper provide a pop of color for this room. 

69. Fuchsia Sofa

Fuchsia Sofa
Image source: Lehmann Creative Studio

If your bedroom is small, a futon or sofa bed can allow you to have a little bit more room. We’re loving the fuchsia sofa that’s shown in this room design by Lehmann Creative Studio. The tufted style gives this room a classy vibe. 

70. Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket
Image source: Martha O'Hara Interiors

Adding a throw blanket in a bright and bold color is the perfect way to add a pop of color and character to the bedroom. While the majority of this bedroom is styled with muted shades of pink and gray, the bright fuchsia throw blanket and accent pillows provide contrast. We’re loving the glam look of this bedroom designed by Martha O’Hara Interiors.

71. Bold Rug

Bold Rug
Image source: Martha O'Hara Interiors

This bedroom that was styled by Martha O’Hara Interiors is absolutely glamorous and gorgeous! Once again, the addition of the bold magenta rug adds just the right amount of color to this neutral-hued room. From the chandelier to the tufted upholstered bedframe, every aspect of this room screams luxury!

72. DIY Ombre Dresser

DIY Ombre Dresser
Image source: Project Nursery

We love a good DIY project. Who doesn’t love getting a boutique-style piece of furniture without paying the boutique-style price? This DIY ombre dresser is pretty in pink! All you need is an old dresser and some painting supplies to achieve this look! Check it out at Project Nursery.

73. Pastels

Image source: TLC Interiors

When it comes to pastels, they’re often seen in rooms with a feminine vibe. However, in this bedroom design by TLC Interiors, the pastel colors are somewhat feminine but in an understated way. This style is modern yet classic. We especially love the hanging pendant lights!

74. Dreamy Blue and Pink

Dreamy Blue and Pink
Image source: Adore Home Magazine

This dreamy blue and pink bedroom is another example of pastel colors being used in an understated feminine design. The rose-gold/copper hanging pendant lights are a nice addition to this bedroom style. We’re loving the artwork on the wall that ties everything together in this bedroom featured by Adore Home Magazine.

75. Upholstered Storage Bench

Upholstered Storage Bench
Image source: Wayfair

We are loving the mid-century modern look of this upholstered storage bench! It’s such a beautiful pink color and it would make a nice accent piece in a bedroom. On another note, how pretty is the pale pink hanging pendant light? You can find these products on Wayfair.