The Best Lighting Ideas For Every Kind Of Basement

Basement Lighting Ideas

Basements are typically the “forgotten” space in a home, dimly lit and largely ignored. Yet with a little innovative thinking and the right lighting, the options are endless. You could turn it into a movie room, an entertaining space, a games room, an additional bedroom, a project space, the list goes on and on.

However you decide to use your basement, one of the most important features is lighting. Not only should you consider illuminance, but also how lighting affects the mood of a room and can create focal points.

It’s incredible what a change in lighting can do to elevate a space. From pendant lights and chandeliers to led strips, track lighting, and everything in-between. The lighting we choose plays a big role in the overall aesthetic of any room and this is especially true in the basement, a space that does not typically get natural light.

Consider not only the style of the light fixture but also the warmth and tone of the bulbs. Different colors and surfaces will reflect or absorb light in unique ways, giving you infinite possibilities! Having so many choices can seem daunting, but don’t worry! Below, we showcase 50 creative basement lighting ideas to inspire the imagination and illuminate the possibilities.

The Best Basement Lighting Ideas

1. Warm Tones with Dark Wood

Image source: FBCRemodel

The warm glow from these Edison bulbs creates a soft illuminance above this dark-toned bar. The orange-yellows soften the wood and bring out its own warm hues.

Had a colder bulb been used, this space would have felt uninviting. This design by FBCRemodel also features shelf lighting in the same tone, spreading the warmth throughout the entire space.

2. Tiffany Style Light

Image source: Walmart

The tiffany style light from Walmart that hangs over this billiards table adds a refined touch to this basement game room. With its soft colors glowing, the rectangular silhouette matches the form of the table and creates a wonderful cohesiveness. The stained glass matches the color palette of the flowers in the background and elevates this room.

3. Minimal Light for a Movie Room

Image source: Basement Remodeling

The lighting in this basement is as simple as it needs to be. As a movie room, there is not much need for bright lighting. Using these two flush-mounted lights keeps the design looking sharp and clean.

Situated over the sofa, they create an inviting aesthetic that puts a focus on the plush velvet seating. Notice the way that the light reflects the sofa color on the wall, a purposeful design choice by Basement Remodeling.

4. Unique Shapes

Image source: Alex Yagodin

The finish of your lights can make a big difference in the feel of a room. These three pendant lights not only illuminate the playing area but they also cast gold tones around the room, a purposeful choice by Alex Yagodin.

Reflecting off the wall-mounted tv and the polished wood of the pool table, the golden light creates an elegant atmosphere within this sophisticated game room.

5. Cool lights for a modern look

Image source: Park Lighting

This basement features plenty of reflective surfaces; the wood floor is high gloss and with the tile backsplash and the stools’ chrome legs, creates a modern aesthetic.

The use of flush-mount fixtures by Park Lighting gives a uniform illumination to the room and the bright, cool tone of the bulbs is a perfect match for this sleek, futuristic bar.

6. Backlit Bottles

Image source: Park Lighting

This bar is mostly done in whites and grays, which creates a look focused on modern minimalism. To keep it from feeling too cold, Park Lighting used the colorful bottles as a focal point.

By installing LEDs behind the shelf, they were able to create a glowing effect using the glass’s transparency. This is a great design that turns storage into an art piece.

7. Romantic Basement

Image source: This Old House

This romantic basement room featured on This Old House uses floor lamps on either side of the crushed velvet sofa. These slender lamps stand tall and bring out the rich red of the wall panels as well as the sofa. The fabric shade gives off a moody light and creates an aesthetic reminiscent of Valentine’s day.

8. Classic Pool Table Lighting

Image source: Moss Building and Design

The pendant lighting above this pool table is a modern play on the classic lighting found in billiards rooms. This stained glass light fixture that was chosen by Moss Building and Design plays on the dark wood ceiling beams and casts a soft glow. With three lights casting an even glow, this pool table is ready for action!

9. Illuminated Ceiling

Image source: Laqfoil

The illuminated ceiling created by Laqfoil gives this moody room a twist. To show off the ornate wall-paper and dark leather sofas, the wall sconces illuminate the area while the ceiling adds to the mood lighting.

This ceiling design was created using fiber-optic lights and does a great job at reducing any glare that traditional overhead lighting would create, bouncing off the high-gloss floor.

10. Industrial Light Fixtures

Image source: This Old House

The caged light fixtures chosen for this basement project features on This Old House were installed into a dark ceiling, which makes the light pop.

The combination of a metal housing with a wooden ceiling works perfectly, and the glow from the bulbs brings attention to the beautiful wooden panels. These light fixtures give an industrial look to this modern game room.

11. Plumbing Fixture Wall Installation

Image source: Ashley Furniture

In this basement bar iteration by Ashley Furniture, iron plumbing pipes were used to create an art installation that lights up the wall. When creating your own fixtures such as these, you can get very creative with how the finished product looks.

The elongated bulbs cast plenty of light and contribute to the shape of the overall design.

12. Designate Seating Areas

Image source: FBC Remodel

This remodel by FBC Remodel turned a draw basement into a classy wine bar. With wall sconces that feature a cage design, the metallic hues pair well with the bar’s wood tones.

The flush-mount lighting helps designate the seating areas and can be used alone to create fantastic mood lighting.

13. Bar Sign

Image source: Our Bar To Yours

Many basements are renovated into spaces for entertaining, whether it be movie rooms, lounge areas, or home bars. This sign by Our Bar To Yours helps to make the distinction clear and is a great way to not only advertise the intended function but also illuminate.

Installed in the center of a wall like this, more than enough light is given to fill the whole space.

14. LED Floor Lighting

Image source: Cezign

Using floor lighting to cast a more subtle illuminance, Cezign was able to put the focus on the backlit wall art. The soft glow that emanates from this nature scene gives the room an ambiance that is hard to create while just using overhead light.

This room’s cool, refreshing atmosphere owes itself to the blue tones of the walls and floor that the soft light plays off of.

15. Using Warm Hues

Image source: Design Build Pros

The ornate ceiling tiles are shown off using flush-mount ceiling fixtures, with bulbs in a warm hue. With the number of warm tones in this room, you want to use a bulb that will be complementary.

The leather sofa’s soft creams and brown panels on the columns are well-matched by both the scones and ceiling lights in this Design Build Pros creation.

16. Light and Dark

Image source: FBC Remodel

FBC Remodel used a dark shade in this tray ceiling to break up the whites that fill this room. The ceiling fixtures soften the dark shade and illuminate the seating area without being overbearing. This creates a unique touch and makes this home movie theater one-of-a-kind.

With the color also framing the screen and the built-in shelves, using small LEDs in the recessed areas adds a continuity that begets wonderful design.

17. Focused LED

Image source: Home Theater DIY

Whenever you get the chance, flex those creative muscles! In this basement renovation by Home Theater DIY, hubcaps were hung on the wall and illuminated by focused LEDs. This creates an art installation that also provides plenty of second-hand illumination, as the lights are reflected off the polished metal.

18. Industrial Gym

Image source: The Fit Food Mama

This unfinished basement was turned into a sleek and minimalist gym, by The Fit Food Mama. The overhead lighting is well suited for the industrial aspects of the workout equipment, with the steel support matching the metallic components.

The light bulb throws a lot of bright, clean light and is well reflected in the white walls and floor.

19. High Gloss Low Shine

Image source: Laqfoil

The small ceiling lights illuminate this room magnificently, thanks in part to the highly-reflective ceiling by Laqfoil. When you have a highly reflective surface, it’s best to use lights that glow rather than shine in order to minimize bright spots.

The light will be magnified by the high-gloss ceiling and bounce around the room, creating a soft ambiance.

20. Blue Uplighting

Image source: Moss Building and Design

The uplighting found within the tray ceiling helps this home theater live up to its potential, thanks to Moss Buiding and Design. The blue is softened by the LEDs that line the edge and then magnified by the small flush-mount lights.

When the ceiling lights are off, the soft uplighting will create an atmosphere that is relaxing and peaceful.

21. Creating a Warm Glow

Image source: Brothers Construction

The hues of this basement entry-way are steeped in warm tones, from the wood banister to the wall paint and furniture choices. To complement this design choice, Brothers Construction went with bulbs that give off a warm hue.

The uplighting that goes around the room, as well as the flush-mount LEDs in the ceiling, adds a golden saturation to the room that is very welcoming.

22. Modern Light for a Rustic Room

Image source: HGTV

To keep this room from feeling too much like “cabin fever,” HGTV added a modern light fixture to hang over the ping pong table. With this many dark wood tones, if you want to keep the room feeling active, go with a cold hue bulb.

The light cast from these bulbs is dispersed more evenly thanks to the glass enclosure and gives a modern twist to this rustic basement activity room.

23. Ambient Light Wall Art

Image source: Laqfoil

The backlit wall art by Laqfoil helps throw a diffused light into this basement’s sitting area, while the ceiling lights maintain continuity between spaces.

The wall sconces high above the fireplace shed light on the décor hanging above without being a distraction. When all the lights are off, the backlit art piece keeps the ambient light at a comfortable level.

24. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Image source: Moss Building and Design

This home’s wine bar makes use of organic materials, such as the stone wall and wooden floor. With the small ceiling LEDs casting a bright light, using such a low profile fixture helps keeps the focus on the architectural aspects.

The small lights chosen by Moss Building and Design brings out the warm tones of the wood floor while perfectly illuminating the bottles on the shelves.

25. Pinpoint Precision

Image source: HGTV

Track lighting can look tacky in the wrong situation, but it works perfectly in this open floor plan designed by HGTV. With its twisting track, light can shine throughout all aspects of the room and create a design element that mimics a modern sculpture.

Adding continuity between the different areas of the room, this track lighting is very useful in allowing exact illumination.

26. Lights with an Edge

Image source: FBC Remodel

The square wall sconces hanging on either side of this large tv cast a shadow that pairs well with the design details’ sharp lines. The horizontal boards and square cabinet doors are a great pairing for the angles that the light shades throw.

FBC Remodel paid close attention to the aesthetic element that these fixtures contribute with a soft illumination that is necessary for the home theater.

27. Combined Lighting

Image source: John Cullen Lighting

This beautiful home basement gym designed by John Cullen uses uplighting and LED strips to illuminate. LED strips were installed along the ceiling while uplighting fixtures cast light against these horizontal panels, giving a ribbed effect.

With the mirrors on opposite walls creating the illusion of an endless room, the lights seem to go on forever.

28. Beer Can Lights

Image source: Home Edit

If you are a beer lover, these beer can track lights are perfect for you. A great way to light up a basement bar, these DIY light fixtures created by Home Edit add plenty of character.

Since they are on a track system, they are easy to move and can be angled to create focal points as well as bathe a room in light. As a DIY project, you can customize your track lighting to fit a color scheme or show off your favorite brand!

29. Jar Chandelier

Image source: Ikea Hackers

Using an Ikea utensil rack and black cord set, IkeaHackers created this industrial DIY jar chandelier. You can use as many jars as you want, depending on how much light you need, and set them at varying heights.

Using different Edison bulbs would add a dynamic touch, as well as a variety of jar sizes, shapes, and colors. This is a fun way to recycle materials!

30. Matching Lights

Image source: Moss Building and Design

In this basement game room, the pendant lights over the pool table match the ones that hang over the bar. Bridging the separation between the spaces in this way allows them to retain their individuality.

Selecting chrome for the pendant lights and wall sconces ties in well with the fireplace and the finishes on the pool table. This room curated by Moss Building and Design is the perfect balance of mixed materials.

31. Swing Arm Wall Lights

Image source: Elements of Style Blog

Here we have a basement room made for relaxing. With its floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and the dynamic forest wallpaper, having light fixtures that blend in is important to allow for other focal points.

These wall-mounted swing-arm light fixtures match the shade of the bookshelves and pairs well with the rug color. Elements of Style Blog knew that this was the right choice for controlling the light, thanks to the adjustable arms.

32. Hanging Lights

Image source: iDLights

In this design by iDLights, a 5-foot wood beam is hung from the ceiling with socket lights wrapped around. The wood beam matches the home’s architectural beams, and the light sockets, whether in black or white, pair well with the overall design of this room.

Using Edison bulbs in groupings like this maximizes their potential and helps to spread the light more evenly.

33. Classy Game Room

Image source: Brothers Construction

If not the classy leather sofa and the ornate red-velvet pool table, then it must be the glamorous chandelier that makes this room sophisticated and refined.

With the light reflecting off the many glass pendalogues, this high strung light fixture doesn’t take away from the other features of the room. Brothers Construction elevated the class of this cozy basement game room with one daring light decision.

34. UFO Light

Image source: HGTV

HGTV chose this UFO lamp because it gives off a soft glow down below while illuminating brightly from above. While seated, you will be able to enjoy your meal without being blinded, while the rest of the room is bathed in light.

With its soft fabric shade and lack of hard edges, this light fixture pairs well with the circular table and allows for the feeling of unrestricted movement.

35. Contemporary Sconces

Image source: Jenna Kate At Home

This cozy basement gives off a beachy feel, with its horizontal board coffee table and woven linen basket. To go with the vibe of this sky-blue room, Jenna Kate At Home chose wall sconces that mimic the outdoor lights of a beach house. With their dark metallic finish, they pair well with the sofa and help create color balance in the room.

36. Illuminated Staircase

Image source: Super Bright LEDs

The stairs leading to this basement are illuminated by LED lights hidden beneath, giving off an ethereal glow. These work especially well for basements used as gaming and entertainment rooms, adding to the overall aesthetic.

The color and brightness of these LED lights by Super Bright LEDs can be controlled remotely, making for a fun way to create different moods.

37. Wine Cellar Lights

Image source: Ascent Builders

This basement was transformed into a wine cellar by Ascent Builders, who decided on a straightforward and modern pendant light. Matching the aesthetic of the bottles that are proudly displayed, these light fixtures cast a warm glow around the room that brings out the richness of the wood. You can also use Edison bulbs in fixtures such as these for a more artistic effect.

38. Ceiling String Lights

Image source: House of Hire Designs

This basement bar designed by House of Hire Designs uses a bright pop of color as the background which is enriched by the web of lights above.

Together, these bold statements create a space that is energizing and fun. Using lights in this way creates a subtle illumination and gives a more festive feel to a space.

39. Warm Ambiance

Image source: Curbed Chicago

The wall sconces that are situated over these built-in shelves create a warm ambiance for this basement entertainment remodel. The warm hue chosen brings out the yellows and oranges of the design elements.

With the light being thrown up and down, it minimizes any glare off the tv while keeping the room well lit. This design featured by Curbed Chicago is warm and inviting.

40. Wine Glass Pendants

Image source: Moon Shine Lamp

This beautiful pendant light fixture created by Moon Shine Lamp features a mix of unique wine glasses hanging from a slap of live-edge wood.

Hanging recycled glass at varying lengths gives this fixture dimension and the use of a variety of Edison bulbs turns it into an art piece. The warm glow of the lights brings out the color of the glasses the richness of the wood.

41. Modern Ambient Light

Image source: Laqfoil

This room design is very monochrome, with whites and blacks chosen as the primary color scheme. To bring in a burst of color, Laqfoil installed a magenta light that goes around the room, adding to its futuristic feel.

Combined with the bright white uplighting in the tray ceiling, these two installations make this room one-of-a-kind.

42. Padded Walls

Image source: Decorpad

This basement movie room designed by Decor Pad uses flush-mount ceiling fixtures to light up the room gently. The light is crisp and sharp from the white LEDs and plays well with all the room’s padded textures.

The soft panels on the wall reduce glare and help to create a soothing aesthetic. These lights can be dimmed, which is a handy feature for a home theater.

43. Wine Shaped Brass Lights

Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

This basement wet bar is illuminated by artistic pendant lights that hang over the bar, working more as an art piece than for illumination. Shaped like wine bottles, the brass pendants match the stone backdrop of the storage area, which is also lit up by LED.

The beautiful marble in this Decor Pad design also reflects the light and helps move it around the space.

44. Blue Romance

Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

This romantic basement lounge designed by Jenn Feldman Designs is cozy and subtle with its soft wall lights. The way that the light plays off the blue walls creates an oceanic effect that couples well with the peacock blue sofa.

The warm red and orange tones of the bulb pull out the rich blue tones and create a very comfortable space.

45. Skatepark

Image source: WB Builders

This basement skatepark designed by WB Builders is a sports enthusiast’s dream. With the open ceiling creating the visualization of a much larger room, the bright lights installed into the rafters keeps things simple. Well illuminated, the light fixtures in this room are a great choice for keeping the focus on other elements in the room.

46. 70s Style

Image source: Burnham Design

This bright and cozy basement by Burnham Design features a lamp that follows the color palette seen throughout the room. The warm orange tone of the lamp echoes the colors in the art above and the pillow on the sofa. Used in this way, the lamp is an important part of the decor and not just for providing light.

47. Unique Pendant Lights

Image source: Amy Storm and Co

The gray basement pictured here by Amy Storm and Co features some fantastic and unique lights. The warm hue used for the bulbs helps cool down the slate blue’s coldness and relax the room.

The pendants are in matching metallics, and this uniformity goes well with the symbiotic walls and cabinetry.

48. Pentagonal Lights

Image source: Wendy Labrum Interiors

The hanging pendant lights in this basement bar are a unique ball composed of fused pentagonal sides. The way that the 2 light fixtures within cast a muted glow helps to bring out the cherry tones of the beautiful wood stools.

They pair well with the pattern in the rug and help elevate the creativity that runs rampant throughout this space that was designed by Wendy Labrum Interiors.

49. Metallic Pendant Lights

Image source: Bria Hammel Interiors

The highly reflective interior of these pendant lights magnifies the intensity of the bulbs, which creates the perfect opportunity to use Edison bulbs.

The metallic elements fit right in with the beautiful counter-top and matching cabinet handles. Bria Hammel Interiors’ design also uses wallpaper with a silver pattern that helps tie the room together.

50. Horizontal Light

Image source: Rini Kundu

This calm and refreshing basement features a pendant light that throws the light outwards, rather than up or down. Hanging over the sofa, this creates a glow of light rather than a beam, for those who are relaxing beneath.

Matching the metallic color of the inside and outside of the lamps with the countertop and cabinets is a clever design touch by Rini Kundu Interiors to connect the different elements of the room.