Cowabunga! 23 Awesome Ninja Turtle Bedroom Ideas

Ninja Turtles Bedroom Ideas

Every room needs a little inspiration to get started. For some people, the right starting point for their bedroom is a particular color or furniture piece, while for others, it’s their favorite story or characters. If you have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans living in the house, then why not create the ultimate turtle lair for them?

These ninja turtle bedroom ideas pay homage to those famous heroes in a half shell, and they range in design from fun and child-like to sophisticated style. Whether you’re creating the ultimate ninja turtle bedroom for your son, daughter, or yourself, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need to get started.

There are designs for everything from nurseries to teen bedrooms and beyond; all you need to do is choose your favorite! Or, if you can’t pick just one, mix and match some aspects from different designs to create one that’s all your own. 

1. Murals Make a Statement

Image source: the beach bomb

This DIY skyline mural from the beach bomb pops against a bright, bold green. The silhouettes of Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello stand atop one of the buildings, watching over the city.

A look like this works equally well for either a younger or older child or even for a teenage fan since it’s a reasonably age-neutral (but fun) background. You can bring in a more age-specific look using various accessories, furniture, and décor.

2. DIY Hanging Lanterns

Image source: Tales of the Scotts

This simple DIY project helps add a fun, personal touch with just some paper lanterns and crepe paper. All you need is the iconic TMNT colors to represent each turtle.

You can go for the same look as the Tales of the Scotts did or paint on eyes to represent each character. This is an easy project to do with kids, too, so you can let them be a part of the creation process. 

3. Ninja Turtle Bedding

Image source: Amazon

One of the most significant pieces in a bedroom is the bed, so your bedding makes a big statement. Colorful and cartoony character bedding is an excellent choice for a kid’s room.

This set from Amazon features the four famous turtles, plus the comforter is reversible, giving you two looks for the price of one! With such vibrant colors, consider pairing them with a neutral wall color. This green and white look is a great combo.

4. Skyline Silhouette with Lights

Image source: Pinterest

If you like the idea of a skyline silhouette, but you want it to be a bit more low-key, opt for a dark gray background like this from Megan Titon’s Pinterest.

It gives off a whole different vibe and shows another side of the TMNT franchise.  It works well for older fans that might prefer a more subdued look. Adding a slight touch of green with some string lights is a perfect touch of turtle power. 

5. Ninja Turtles Go Pink

Image source: Wayfair

What do you do if your kids are fans of the Ninja Turtles, but they don’t really like green? (Is that even possible? Sure it is!) You go with pink!

Whether your little heroes prefer things pretty in pink or just want to put a different spin on things, this reversible comforter from Wayfair does the trick. It certainly shines a new light on the traditional colors you’d expect to see in a Ninja Turtle bedroom.

6. Ninja Turtle Explosion

Image source: Nickelodeon Parents

Nickelodeon Parents knows how to rock a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedroom; you put TMNT gear everywhere! From the bedding to wall decals to lighting, curtains, and more, go all the way and deck out your bedroom from top to bottom, turtle-style.

Let your kids help make some choices so they can snag some of their favorite pieces and have a room that makes them proud. (Maybe they’ll even want to go to bed on time!)

7. Go Green

Image source: Pinterest

When you think of a color that goes with turtles, you likely naturally jump to green, right? At least, that’s what Melissa Gatzionis did in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-inspired bedroom.

A vibrant, bright green on all of the walls serves as the perfect backdrop, tying together Ninja Turtle artwork, bedding, and accessories in a seamless way. This is a great look if you want to go for a bold TMNT room without taking it over the top. 

8. Ninja Turtles Kid Desk

Image source: Delta Children

Many bedrooms, especially kids’ rooms, double as a place to get some work done. This totally awesome (to quote the turtle heroes) kid’s desk from Delta Children includes storage so that you can corral all of your little artist’s pencils, crayons, and more.

The colorful workspace is sure to inspire; it’s the perfect place for your tiny turtle fan to finish their latest masterpiece. In fact, it’s so fantastic; it might even inspire them to do their homework. 

9. Seeing Double

Image source: @ Home with Ashley

If you’re designing a Ninja Turtle bedroom for two, going with a symmetrical design helps keep things grounded. This design by @ Home with Ashley uses matching bedding, wall lights, and shelves to help create a cohesive look, all perfectly complemented with a statement feature wall.

Using symmetry in a space helps create a more relaxing feel — always a plus when you’re designing a bedroom. A shared nightstand in between the beds provides storage and a place for bedtime essentials.

10. Use Ninja Turtle Decor Everywhere

Image source: Delta Children

To create the ultimate turtle pad, use themed furniture, accessories, and art. Delta Children carries various TMNT bedroom pieces, like a comfy kid-size turtle chair, toy storage, and a bed complete with the turtle gang’s favorite food — pizza.

And what fan wouldn’t want a life-size turtle statue standing guard? Throw in some matching artwork and a rug in a complementary color, and you’ve got a bedroom sure to make your kids smile. 

11. Hand Painted Ninja Turtle Dresser

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re feeling crafty, upcycle an old dresser into a colorful work of art like AnnieBz on Pinterest. Each drawer features a different turtle showcased against his signature color, with the TMNT logo taking center stage.

If you only have a four-drawer dresser, you can choose to go with just the turtles. Only have a three-drawer? No problem! Put the logo on the middle drawer and let two turtles share the bottom and the top. 

12. Use Themed Wallpaper

Image source: Kohl's

Wallpaper is making a comeback! So why not grab a roll of this awesome wallpaper from Kohl’s to maximize your room’s turtle power? Of course, wallpaper takes a bit of commitment, but you know what they say, go big or go home, right?

But have no fear; this wallpaper is removable, so you can easily take it down if your kids switch their hero devotion or when they eventually leave the nest. 

13. Ninja Turtle Toy Storage

Image source: Wayfair

What’s the point of having a fantastic bedroom if there’s always stuff cluttering up the floor? The proper storage in a space can make all the difference in how your room looks and functions.

This toy storage unit from Wayfair features multiple containers in various sizes to fit everything from toy cars to stuffed animals, balls, action figures, and more. It adds to the room’s theme while keeping things neat and tidy.

14. Rock a Hand Painted Mural

Image source: Pinterest

There’s something extra-special and unique about incorporating a hand-painted mural into a room’s design. Alicia von Terrible’s impressive masterpiece is genuinely a work of art and wraps the room in Ninja Turtle ambiance.

If you’re not an artist or don’t have the time to hand paint a mural yourself, you can ask around for recommendations for someone who works with murals and tell them your plans for the bedroom.

15. Use a Loft Bed to Double Your Space

Image source: Nӧa & Nani

If space is limited, a loft bed is an excellent solution. It instantly gives you back floor space that would otherwise be taken up by the bed. Underneath, you can store belongings, set up a homework station or cozy reading nook, or create the perfect play space.

This tent bed loft from Nӧa & Nani features a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed canopy and a curtain that encloses the bottom, providing a sense of privacy. 

16. DIY Ninja Turtle Pillowcases

Image source: The Sewing Rabbit

Personal touches make a house a home, and adding thoughtful elements to a bedroom makes it extra cozy.  That’s exactly what The Sewing Rabbit did with these cute Ninja Turtle pillowcase creations.

You can create four pillows, one for each turtle, or if only making two, choose to represent your favorites. Using contrast helps draw attention to specific elements, and the bright green pillowcase fabric especially pops against a set of crisp white sheets. 

17. Use Unique Lighting

Image source: Pinterest

Lighting has a significant impact in any space, helping create the desired mood and tying together the whole design. Besides serving a functional purpose, lighting also allows you an opportunity to elevate and enhance the design of your room.

When creating a themed bedroom, choose lighting that makes sense with the story you’re trying to tell. This creative sewer cover accent light from Kristen Hunt’s Pinterest is a great touch for an older TMNT bedroom.

18. Create a Ninja Turtle Loft Lair

Image source: Ana White

If you’re creating a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedroom for young children, then you know a bedroom isn’t all about sleeping. Kids play a lot in their room, too, so having a dedicated play space is a must.

This loft bed creation from Ana White is a bed on top and a hero lair on the bottom. Kids will love crawling in and out the windows or simply cozying up inside this colorful, turtle-inspired creation.

19. Keep It Simple and Fun

Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, keeping things simple is best. If you want to create a fun Ninja Turtle bedroom without it going overboard, consider painting only half of the wall. That’s exactly what Veronica Vegas showcased on her Pinterest, sporting a classic, bright green on the bottom and a neutral color on top.

The extra-fun touch? The Ninja Turtle eye-band border separating the two colors. Finally, accessorize with character bedding, and a few turtle touches for a fun and simple bedroom design.

20. Use a Classic Wall Decal

Image source: Fathead

When you want to have some fun with characters in a room design, without them taking things over completely, removable wall decals are a great choice. Fathead makes pretty much any character decal you can think of, including the famed heroes in a half-shell.

This one shows the lighthearted, comical side of the four turtle friends, but you can opt for a design that works with the vibe you’re going for in your bedroom. 

21. Ninja Turtle Nursery

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy, one of the top things on your to-do list is likely getting the nursery ready! If you’re set on a Ninja Turtle nursery, keep it light and playful.

Judy Hartmann shared her design on Pinterest, showcasing a paler green with a bright blue border that brings the turtle’s leader, Leonardo, front and center. Choosing similar color tones for the furniture keeps things restful yet happy, perfect for a nursery.

22. Sophisticated and Flexible Style

Image source: Inside the Magic

If you want to keep things neutral and versatile, keep walls and flooring subtle while bringing in your theme through accessories. That’s what this Airbnb lair, featured on Inside the Magic, decided to do with one of its bedrooms.

This is an excellent option if you’re not sure how long the Ninja Turtle love will stick around or if you’re planning to move soon. You can switch the look over to something completely new. 

23. Go for an Industrial Look

Image source:

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Ninja Turtle’s lair with this sophisticated take on a city sewer featured on The industrial look gives it a more grown-up feel while still being recognizable as a TMNT bedroom.

The cool grays and silver elevate the look, making this a perfect choice for an older child’s or even a teenager’s bedroom.  Accessories in a bright lime green evoke the Ninja Turtle sensibility without going total turtle.