15 Weekend DIY Projects That Can Boost Your Home’s Value

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Strategic DIY projects can enhance your living space and attract buyers when it’s time to sell. Instead of a massive renovation, consider focusing on high-impact, budget-friendly improvements.

Here are 15 manageable weekend DIYs that deliver a double dose of appeal: they’ll add charm while increasing your home’s market value. Let’s roll up the sleeves and start upping your home’s resale potential.

1. Paint Your Front Door

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It takes just a can of paint to dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. A freshly painted door can make the entire exterior look well-maintained and inviting. Homes with high curb appeal tend to attract more buyers and can fetch higher prices on the market. Choose a bold color that complements your home’s exterior for an instant facelift.

2. Upgrade Cabinet Hardware

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Replacing old, worn-out cabinet knobs and pulls with stylish new hardware is a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom and can contribute to increasing your home’s value. High-quality hardware made from durable materials such as brushed nickel, brass, or even crystal can add a luxurious feel to the cabinetry. This perceived increase in quality can translate to an increase in the overall value of the home.

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

programmable home thermostat
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Boost your home’s energy efficiency by installing a programmable thermostat. It’s a smart investment that can lead to long-term savings on utility bills. Over time, these savings can be substantial, making the initial investment in the thermostat pay for itself. Buyers are often interested in homes that offer lower operating costs. Energy-efficient homes are not only good for the wallet but also better for the environment, which can be a key selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

4. Create a Kitchen Backsplash

subway tile kitchen backsplash
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Add a backsplash to your kitchen for a touch of elegance. With peel-and-stick tiles available, this project can be completed without the need for complex tiling skills. A new backsplash can update the look of an older kitchen without the need for a full remodel. This can be particularly appealing to homeowners or buyers who want a modern kitchen without the expense and hassle of a complete renovation. Compared to other kitchen upgrades, installing a backsplash is relatively affordable and can offer a significant return on investment by enhancing the kitchen’s appeal without a large financial outlay.

5. Refresh Interior Walls with Paint

man paints a wall with roller
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A fresh coat of paint can transform a room, making it look cleaner, brighter, and more modern. This can be especially impactful if you’re updating from outdated or personalized colors to a more neutral and widely appealing palette. Neutral colors can also help buyers envision themselves and their belongings in the space more easily.

6. Add Crown Molding

installing crown molding
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Installing crown molding can give any room a more finished, upscale look. It’s an architectural detail that adds charm and character. Homes with crown molding often convey a sense of quality and attention to architectural details. This project can be particularly appealing for newer homes that may lack unique architectural features. While the actual increase in resale value can vary, crown molding is generally seen as a desirable feature for potential buyers. It can make your home stand out in the market, potentially leading to higher offers.

7. Replace Light Fixtures

swapping out lightbulbs for led bulbs
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Update old light fixtures with modern energy-efficient lighting, which consumes less electricity and lasts longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Energy efficiency is appealing to home buyers who are conscious of both their environmental footprint and utility costs. Stylish fixtures can also serve as statement pieces and enhance the overall design of a room.

8. Landscape Your Garden

landscaping front yard
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A well-kept garden boosts curb appeal and creates a strong first impression. The garden is the first thing potential buyers see when they approach your property, and it sets the tone for their entire viewing experience. Spend a weekend planting flowers, trimming hedges, and cleaning up garden beds to enhance your home’s outdoor space.

9. Re-Caulk Bathroom Fixtures

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Old, discolored caulking can be unsightly. To freshen up the bathroom, re-caulk your tub, shower, and sinks. Many homeowners can do this themselves with a few basic tools and materials to save on labor costs. Ensuring that the caulking is in good condition can positively influence a buyer’s perception of your home’s value.

10. Install Floating Shelves

floating shelves in kitchen
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Floating shelves are practical for storage and add a modern touch to your walls. They’re perfect for displaying decor or organizing books. While floating shelves can be used in virtually any room of the house, they are most appreciated in the living room, home office, and kitchen. 

11. Replace Old Faucets

man repairing faucet of kitchen sink
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A new kitchen or bathroom faucet can be a focal point for the room. Choose a sleek design that matches the existing fixtures for a cohesive look. This weekend DIY project is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom while adding practical improvements to the space.

12. Organize Your Closet

storage baskets in built in closet wardrobe
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A well-organized closet is a big selling point. Install closet systems, such as shelves, drawers, and rods, to maximize storage space and give your closet a custom-built appearance.

13. Refinish or Paint Old Furniture

paint outdoor furniture
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Breathe new life into your tired patio furniture and boost your curb appeal in one fell swoop. Is your porch furniture looking a little worse for wear? The front entrance makes a big first impression, so why not dedicate a weekend to refinishing your patio set and elevate your home’s overall charm? A thorough sanding and a fresh coat of stain will make your furniture look refreshed and ready to welcome potential buyers.

14. Enhance Window Treatments

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Replacing old blinds or curtains with new, stylish window treatments can change the light dynamics of a room and add a designer touch. When selling a home, well-chosen window treatments can enhance the staging process by making rooms appear more inviting and put-together. This can lead to better photographs for listings and a more attractive presentation during showings.

15. Build a Fire Pit

firepit outdoor living
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Create an inviting outdoor living space with a DIY fire pit. It’s a desirable feature that extends your entertaining space and can be particularly appealing to future buyers. Compared to other outdoor features like pools or elaborate gardens, fire pits generally require less maintenance, which can be an attractive aspect for buyers looking for lower-maintenance properties.

Which Project To Tackle First?

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With 15 possible DIY projects to increase your home’s value, which should you prioritize? Prioritizing home improvement projects depends on several factors, including your budget, the current condition of your home, and what gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

1. Assess Your Budget

balancing budget
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Determine how much money you can allocate to home improvements. This will help you decide whether you can take on a big project or if you should focus on smaller, more affordable updates.

2. Focus On High-Impact, Budget Friendly Upgrades

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If your goal is to increase your home’s value, research which projects are likely to offer the best return on investment. Compare the cost of each to the potential increase in resale value you expect. Research average home prices in your area to get a benchmark. Prioritize improvements that deliver the most significant benefits, maximizing value without breaking the bank.

3. Evaluate Urgency

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Address any issues that are urgent or pose safety risks first, such as electrical problems, roof leaks, or foundation repairs. These are critical for the safety and structural integrity of your home and help your home pass any inspections further down the buying process. If you do not fix these issues, you are typically required to disclose them to potential buyers. This could include major repairs needed, environmental hazards, or outstanding permits. Failure to disclose can lead to legal trouble down the road. Buyers will often order their own inspections to uncover any hidden problems with the house. If the inspection reveals significant issues, the buyer might negotiate a lower price or even walk away from the deal.