Leona Wood Farmhouse Dining Table: An Honest Review

Leona Farmhouse Dining Table

For many people, the dining table is much more than a place to eat. It’s a gathering spot to catch up with family and friends, a place to play games, or do homework with the kids. Your dining table might double as a desk when you work from home or as an arts and crafts station for your favorite hobbies. With so many potential purposes, it’s easy to see why having a great dining table is essential.

Recently, I decided we needed an upgrade for our dining table. I was looking for one that matched our home’s farmhouse aesthetic and could easily accommodate our family of 6. My search for the perfect table took me to World Market, where I discovered the Leona Wood Farmhouse Dining Table. It had the right look, size, and style for what I was looking for, so I decided to give it a try.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the purchase. The table looks great in our kitchen, stands up to our busy family life, and offers flexibility for different uses. If you’re looking for a new table for your home, I highly recommend considering the Leona Wood Extension Table.

A Closer Look At The Leona Wood Farmhouse Table

The Leona Farmhouse table is an exclusive furniture item from World Market. If you have a store near you, you can see if they have one in stock. But if not, ordering it online and picking it up curbside for free is easy. You can also opt to have it shipped to your home, which is great if you don’t have a way to transport it or you don’t live near a World Market.

The table is made in Vietnam and features solid pine wood, MDF, and pine veneer. It’s available in a light gray wash (this is the one I picked) and a darker smoke brown. It comes flat-packed, so it does require assembly. 

Leona Wood Table Dimensions

Once assembled, the Leona Wood Farmhouse Table measures 41.93 inches wide, 30 inches tall, and 78 inches long. It seats six, but thanks to two breadboard extensions, you can extend the table to 101.5 inches, easily fitting eight people.

Each leg is 28.56 inches tall, and there are 27 inches between each end leg and 48.8 inches between each side leg. The table weighs a substantial 182.67 pounds. 

7 Reasons I Love This Table

So, as I previously mentioned, my main focus was finding a dining table that could fit my family of 6 and work well with our home’s design aesthetic. We love the farmhouse look, and this table matches it perfectly. It has a rustic yet refined style that complements our home.

When I was browsing through World Market and looking at various options, I also spotted two other possibilities. The Natural Wood Morgan Dining Collection and the Caspian Vintage Acorn Dining Collection. They both had their plusses, but the Leona table won out with its elevated style and extension abilities. Here are the top reasons why I absolutely love this table.

1. Heavy-Duty And Durable Table

The Leona table provides durability and sturdiness without sacrificing style. When you have a family with kids, durability is a top priority when it comes to furniture. When the kids are running around or we’re getting ready for a meal or family game night, I don’t feel like the table will tip over if they lean on it too hard. 

Weighing just over 180 pounds, it’s substantial and delivers the look of a high-quality, expensive table. The farmhouse trestle base also adds to the sturdy appearance as well as creates an excellent design point.

2. Easy To Assemble

If you’re unsure of your DIY skills, don’t sweat it. This table is easy to assemble. I did it myself in about an hour. Of course, if you can get a friend or one of your kids to help out, then it will go even more quickly. Never underestimate the power of a good bribe or pizza.

The table comes with the assembly instructions, all the hardware, and two small hand tools (an Allen key and a small flat wrench). So you technically don’t need anything, but if you use an electric drill with Allen wrench attachments, you can get it together even faster.

3. Beautiful Finish

One of the biggest things that sold me on this table was the gorgeous finish. Its lightly distressed look provides a rustic elegance that meshes with our design style perfectly. The light gray wash provides a natural look that keeps things bright yet still looks sophisticated.

If you prefer a darker finish, the table comes in smoke brown, which is also gorgeous. To me, the darker wash gives it a bit more rustic vibe, while the lighter wash leans more toward rustic modern. But it all depends on which look works best with your style and home.

4. Matching Leona Wood Dining Chairs And Dining Bench

I was on the hunt for a brand new dining set, so I was thrilled when I discovered the Leona table had matching chairs and a dining bench available. I purchased one bench and four chairs, and I love how the various pieces provide a cohesive look without becoming too matchy-matchy.

The chairs and bench are available in the same finishes as the table, and the chairs are sold in sets of two online. You can purchase them individually in-store if you need an odd number. 

One chair weighs roughly 22 pounds and is 41.2 inches tall, with a seat height of 18 inches and a leg height of 17.25 inches. The overall depth is 23.3 inches, with a seat depth of 17.75 inches. The width is 19.3 inches overall, and the seat width is 19.25 inches. The bench weighs 60 pounds and is 72 inches long, 14 inches deep, and 18 inches tall. It has a leg height of 16.6 inches.

5. Sleek Design

Another selling point of the Leona table, in my opinion, is the sleek design. It maintains the farmhouse vibe and rustic aesthetic without becoming too boxy or overbearing. It’s farmhouse-inspired but still offers a modern edge that makes it fit with various design styles depending on how you accessorize it.. 

6. Easy Extensions Add Flexibility

The table easily fits six adults. Still, we love how we can extend it within a matter of minutes to accommodate extra guests. Plus, using the bench on one side of the table allows us to fit more people because the bench alone comfortably fits all four of my kids.

I also like how the slides for the extension are in the table. So you simply slide them out at each end, then place one of the breadboard extensions on top. You can either slide out both or just one side depending on your needs. 

7. Excellent Customer Service

For me, the service you get when shopping for any product influences how you feel about it. If you have a horrible customer service experience, you’ll likely remember that whenever you look at the product. Alternatively, if you have a fantastic service experience, it heightens your positive feelings about your purchase.

In this case, the whole purchase experience went smoothly. Then, when I got home and started assembling pieces, one of the chairs ended up being slightly uneven. I returned it to the store and received a new one the same day. The customer service was excellent, making my little minor hiccup with the chair no big deal.

Tips For Taking Care Of The Leona Wood Farmhouse Extension Table

Easy maintenance is a priority for me, especially with four kids. So I love that this table is super simple to care for and clean. All you need is a soft, lint-free cloth to dust or wipe it down. If you do end up with a stain, a mild soap and water solution does the trick (use more water than soap and dry it immediately). 

Here are some tips to help keep your Leona Wood Farmhouse Table looking amazing:

  • Don’t place drinks, hot or cold, directly on the table. Coasters are your friend.
  • Don’t place hot pots or plates directly on the table.
  • Clean up spills immediately.
  • If you clean the table with water, dry it immediately.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners.
  • Only use the table indoors and keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Don’t place the table too close to heating or cooling vents.
  • Use a notebook or other padded surface under your paper when writing or drawing on the table.

A Big Thumbs Up For The Leona Farmhouse Table

I can honestly say I am happy with this table. I love how it looks and functions for our family, and I have no regrets. I’m looking forward to the memories we’ll create around it, and with its durability, I expect we’ll have it for quite some time to come.