10 Small Garage Storage Ideas That Don’t Sacrifice Your Car

small garage organization

If you’re like most people, your garage is a lot more than a spot to park your car. Your garage is also a storage container, workshop, or ground zero for your next major project. But if you’re working with a tiny footprint, getting the most from this hardworking space can be a struggle. That’s why maximizing the space in a small garage is so important so it functions like you need it to.

Make The Most Of A Small Garage

small garage storage ideas
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Clever storage, a little creative thinking, and being intentional about the space are all critical when it comes to working with a small garage. No matter how you use your garage, having enough room to move around, store items neatly and still park your car safely is crucial.

If you have a small garage, don’t fret. You can still have a functional, tidy, hardworking space, and these will help make it happen.

1. Store Items On The Ceiling

The ceiling in your garage is untapped storage for all sorts of items. There are special racks that you install on the ceiling that are perfect for holding bins, boxes, and more. 

You can also use special hooks to hang your bike or other recreational equipment. If you have large, bulky items like kayaks, surfboards, skis, or paddleboards, putting them on the ceiling keeps them out of the way.

Overhead storage is ideal for items you don’t need to access often, like seasonal items. However, there are lift systems you operate with a crank or pulley mechanism that enable you to lift and lower the storage more easily.

2. Take Advantage Of Vertical Space

Don’t overlook any inch of vertical space when organizing your garage. When choosing storage solutions for a small garage, look for tall styles. Mount cabinets high on the wall to fit another set below. Use tall freestanding cabinets and bookshelves.

Build or install shelves over doorways (including the main garage door). These places are great for off-season items to make your garage more functional for day-to-day life.

The door leading from your garage into your home or to the backyard, etc., is also viable storage. Install hooks on the door to hang long-handled tools like a broom, shovel, or rake. An over-the-door organizer works well for cleaning products, backstock rolls of paper towels, or other small items.

3. Install Wall Organizers

Another great way to maximize your vertical space and make the most of a tiny garage is by using wall organizers. Pegboard systems are a classic organizing solution found in many garages and workshops. 

They’re perfect for keeping tools, craft supplies, and even sports gear in a dedicated, easily accessible place. Look for a system with various accessories, such as assorted hooks and baskets.

Built-in shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling is another excellent option. Floor-to-ceiling shelving takes advantage of every inch of space and turns an entire wall into a storage paradise.

4. Regularly Declutter Your Garage

declutter your garage
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All the storage solutions in the world won’t make your small garage look and function well if you have too much stuff. Often, the best way to make the most of a tiny space is to minimize what you keep in it.

Garages tend to be collectors of clutter. In many cases, it’s the final stop for items you aren’t sure about. The hand-me-down lamp from your Aunt Agatha and the sofa you’ve had since college end up stuck in perpetual limbo as you decide what to do with them.

Make a habit of regularly decluttering your garage so things don’t pile up and become overwhelming. If you struggle to let go of things, ask a friend to help you or hire a professional organizer. Sometimes, an unbiased set of eyes is exactly the push you need to make tough decisions.

5. Use Adjustable Shelving

The things you need to store will likely change over time, so your garage storage solutions should change too. When you have a small space, it’s important to keep it as versatile and flexible as possible since you’re limited on room. If you have a small garage, consider adjustable shelving so you can tweak your storage as needed.

For example, during the summer perhaps you keep beach gear within easy reach on the lower shelves of your garage. Your snow blower and other winter tools stay tucked away on some upper shelves. As winter draws near, you want to bring these items down and put the beach gear on the upper shelves. 

However, you need more room between the upper shelves to accommodate the beach equipment. If you have adjustable shelves you can easily rework the placement to fit items.

6. Create Moveable Work Stations

movable work station
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In a large garage, it’s possible to create zones for different storage and functions. For example, a zone for gardening, one for automotive, one for holiday decorations, etc. But in a small garage, having multiple zones for work and storage isn’t a likely scenario.

Therefore, use moveable storage and workstations to keep your garage set up fluid. A rolling potting station for gardening goes where you need it when you’re ready to pot plants. A portable workbench moves into the center of the garage when it’s time for that woodworking project.

These portable solutions also make it more possible to maneuver these pieces out of the garage into your driveway or yard if you need more space to work. Look for options that provide storage and a work surface so you get pieces that do double duty.

7. Implement A Rotation System For Seasonal Items

If you have another place for storage, like a basement or attic, consider rotating seasonal items in your garage. Keep the things that you currently need in your garage, and the off-season items in the less-accessible parts of the attic or basement.

For example, consider holiday decorations. If it’s Halloween, you would keep your Halloween bins in the garage and the other holiday containers in the attic.

When Halloween is over, pack up the decorations and stick them in the attic until next year. Pull the Thanksgiving or Christmas bins down to the garage for the upcoming holiday. You can use this rotation system for in-season and off-season sports gear, seasonal tools, and current and upcoming house projects.

8. Invest In A Car Lift

car lift for home garage
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If you have a big budget for your small garage, get a car lift. Lifts come in many different styles, sizes, and price ranges, and they give you a chance to free up some floor space. Of course, it takes a bit more thought and maneuvering when you need to use your car.

Therefore, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s worth it. If you need to park two cars in your garage, a lift could be a viable solution if you have the headspace for it.

Before you make such a big investment, carefully review the advantages and disadvantages and take precise measurements. Before you splurge on a car lift, you may want to try the other solutions on this list first to see if they give you the extra space you need.

9. Try A Wall-Mounted Workbench

A wall-mounted workbench keeps the floor free and clear and folds away when you don’t need it. It’s a great way to fit a workspace into a small garage. Many styles include built-in pegboards for tools and supplies.

Follow the instructions for installing the workbench carefully so it doesn’t end up falling out of the wall. Use a stud finder to find the best position for the workbench. Mounting the bench onto studs is vital for ultimate strength and security.

10. Get Creative With Storage Solutions

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box regarding your small garage storage. Build shelving into the corners, corral long-handled tools in a tall trash can or large PVC tube. 

Do you have exposed beams in the garage? Install a wire shelf upside down across the beams to create a DIY overhead rack. Build a PVC rack for storage bins. Challenge yourself to see what clever solutions you can create in your small garage.