20 Items To Get Rid For An Instantly Tidier Home

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Tidying up your living space isn’t just about making it look good—it’s about creating a home that promotes well-being, reduces stress, and enhances your ability to focus and be productive. A cluttered home can overwhelm the senses, distract from important tasks, and make relaxation difficult. By contrast, a neat and orderly environment can help to calm the mind, make daily routines more efficient, and foster a sense of control and tranquility.

If the thought of a comprehensive decluttering project feels daunting, fear not. You can significantly improve your home’s tidiness by removing certain key items that tend to contribute to clutter. By identifying and discarding these items, you can quickly transform your space without the need for a full-on decluttering marathon

Consider removing these twenty items. Your home will look neater in no time.

1. Expired Food in the Pantry and Fridge

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Take a few minutes to go through your pantry and refrigerator. Toss anything that’s expired or stale. This will create more space and ensure the freshness of your meals.

2. Unused Electronics and Cords

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We all have a drawer or box filled with old phones, chargers, and random cables we no longer use. Dispose of these responsibly by donating or recycling them at an electronics recycling center.

3. Mismatched Socks and Worn-Out Clothing

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If you’ve been holding onto single socks, hoping their mates will turn up, it’s time to let them go. The same goes for clothing that’s beyond repair or no longer fits. Donate what’s still wearable and recycle the rest.

4. Broken Items Waiting for Repair

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If you’ve been planning to fix something for months and it’s still sitting around in the garage, it might be time to either repair it immediately or get rid of it. Broken items can make your space look unkempt and take up valuable room.

5. Excessive Decorations and Knick-Knacks

shelf with decor
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While decorative items can add personality to your home, too many can make it look cluttered. Keep only those that you love or hold significant sentimental value in, and find a new home for the rest.

6. Excess Magazines and Newspapers

newspaper stack
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Old magazines and newspapers tend to pile up and create clutter. Recycle anything you haven’t read in the past month, and consider switching to digital subscriptions to prevent future build-up.

7. Outdated Medications and Toiletries

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Go through your medicine cabinet and vanity. Expired medications can be ineffective or even harmful, so take them to a pharmacy offering disposal services. Toss out old toiletries and makeup that you no longer use.

8. Unnecessary Paperwork and Junk Mail

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Sort through your paperwork. Keep important documents organized and shred the rest. Opt out of junk mail lists to prevent future clutter, and consider going paperless with bills and statements to minimize the influx of paper in your home.

9. Dusty Books You’ll Never Read Again

A stack of books with colorful covers
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Books are wonderful, but they can take up a lot of space and collect dust. If there are books on your shelves that you’re certain you’ll never read again, donate them to a library or sell them to a secondhand bookstore. This will free up space and potentially allow someone else to enjoy them.

10. Unused Gifts and Souvenirs

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We often hold onto gifts and souvenirs out of guilt or obligation, even if they don’t fit our lifestyle or decor. If an item isn’t adding value to your life, consider passing it on to someone who will appreciate it more. Your home should be a collection of things that you find useful or beautiful, not a storage space for items that don’t serve a purpose.

11. Plastic Shopping Bags

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Many homes have a collection of plastic bags that can quickly become unruly. Recycle them at a local grocery store’s recycling program or invest in reusable shopping bags to reduce clutter and support the environment.

12. Old Paint Cans and DIY Materials

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If you have remnants from old projects, such as half-empty paint cans or unused hardware, it’s time to decide whether you’ll realistically use them. Dispose of these items safely according to your local waste management guidelines or donate them to a community center or school for art projects.

13. Worn-Out Bed Linens and Towels

Clothing and Bedding
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Linens and towels that have seen better days can be repurposed as cleaning rags or donated to animal shelters. Free up your linen closet by keeping only the sets in good condition that you use regularly.

14. Dated Technology and Media

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Old CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and outdated software packages take up space and are often unused in the age of digital streaming and cloud storage. Sell, donate, or recycle them properly if they’re no longer functional.

15. Excessive Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils

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Kitchens are prime real estate for clutter, especially with gadgets and rarely used utensils. Simplify your kitchen by keeping only the tools you use on a regular basis and donating or selling the rest. This will create more drawer and counter space and make meal prep more efficient.

16. Old Schoolwork and Art Projects

kids art box
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Children’s schoolwork and art projects can accumulate quickly. Keep a few meaningful pieces in a dedicated memory box and recycle or digitally archive the rest. This will help you cherish the special memories without the physical clutter.

17. Seasonal Decor That’s Past Its Prime

christmas tree decor
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Seasonal decorations often get damaged or lose their luster over time. Discard any items that are no longer in good condition or don’t bring you joy. This will make room for pieces that truly enhance your seasonal celebrations.

18. Unused Exercise Equipment

Home gym in a shed
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Exercise gear collecting dust isn’t doing your fitness or space any favors. Sell or donate equipment that you’re not using to free up space and remove visual clutter from your home.

19. Hobby Supplies From Abandoned Projects

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It’s common to pick up new hobbies and just as common to move on from them. If you have supplies from hobbies you’re no longer interested in, pass them on to someone who can use them or donate them to a local school or community center.

20. Overstuffed Furniture

furniture too large
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Bulky furniture can make even the largest rooms feel cluttered and cramped. Consider replacing oversized pieces with more proportionate furnishings that better fit the space and open up the room.