15 Sneaky Ways To Reuse Old Garden Supplies

Tending to a garden takes time, patience, and plenty of tools, including shovels, rakes, watering cans, planters, and wheelbarrows (just to name a few). Over time, many of these items wear down, become broken, or in some cases, you simply replace them for a new model.

Before you toss out that broken shovel or worn-out garden hose, check out this list of creative ways to repurpose and upcycle old garden supplies.

1. Convert A Rake Head Into Wall Hooks

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When your rake shows signs of wear or the handle gets loose, using it to tidy up the yard is no longer an option. But that doesn’t mean your rake is destined for the trash. Turn it into a rustic wall hook for utensils, keys, or other items. Whether it gets new life as a coat rack, a towel holder, or something in between, all it takes is mounting the rake head to the wall.

2. A Watering Can Becomes A Water Feature

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There’s something extremely relaxing about the sound of gently flowing water, making it a popular addition to a backyard oasis. Give an old watering can new life as a fun, whimsical water feature. Pick up a basic fountain kit with a submersible pump from a local garden or home improvement store or online. Check out Pinterest for some helpful DIY tutorials on how to fashion a cute garden-themed fountain.

3. Turn A Wheelbarrow Into A Firepit

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When your old wheelbarrow doesn’t want to roll anymore, that doesn’t mean it’s reached the end of its life. It may no longer be good for moving items from point A to point B, but it is an excellent contender for a creative fire pit. Make sure to use high-heat paint, prep the ground below the wheelbarrow properly, and recognize appropriate fire pit safety.

4. Create A Soaker System From An Old Garden Hose

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When you work in your yard, there’s often nothing more frustrating than a leaky hose. It wastes water, leaving puddles everywhere and taking longer than necessary to water your flowers and plants. But don’t despair about a few holes in your hose. Instead, use it to your advantage and convert a worn-out hose into a soaker system for your garden, delivering a steady, slow stream of water where you need it most.

5. Flowerpots Get New Life As Sculptures

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A basic terra-cotta pot is a classic choice for planting flowers, herbs, and other greenery. But if you have extra or you’re updating your flowerpots to different designs, don’t toss out your old pots. Channel your inner sculptor and reimagine the pots into cute garden sculptures. There are so many options, from painting the pots to what you can build, so let your imagination soar.

6. Create Wall Art From Vintage Garden Tools

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If you love a vintage, rustic vibe in your garden or house, use old garden tools as decor. However, there’s a thin line between old, rusty, dirty, and classic vintage, so choose your items wisely. Look for unique pieces or ones with a personal meaning (like your grandmother’s favorite trowel and hand rake). If you love how they look, clean them up and hang them in a cool way to create amazing vintage wall art.

7. Repurpose Old Tool Handles Into Birdhouse Posts

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Over time, it’s typical for garden tools to get a bit loose where the collar meets the handle. Things like rakes, shovels, pitchforks, and garden claws grow wobbly after a lot of use. If tightening and tweaking no longer do the trick, it’s time to replace them. But that doesn’t mean the old ones must go. Remove the handles and use them as birdhouse posts.

8. Create An Outdoor Mat From A Garden Hose

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Coil up an old garden hose and secure it with zip ties to create a waterproof outdoor rug. Expanding hoses make a good mat since they’re a bit softer, but rubber hoses are also good contenders. Use different colors to create patterns, and secure the zip ties in the same direction so the sharp sides all face down. You’ll also find plenty of ideas for twisting and coiling hoses into baskets.

9. Rain Boots Become Flower Pots

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Do your old rain boots not fit the same anymore? Or maybe you’ve inherited your mom’s favorite pair of galoshes, or your kids have outgrown their boots. If they don’t fit your feet, they’ll certainly fit your flowers. Turn your old rain boots into cute planters, perfectly suited for a farmhouse or cottage theme.

10. Make A Planter Out Of An Old Wheelbarrow

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Fill an old wheelbarrow with potting mix or soil and turn it into a large planter for your garden. It’s a great way to display colorful blooms above the rest of your flowerbed or make a focal point in your yard. Give the wheelbarrow a fresh coat of paint that helps tie it into your overall garden color scheme.

11. An Old Watering Can Becomes A Vase

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If you adore the modern farmhouse style or gravitate to a cottage or shabby chic design vibe, this tip is for you. Clean and paint an old watering can with a fun pattern or vivid colors and use it as a vase for fresh flowers. It’s also a unique way to hold a bouquet you plan to give as a gift.

12. Turn Shovel Heads Into Shelves

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We’ve mentioned how various garden tools end up with loose handles after a lot of use. Tip seven suggested using long handles as birdhouse posts, and the first tip recommended turning a rake head into a wall hook. There’s also a second chance at life for loose shovels. Mount them onto a sturdy post or directly to a wall for a set of rustic shovel shelves.

13. Use Bits Of Old Hose To Cover Sharp Blades

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Here’s a practical use for that leaky garden hose you’re about to toss into the trash. Cut it into small pieces, slice the pieces down one side, and place them over sharp blades and tools. You don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself or getting an unexpected jab when reaching into your toolbox.

14. Turn Mini Flowerpots Into Ornaments

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Get crafty by turning mini flower pots into Christmas ornaments or similar hanging decor. This is a fun project to do with kids or a group of friends. All you need is paint and small flower pots, whether terra cotta or plastic, which work with various materials. Make sure the pots are clean and dry before painting.

15. Make A Bird Feeder Out Of A Shovel

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Repurpose the head of a shovel as a bird feeder. Keep it simple by laying the shovel on a tall surface and filling it with birdseed. Or, bend the collar and mount the shovel blade to a tree or post. If you get plenty of bird visitors, use multiple shovels to create a grouping of feeders. Paint them or leave them raw for a more rustic look.