10 Of The Best Double Kitchen Sinks (Updated 2024!)

Double Kitchen Sink

Dual sinks are a growing trend. They’re a smart, convenient choice for any cooking space. Plus, they add such a stylish and elegant look that can’t be matched!

If you’re on the hunt for a good quality double kitchen sink, look no further. Whether you’re looking to replace an old, worn-down unit or creating a space from scratch, we’re here to help.

This in-depth guide covers 10 of the best double kitchen sinks on the market. It also includes a buyer’s guide section that will help you know exactly what to look for when shopping for a dual-sink model.

The 10 Best Double Kitchen Sinks

Check out our complete list of the best double kitchen sinks. We have something for every kitchen style and budget!

1. BLANCO Performa Silgranit Double Kitchen Bowl

1. BLANCO Performa Silgranit Double Kitchen Bowl
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Extra durable patented material
  • Low sink divider
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The Blanco 441309 33-inch dual kitchen sink is sophisticated and stylish. This high-end, medium-sized sink is sturdy with a non-fade metallic gray coat that offers functionality and glamor.

One feature that caught our eyes is its dense 80% granite and 20% composite materials. You’d expect such a composition to be quite heavy, but it’s relatively lightweight, coming in at about 40 pounds.

This model is heat and scratch-resistant, as well as being hygienic and easy to clean. We think the split design of 60/40 is a nice feature.

With a depth of 10 inches, this double sink offers plenty of usage options. There’s a low divider that separates the two basins. It stands about 6 inches high from the bottom for convenience and easy access. Even better, its undermount design ensures a seamless finish and no-fuss clean-ups.


  • Low-divide wall
  • 60/40 configuration
  • Available in 8 high-end color choices


  • Doesn’t come with built-in accessories

2. Elkay Lustertone Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink

2. Elkay Lustertone Double Basin Undermount Kitchen Sink
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Each bowl is equal size
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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This rectangular dual-sink unit from Elkay is one of the sturdiest you’ll come across. Its trademark grainy finish is one of the reasons it stands out from its competitors.

It’s one of the best scratch-resistant surfaces on the market. Yet, what really impressed us is Elkay’s sink restoration kit. You can use it to easily repair any type of scratch or abrasion. Simply follow the instructions, blend in the scratches into the grainy finish, and voila! Your sink looks brand new!

Another impressive feature is its undermount installation. Having no rims on the countertop makes the area look smooth and effortless. Plus, it’s a cinch to clean.

The basins have a 40/60 configuration with a 9-inch depth. The largest is 32 inches long and is separated from the smaller sink by a low divider for easy maneuvering. The entire unit weighs a mere 20 pounds.


  • Premium, grainy finish
  • Trademarked repairable surface
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • The divider may seem too low for some

3. Ruvati 33-inch Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

3. Ruvati 33-inch Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink
  • Sloped bottom with drain grooves
  • Premium grade stainless steel
  • Lots of accessories included
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Ruvati is a well-known name in the kitchen appliance industry. Their 33-inch, 50/50 dual sink is quite impressive. It weighs nearly 50 pounds with an undermount installation. This dual-sink unit is one of the heaviest units on our list. However, its hefty weight only goes to show how durable and hard-wearing it can be.

The RVH8350 is super high-quality and comes with several built-in features. We especially like the basket strainer, cutting board, and roll-up rack.

It’s made of brushed-finish stainless steel, which doesn’t leave traces of spots, stains, or scratches. It’s low-maintenance and easy to clean.

We were also impressed with the large basin size and sloped bottom. It’s designed to completely discharge water from the sink to avoid residual puddles.


  • Inside corners feature Zero Radius design
  • Comes with complete add-on accessories
  • NoiseDEFEND padding to absorb noise


  • No drainboard

4. Kraus Quarza Double Kitchen Sink

4. Kraus Quarza Double Kitchen Sink
  • Easy clean corners
  • Fade-proof color
  • Sound absorbing
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The Kraus KGD-433B is granite made of 80% natural quartz. It’s durable with the feel of real stone beneath your finger.

Yet, somehow, manufacturers were able to keep it at only 40 pounds, which is quite impressive. Plus, the Quarza is 100% hygienic. It features a silver, ion-enriched surface that repels germs and bacteria.

We like that it comes in a black onyx color. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also UV-proof. This means the color won’t fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.

The bowls are 33 inches with a 9.5-inch depth with plenty of space for all your kitchen wares. Another impressive feature is their thick material that’s almost stone-like. It helps diminish noises and vibrations.


  • Sound-absorbing attributes
  • Hygienic, UV-proof surface
  • Spacious basins


  • Heat resistance is mediocre

5. Lordear Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (Apron Front)

5. Lordear Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (Apron Front)
  • Constructed of fireclay
  • Install on either side for different styles
  • Extra durable and resistant to scratches and chipping
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The Lorderar porcelain 33-inch farmhouse double kitchen sink is charming, to say the least. Its pristine white color makes it an attractive addition to any cooking area.

One of the features that first caught our eye is the weight. Weighing over 80 pounds, this is the heaviest dual-sink unit on our list. It’s so heavy that we decided to add a wooden frame underneath for extra support.

Besides being highly resilient, fireclay can withstand temperatures up to 2900℉! Moreover, this farmhouse sink features sound-deadening materials that reduce vibrations and sounds.

Another feature we like is that it doesn’t stain. We were worried that food and drinks would leave a mark on the white surface. However, we’re happy to report it’s impervious to discoloration or smudges.


  • Comes with several accessories
  • Versatile, hassle-free installation
  • High heat resistance


  • Prone to standing water so frequent cleaning is required

6. Lordear Black Farmhouse Sink

6. Lordear Black Farmhouse Sink
  • X-shape water guideline for fast water flow
  • Comes with stainless steel bottom rinse grid
  • Protective undercoating prevents condensation
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Another terrific choice from Lordear, this Farmhouse dual-sink unit in Gunmetal Black aims to impress. The surface is matte and Nano-brushed for added durability.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, it’s 33 inches with a 50/50 configuration. It’s 10 inches deep, which enhances the capacity of each of the two basins. Yet, we should mention it’s a pretty heavy unit, weighing almost 60 pounds!

Another feature we like is the sloped bottom on each basin along with an X-shaped diversion design. Both work to ensure faster draining and minimal residual water. Add to that the undermount installation, and you have a functional and low-maintenance unit on your hands.

The cherry on top is its 3mm thick cushion pads. This nice addition helps absorb any noise or clanging. So, your kitchen stays nice and quiet, even with the garbage disposal running.


  • Nano-brushed surface prevents scratches and corrosion
  • Sloped bottom and X-shape water line for quick drainage
  • 3 mm noise-absorbing cushion pads


  • Heavier than many units on our list

7. ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Sink

7. ZUHNE Stainless Steel Double Basin Farmhouse Sink
  • Choice of install – undermount, flush or built up
  • One of the quietest sinks on the market
  • Rust and scratch proof brushed stainless steel
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The Zuhne name is something you’ve probably heard before when it comes to kitchen gadgets. This Farmhouse Apron Front 33-inch double sink is one of a kind.

With a configuration of 60/40 and a depth of 10 inches, it’s a perfect square with no curves or rounded edges. Simple and basic with a commercial-grade brush finish for added durability.

Then, you have vibration dampening technology, which is one of Zuhne’s strong features. You can rest assured that there will be no more vibration or noise coming from your sink.

It weighs about 50 pounds. That’s pretty heavy compared to most other sinks. Yet, it more than makes up for it with its charming style and functionality.


  • Excellent noise and vibration cancellation
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • Hygienic and easy to clean


  • The unit’s weight may make it not suitable for some kitchens

8. Elkay Dayton Equal Double Bowl Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink

8. Elkay Dayton Equal Double Bowl Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Easy and quick U-Channel installation
  • Offset drains
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The Dayton 225193 50/50 double kitchen sink looks good and feels good. Its stainless steel satin finish protects the surface from scratches. Plus, the rectangular shape gives the unit an industrial, clean appearance.

Another impressive feature is that it weighs only 11 pounds. Also, being a top-mount, the installation process is easy and quick.

You’d think that because it’s so light, it wouldn’t have any noise-dampening features. Well, that’s what we thought as well, but, boy, were we wrong! This dual-sink unit features sound-deadening pads to reduce vibrations and noises. Even with the garbage disposal turned on, the noise is pretty minimal.

We do have to point out that it’s pretty small compared to other dual sinks on our list. It’s 25 inches long with a depth of nearly six inches. This means it can easily fit into almost any countertop. Just make sure it’s the right size for your kitchen needs.


  • Comes with various convenient accessories
  • High-quality satin finish
  • Excellent noise dampening


  • It could be small for some kitchens

9. Kraus Standard PRO Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

9. Kraus Standard PRO Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
  • Indestructible construction
  • Superior drainage
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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The KHU102-33 from Kraus is another crowd-please. Its wear and scratch-resistant stainless steel finish give it a beautiful gleam.

A nice feature is Kraus’ proprietary NoiseDefend soundproofing technology. It works to reduce noise when you’re using the sink for a quieter, calmer feel.

The undermount installation is pretty straightforward. It’s only 30 pounds, so setting it up wasn’t difficult. Plus, having that seamless finish only adds to the unit’s luster.

The basins are 33 inches with a 10-inch depth for maximum versatility and convenience. Moreover, the 50/50 configuration makes it easy to save countertop space as you multitask.


  • Trademarked NoiseDefend technology
  • Commercial-grade satin finish for added durability and shine
  • Undermount stainless steel design blends nicely with most kitchens


  • Might be prone to rust and water spots

10. BLANCO Biscuit Colored Diamond Silgranit Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

10. BLANCO Biscuit Colored Diamond Silgranit Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink
  • 60/40 style
  • Patented granite material
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
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This Blanco double sink is made from ultra-durable granite and weighs about 40 pounds. It features a patented surface that’s built to last.

Another plus is that granite is food-friendly and highly hygienic. One small downside is it needs constant care to keep it in pristine condition. Yet, with some love and care, it’ll provide you with years of heavy wear and resilience.

We like that it’s available in nine color choices for maximum versatility. There’s even a Blanco Sigranit app you can use to coordinate the color of the sink with your countertop.

The Diamond Silgranit is 32 inches long and 9.5 inches deep with rounded drain grooves. Its 60/40 configuration allows for more options and increases your work area.

Plus, the undermount installation enhances the overall sleek look of your cooking space. It also reduces spills and grime build-up.


  • Made from heavy-duty hygienic granite
  • Rounded drain grooves for quick drainage
  • Blanco Silgranit app helps coordinate sink with countertops


  • Requires constant upkeep

What To Look For In A Double Kitchen Sink: Buyer’s Guide

We love double kitchen sinks because they’re so convenient. They come in various sizes and shapes to suit every cooking area.

One of the best advantages to having a double sink is that you can do so much with two. You can wash dishes in one while placing a drying rack over the other, which helps free up counter space.

Another option is to install a garbage disposal unit in one sink as you soak dirty dishes in the other.

Finding the best dual-sink unit can be challenging with so many choices on the market. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the most important features to consider. They’ll help you pick the most suitable dual-sink for your home in terms of style and functionality.


Double sinks typically fall into two configurations: 50/50 and 60/40. The first one is the more popular choice. It’s better suited for medium-sized areas.

The 60/40 model is becoming more and more popular in modern kitchens. It has more aesthetic appeal and enhances the overall feel of the space. Even better, it’s the perfect size for large utensils and wares.


There are two basic double kitchen basin designs: even and uneven.

Even Basin

The most common design for a double sink is even basin. These are usually rectangular with D-shaped bottoms. They have a traditional style that’s more common. Plus, they’re more budget-friendly than other types.

Uneven Basin

Uneven basins are available in both shallow and deep designs. You can choose between curvy edges and asymmetrical designs, depending on which best suits your countertop.

They’re known for their aesthetic quality that adds charm and elegance. These types of sinks are also easy to maintain.

Mounting Style

Double kitchen sinks can either be undermount or top-mount. This refers to how the sink is fitted into the countertop.


Undermount sinks are usually high-end and refined. They’re fitted into the countertop from underneath. Once in place, their rims lie several inches below the countertop.

One of their benefits is it gives the entire space a seamless finish. Moreover, it makes cleaning a breeze because there’s no place for water and grime to accumulate.

Their one drawback is they’re usually pricier than traditional top mount models.


Top-mount sinks, also known as drop-ins, are positioned above the countertop into their designated openings. The rims are then left over the countertop and are fixed in place.

Some people feel a top-mount double sink may appear bulky. They come with self-rimming edges, which can be a benefit during installation. Although, it can be a bit of a hassle during cleanups. The reason is that much of the time, debris and grime get caught on the rim.

However, they do come in an endless array of styles and shapes to enhance the interior design of any kitchen. Even better, they’re more affordable than some undermount high-end models.


Make sure you measure the space below the countertop before choosing a double sink. Unless you’re remodeling, then you can plan for it accordingly.

Remember that a dual sink usually has a depth that ranges between six to 12 inches. One advantage of getting a deeper sink is that it reduces splashes. They also have a larger capacity and can handle more items.


Investing in a dual-sink is a great idea to add functionality and style to your cooking space. One of the first things you have to consider when buying a double sink is the material.

Look for something that’s durable, resilient, and easy to clean. It should also complement the overall feel of your kitchen.

Some of the most durable double sink materials include:

Stainless Steel

In general, stainless steel is the most hard-wearing, resilient material on the market. Its durability is only enhanced by being lightweight and scratch-proof.

Their one downside could be they have no sound-deadening properties. So, you may encounter the occasional high-pitched sound when dropping utensils or pans.


To make a porcelain sink, porcelain enamel is applied to stainless steel or coat iron basins. They’re super easy to clean, durable, and can handle extreme temperatures.

Another advantage is they have excellent sound-absorbing properties. So, you don’t hear clanging when kitchen wares hit the surface.

Yet, they can crack pretty easily. Once that happens, the layer of metal beneath will start showing signs of corrosion.

Granite Composite Material

Granite composite sinks are made using a combination of materials. A couple of examples include granite with acrylic or polyester resins with quartz.

Besides being highly durable, they come in eye-catching designs and several color choices. They’re also extremely heat and stain-resistant, which makes cleanups quick and easy.

One of granite’s best features is its ability to absorb sounds. You won’t hear noisy clunking when you’re washing pans and dishes.


When clay and glaze merge at extremely high temperatures, they produce fireclay. This solid material is known for its durability and resilience.

It’s known for its ability to handle extreme temperatures. Fireclay is also unaffected by stains, chips, and scratches.

Cast iron

Enameled cast iron sinks are a popular choice because of their strength and durability. They’re given a coating of porcelain enamel coating to boost their resilience and give them a nice sheen. The porcelain also increases the cast iron’s sound-deadening properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of getting a double kitchen sink?

One of the best advantages to getting a double kitchen sink is it allows you to do several things at once. You can wash dishes and produce in one, and rinse in the other.

You can also reduce countertop space by using one basin as a drying rack or for prepping food.

There’s practically an unlimited number of ways you can put dual sinks to use. Also, let’s not forget they add charm and style to your cooking space.

What is the use of the smaller sink?

The best thing about double sinks is that they’re the ideal choice for multi-tasking. Some are divided into two even basins, whereas others have one that’s bigger than the other.

You can use the big sink for washing big utensils, pots, and pans. They’re also great for washing large amounts of produce.

This leaves the smaller sink for everything else. That’s the beauty of having two different-sized sinks. They give you more choices and the freedom to do more.

What’s the best way to clean stainless steel kitchen sinks?

Regular maintenance and cleaning is a wonderful way to keep your sink in good shape for many years to come.

The best way is to use vinegar and a soft cloth.

Spray some white vinegar into the sink, then wipe it down with the cloth. Make sure you follow the grain pattern.
Avoid using harsh steel brushes or scrubbers as they can scratch the sink.

What is a farmhouse sink?

A farmhouse-style sink is also referred to as an apron sink. This type of basin reaches over the front edge of the countertop. It’s usually made of cast iron or fireclay for added durability and resilience.

It’s more commonly found in traditional farmhouses, hence the name. It’s available as either a single or double kitchen sink.

Can garbage disposal units be installed on double kitchen sinks?

Yes, they can. Garbage disposal units can be installed in almost any type of sink. Make sure to always double check the manufacturers website and/or product manual to ensure compatibility.

Wrap Up

After reading our reviews of the best double kitchen sinks on the market today, have you picked out a favorite? If not, our buying guide can definitely help you find the best unit for your cooking space.

Think about the functionality of the kind of sink you want. Double kitchen sinks are time-savers and low-maintenance, which only adds to their appeal. Not only that, but they do a terrific job of enhancing the entire feel of your kitchen. Our top pick is the Blanco Performa Silgranit. It offers great features and comes with plenty of additional accessories. Coming in at a close second is the Elkay Lustertone Classic. It’s a versatile unit that’s also easy to maintain.