17 Unique & Stylish Kitchen Bar Ideas With Pictures

Kitchen Bar Ideas

It’s time to design your kitchen bar area! This can be a fun project to tackle whether you are remodeling or picking your design for the first time in a new construction home. There are endless ideas and options when it comes to kitchen design. 

Whatever you choose, make sure that it complements the rest of your kitchen well. Some people choose to make the kitchen bar area blend in with the cabinetry used throughout the kitchen, while others wish to use something different to set it apart.

We have collected 17 kitchen bar ideas that range from the farmhouse-inspired style to a luxurious and elegant style. Plus, you will find everything in between! Whatever your personal style is, you’re sure to find some ideas that you’ll love in this article. It’s time to create your Pinterest board and start saving all of the good ideas that you come across!

1. Black, White, and Gold

black white and gold
Image source: Haven Design and Construction

The black cabinetry paired with the gold hardware and white accents is luxurious and elegant. The kitchen bar is supported by large black columns on each side and is designed like a table instead of a cabinet.

The stools have white cushions with gold legs. It’s a stylish and modern look that pairs well with the mix of traditional elements and modern elements in this kitchen designed by Haven Design and Construction.

We love how they have used both black and white cabinets in this design, with a mixture of gold hardware and black hardware depending on the cabinet that it is on.

2. Rustic Elegance

rustic elegance
Image source: Noble Architects

Blending a rustic design with elegance creates a unique and sophisticated look. In this kitchen, Noble Architects combines rustic wood with copper accents, leather, and black and white granite. 

The seating at this kitchen bar is unique and combines a mixture of materials giving them plenty of texture and character. The frame of the chair is a black iron with wooden accents. The cushions on the chair are made of caramel-colored leather. 

Orange, brown, and red artwork with a metallic and glossy finish is mounted on the wall. This artwork perfectly ties together all of the design elements in this kitchen. It’s beautiful!

3. Kitchen Island with Table

kitchen island with table
Image source: June DeLugas Interiors

Make your kitchen table an extension of your kitchen island. This way it can have a multi-purpose use. It is large enough to work as a small kitchen table and also the perfect size as a kitchen bar.

The design and style of this June DeLugas Interiors kitchen is gorgeous. It has a chic feel with its use of light blue and white cabinetry. We love the idea of using a different color of cabinetry for the kitchen island or the kitchen bar area. 

The barstools used in this kitchen complete the look with distressed wood bases and light-gray leather cushions with nailhead accents.

4. Modern Design

modern design
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture and Interiors

For anyone who prefers a more modern style of home, you will love this modern kitchen design by Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture and Interiors. The kitchen bar in this home is similar to others we have seen so far in that it has a table that is an extension of the kitchen island. 

This kitchen features straight, clean lines in mostly white and gray. The kitchen bar leg supports are narrow and modern in design. The bar seating used adds some character to this kitchen with the simple yet stylish design. Each seat has thin black legs and a small leather seat.

5. River Rock Bar

river rock bar
Image source: Hollub Homes

Hundreds of small river rocks line the edges of this kitchen bar creating a unique look with lots of texture. This style has to be extremely time-consuming to complete, especially with such precision!

In this kitchen design, Hollub Homes pairs both white and stained wood cabinetry along with numerous stainless steel accents. The bar seating brings it all together with the modern style of a stained wood seat with a stainless steel base and footrest.

If you want to achieve this look without spending the money on actual river rock, you may want to consider using 3D wallpaper to achieve a similar look.

6. Galvanized Steel Stools

galvanized steel stools
Image source: Greenbank Development

Galvanized steel bar stools are the perfect seating in a farmhouse-inspired kitchen design. This kitchen designed by Greenbank Development has both a modern and farmhouse style that is quite striking.

The black matte kitchen island and bar area is perfectly on-trend and looks wonderful with the white countertop as a bright contrast. Place a potted plant on top and you’re good to go!

Other features we love about this kitchen are the shiplap hood over the stove, the matte black pendant lighting, transom windows above the cabinets, and the mixture of both black and white cabinetry used throughout the kitchen.

7. Under Counter Lighting

Under Counter Lighting
Image source: Mal Corboy

Create a different ambiance in the kitchen with under-the-counter LED lighting around the kitchen bar area as Mal Corboy does in this kitchen design. There is recessed lighting around the cabinets in the kitchen also, which helps brighten up the area.

Guests can sit at the kitchen bar and watch as the food is being cooked on the adjacent stove. You can serve up your meals nice and hot with this configuration and it makes the kitchen a great place for socializing while you’re busy cooking. 

This urban kitchen has an abundance of natural light coming in through the large diamond-jewel-shaped windows, which is always a good thing!

8. Multi-Color Chairs

multi-color chairs
Image source: Habitat Gold

Spice up your kitchen by using multi-colored barstools at your kitchen bar. You could choose to go with each chair being in a similar style but each a different color, or you could pick a couple of colors and stick with those like Habitat Gold does in this kitchen.

Adding bright colors helps make any room more cheerful. Multi-colored chairs will work well in many kitchen styles, from farmhouse-inspired to coastal. This eclectic style adds character to the kitchen and will be the perfect gathering place for friends and family. 

In this kitchen, the bar is made up of all stained wood and so the multi-colored chairs are a nice addition.

9. Storage Space

storage space
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen, whether that’s cabinet space, pantry space, or shelving. In this Flynnside Out Productions kitchen design, the kitchen bar features shelving on the side.

This shelving is perfect for storing cookbooks or wine glasses. You could also store decor items or serveware that you use frequently. The options are endless.

Making use of this space is especially essential in a small kitchen without much storage space. There’s no sense in making the base of your kitchen bar wasted space when you could install shelving!

10. Luxurious

Image source: Annie Schlechter

This glossy black and white kitchen is simply luxurious. The barstools that are used complement the kitchen perfectly with their white leather cushions with nailhead accents and black bases. It’s simply luxurious!

Another one of our favorite parts about this kitchen is the pineapple decor that is somewhat unexpected in this kitchen design. Annie Schlechter uses pendant lighting that resembles a pineapple crown as well as decorative pineapples on the kitchen bar area. 

The bright red Kitchenaid mixer adds variety and a little spice to this kitchen design. The accents throughout this kitchen give it a playful yet luxurious vibe.

11. Detailed Cabinetry

detailed cabinetry
Image source: Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC.

This French villa has a laid-back luxury that we are loving. The kitchen bar area features detailed cabinetry that looks elegant and expensive with its thick support columns. The ivory-colored cabinetry creates a classic look.

Barstools that have nailhead accents always look luxurious. These ivory chairs look both comfortable and stylish.

The kitchen itself is absolutely stunning. There is an eclectic use of materials from brick, to stained wood, to painted wood, to tile, and painted walls. The combination gives the appearance of wealth and prosperity, probably because this is a Fratantoni Luxury Estates, LLC. home and it is luxurious!

12. Painted White Wainscoting

painted wood paneling
Image source: Trends Ideas

A simple and inexpensive way to add character to your kitchen bar area, without breaking the bank, is to add painted white wainscoting to the face of it.

We are also big fans of the braces or brackets that are used to support the countertop on the bar area. The simple black stools are the perfect accent for this kitchen style.

Another feature that we love about this kitchen is the gray subway tile next to the white cabinets. The wire basket filled with lemons makes this kitchen cheerful. This small kitchen design was featured by Trends Ideas.

13. Rounded Bar

rounded bar
Image source: JMDG Architecture

If you have enough space, consider making your kitchen bar in a more rounded design as opposed to straight edges as you would see in a traditional rectangle kitchen bar. 

In this JMDG Architecture kitchen, the bar is a half-circle shape with a marble countertop. The look is luxurious and makes it easier to socialize with the people you are sitting at the bar with. 

The white leather bar stools with black wooden legs look comfortable and trendy at the same time. The pendant lights have white lampshades with black ribbon trimming that pair nicely with the style of the barstools.

14. Shiplap

Image source: House Beautiful

Similar to the look of wainscoting, white shiplap makes a great kitchen bar facing. Shiplap pairs nicely with kitchens in a variety of styles from farmhouse-inspired, to coastal, to cottage style, and more. It’s a trendy home decorating material right now.

The barstools look wonderful next to the shiplap with their rustic wood seats and black iron bases. The arrangement of the subway tile on the kitchen walls is beautiful. We’re also loving the floating shelves in this kitchen. 

Also, note the electrical outlet located beneath the countertop on the face of the shiplap. This makes plugging in electric kitchen tools very convenient! This kitchen was featured by House Beautiful.

15. Mexican Tiles

mexican tiles
Image source: Faisal Waheed

Mexican tile is colorful with beautiful painted designs. It’s a great piece to use in kitchen decor and it adds a lot of character to the room. In this Faisal Waheed kitchen, Mexican tile is used on the face of the kitchen bar in a variety of coordinating prints and colors to create a quilt-like appearance. 

The contrasting patterns of the Mexican tiles and the backsplash tile is gorgeous. The barstools are perfectly color-coordinated with their blue-gray cushions and natural wood legs. 

There are a lot of unique features in this kitchen including the pendant lighting and eclectic items displayed on the floating shelf.

16. Bench Seating

Bench Seating
Image source: Simply Beautiful by Angela

In traditional farmhouse-style fashion, you can use a tall bench at the kitchen bar instead of barstools. In this farmhouse kitchen, there is a small island that includes a kitchen bar area. The shiplap surrounding the kitchen bar combined with the butcher block countertop is trendy.

Simply Beautiful by Angela proves that just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean that it can’t be stylish. We love the overall look of this kitchen!

Some of our other favorite accents in this kitchen include the hanging pendant above the sink, the large window that allows in natural sunlight, and the display of wooden cutting boards on the countertop.

17. Wallpapered Kitchen Bar

wallpapered kitchen bar
Image source: Livette's Wallpaper

Another easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen bar is to apply wallpaper to the face of it. If you don’t want to commit to real wallpaper and all that it involves to install and remove, go with a peel-and-stick wallpaper that is both easy to install and remove. 

In this kitchen featured by Livette’s Wallpaper, a black and white honeycomb-patterned wallpaper is used below the kitchen bar countertop. This geometric design is trendy and in style and looks great with the rest of the kitchen design.

You could choose a patterned wallpaper or simply go with a fun new color. The choice is yours!