19 Of The Best Spice Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

Spice Storage Ideas

Spice storage can get a little messy for a variety of reasons. First of all, you likely have numerous bottles of various spices. Plus, all of the bottles are probably different sizes and shapes. This makes it difficult to store the spices in a way that looks organized. 

We have done the research for you and have 19 spice storage ideas to share with you. Whether you have extra cabinet space or don’t have any extra space, we have ideas that will work for you. 

There is one tip that we recommend you use no matter what type of storage you decide to go with. First, invest in some glass jars and store the spices in these jars instead of their original containers. This makes a much more cohesive and organized look. It’s also helpful to clearly label each of the glass jars so you know exactly which spice you’re grabbing.

Our Favorite Storage Ideas For Spices At Home

1. Spice Riser

Spice Riser
Image source: Williams-Sonoma

If you have a cabinet full of spices that you have to dig through to look for the one spice that you need, you will love this spice riser from Williams-Sonoma. This sleek design allows you to see all of your spices at one glance. 

This three-tiered rack is handcrafted from sustainably sourced ash wood. You can also buy ash wood spice jars from Williams-Sonoma that pair with this riser. These glass jars give a clear view of the contents so you can always find the spice that you’re looking for. If you’re not at the best at identifying spices, just add a label!

2. Custom Spice Jar Labels

custom spice jar labels
Image source: Real and Vibrant

Speaking of spice jar labels, these custom spice jar labels from the Real and Vibrant store on Etsy are the perfect example. The custom spice jar labels that are pictured are a contemporary style that will look amazing in any kitchen.

This shop also sells a variety of labels in numerous design styles and sizes. You can order any quantity of labels from five to fifty. You can also choose whether or not you’d like the labels to be square or circular. This method of spice storage allows you to lose the cluttered look of different-colored and different-sized spice bottles.

3. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan
Image source: Walmart

A lazy susan makes a great spice storage solution. This lazy susan is 12-inches in diameter and has non-skid surfaces on each of its two shelves so that none of your spices will slide around. It also has a rimmed edge so that the spices will not fall off of the shelves.

A lazy susan is a great option for storing spices so that you don’t have to dig through a drawer of spices or a deep cupboard with cluttered shelves just to find the one spice or herb that you need for your recipe. This particular lazy susan is from Walmart.

4. Hanging Spice Rack

Hanging Spice Rack
Image source: Lisa's Kitchen Shop

Keep your spices within reach by using a hanging spice rack to store all of your spices, or even just the ones that you use the most frequently. This particular hanging spice rack comes with anywhere from six to 24 bottles and is available at Lisa’s Kitchen Shop on Etsy.

Each bottle has a chalk-painted lid so that you can write the name of the spice on top. The frame can be easily installed beneath your cabinets with an included adhesive strip, no drilling required. If you need a customized length, all that you have to do is ask!

5. Rustic Spice Rack

rustic spice rack
Image source: North American Rustics

You don’t have to forsake your kitchen style and decor by adding a spice rack. If your kitchen is decorated with a rustic theme, this rustic spice rack from the North American Rustics Etsy store will work perfectly! 

This spice rack is handmade out of reclaimed wood and can hold up to 24, 4-ounce custom-sized mason jars. This rustic spice rack also includes chalkboard labels for you to write the names of the spices on to label each spice. The great part about many Etsy stores, including this one, is that you can request a custom finish or a custom size.

6. Criss-Cross Spice Rack

criss cross spice rack
Image source: Wayfair

Free up cupboard space or countertop space with a wall-mounted spice rack like this criss-cross spice rack from Wayfair. This criss-cross spice rack is made out of bamboo wood and comes with 18 spice jars. Each spice jar is labeled on the lid so you can easily identify which spice you need.

Another great feature is that these spice jars come with free spice refills for five years! It doesn’t get much better than that. If you are handy, you can find instructions to build a criss-cross spice rack. Otherwise, this one from Wayfair is the way to go!

7. Three-Tier Tilt-Down Spice Drawer

three tier tilt down spice drawer
Image source: Target

Make use of the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets or on your countertop with this three-tier tilt-down spice drawer available at Target. This spice rack holds 18 standard-sized spice containers. There is no assembly required and it’s easy to clean. It’s also highly rated on the Target website with 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. 

If you need additional storage space than what one will provide, you can stack two on top of each other. More than that is not recommended for stability reasons. With this spice rack, you are free to use the original spice jars.

8. Fold Down Tray

Fold Down Tray
Image source: Alan's Creations US

Another convenient option for spice storage utilizes the space just below your cabinets that would otherwise be wasted space. This fold-down tray is available from the Alan’s Creations US Etsy store. Each fold-down tray is made to order out of high-quality materials.

Since each tray is made to order, you can customize the color of the tray and also the hardware. However, the longest fold-down tray that can be shipped is 46”. This fold-out tray makes it easy to view all of your spices rather than having to sort through a bunch of spice bottles in a cupboard.

9. Glass Spice Jars

Glass Spice Jars
Image source: AOZITA

As we’ve seen in a number of the ideas in this list, using glass spice jars is a great way to store your spices. You can find these AOZITA glass jars on Amazon. They come in a set of 36 jars so you will have plenty of jars for all of your spices.

Each set also comes with pre-printed labels, chalkboard labels, and blank labels. Keeping all of the jars the same helps create a cohesive look that doesn’t look cluttered and unorganized. If you’re worried about pouring the spices into the jars, don’t worry because each set comes with a collapsible funnel!

10. DIY Test Tube Spice Rack

DIY Test Tube Spice Rack
Image source: Instructables

This idea is not only functional, but it also serves as a décor piece for your kitchen. You can follow these DIY test tube spice rack instructions from Instructables to build this unique spice storage rack. You can mount this test tube spice rack to your wall to saved space in your cupboards and on your countertops.

You could add labels to the test tubes so that you know exactly what spice is in each test tube. They would be especially beautiful using a vinyl decal in a trendy font so that the spice is still the main focus.

11. Vintage Crate

vintage crate
Image source: Bro-haha

Add character to your kitchen by using a vintage crate as a spice storage rack. This Coca-Cola vintage crate featured by Bro-haha is a great example. You can use extra-large picture hangers to mount this vintage crate spice rack to the wall.

This saves room in your cupboards and on your countertops. Once again, we recommend purchasing some glass jars that you can keep your spices in. Put labels on the lids and place the jars into the crate so that the lids are facing forward. This way you will know exactly which spices you have!

12. Magnetic Storage

magnetic storage
Image source: Gneiss Spice Store

This idea is another one of our favorites! You can use magnetic storage for your spices in a variety of ways. We love the honeycomb effect of the spice storage featured by Gneiss Spice Store. While you can purchase these on Amazon, this would be a pretty straightforward crafting project if you have the right supplies.

Add a magnet to a small glass jar with a lid and you’re ready to go once you have a magnetic surface to attach it to, like the one shown here. All of the colors of the spices make this a somewhat artistic piece to add to your kitchen.

13. Bekvam Spice Rack

Bekvam Spice Rack
Image source: IKEA

A popular spice storage solution is the Bekvam spice rack from IKEA. You may see these spice racks all over the internet for storage solutions for everything except spices, however, they are still great for storing spices. You can mount these spice racks to your wall and can install as many as you need.

It’s also helpful to install an extra Bekvam spice rack so that you can store some of your favorite cookbooks too. You can leave the spice rack in the natural wood color or add some style and personality by painting it!

14. Pull-Out Spice Cabinet

pull out spice cabinet
Image source: Rev-A-Shelf Store

If you’re in the process of designing a new kitchen or picking out new cabinetry for your kitchen, you will definitely want to add a pull-out spice cabinet like this one featured by the Rev-A-Shelf Store on Amazon. 

This pull-out spice rack comes with three adjustable shelves with chrome rails so that you can customize it to fit whatever size bottles you need to store. Taking advantage of the vertical space is always essential to maximizing storage space. This particular pull-out spice rack is available in either a 5-inch or an 8-inch size.

15. Minimalist Jars

minimalist Jars
Image source: The Container Store

For those who prefer a minimalist style, we recommend these Marie Kondo cloud white ceramic spice jars with bamboo lids from The Container Store. These sustainable jars look great with a minimalist style label attached to identify the spice that is stored inside.

You can pair these with the Marie Kondo in-drawer spice organizer and spice bottle labels. The jars are two inches in diameter and four inches high. The attached gasket seal will help keep your spices fresh. These minimalist-styled Marie Kondo cloud white ceramic spice jars with bamboo lids will be sure to spark joy in your life!

16. Spice Shelf

spice shelf
Image source: Peace of Mind Organizing

Here is another idea to store spices below the cabinet. In this example, a spice shelf is being used. In this idea featured by Peace of Mind Organizing, the cook of the house selected the ten most used spices and then poured them into glass wide-mouth spice jars.

The truth is, you probably don’t use a majority of the spices that you are storing in the kitchen. If you keep the spices you use the most on a spice shelf so that they are handy, you can keep the rest tucked away for when you need them.

17. Mason Jars

mason jars
Image source: Rocky Hedge Farm

Small mason jars make great spice storage jars. In this example, Rocky Hedge Farm uses a label that can be tied through the lid of the jar so that it can be removed if the jar needs to be washed. This eliminates the problem of a sticker or label being damaged or removed during cleaning.

The writer of the Rocky Hedge Farm blog recommends using half-pint mason jars for spice storage. The glass jars are always perfect for storing spices so you can see what’s inside each jar at a glance.

18. Side-of-Cabinet-Mounted Spice Rack

side of cabinet mounted spice rack
Image source: Confessions of a Serial DIYer

If you’re all out of cabinet space, you can create a spice rack that mounts to the side of your cabinet. In the DIY instructions that the writer of the Confessions of a Serial DIYer provides on her blog, you can use wood scraps to make this side-of-cabinet-mounted spice rack.

You can customize this spice rack to match your own kitchen style. This is a great way to use space that may otherwise be wasted. Many homes have cabinets on each side of a window, this is the perfect place to mount one of these spice racks. Just make sure it’s not wider than the window trim.

19. DIY Under Cabinet Magnetic Storage

DIY under cabinet magnetic storage
Image source: Buzzfeed

This spice storage idea combines a couple of the ideas that we’ve already shared. This idea featured by Buzzfeed combines both a magnetic spice storage idea with an under-the-cabinet spice storage idea. Plus, this idea uses glass jars.

You can simply attach a strip of metal to the bottom of the cabinet and then glue a magnet to the lids of your spice jars. This way, the jars will stick magnetically to the metal bar mounted beneath the cabinet. The glass jars make it easy to see which spices are stored in each jar. You can add a label if you wish!