20 Of The Best Halloween Bathroom Décor Ideas

Halloween Bathroom Decor Ideas

Who says Halloween decor has to be kept to your front porch? It’s your bathroom and you can decorate it with a Halloween theme if you want to! Whether you’re a super-Halloween fan or simply want to add some Halloween festivity to your bathroom decor, we have plenty of ideas to share with you here in this list.

Not all Halloween décor has to be black and orange, but they do seem to be popular colors. However, we do have ideas that feature a variety of colors and we know that you will love them!

Whether you’re looking for bathroom décor ideas featuring bats, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, spiders, or witches, we have them all! Don’t assume that all Halloween décor has to be spooky though — we might surprise you with a few special ideas!

1. Skeleton on the Toilet

skeleton on the toilet
Image source: The Merry Morris Cottage

It may not be the most convenient of Halloween decor ideas, but set a life-size skeleton on the toilet to give someone a scare when they walk into the room. If you really want to give someone a scare, put it behind the shower curtain to scare an unsuspecting person about to step into the shower!

This skeleton idea was shared by The Merry Morris Cottage blog. In addition to the skeleton, there are other Halloween decor items in this bathroom. We love the look of a buffalo check pumpkin! It’s super cute and very trendy. The bats on the shiplap wall are a nice touch too.

2. Black and Green

black and green
Image source: Carey's Country Garden

For something other than the traditional orange and black colors for Halloween, check out this stunning black and green decor shared by Carey’s Country Garden on Instagram. 

Most of this bathroom is decorated in black and white, so it’s easy to swap out an accent color to dress it up a bit. The black, white, and green color scheme is gorgeous.

The paper bats affixed to the shiplap wall create a spooky atmosphere. The addition of the gourds brings a sense of autumn into the room. We’re also loving the wooden sign with the jack-o-lantern face that reads “trick-or-treat”.

3. DIY Halloween Soap

DIY Halloween Soap
Image source: Crafty Morning

What a cute idea for a Halloween crafting project! These doctored-up soap dispensers would be great to put throughout your home and would also be a fun gift to give to friends or to your child’s teachers. 

These DIY Halloween soap bottles are inexpensive and easy to make. All you need to do is make a trip to the dollar store to pick up the supplies. Crafty Morning shares detailed instructions with photos. 

Depending on the decorative items that you decide to add to the soap bottles, you can add an abundance of Halloween colors to your bathroom with this simple addition!

4. Black Cats and Pumpkins Shower Curtain

black cats and pumpkins shower curtains
Image source: Kohl's

Is there anything more Halloween-themed than black cats and orange jack-o-lanterns? Not much, anyway! That’s why we love this Halloween-themed shower curtain from Kohl’s

If you look closely, you can see the black cats in various positions. This print includes a scared black cat, a cat curiously getting into the Halloween candy, a cat wrapped up like a mummy, and more. It’s cute!

The simple addition of a Halloween-themed shower curtain can make your bathroom Halloween-ready. Even better, this particular curtain is made of polyester and can be cleaned in the washing machine and used year after year.

5. Black Skull Face Tissue Box Holder

black skull face tissue holder
Image source: One Oak Park

If you prefer a more “grown-up” version of Halloween decor, you may like this black skull tissue box cover. It seems odd to say that a skull can be classy, but the style of this skull sort of is!

Maybe it’s because of the decor in the bathroom it’s in. The point is, your Halloween decor doesn’t have to look cartoonish and childlike if that’s not your thing. 

This black skull tissue box cover is made to cover most square boxes of tissue. It’s sturdy and built to last. You can find this at the One Oak Park store on Amazon.

6. Halloween Wreath

halloween wreath
Image source: Spooktacular Style

Simply hanging a wreath on the bathroom door is a great way to decorate for any holiday, including Halloween! 

This wreath featured by Spooktacular Style is inspired by a witch. You can see the green face along with the black hat and hair. The black and orange stripes resemble a witch’s stockings.

If you’re creative and good with crafts, you could probably make a fun Halloween wreath yourself! If not, buying one is good too.

The bats affixed to the wall and mirror are a great touch. We also love the pumpkin printed handtowel with various prints.

7. Spiderwebs

Image source: The Country Colonial

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you may want to skip over this one! To be honest, it gives us the heebie-jeebies just to write about these spiders and spiderwebs used to decorate this bathroom.

Thankfully, fake spiderwebs and fake black spiders are used in this Halloween decor idea but that doesn’t take away from the spook factor! Imagine reaching for the toilet paper and, instead, finding a big black spider. Eek!

This idea was featured by The Country Colonial and we have to admit that we do love how it looks in the black and white bathroom design.

8. Ghosts

Image source: Laura's Blue Willow Home

This black and white bathroom design by Laura’s Blue Willow Home looks especially cute with the addition of the friendly ghosts painted on a canvas. This would be a simple project because all you would need is a white canvas and either black paint and a paintbrush or even just a black sharpie.

This bathroom is perfectly coordinated with its buffalo check hand towel, white and black pumpkin, glossy black skull dispenser for soap, and black and white ghost canvas. The simple white design of this bathroom would make it easy to swap out decor for each holiday, including Halloween!

9. Gothic-Inspired

gothic inspired
Image source: Scene Therapy

This gothic-inspired bathroom is perfectly fit for Halloween. The painting of the skull above the bathtub is probably the most Halloween-inspired element in this bathroom featured by Scene Therapy. Otherwise, the bathroom is just naturally black and foreboding. 

We do like the matte black look of the bathroom design. Who wouldn’t want to soak in that large black bathtub? Well, if you can handle the spooky skull staring down at you from the wall. 

Basically, if you want to keep a Halloween-inspired theme all year round then go with a gothic style. Paint your walls and even your trim and doors black.

10. DIY Magic Hands Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Magic Hands Toilet Paper Holder
Image source: Style with a Smile

Place stuffed black gloves on each side of the toilet paper roll holder to create the appearance of someone holding the toilet paper. It’s a little spooky, but the mysteriously magic hands are helpfully handing you the toilet paper so maybe not too spooky!

This DIY magic hands toilet paper holder is an easy way to add a little Halloween fun to your bathroom. You can find more information and detailed instructions with Style with a Smile

Using black gloves would be the scariest looking, but you could choose to go with any color that you want to!

11. Monster Bathroom Sign

monster bathroom signs
Image source: The Suburban Homestead

These monster bathroom signs are simply cute! Instead of having the traditional men’s and women’s bathroom signs, you can hang up one of these signs featuring either Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein or Dracula and his wife. 

We like how the rustic style would fit perfectly with a lot of farmhouse-inspired homes or any style for that matter! It’s a simple design that would work in a variety of settings.

You can purchase one, or get a discount for bundling the two, at The Suburban Homestead Etsy shop. Support a small business!

12. DIY Candy Corn Bath Bomb

DIY Candy Corn Bath Bombs
Image source: Bird's Eye Meeple

This idea not only allows you to have a colorful Halloween decor item, but you can make use of it too! 

These DIY candy corn bath bombs can be displayed in a jar or a vintage-inspired tub like the one shown in the photo. When you’re ready to take a relaxing bath, simply drop one in the bathtub and you’re good to go!

Bird’s Eye Meeple helpfully provides detailed instructions on how to make your own DIY candy corn bath bombs. You could make extras to wrap in cellophane and give to friends for gifts!

13. Sugar Skull Towels

sugar skull towels
Image source: Golden State Sewing

While sugar skulls are traditionally a part of The Day of the Dead in the Mexican culture, they make a great Halloween decoration too. They’re often beautifully decorated with colorful features.

We are loving these sugar skull towels made by Golden State Sewing. The great thing about towels is that they can be used year after year. 

You can often find other sugar skull decor items around Halloween so you could actually make this a theme for your Halloween decor. These feature bright and cheerful colors, so if you prefer decor that is colorful, this may be the theme for you!

14. The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme

nightmare before christmas theme
Image source: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Fans of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas will fall in love with this Halloween decor theme. You can find a variety of bathroom items with The Nightmare Before Christmas theme.

In this bathroom, The Keeper of the Cheerios uses a shower curtain featuring Jack Skellington, one of the main characters in the movie. There is also a coordinating bath mat, bath towels, and wall decor. 

So if you’re a big fan of this movie, you can take The Nightmare Before Christmas theme and make it your own. You can feature whichever character is your favorite.

15. Toilet Decal

toilet decal
Image source: CEW Graphics N Designs

Your guests will get a scare when they take a look at the toilet and find eyes peering out from under the toilet tank lid. These toilet decals are a fun way to decorate your bathroom for Halloween and remind your visitors to flush!

This decal set includes the black vinyl with orange eyes and the part that appears white is actually a cut out so the color of your toilet will show through at those locations.

The creepy font that reads “flush it.” is black in color. You can find these decals at the CEW Graphics N Designs shop on Etsy.

16. Skeleton in the Mirror

skeleton in the mirror
Image source: 2 The Sunnyside

While the Victorian style of the black mirror in this bathroom is spooky by itself, the reflection of a skull in the mirror is even spookier! The 2 The Sunnyside blog shares this homemade idea.

In the blog post, she writes how the skeleton was hand-drawn and then etched into the mirror. However you decide to add a skeleton to the reflection in the mirror, make sure you place it at about eye level so when someone looks in the mirror that’s what they see in their reflection. Prepare to hear screams coming from your bathroom this Halloween!

17. Bat and Spider Decals

bat and spider decals
Image source: KALEFO

If you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to decorate, you can use these bat and spider decals to quickly decorate for the Halloween season. It’ll look as if you’ve spent considerable time decorating when, in fact, these are easy and quick to stick on surfaces.

This set includes 84 pieces so you’ll have plenty for your bathroom and probably the rest of your house too! You can expect to receive approximately 60 bats and 24 spiders if you want specifics. You can find these at the KALEFO store on Amazon.

18. Jack-o-Lantern Bath Rug

jack-o-lantern bath rug
Image source: Kohl's

Jack-o-lanterns are a classic Halloween staple. They are spooky without being over the top. This jack-o-lantern bath rug is no exception!

We love the vivid orange color of the jack-o-lantern against the black background on this Halloween bath mat. This bath mat is sold at Kohl’s.

As far as bathroom decor goes, changing out the bath mat with each season or holiday is an easy way to keep your decorations current. Like many of the items that we have shared so far, this is an item that you can use year after year to get your money’s worth out of it.

19. All Out Black and Orange

all out black and orange
Image source: Creepin it Realz

If you are a huge fan of Halloween, maybe you want to keep the spirit of Halloween going all year round. In this case, you may as well paint your bathroom walls bright orange and install a black framed mirror, a black vanity with a black marble countertop, and a black shower curtain. Go all out black and orange!

This black and orange bathroom featured by Creepin it Realz on Instagram is a good example. It’s not overtly Halloween unless there are Halloween decorations out, but the black and orange colors are pretty well tied to the holiday.

20. Floating Shelves with Halloween Decor

Floating Shelves with Halloween Decor
Image source: Modernish Farm Charm

Many modern bathrooms feature floating shelves above the toilet or in some location in the bathroom. This is the perfect space to display all of your favorite Halloween decor items, as long as they will fit on the shelf!

In this farmhouse style bathroom featured by Modernish Farm Charm, they use primarily black and white Halloween decor items but have added in an orange jack-o-lantern for good measure. We love how the flameless candles look on this shelf. What a great idea!

The sign that reads “if you’ve got it, haunt it” may be one of our favorite Halloween decor items that we’ve seen!