23 Of The Best Bathroom Door Ideas With Pictures

Bathroom Door Ideas

The bathroom door may be the last thing that you think about when you’re designing your home or decorating. However, this simple element can make a big difference in the overall look of the room. You can add to the style by adding a door that goes along with the style of the bathroom. 

For example, if you have a farmhouse-inspired bathroom, why not hang a barndoor-style bathroom door? Or if you have a black and white bathroom, paint the door black. Whatever you do, make sure that the look of your bathroom door is cohesive with the overall look of the bathroom.

We’ve compiled a list of 23 bathroom door ideas for a variety of design styles and a variety of budgets. Some changes may only require a new coat of paint or distressing the door. Some changes may involve switching out the existing hardware on the door for something new. We think you’ll find these ideas helpful!

1. Barn Door

Barn door
Image source: Enhanced Renovation

Many homes with a farmhouse style have barn doors inside. So why not install a barn door as your bathroom door? This bathroom featured by Enhanced Renovation has a white barn door with black hardware. The inside of the door has a full-length mirror which comes in handy in a bathroom!

A barndoor looks especially beautiful in a room with white shiplap walls. It’s the ultimate farmhouse look! With a barndoor-style door, you don’t have to worry about needing extra room for the swing of the door because it simply slides along the wall.

2. Five-Panel Door

five panel door
Image source: Architrave Interiors

The look of the five-panel door is classic and traditional. You can achieve the beautiful look of an old home even in your new construction home. This bathroom featured by Architrave Interiors blends the classic and traditional look with a modern and sophisticated design.

The black and white trees and birds on the wallpaper pair nicely with the white five-panel door with the black handles. The green accents give this bathroom just the right amount of extra color that it needs. We also like how the large mirror on the wall makes this small space appear larger than it is.

3. Pocket Door

pocket door
Image source: Simpson Door

A pocket door can be an incredible space saver if you don’t have a lot of room for a door to open on hinges. A pocket door simply slides into the wall, eliminating the need to have space for a hinged door to open into the room or out of the room.

This pocket door featured by Simpson Door has a beautiful five-panel design with a natural wood look. We like how the horizontal lines on the pocket door contrast with the vertical lines on the green panel walls. This door also looks great with the black hardware.

4. French Doors

french doors
Image source: Decor Pad

French doors can transform a room from being plain to having lots of class and character. Generally, one of the French doors will be an active door where it opens first or is the only door that you open on a regular basis.

The second door is usually a passive door where it will stay locked in place unless you open the active door and then disengage a latch that holds the passive door in place. If you’re going to install a French door in a bathroom, you will probably want to add curtains! This door is featured by Decor Pad.

5. Shoji Sliding Door

shoji door
Image source: Room Dividers r us

If you want your home to have an Asian or contemporary style, we recommend using Shoji sliding doors. These doors generally have frosted glass panels that offer privacy, which is perfect for the bathroom! They allow in a diffused light which makes the room environment relaxing.

In this bathroom design, Room Dividers r us uses a Shoji sliding door with four by ten frosted glass. It’s made of wood, which gives the room a natural and organic vibe. The color of the wood looks great with the color of the walls inside of the bathroom.

6. Frosted Glass Doors

frosted glass doors
Image source: Mattingly Thaler Architecture

You generally see frosted glass doors on a shower, but why not use frosted glass doors as the main entry to the bathroom. As long as they are frosted enough to provide ample privacy, these are perfect!

We love the frosted glass double doors that are used in this bathroom design by Mattingly Thaler Architecture. The style of these doors is modern with its use of straight lines and simple details. The thin silver hardware on the doors completes the look. The frosted glass will allow light to enter the room.

7. Vintage Inspired

vintage inspired
Image source: Decor Pad

This vintage-inspired bathroom door features frosted privacy glass with a sign that says “powder” for the powder room. We love the style of this door with its retro sign and black wooden frame with antique hardware.

You can buy doors, like this one, that are new but you could also find old doors at an antique store or on a for sale site and then refinish them to give them a modern yet vintage look. This style of door looks especially beautiful leading into the vintage-style bathroom with the basin sink and shiplap walls. This bathroom was featured by Decor Pad.

8. Bold Colors

bold colors
Image source: Anna Spiro Design

How fun is this bright green door that’s featured by Anna Spiro Design? It has a glossy finish, which makes it even more striking. This bathroom is full of bold and bright colors so the bright green door fits right in.

The large beveled mirror helps the green doors stand out even more because it reflects their beautiful color. You can choose any bold color that you wish to paint your bathroom door. You can coordinate it with the color scheme you’ve chosen for your bathroom décor and even paint each side of the door a different color. 

9. Chalkboard Panel

chalkboard panel
Image source: Leanne Ford Interiors

You can change up the look of your bathroom door when you use chalkboard paint to cover a single panel of the door or even the entire door. This way, you can use chalk to create new designs or messages as you wish. Another option is to recreate the look of a chalkboard but use permanent paint to script the words “le loo”, like this one by Leanne Ford Interiors.

This door converts a door that previously had glass panels into a chalkboard surface. This style of door would look great in a farmhouse-style home.

10. Antique Doors

antique doors
Image source: Starley Hill

You could also use antique doors as an entrance to your bathroom. If you don’t have access to antique doors, another option is to use new doors but to paint and distress the doors so that they have the overall appearance of antique doors even though they aren’t truly antiques.

If you want to obtain the ultimate vintage look, go for glass doorknobs. We love how these antique and distressed doors open up and frame the luxurious bathtub just inside of the bathroom. These antique-style double wooden doors are featured by Starley Hill on Instagram.

11. Add a Wreath

add a wreath
Image source: Renin Doors

This barn door is absolutely gorgeous painted in the light blue color with a green wreathing hanging on it. As you can see with the door further back in the photo, a wreath is a great addition to a door. It helps brighten up the room, add color, and makes it more cheerful.

You can even change out the wreath with the seasons or for holidays. The wreath on this barn door is great for springtime or summer. This beautiful door and wreath were featured on the Renin Doors Instagram account.

12. Copper Panels

copper panels
Image source: Lonny

This bathroom design takes the classic look of a barn door and adds a copper panel for a little more flair. The barn doors work especially well in this design because this is a 400-square-foot home. Because it’s small, it’s best to make the best use of every inch of space.

These doors are stylish and add a lot of character to the room with the copper panels. The copper panels also pair well with the black frame and hardware of the doors. This idea was featured by the Lonny site.

13. Occupied and Engaged Lock

occupied and engaged lock
Image source: Making it Lovely

A fun new addition for your bathroom door could be a vacant and engaged door lock. This handy door lock lets anyone on the outside know if someone is in the bathroom and the door is locked. Now you can avoid the awkward jiggling of the handle to see if someone is in the bathroom or if the door was closed and no one is in it.

These door locks were popular in the early 20th century and so these additions will give your bathroom character and a vintage flair. This idea was featured by Making it Lovely.

14. Glass Door Knob

glass door knob
Image source: Dimples and Tangles

As mentioned in a previous idea on this list, glass door handles are a great way to add character and style to a bathroom door. The glass door handle with brass hardware makes this feminine bathroom extra glamorous.

Many older homes have beautiful glass door handles, but if you live in a newer home you can get similar door handles at your local Lowe’s as Dimples and Tangles did for her bathroom design shown here. Plus, how fun is this bathroom design? We love how she used a bright and bold pink for the door.

15. Add Towel Hooks

add towel hooks
Image source: House Mix Blog

Every home bathroom needs a towel hook or two. The inside of the bathroom door is the perfect place to mount towel hooks. You can mount a towel hook for each member of the family if you wish. Unless you have a big family in which case you may want to find a different solution for hanging towels!

Towel hooks come in handy for hanging bathrobes or for hanging clothes that you plan to put on after your shower. This white door with two towel hooks holding two green towels that coordinate with the bathroom was featured by the House Mix Blog.

16. Bathroom Decal

custom vinyl by bridge
Image source: Custom Vinyl by Bridge

Clearly mark the location of the bathroom by adding a “bathroom” decal to your bathroom door. Decals are such an easy way to add that extra special touch to your décor. They’re easy to apply and don’t require you to have an artistic talent. The black script “bathroom” looks beautiful on the bright white door.

This particular decal is available at the Custom Vinyl by Bridge shop on Etsy. You can choose the color of the vinyl, whether that’s black, pink, yellow, gray, red, purple, or whatever color you want! They’re also available in metallic gold and metallic silver.

17. Bathroom Door Topper

Bathroom Door Topper
Image source: Lignin & Light

This is another easy way to add a little flair to your style. Add a bathroom door topper that clearly marks which door leads to the bathroom. We especially like this bathroom door topper because of the leaf designs on the side of it.

It’s super cute! Lignin & Light makes a variety of these door toppers and they can be made to sit on either the left side of your door or the right side of your door. These signs measure 14” x 8” and are painted black on both sides. 

18. Distressed Style

distressed style
Image source: Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

For homes or spaces with brick walls, industrial-style interiors, or farmhouse designs, you may like the distressed wood door style. This particular distressed door is hung on a barn door track even though you can tell it was previously a hinged door.

That just adds character to the room and we love how this looks. You can easily convert a regular door into a barn door style. You may also notice how frosted privacy glass is used to cover the glass portion of the door. This idea was featured by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

19. Arched Door

arched door
Image source: Grace Designs Dallas

Arched doorways are classy and give off an old-world kind of vibe, especially with a door manufactured out of wood like this one featured by Grace Designs Dallas. The style of this bathroom is considered Mediterranean, but arched doors can be used in a variety of styles.

The wooden arch door has a lot of texture due to the method of stain application. It looks great because it matches the vanity. There are a lot of unique details in this bathroom that we love. All of the doorways and even the ceiling are arched.

20. Glamorous Barn Door

Glamorous Barn Door
Image source: Decor Pad

It is entirely possible to have a glamorous barn door. Who would have thought? But this pink barn door featured by Decor Pad proves that it’s possible. The pink door panel along with the gold hardware make it extra glamorous. The overall design of this bathroom looks like it could fit well in a coastal home.

We like how the designer used mostly white but added the green and white wallpaper and pink barn door for extra flair. The options are endless when it comes to barndoor-style doors. You can paint them bright and vivid colors or go with natural wood or white.

21. Rustic Style

rustic style
Image source: Old Town Home

Another idea for your bathroom door is to hang a rustic-style hinged door. This particular rustic-style door was made from a salvaged antique door. If you are somewhat handy, you can do the same! Take something that is old and ugly and turn it into something beautiful and new again.

You can find detailed instructions on how to refinish an old door to turn it into the beautiful rustic-style door in the picture by visiting the Old Town Home blog. We love additions to a home that have a story behind them.

22. Black Door

Black door
Image source: Decor Pad

The appearance of a glossy black door is gorgeous! This five-panel black door looks amazing with its white trim and the herringbone black and white tile that covers the wall. This entire room is classy and we love the brass accents throughout the room, including the hardware on this black door.

The pattern mixing between the herringbone black and white wall and the polka-dot black and white floor looks incredible. This bathroom design is modern yet traditional at the same time. This mixture of design elements is perfect! This particular bathroom was featured by Decor Pad.

23. Simply White

simply white
Image source: schumacher1889

Plain white doors are popular for a reason. They have a classic elegance that goes with just about any design style. In this bathroom. The designer uses a beautiful pastel-colored blue and green floral wallpaper with a white door and white vanity. This design has a southern, cottage-style elegance to it.

Notice that this white bathroom door features a towel hook to conveniently hang a robe. This bathroom design was featured by schumacher1889 on Instagram. There are numerous shades of white, and the one chosen for this bathroom pairs perfectly with the wallpaper.