24 Of The Best Bathroom Signs (Design & Décor Inspiration)

Bathroom Signs Decor

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, you have to use at least one decor item that’s specifically made for a bathroom. Sure, you can go with generic decor but what fun is there in that? We’ve compiled 24 different bathroom sign decor options that we think you’ll love!

The bathroom is the perfect place to display decor that’s funny or lighthearted. In fact, we came across so many of these pieces that we had to choose just our favorites to share. But if bathroom humor isn’t your thing, you can find plenty of bathroom decor that isn’t funny at all. 

We have a variety of bathroom signs listed that simply indicate where the bathroom is located or have another cheerful or inspirational quote on them. Whatever your style is, we think that you’ll find something that will work for you. If not, at least you can get your creative juices flowing to create something that you will love. We hope that you find these ideas useful!

1. For the Half-Bath

For the half bath
Image source: Allen Co. Living

Give your guests a chuckle every time they visit your half-bath. This sign from Allen Co. Living is sure to brighten his or her day. Everybody loves a good, funny, decorative sign and this one is no exception. It reads, “Get naked. Just kidding this is a half bath. Don’t make it weird”.

One of the best parts about this sign is that at first glance it looks like another inspirational quote on a canvas with a wood frame, the kind you see everywhere. This sign is trendy and will fit with a variety of décor styles.

2. The Vintage Look

the vintage look
Image source: Michael's

This sign has a vintage look that reminds us of something you would find in a home decorated with the French farmhouse style that is so popular. This bathroom rules sign from Michael’s is made out of iron and is black and white- colors that go along with just about any color scheme.

It’s a beautiful reminder to everyone who visits the bathroom that they need to wash, brush, floss, and flush. All are very important! You can hang this vintage sign on the wall or prop it up on a floating shelf. The choice is yours!

3. Rustic Style

rustic style
Image source: TCB Designs Florida

If your bathroom is decorated with a rustic farmhouse style, then you will want to add this sign by TCB Designs Florida. The font used on this sign is vintage-inspired. The distressed wood frame surrounding the wooden canvas is made from walnut.

This particular sign can be customized any way that you want it by contacting the business. Each sign is handpainted on solid wood, so you can expect a good quality décor piece. This sign looks great when mounted to the wall above a hand towel bar. This is the perfect rustic style sign for a bathroom!

4. Signs for a Shelf

signs for a shelf
Image source: Ludden Family Farm

Another popular look for the bathroom is to install three floating shelves or any shelves for that matter. This gives you the opportunity to choose items to place on the shelf that show off your personality and add some style to the room.

We are loving the signs from Ludden Family Farm that are perfect for placing on a shelf. They’re small, rustic, and a modern and stylish font is used on the wooden canvas. These signs will make anyone smile with sayings such as, “take a seat”, “hello sweet cheeks, and “I hope your day is as nice as your butt”. These are ideal for above the toilet!

5. Brush, Wash, and Hang up Your Towel

brush wash hang up towel
Image source: Kohl's

We are loving this set of three bathroom signs from Kohl’s. What a beautiful reminder to the kiddos to wash and floss their teeth, wash their hands, and hang up their bath towels. These wooden signs include an attached sawtooth hanger, but they would also work propped up on a shelf.

These three wooden bathroom signs feature black cursive writing for the words “ brush, wash, and hang” and then a modern typeface for the words below. These signs would fit wonderfully within a farmhouse-style bathroom or in a rustic-style bathroom design.

6. Retro Vibes

retro vibes
Image source: Kirkland's

These colorful bathroom signs give off a retro vibe because of the colors and the style of the images. They are perfect for a bathroom because of their reminders of the simple bathroom rules that they feature. The first one says, “floss and brush your teeth”, the next sign says “flush the toilet and close the lid,” the third says “wipe your butt”, and the last says “always wash your hands”.

These signs would coordinate well with a bathroom decorated with the colors of teal, brown, mustard yellow, orange, or red. You can find these bathroom signs at Kirkland’s.

7. Ladies and Gents

ladies gents
Image source: Wayfair

If you have a sense of humor you will love these bathroom signs from Wayfair that show humans who urgently need to use the bathroom. This is a set of two signs, one for a women’s bathroom and the other for a men’s, but they would also look great in a single bathroom.

These signs are available in two different sizes, one is 12” x 6” and the other is 16” x 10”. The black and white color will go nicely with a variety of bathroom color schemes and décor themes. You could hang these right outside the bathroom or within it!

8. Scrub-a-dub-dub

scrub a dub dub
Image source: Live Laugh Love

This bathroom sign is perfect for a children’s bathroom. The sign is a light blue color with white rubber ducks and bubbles. The words “scrub-a-dub-dub” are also printed on this metal sign in white. The edge of the sign is meant to look distressed to give it a vintage vibe.

It looks great against the shiplap walls in the bathroom featured in this photo! You can find this particular “scrub-a-dub-dub” bathroom sign at Live Laugh Love. We can imagine this adorable sign being used in a bathroom decorated with blues and whites or in a colorful and fun bathroom design.

9. DIY Painted Sign

DIY painted sign
Image source: Country Chic Paint

This bathroom sign idea is for anyone who loves anything creative, doing crafts, or creating art. You can follow these DIY instructions to create a painted sign. Don’t worry if you’re not the most artistic person in the world because Country Chic Paint gives detailed instructions that involve using one-time vinyl stencils and paint.

These are the kind of projects we can get behind! The great thing about a DIY décor item is that you get to customize it to whatever you dream. You can choose the words, the colors, and the font! Have fun with it. 

10. Aim Advice

Aim Advice
Image source: Wayfair

If you have a home or bathroom that is frequented by boys, you may find this sign an especially useful reminder! This retro-style sign reads “my aim is to keep this bathroom clean. Your aim will help”.

Anyone who reads it will get a chuckle out of it and will hopefully remind any males to keep their aim on target and prevent you from having to clean up unnecessary sprinkles! We love the deep, royal blue color of this sign and the distressed edges that give it that vintage feel. You can find this helpful bathroom sign at Wayfair.

11. French Country Bath Sign

french country bath sign
Image source: Green Door Home Decor

This bathroom sign is both cute and serves a great purpose of letting everyone know where “la toilette” is located. You can also customize this sign to read “bathroom”, “powder room”, or even “the loo”.

Whatever works for you! The hanger shown in the photo is included with the wooden sign so it comes ready to hang. This particular bathroom sign would be ideal in a home decorated with the French farmhouse style that is so popular. You can find this sign at the Green Door Home Decor Etsy shop where they are made to order.

12. Word Search

word search
Image source: Bella Chick Designs

No one will need to sit on the toilet bored ever again when you hang this word search sign up in your bathroom. The ideal place to hang this sign is directly across from the toilet, of course.

The top of the sign features a funny line reading “forget your phone?” and then proceeds to feature a word search complete with words related to a bathroom. This word search bathroom sign is funny and useful, but also quite stylish! This funny bathroom sign can be found at the Bella Chick Designs Etsy store.

13. Text for TP

text for TP
Image source: Lavender Inspired

Here is another funny bathroom sign idea. Most people are on their cell phones while using the toilet, even if they don’t want to admit it! Appropriately so, this sign reads “text me if you run out of toilet paper.

I know you’re on your phone”, which we think is funny and perfect for a bathroom! This cute handmade and handpainted sign is available at the Lavender Inspired store on Amazon. It comes with a sawtooth hanger, which makes hanging this an easy task. The text is printed directly onto the wooden sign so it will not peel off or fade.

14. Splish Splash

Splish Splash
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

This bathroom sign is colorful, fun, and perfect for a child’s bathroom. It reads “splish splash” with every letter featured in a different color. As always, Pottery Barn Kids gets the style right with this wall art. Pottery Barn actually makes a coordinating “splish splash” bath mat.

Since it is so colorful, it will go well with a variety of color schemes and styles of bathrooms. There are also bathroom signs available in this same style and font but with different words, so you could even make a collage with these if you wanted to.

15. Toilet Rules

toilet rules
Image source: Target

Just in case you haven’t run across an idea on this list that has just the right bathroom rules that you’re looking for, here’s another option for you! This Target bathroom sign reads, “Toilet Rules: If you lift it, put it down. If it runs out, replace it. If you miss it, clean it up.

If you’re finished, flush it & if it smells, spray it”. We think this just about covers all of the bases! This sign looks like wood but is made out of a high-quality fiberboard that is easy to hang. It measures 9” x 14”.

16. For Parents

For Parents
Image source: Walmart

If you’re a parent in the thick of it, you will find this bathroom sign quite funny! This bathroom sign reads, “Bathroom [ba-th room] noun: a temporary sanctuary for overwhelmed parents seeking refuge from their offspring”.

Isn’t that the truth! You might get a chuckle out of this when you lock yourself in the bathroom and listen to the children pounding on the door because they always seem to need you the moment you step foot into the bathroom. You can find this distressed wooden bathroom sign at Walmart. This would make a great gift for a mama friend!

17. Peanuts Themed

Peanuts Themed
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

Are you a fan of the Peanuts comic strip? Then you will be a fan of these Peanuts-themed bathroom signs from Pottery Barn Kids. There are two signs available in this style. One of them features Snoopy and says “wash your hands.” The other sign features Snoopy’s sidekick Woodstock (who is sitting on a toothbrush) and says “brush your teeth”.

The artwork is silk printed on engineered wood with a frame made of pinewood. It includes a D-ring for mounting to the wall, so the process will be easy! You can choose to hang one of these signs or, better yet, hang them both as a set!

18. Toilet Paper Patent

Toilet Paper Patent
Image source: Bed Bath & Beyond

This toilet paper patent bathroom sign looks like it would pair well with a masculine bathroom design. Believe it or not, this canvas wall art features a print of the original patent for toilet paper. This canvas from Bed Bath & Beyond has the look and feel of a fine art painting.

It’s ideal for a bathroom because it’s made out of a water-proof and scratch-resistant canvas. This toilet paper patent blueprint comes ready to hang with a hook on the back for your convenience. If you’ve ever had the debate on whether the toilet paper goes over or under, well here is your answer directly from the patent itself!

19. Relax

Image source: Hobby Lobby

This “relax” wooden sign would look amazing near a large soaking tub. You can set the tone for your room simply by adding this sign to the décor. This décor gives off the look of a chalkboard without the hassle of having to draw the artwork in chalk!

We absolutely love how the white flowers are placed upon the letters, making this piece feminine and beautiful. You can find this gorgeous piece of wall décor at Hobby Lobby where it comes ready to hang with a sawtooth hanger already attached. Just don’t forget that Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays!

20. Best Seat in the House

best seat in the house
Image source: ButeauFull Chaos

This wooden sign is meant to be placed on a tiered tray in the bathroom. There are coordinating pieces that can be placed with this one. We absolutely love the blue and white color scheme.

This particular wood sign has a funny message, “the best seat in the house”, but the other signs read “bath”, a soap silhouette sign reads “wash your hands”, another says wash, floss, brush, flush”, another “fresh & clean” with bubbles, and another reads “fresh soap & water 25 cents.” They all look amazing combined together, but you can pick and choose which ones to use! You can find these at the ButeauFull Chaos Etsy store.

21. Hey, Alexa

hey alexa
Image source: Board Still Designs

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask Alexa to complete our household tasks and chores? We do! That’s why we love the humor of this bathroom sign that reads, “Alexa, clean the bathroom.” Wishful thinking!

This sign looks trendy on a floating shelf next to a wire basket filled with toilet paper. This trendy wooden farmhouse-style sign is available at the Board Stiff Designs shop on Etsy. Once again, the great part about a handmade item is that you have the option to customize it however you wish. This particular sign is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

22. Circular Wood Sign

circular wood sign
Image source: Harlin and Doney

Etsy seems to be one of the best places to look for home décor, especially trendy home décor. This “so fresh and so clean” round wooden sign is no exception. We love the look of the shiplap background with black cursive letters.

This particular bathroom sign is available at the Harlin and Doney Etsy shop. It’s also available in a variety of stain colors including dark walnut, special walnut, American, aged barrel, classic gray, and black. As always, we love to have options that will match our décor perfectly! Now you just have to decide which one to go with!

23. Filthy Animal

filthy animal
Image source: Ollie + Hank

This funny bathroom sign pays homage to the famous line used in the Home Alone movies. In the movie, the character plays a movie where the character says “keep the change, you filthy animal!” That’s why this one is so funny! It reads “wash your hands, you filthy animal.”

How fitting and perfect for a bathroom for anyone who has a sense of humor and pop culture knowledge. This print is available from Ollie + Hank as digital printable art or as professionally printed art that can be shipped directly to you. The frame is not included, so you are free to choose whatever you want!

24. Happiness

Image source: Lowe's

Is there anything quite as refreshing as a nice hot or cold shower after a long and busy day? We think not! This Lowe’s rustic “happiness is only a shower away” bathroom sign is 16” x 20” and is made out of wood.

The style of printing gives it an additional texture that makes it look like it’s painted by hand. This beautiful wall art comes ready to hang and you won’t need any extra hardware! This sign is made by Stupell Industries, which states that it is “proudly made in the USA.”