33 Of The Best Storage Ideas For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Storage Ideas

After a long day, there’s nothing like having a peaceful place to unwind. That’s why so many people strive to create bedrooms that are a calm retreat. But, if things like clothes, shoes, books, and other odds and ends are taking over your space, it becomes anything but relaxing.  

Let’s face it; we keep a lot of things in our bedrooms. After all, it’s typically where we get dressed, kick back, read a book, and even watch TV. When a room has a variety of things happening in it, adequate storage is vital for maintaining a retreat-like atmosphere.

Otherwise, you end up with books all over your nightstands and a never-ending supply of lotions and perfumes that seem to multiply by themselves. We get it. That’s why we’ve put together a brilliant list of bedroom storage ideas, so you can have the serene retreat you deserve.

Our Favorite Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. Create a False Wall with Curtains

Image source: Pottery Barn

Give yourself a walk-in closet by suspending floor-to-ceiling curtains, like these beauties from Pottery Barn, across your room. Behind the curtain, you can set up freestanding clothing racks, shelves, or anything else you need to create extra storage space.

You only need about 2 ½ to 3 feet of space behind the curtain so you can move around easily. It works especially well in long, narrow rooms that can sometimes be tricky to work with. 

2. Get a Headboard with Storage

Image source: Target

If you want to add some handy storage to your bedroom, consider a headboard with shelves or drawers. This espresso brown bookcase headboard from Target features six different cubbies, perfect for storing books or other essentials.

This is also a fantastic way to cut down on furniture in a smaller bedroom since it eliminates the need for bedside tables. To make it even more functional, drill holes to run cords through for things like phone chargers or a clock.

3. Use the Back of the Door

Image source: Amazon

This over-the-door organizer from Amazon is the perfect way to keep items that you want to access quickly. Think of things like scarves, purses, and other accessories that you can grab easily on your way out of the door.

The sturdy, tilted design of the compartments makes the items super accessible, and it looks good too. Plus, installation is a breeze with easy hanging hooks, and you don’t have to put any screws into your door. 

4. Create More Space with Recessed Shelves

Image source: Donnie Wales Interiors

If you love the idea of creating additional storage space without adding more furniture, then you’ll adore this idea from Donnie Wales Interiors. But did you know that you have untapped space just waiting to be discovered within your walls?

You can build recessed wall shelves between your wall studs, often getting shelves that are about 5 to 5 ½ inches deep and roughly 14 inches wide. They’re great for displaying decor or storing books and other items.

5. Opt for a Storage Bed

Image source: Wayfair

A storage bed is a great way to add more organization without taking up additional floor space in your bedroom. The best part is, these beds come in so many different styles nowadays, you’re sure to find one that suits your personal aesthetic and room design.

For example, this sleek design from Wayfair doesn’t even look like a storage bed with spacious drawers that simply blend into the bedframe when closed. 

6. Maximize Your Closet Space

Image source: The Container Store

Of course, one of the best ways to keep your bedroom uncluttered is to maximize the storage you have. Don’t let an inch of your bedroom closet go to waste; take advantage of vertical space and use creative storage solutions like this hanging organizer from The Container Store.

It’s perfect for purses, shoes, rolled-up T-shirts, or scarves; you get the idea. The more things you can keep in your closet, the less you have scattered around your room.

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7. Let Jewelry Double as Wall Art

Image source: Etsy

If you’re obsessed with jewelry, then you know it can get out of hand real quick if you don’t have an excellent way to organize it. Necklaces can be incredibly daunting, becoming a tangled mess if you try to hide them away in a jewelry box or inside a drawer.

So instead, turn your jewelry into wall art with a statement display piece like this one from Etsy. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can make one of your own.

8. Use a Dresser as a Nightstand

Image source: Dorsey Designs

If you have space in your bedroom, opt for more substantial nightstands on either side of the bed. Taking old dressers and turning them into matching bedside tables, like this one from Dorsey Designs, is a great way to get more storage in your room.

Plus, you still get a much-needed place next to the bed for things like a clock, books, or reading glasses. In the drawers, you can keep extra clothes and other items.

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9. Hang Floating Shelves

Image source: Mountainwood Homes

Using floating shelves to display items is a great way to keep the tops of your dresser and other furniture uncluttered. Plus, the floating design provides a sleek, clean look with no visible brackets or hardware.

This design from Mountainwood Homes is not only functional but also makes a big statement in the space. And it’s flexible; depending on how much storage you need, you can hang as few or as many as you want. 

10. Install a Slim Window Bench

Image source: Jean Stoffer Design

Install a built-in bench along your window wall like Jean Stoffer Design for a beautiful window-seat effect. If space is at a premium, make it a slim ledge, perfect for displaying a few pieces.

But, the real surprise comes with what’s inside–extra space. Simply keep the interior open and put hinges on the seat/ledge. You end up with lots of extra hidden storage, perfect for things like off-season clothing or spare blankets. 

11. Try a Modern Dresser

Image source: West Elm

Never underestimate the power of traditional bedroom storage, like a dresser. Having multiple drawers gives you the perfect place to keep things like sweaters, jeans, socks, and more.

And, with so many different styles to choose from, you can get the perfect fit for your style. Whether you like a more traditional piece or prefer a dresser with a more contemporary and modern edge, like this gorgeous wood and lacquer piece from West Elm.

12. Turn Tall Bookcases Into Shoe Shelves

Image source: Upbeat Soles

It wouldn’t be a proper list of storage ideas without at least one Ikea hack, right? You can create many things from Ikea’s BILLY bookcases, including cheating a built-in shoe display like this one from Upbeat Soles.

So whether you put them in a closet or out in the open, these bookshelves become the perfect backdrop for the ultimate shoe collection. Plus, with adjustable shelves, you can even show off tall boots.

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13. Use Tall Ladder Shelves as Bedside Tables

Image source: Flickr

Going vertical is a great way to work in extra storage without taking up more of your room’s footprint. Another great way to get the most from any space is to make your furniture work double-duty.

So, take a cue from this idea on Flickr, and use ladder-style bookshelves as your bedside tables. You still get the surface space you need for bedside essentials, but bonus storage below and above. And the open ladder design keeps things light.

14. Create a Border of Books

Image source: Lisa Ferguson via Pinterest

If you’re a book junky, you likely spend a lot of time reading in bed, and you probably have a bunch of books. Instead of letting your hardcovers and paperbacks pile up on top of dressers, nightstands, and the floor, give them the display space they deserve.

Lisa Ferguson via Pinterest shows off a functional and beautiful border of books with a shelf mounted just below the ceiling. Keep a folding stool handy to reach your favorite editions.

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15. Flexible Cube Storage

Image source: Amazon

Whether you don’t have a closet or the one you have is already maxed out, you can create your own with this portable wardrobe from Amazon. Everyone’s storage needs are different, so a flexible unit makes so much sense.

You can place the cubes in a variety of different configurations based on what you plan to store in them. This lets you maximize the space to fit as many of your items as possible.

16. Use a Sewing Chair for Extra Storage

Image source: Refresh Living

Having a place to sit in your bedroom gives you a spot to put on shoes, read a book, or just take a quick rest without messing up the bed. To squeeze in some extra storage, opt for a sewing chair.

Sewing chairs typically come with a liftable seat or a pull-out drawer, like this retro redo from Refresh Living. You can keep your latest novel, jewelry, or other small items close at hand.

17. A Lingerie Chest Is a Slim Storage Solution

Image source: Wayfair

Don’t have room for a dresser, but need a place for things like socks, intimates, jewelry, or other small items? Thanks to its slim design, a lingerie chest like this stunning piece from Wayfair adds an elegant touch and can provide a perfect solution.

In a small space, you can even double it up as a nightstand. You get the most from your bedside storage without over cluttering the room with furniture. 

18. Budget-Friendly Under the Bed Storage

Image source: Pins & Procrastination

If you don’t want to trade your bed in for a storage bed, that’s okay. There are plenty of options for under-the-bed storage that can help you maximize your organizational power.

But, if you’re working with a tight budget, you might not want to buy fancy baskets and containers. No problem. With some basic plastic bins, a few wheels, and some elbow grease, you can create budget-friendly bins for under the bed, like these from Pins & Procrastination.

19. Accessorize with Decorative Baskets

Image source: Thisismyhomestyle via Instagram

Turn your storage into eclectic and efficient decor by using a collection of baskets as a way to store various items. Shown here on Thisismyhomestyle via Instagram, a series of assorted baskets perched atop a high shelf becomes the perfect place to store items you don’t need to access often.

It’s great for things like spare sheet sets, off-season clothing, or even overflow items from the bathroom (hello, buy-one-get-three body lotion sales).

20. Mirror with Storage

Image source: Walmart

We’ve all seen the standard medicine cabinets in the bathroom, complete with a mirror. No doubt, they’re functional and space-saving, offering storage for the essentials right at your fingertips. But, what about in the bedroom?

Make that standing mirror in the corner do double-duty and use it to store your jewelry. This storage mirror from Walmart is a great way to keep your accessories right where you need them when you’re styling your latest outfit. 

21. Hang a Shelf Above the Door

Image source: Christinesavo via Instagram

When you look for it, you can always find opportunities to create additional storage, often in unconventional places. For example, Christinesavo via Instagram shows off a shelf mounted above the doorway, making the perfect place to display some pretty potted plants.

It’s a great way to add some personality to your space and show off special items like pictures or books. Then you can keep lower surfaces free for things you need to access more often. 

22. Display Scarves on a Curtain Rod

Image source: ordan Renae via Pinterest

Curtain rods aren’t just for windows; you can hang them anywhere to create additional storage options. Jordan Renae via Pinterest uses a rod with shower hooks to display a collection of beautiful scarves.

You can also use the same concept to hang purses, hats, and more, either in your closet or on the bedroom wall. Simply choose a rod and hooks that suit your style and mount it where it’s easy to reach.

23. Hang Empty Shadow Boxes

Image source: Claire Butler via Pinterest

Think outside-the-box, or in this case, in the box, by creating storage solutions with shadow boxes, like Claire Butler via Pinterest. You can hang them in various configurations, use a bunch of different sizes and styles, or anything else that floats your boat.

Display knick-knacks and pictures, corral your overflow of antique perfume bottles or stash your book collection. This setup even doubles as a nightstand; let your imagination run wild.

24. Get a Loft Bed

Image source: Little Seeds Kids

Raising your bed to new heights provides you an opportunity to double the amount of storage space within one spot. They offer an especially excellent solution for kid’s rooms and teen bedrooms. Several loft bed designs feature built-in bookcases or dressers below them.

But, if you prefer something a bit sleeker, you can select something similar to this modern loft from Little Seeds Kids. Positioning the desk below creates the perfect use of space without sacrificing style.

25. Make It a Storage Bench

Image source: Wayfair

It’s a popular design choice to have a bench at the foot of the bed, offering a great place to sit and kick off your shoes. Bedroom benches come in various shapes and designs.

But you can also use them as a place to stow away excess items. For example, this tufted storage bench from Wayfair offers ample space to store pillows, blankets, and the like while giving you a comfy place to rest for a spell.

26. Hide Things in the Bedskirt

Image source: Amazon

Now you see it, now you don’t, with this storage bedskirt from Amazon. It’s great for items like slippers, remotes, books, and anything else you can think of.

Just place them all in the convenient pockets, then hide it all away with a long-hanging bedspread or even a separate, traditional bedskirt. This solution also becomes a perfect answer to rooms that don’t allow space for a nightstand, enabling you to keep nighttime essentials within easy reach.

27. DIY an Easy Coat Rack

Image source: Stacey Foce via Pinterest

Just because it’s your bedroom doesn’t mean you can only use bedroom furniture. Instead, get inventive and reimagine furniture from other places. For example, a coat rack, which you typically find in an entryway, can become the perfect place to hang accessories, robes, or purses.

You can choose from a multitude of purchasable coat racks in various styles and colors. Or go for a simple, bespoke version using wooden dowels and rope, like Stacey Foce via Pinterest.

28. Hamper in Disguise

Image source: Walmart

Let’s face it; bedrooms are notorious for being the place where dirty laundry goes to die. It lingers there until it becomes a pile so overwhelming that you might finally cart it off to the washing machine.

We’re not telling you to start doing laundry more often, but we do suggest hiding those piles in an attractive way, like this basket from Walmart. Have lots of clothes? Then, buy three baskets of varying sizes and create a display.

29. Put Storage in the Corner

Image source: Saw, Nail, & Paint

Don’t let corners go unwasted; they’re full of valuable storage space, excellent for all sorts of uses. You can either hang a few wall-mounted corner shelves or take them all the way from floor to ceiling.

Or, you can buy a set of corner shelves that complements the room’s style. Many units even feature additional storage in the form of lower drawers or nooks, like the one in this pretty coastal bedroom from Saw, Nail, & Paint.

30. Double Up a Desk as a Dressing Table

Image source: Designthusiasm

Remember when we mentioned reimagining furniture from other rooms? Well, here’s yet another example of how reinventing a piece can give you a fantastic storage solution in your bedroom.

Designthusiasm took a vintage secretary desk and turned it into a charming dressing table full of storage. It’s also a perfect place to get ready for the day when you pair it with an equally quaint and lovely chair or stool. 

31. Crown Molding for Shoes

Image source: Shoe Tease

Don’t you love discovering unique and creative ways to use different materials? That’s precisely what Shoe Tease did with these strips of crown molding. Cut down to the preferred size, painted bright purple and positioned strategically on the wall, they become an instant shoe display.

Talk about a cost-effective shoe rack. So if you adore your shoes, put them on display on your bedroom wall, or if you prefer, install some strips on the wall inside your closet.

32. Hidden Cord Catchers

Image source: Restyle Relove

In today’s technologically driven world, some of the other things many of us store in our bedrooms are all of our gizmos and gadgets. Of course, this also means we need a place for all the cords that go with them.

Keeping all of these items out in the open can become a real eyesore, not to mention a hassle whenever you’re trying to charge your phone or tablet. Instead, corral all those cords inside a drawer using a power strip, like Restyle Relove.

33. Vintage Accents

Image source: Common Ground

Here are a few ideas that are perfect for those who love a vintage flair in their bedrooms. Not only does an antique armoire offer ample space for clothing and accessories, but you can sneak in extra storage with vintage accents.

Common Ground uses a collection of old suitcases and hat boxes to stow away various items. However, when stacked on top of each other, they also create some fun and fanciful decor in the room.