21 Storage Ideas For Under The Bed To Maximize Your Space

Under Bed Storage ideas

Your bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary, a place to which you can retreat to relax and forget about the stresses of the day. But, when heaps of clothes cover your bed, paper piles up on your dresser, and clutter litters your floor, your bedroom becomes anything but relaxing. 

Often, stuff ends up all over the place because you don’t have enough places to put it. Lack of storage severely impacts how your room functions, as well as how you feel. If this is the case with your bedroom, it’s time to tackle some much-needed home organization projects. Worried you don’t have enough space? Fear not! 

There’s a whole world of untapped storage waiting for you, right under your nose — or more appropriately, right under your bed. Here’s a look at 21 different ways to tap into the space below your bed to create the ultimate storage solution.

20+ Unique Storage Ideas For Under Your Bed

1. Shrink Stuff Down to Size with Space Saver Bags

Image source: The Container Store

Things like clothes, extra sheets, and comforters can take up huge amounts of room. That’s where these space-saving bags from The Container Store come into play.

You can use an ordinary vacuum in reverse to suck out all of the air inside of the bag, basically squishing down your soft goods and freeing up to 75% of extra space. They’re the perfect solution for items you don’t need to access all of the time, like off-season clothing and spare blankets.

Store the flattened bags under the bed as-is, or stack a few into pretty baskets if your under-bed storage is visible.

2. Low-Profile Decorative Baskets

Image source: West Elm

Speaking of visible under-the-bed storage, if you have to see it, it might as well be pleasing to the eye, right? You’d probably prefer not to see a bunch of random plastic bins under the bed.

But, if bed skirts aren’t your thing, opt for decorative baskets, like this one from West Elm, to store everything from sheets to shoes or clothing. Instead of hiding your storage, you simply turn it into a part of your room’s design.

Plus, these sleek baskets feature a low-profile, perfect for fitting under platform beds and other styles that sit low to the ground. 

3. Take Your Storage for a Spin with a Revolving Storage Bed

Image source: Montgomery's

Okay, so if you’re really looking for a major storage solution, you could pony up for a brand new bed. The concept of a storage bed is nothing new, but this one from Montgomery’s is absolutely amazing.

It’s sophisticated, stylish, and happens to hide a 360-degree revolving storage solution beneath it (awesome, right?). This bed definitely gets points for tons of storage and bonus points for originality and fun.

It’s like a hidden storage merry-go-round, ready to hold sheets, shoes, clothing, purses, whatever your heart desires. Simply spin the secret wheel to the box you want to access and voila! 

4. Elevate Your Space…with Bed Risers

Image source: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

It’s an oldie but a goody; use classic bed risers to elevate your bed so you can store more items underneath it. Sometimes, beds are too low to fit the things you want to store.

These risers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond are strong and sturdy and create 7 inches of additional storage space beneath your bed. Creating more vertical space allows you to fit taller bins and stack boxes while providing easier access to get things out and put things away.

Plus, since it’s a set of four individual risers, you can easily use them with any size bed.

5. A Classic Look with an Under-the-Bed Trunk

Image source: Amazon

This trunk has an old-fashioned feel to it, and the shallow height is a perfect fit for underneath the bed. You can store blankets, spare sheets, or if you want to hideaway some valuables, the trunk has a place to add a padlock for security.

This style from Amazon features two wheels, so you can move it around easily as needed, whether it’s to simply roll it out from under the bed or to another room. If your bedroom has a more masculine sensibility, then this storage solution’s design is a good choice to complement the vibe of the space. 

6. Get Your Storage Rolling with a Shoe Cart

Image source: Wal-Mart

If you prefer storage that offers quick and easy access to your belongings, try a rolling shoe cart, like this one from Wal-Mart. It easily holds 6 pairs of shoes, keeping them straight and neatly organized.

The convenient handle and wheels allow you to pull the cart out easily to grab what you need. Also, when it comes to storage items, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Instead of shoes, you can store purses, hats, toys, books, or other odds and ends in this handy cart.  Successful storage solutions are flexible, so you can make them work for you. 

7. The Ultimate Storage Bed

Image source: Wayfair

Wayfair features another storage bed option that provides ample room with 8 large drawers, 2 smaller drawers, and a shelf area on each side of the headboard.

This is an excellent bed for rooms with limited space because it’s like having two nightstands, a large dresser, and shelving all within the same footprint of your bed. But with all of this storage underneath, there’s a trade-off — the bed sits pretty high up.

Therefore, consider the height of your mattress carefully (no huge pillow-tops or extra-deep models), or you could end up needing a running start to get into bed. 

8. Bed Skirt Shoe Storage

Image source: Camping World

The average person has about 19 pairs of shoes (and many people have a whole lot more), so shoe storage is often a big priority in a bedroom. Take a cue from Camping World for some clever shoe storage under the bed, without taking up any valuable floor space.

This bed skirt features multiple pockets that easily fit shoes but could also fit other items like rolled-up T-shirts or socks. To hide your belongings you can simply use an ordinary bed skirt over the storage one. Then, you still have all of the open space under the bed for additional storage.

9. Vintage Storage

Image source: Hazelwood Homes

If you prefer a more vintage or retro style in your bedroom, let your under-the-bed storage become a unique design feature by repurposing old suitcases.

You can choose to just keep the suitcases as-is, or do what Hazelwood Homes did and transform them into stunning design elements. A little paint can go a long way in breathing new life into old pieces and added labels help you identify hidden storage in no time.

For even more convenience, add casters to the bottom of the suitcase with screws or super glue so you can easily pull them out when you need them.

10. Add Height with Hidden Storage

Image source: Pinterest

If you haven’t noticed, there are tons of IKEA hacks floating around for everything from stools to tables to unique storage solutions. This hack by Jocko on Pinterest uses IKEA EXPEDIT shelves to create hideaway storage under your bed.

If you’re handy and ready for a simple DIY project this is a great solution for a kid’s bedroom. The shelves can hold clothing, books, toys, etc., then they simply roll back under the bed, out of sight. The end shelf remains stationary, so you can display decorative items or use bins or doors on the cubbies to hide more storage.

11. Bookcase Bed Storage

Image source: DIY Fun Ideas

The next time you’re about to toss out that old bookcase, stop! You can upcycle it into a massive under-the-bed storage drawer like this one from DIY Fun Ideas. All it takes is some casters, handles, and if you so desire, paint, to make it your own.

The shelves serve as instant dividers, and the large open spaces are perfect for storing clothing, shoes, or pretty much anything else you can think of. If you want more dividers, you can just add more shelves, or use smaller containers and bins inside of the bookcase to keep smaller items neat and tidy.

12. DIY Tall Under Bed Storage

Image source: Sawdust2Stitches

If you’re really pressed for storage in your bedroom, especially if you’re on a budget, try this DIY trick from Sawdust2Stitches. Instead of buying a brand new storage bed, you can make one by creating a platform to elevate your existing mattress.

This extra space allows you to fit oversized bins underneath your bed. If you don’t mind your bed being a little on the high side, this is a great way to squeeze in a lot of extra storage in a small space. If you don’t want to see a bunch of bins (understandable) add a curtain around the frame.

13. Triple Shelf DIY Bed Storage with a Secret Surprise

Image source: Instructables

What do you get when you put together three matching shelves, a large piece of plywood, and a mattress? A budget-friendly bed that’s loaded with storage.

Check out the step-by-step on Instructables, but you just need three matching cubby shelves that you position into a U-pattern. Instead of wasting all of that empty space in the middle, you can store items that you only access once or twice a year, like seasonal items or sentimental pieces you just can’t bear to part with.

Then, the plywood creates a sturdy platform for your mattress, and you get tons of extra space.

14. A True Classic (Under-the-Bed Drawer) Never Goes Out of Style

Image source: Wayfair

For an aesthetically pleasing under-the-bed storage option, go with drawers that can hold an array of stuff, from clothes to books and beyond.

This handsome drawer from Wayfair has casters for easy mobility. But, you can also make your own storage drawers with minimal effort. All you need is an old dresser and a few wheels.

Choose a piece with drawers that will fit under your bed, paint and refurbish them if desired, and add casters to the bottom. You can either use the existing drawer pull or switch it out for one that’s more fitting with the new look. 

15. Basic Containers for Budget-Friendly Under Bed Storage

Image source: Wal-Mart

If you can’t see under your bed, there’s no need to spring for fancy-looking storage options or create in-depth DIY pieces. Basic plastic under-the-bed containers like this Sterilite one from Wal-Mart are an easy go-to when you need to get organized and are slim on space and short on time.

When choosing containers like this, the double-sided lid is great, because you don’t have to pull out the whole bin to get what you need. You can store what you access the least toward the middle of the bed and the things you access more often closer to the edge. 

16. Double Up on Under Bed Storage

Image source: Overstock

You can get the look of a storage bed without the commitment using complementary drawers that offer a built-in look. Double the drawers mean double the storage, plus matching pieces help bring a cohesive look to your space.

These drawers from Overstock feature a design that specifically complements a particular bed (if you want to go for the all-in-one look), but you can also use them under various other beds. Opt for two drawers on either side of your bed to get four times the storage and hide away your clothes, shoes, and anything else you need to organize.

17. Create Storage and a Hiding Spot

Image source: Ladybird & Fellow

Kids love tunnels and hiding spots, so kids are bound to love this DIY storage bed design from Ladybird & Fellow. Using an old dresser, a twin mattress, and some lumber, you can create a bed that not only features a lot of decorative storage but a secret space that is sure to make any kid smile.

Find a dresser that’s the right length for your twin mattress (a typical twin is 75” long, but an XL twin is 80”) and upcycle it to create the look you want in the space. Extra lumber supports the mattress and creates the secret tunnel.

18. Rise Up with an IKEA Lift-up Bed

Image source: IKEA

When you think of under-the-bed storage, you probably don’t usually think about accessing your stuff from above your bed. However, that’s exactly what this MALM Lift-up bed from IKEA does.

It might look like a basic platform bed, but it’s hiding a ton of empty storage space that you can reach in a matter of seconds. With a simple pull of the strap and a lift of the mattress, you instantly have access to the entire area under your bed.

It’s perfect for storing oversized, bulky items since it’s so easy to maneuver objects around in the large, open space. 

19. Cinder Block Bed Storage

Image source: Design Sponge

These days, it seems like you can do pretty much anything with cinder blocks, from making whole pieces of furniture to creating endless storage options. If you want a more industrial look in your bedroom, follow Design Sponge’s lead and use cinder blocks to create cubby spaces under your bed.

The cubbies are a great fit for shoes, rolled-up T-shirts, or other small items. Just be careful with what you choose to store since they can have a rough texture (or paint them for a new look). Plus, the blocks become bed risers, providing you with additional space for more storage. 

20. DIY Toy Storage Bed

Image source: Hey There, Home

Look out, it’s another IKEA hack, this one from Hey There, Home. This fun DIY platform bed uses TROFAST shelves and bins that can slide-out and become an excellent place to store toys, books, stuffed animals, and other kid treasures.

It’s a great storage bed for a kid’s room since it works with a twin mattress, and you can make it your own with paint to change up the colors. The openings in the shelves allow for a variety of sizes of bins, so you can design it with your kid’s belongings in mind to get exactly the storage you need.

21. All Aboard for Under the Bed Storage

Image source: kidcrave

What kid wouldn’t want this amazing hideaway train table and toy storage from kidcrave? It’s on wheels with an easy-to-grab handle for easy mobility. The storage drawer below holds spare pieces and toys, while the top platform serves as an awesome train table.

Not into trains? Create a LEGO table instead, covering the top platform with LEGO panels and filling the drawer with all the colorful bricks you can imagine. Don’t want to deal with a bunch of blocks?

How about an under-the-bed art station? Paint the top with chalkboard or dry-erase paint, and fill the drawer with art supplies.

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