40 Clever Hat Storage Ideas (No More Bent Hats!)

Hat Storage Ideas

When you’re looking to spice up an outfit, what accessory do you reach for? Is it a belt? What about a scarf? For many people, their go-to accessory is a hat. However, when you have a lot of beautiful hats, finding ways to store them nicely in your home can be a struggle!

Instead of letting your hats pile up in a disorganized fashion in your closet, create a sleek storage space for them! This way, you’ll always know exactly where your favorite hat is to spice up your outfit in an instant.

Hat storage is perfect for people of all ages and gender. Whether you’re looking for a way to arrange your child’s favorite baseball hats, or if you want to display your fedoras and sun hats for everyone to see, there are plenty of options for you. Take a look below at our favorites!

Top 40 Most Creative Hat Storage Ideas

1. Copper Hat Rack

Image source: Darleen Meier

If you’re searching for a convenient, yet aesthetically pleasing way to store your hats, this rack by Darleen Meier could do just the trick. Made of a thin, copper pipe and a series of ring clips, this rack will accommodate any hat. Whether you use it for baseball caps or berets, it will instantly serve as a focal point of your room.

2. Vertical String Hat Holder

Image source: Gypsy Tan

For a more unique hat storage system, try this vertical organization by Gypsy Tan. This piece is more like a work of art. It’s a functional storage system that doubles as a beautiful attention grabber. Strategically place it next to a wall-length mirror for easy access during your morning routine. You’ll never have to sort through your closet for your favorite hat again!

3. Sliding Hat Rack

Image source: Momasaurus

When in doubt, slide it out! For a hat rack that acts as a closet rod does, this inspiration by Momasaurus is perfect. This is a great option for people that have many hats, as the ability to slide the hats allow for easier access. To hang your hats, simply use a hat clip and attach any type of hat you have.

4. Fashionable Hat Hanger

Image source: Rain On A Tin Roof

For the most fashionable of people, this Rain on a Tin Roof hat hanger is a beautiful addition to any room. This rack allows you to overlap and layer hats on top of another instead of fanning each of them out. When paired with your favorite jewelry rack, you have a striking spot to get dressed in every morning.

5. Statement Piece Hat Rack

Image source: Bethany Nauert

If you don’t typically wear hats but you love the aesthetic appeal they create, use them as an art statement piece instead. Bethany Nauert uses a system of nails to hang her favorite hats above her bed. Instead of hanging a painting or centerpiece, she introduces a country flare with these beautiful sunhats. Use your favorite types and colors for your own style.

6. DIY Wall Hanger

Image source: Collective Gen

Are you a fan of DIY projects? Collective Gen creates their own hat storage rack that doubles as a piece of art. Functional art is the best type of art since it allows you to easily store an item in a beautifully aesthetic way. Regardless of the types of hats you wear, they can be kept neatly hanging vertically on your wall with simple string and clips!

7. Decorative Mirror Hat Storage

Image source: SF Girl

When you get dressed in the morning, it’s likely you look at yourself in a mirror at least once. What better of a place to hang your hats than on the mirror itself like SF Girl does? This handy system lets you keep your favorite hats in plain sight so you can pick out which one goes best with your outfits. No more digging through piles in the closet!

8. Wall Hanging Hats

Image source: Eat Sleep Wear

If you’re someone who likes your room a little more organized and refined, this wall hanging system by Eat Sleep Wear could display your caps perfectly. Each individual hat is seen arranged strategically to create a linear pattern. Simply recreate this look with wall hangers like tape strips or nails to display your statement hats.

9. Hat Wall Art Decor

Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Unique pieces of wall art are in fashion. That means that if you take inspiration from A Beautiful Mess, you’ll be left with the statement piece of the season. Arrange your favorite hats in whatever pattern you’d like above your clothing dresser. When you’re not wearing your hats, you’ll have a distinctive decoration.

10. Unique Zigzag Wall Mounted Hat Rack

Image source: House & Home

Classic looks not your thing? Go all out and make your own unique hat rack like House & Home does. They created a vertical zigzag hat pegboard, but you can create any shape you like. This look is perfect for people who have many hats that they need storage for since it allows for overlap. Place this in your bedroom or by the entryway of your door for a last-minute wardrobe enhancement.

11. Baseball Cap Vertical Rack

Image source: Lemon Stripes

Baseball caps are the new fedora. You can pair them with any casual outfit for a completely new look. Lemon Stripes uses a hanging organizing system to clip all of her baseball hats for easy sorting. This idea is perfect for people who have plenty of soft caps and want to see them laid out for easy pickings.

12. 3D Hat Storage

Image source: Style Beat Blog

Finding unique hat storage systems can be difficult. Style Beat Blog shows you how you can turn any wall into a decorative hat rack with a few simple steps. The system they use creates a 3-Dimensional visual effect where some hats seem to pop out of the wall more than others. Strategically hang your caps so your favorite ones are more enunciated than the others. This way, you’ll always see your top options first.

13. Climbing Rope Hat Storage

Image source: Design Milk

For the minimalist or adventurers, this climbing rope hat hanger idea by Design Milk is a stunning choice. Choose your favorite type of string or rope and fix it on a rod that hangs from your ceiling. Then, all you have to do is tie a couple of knots to shorten your string to your desired length and clip your hats! This works perfectly for other items, too.

14. S Clip Hat Hanger

Image source: Stylizmo

Sometimes, the simpler something is, the better it functions. Stylizmo uses a metal rod hanging system and attaches s-hooks to them. All that’s left to do is hang your hats off of the hooks and you have an easy hat support. This system isn’t limited to hats, though. Fit your favorite accessories on it as well for quick access to your favorite embellishments.

15. Baseball Themed Hat Rack

Image source: Bower Power Blog

Do you love baseball? If so, this Bower Power Blog baseball hat rack is perfect for you! Using pieces of reclaimed wood and old baseballs, you can create a sport-centered cap display. The next time you’re off to a baseball game, simply reach to your baseball hat rack and grab your favorite team’s hat!

16. Upcycled Hat Stands

Image source: Sadie Seasongoods

Instead of the typical hanging hat system, take Sadie Seasongoods’ advice and make your own hat stands. Just like the ones you’d see in a cute clothing store, these stands are upcycled meaning they were once unwanted or unusable. With a little TLC, you can create beautiful display stands for your favorite hats.

17. Crystal Hat Hooks

Image source: A Beautiful Mess

While you can easily use nails or screws in your walls to hang your hats off of, take it up a notch by adding crystal hook pieces instead like A Beautiful Mess does. This way, when your hats are on your head and not on the wall, your wall will still look decorated. Say goodbye to ugly metal nails sticking out from your wall and say hello to a beautiful wall addition.

18. Baseball Cap Wall Knobs

Image source: The DIY Village

If you have a ton of baseball caps but don’t know how to store them, create an accent wall out of your hats. The DIY Village created a perfectly organized room with this addition. Purchase or make your own wall knobs made of wood and string to display your caps. Arrange them in any pattern you’d like or keep them linearly for a clean look.

19. Simple Binder Hook Hat Holder

Image source: Crafter Hours Blog

Why pay more money than you need when there are simple fixes to your disorganized hat situation? Crafter Hours Blog shows you an affordable option to hang your caps. Simply take a sturdy piece of cloth, pierce it through a hanger, and attach binder clips to it. To hang your hats, open the binder clip and attach your cap. There’s nothing simpler than this inspiration!

20. Pegboard Hat Storage

Image source: Jenna Burger

Perfect for any age or gender, Jenna Burger’s pegboard hat organization system can display any hat perfectly. Pegboards are essentially panels with a series of small holes. All that you need to do is get pegs that fit these holes and hang your hats in any pattern that you’d like. This choice is effortlessly customizable!

21. Eccentric Entryway Hat Holder

Image source: Design Sponge

Hat storage can be in any room, including in the entryway itself. Design Sponge shows you how to hang your wide range of hat types for access just before you leave your home. By using shelving and peg racks, you can create a beautifully busy organization center for your caps. This way, when you come home just place your hat on the rack for use another day!

22. Walk-In Closet Hat Design

Image source: Style Me Pretty

Some people prefer bold designs, but classy systems are just as attractive as complex ones. This hat organization inspiration by Style Me Pretty shows how you can be simplistic in your decoration. In your walk-in closet, hang your hats behind your clothing rack. This way, they’re out of the way but still visible and accessible for those bad hair days.

23. Functional And Decorative Hat Hanger

Image source: Between Naps On The Porch

Which do you prefer – decorative or functional? Luckily, you don’t have to pick between them. Between Naps on the Porch uses a diamond-shaped hat storage rack to create a beautiful and useable wall accessory. Simply hang your favorite hats on this system in whatever decorative manner you please. You’ll have a functional statement piece instantly!

24. Wood Panel Hat Holder

Image source: Vintagetopia

Sometimes, the older something is the cooler it looks. By using reclaimed wood to make your own hat hanger, like Vintagetopia does, you create a beautiful vintage feel in your home. Place this rack in your entryway or in your closet for a dose of antique art. Hang your hats on the hanger pieces, or save these for your jackets and sit your caps atop the shelf above.

25. Rustic Hat Rack

Image source: Zoe With Love

If you have a rustic style, Zoe With Love shows you how to build off this vibe to create an aesthetic wall hat hanging system. The key is hanging hats that perfectly match the style and colors used in your room. This way, the hats act as a statement art piece instead of a catch all. When you leave your room, your hats are only an arm’s reach away.

26. Feminine Entryway Hat Hanger

Image source: Design Sponge

For women looking to feminize their bedroom, find inspiration from this Design Sponge hat rack. By having tightly packed hats on a wall with a dainty chair below it, you introduce a chic aesthetic into your room. Be sure that your caps all play well off one another or else your style can be overpowered by one bold hat.

27. Masculine Hat Storage

Image source: Desire To Inspire

Finding a masculine hat storage system can be difficult. The search is over with this Desire to Inspire hat hanging system. By strategically placing dark-colored wooden shelves on the walls, you can instantly masculinize a room. When paired with a hat hanging rod that allows soft caps to clip on easily, it perfectly organizes any bedroom.

28. Mudroom Hat Cubbies

Image source: Reality Daydream

Hat storage doesn’t have to be visible. Rather, if you don’t want to display or hang your caps in an open view, follow Reality Daydream and create a DIY mudroom cubby system. Fill each cubby with all of the functional accessories you don’t want seen. These could include hats, scarves, mittens, and more! This is perfect for families and homes in areas with cold winters.

29. Diamond Shaped Wooden Hat Holder

Image source: The Glitter Guide

You don’t have to go all out to create a useable hat holder for your bedroom. The Glitter Guide uses a simple diamond peg organizer to hang her hats from. This option is best for people who have limited space and a few favorite hats. Find a diamond hanger that suits your style, or customize one yourself by painting it to match your vibe.

30. Fashionable Clothespin Hat Rack

Image source: Simple Stylings

Who knew that cheap and basic laundry tools could double as a chic hat hanger? Simple Stylings uses clothespins fixed to her walls that easily clip up your favorite hats. Strategically place these next to a wall-length mirror so you can pick the hat that best fits your outfit every day. Say goodbye to overlapping and disorganized hats!

31. Children’s Cap And Toy Rack

Image source: Rachel Rosenthal

Kids love hats – especially those that represent their favorite memories. Teach your children organization skills like Rachel Rosenthal does with a cap and toy rack. Your kids will learn to hang their favorite baseball caps up neatly on the rack, and they can easily place their favorite toys and books in the shelves below. No more mess for mom or dad to clean!

32. Doorway Hat Centerpiece

Image source: Front + Main

Instead of setting up an entire entryway for your hat storage, use a simplistic set up for hanging your hats neatly. This system by Front + Main works best if you only have a few hats that you wear frequently. Hang your favorite ones on the wall by your entryway so you can grab the one that best matches your mood on the way out.

33. Chic Hat Art

Image source: The Glitter Guide

This classic hat support by The Glitter Guide introduces a classic and chic organization option for five caps. Whatever your style, you can modify this system to best suit your favorite hats. Whether you wear baseball caps or sun hats, simply place pegs in your wall and balance the inner head of the cap on it. Take it up a notch by strategically placing similarly-colored hats together.

34. DIY Wall Pegs

Image source: Little Family On The Big Lake

If you’d rather make your own hat storage than purchase one from a store, follow Little Family on the Big Lake’s idea. Right next to your doorway, place a few pegs large enough to hold your hats. If you have many hats but still love this idea, try layering your hats on top of one another. They may be more difficult to see individually, but they will be perfectly organized!

35. Hanging Basket Hat Storage

Image source: This Lil House

Sometimes you don’t want to see all of the hats you have. When hats are on a wall, it’s easy to look disorganized if not arranged properly. To avoid this dilemma, This Lil House uses hanging baskets as catchalls to place hats and other various items in. This is great for a home with kids, as it teaches organization and sorting skills.

36. Closet Door Hat Rack

Image source: Kelly Elko

For hidden hat storage, try using a closet door hat rack like Kelly Elko does. Place hooks on the back of your closet door so that every time you get dressed, your options are laid out directly in front of you. What’s better is your caps won’t be disorganized around the room. Instead, they’ll always have a home.

37. Wooden Mudroom Hat Rack

Image source: HGTV

If you’re looking for a more refined and put together hat rack, try building an entirely new mudroom. HGTV features a beautiful wooden mudroom with tons of places for hat storage. From the top drawers to the bottom cubbies, you and your family will have plenty of room for all types of hat storage. This is a great for a classy home vibe.

38. Upscale Closet Hat Drawers

Image source: HGTV

When you have classy taste, you want an upscale bedroom. Part of a fashionable room is having a fancy closet with plenty of accessible storage. This HGTV featured closet has white drawers with glass fronts where you can store any type of accessory. This is perfect for hats since you can easily see what options you have right in front of you.

39. Boho Hat Rack

Image source: Jungalow

For a boho aesthetic, try this Jungalow hat rack. They utilize a diamond shaped rack to store their favorite accessories. While they have both hats and purses hanging from this rack, you can choose to use it simply for hats, too. Enhance the boho vibe by placing the rack above a wooden side table and lots of beautiful green plants.

40. Master Closet Hat Shelf

Image source: Mika Perry

The key to a clean home is perfect organization. This closet by Mika Perry is neat due to the cubby closet system she’s using. If you’re looking to tidy up your home, building cubbies and shelves in your closet is a great way to do so. Simply line up your favorite hats on the top and middle shelves and surround them with your clothes. Your morning routine has never been more organized!