22 Clutter-Free Bathroom Storage Ideas (With Pictures)

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are some pretty busy places in the home. After all, we shower and bathe in them, put on makeup, fix our hair, brush our teeth; you get the picture. With all of these different things going on in one space, we tend to keep a lot of stuff in the bathroom.

The odds are good that right now, in your bathroom, you have multiple towels, toiletry items, cleaning supplies, and things like hairdryers and curling irons. But, on the flip side, many of us want our bathrooms to be relaxing and peaceful places. 

So, having a bunch of stuff cluttering up our vanity or laying on the floor just won’t do. Instead, bathrooms call for clever and sleek storage solutions that can help keep them organized and functioning at their best. That’s why we’ve rounded up 22 excellent bathroom storage ideas, so you can get the efficient, spa-like bathroom you deserve.

1. Store Makeup and Jewelry in a Mirror

Image source: Wayfair

Bathroom countertops quickly become catchalls for all sorts of items, especially makeup, perfume bottles, jewelry, lotions, and more. All of that clutter not only makes it a hassle to get ready, but it’s also not fun to look at either. It can make your calm bathroom feel chaotic as soon as you step through the door.

This storage mirror from Wayfair offers the perfect solution, providing a convenient place to store small bottles, make-up, and jewelry. It hangs over the door, so installation is a breeze, and with the large mirror, you can make sure your ensemble is good to go from every angle.

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2. Hang Baskets Sideways

Image source: Making Lemonade

You’ve heard of floating shelves, right? Well, for a more bespoke design for your floating storage solution, try this easy DIY idea from Making Lemonade. Take some of your favorite storage baskets and mount them to the wall through the bottom of the baskets.

Then you get instant shelves for holding towels, bottles, or displaying small decorative items. Choose styles that work with your space, leave them natural or add a coat of paint, or mix things up with various sizes and designs. You can also hang some vertically and others horizontally, depending on what you plan to store in them. 

3. Use a Slim Cabinet

Image source: Amazon

When space is at a premium in a small bathroom, it’s all about squeezing in storage wherever you can. You’d be surprised how much stuff you can fit into a slim cabinet like this one from Amazon. It’s perfect for keeping a few cleaning essentials and spare rolls of toilet paper at the ready.

Plus, the built-in tissue dispenser is both convenient and smart since you don’t have to take up space elsewhere with a bulky tissue box. You could also utilize a narrow cabinet like this one near the tub for extra bath salts and soaps.

4. Freestanding Linen Closet

Image source: Pottery Barn

If your bathroom doesn’t include a closet, consider using a freestanding linen closet for all of your essentials and bath linens. They come in so many different styles that you’re sure to find one that matches your bathroom’s design.

This classic white linen closet from Pottery Barn works well with a variety of styles, from farmhouse to vintage to modern. Plus, the glass doors make it easy to find what you need in a matter of seconds. And for the things you don’t want to see, the double drawers at the bottom take care of those.

5. Built-In-Shelves

Image source: Not Just a Housewife

Tapping into unused space is a great way to add extra storage and organization to a bathroom. Not Just a Housewife shows that you have lots of room to play with right inside of your walls. Between the wall studs, you can get about 14 inches or so of space that’s about 5 to 5 ½ inches deep.

If you’re planning a major remodel, then you can prepare for recessed shelves from the get-go and make them even larger. Either way, you get a stylish and custom place for towels, knick-knacks, magazines, and anything else you want to keep handy.

6. Hang a Shelf Above the Door

Image source: BreakPR’s Pinterest

We often forget about the space above us in a room, only doing so much with our vertical space. But, that space is prime storage real estate, especially when it’s up and out of the way, like above the bathroom door. It’s a win-win.

When you walk into your bathroom, you don’t see it right away, which means no visual clutter. But, it’s the perfect place to store items. In this example from BreakPR’s Pinterest, the shelf holds backstock items in decorative baskets, spare rolls of toilet paper, and extra bath towels. 

7. Stepladder Shelves

Image source: Dove Cottage

Sometimes people don’t think about putting furniture in a bathroom, except for maybe a vanity chair or stool. But, if you have the space, adding furniture into the room not only helps with storage, but it can also help enhance the design and style you desire in the room.

These tall stepladder-style shelves in this lovely bathroom from Dove Cottage add a dash of sophisticated charm to this vintage bathroom with rustic vibes. It keeps everything within easy reach of the tub, and the open shelves make it quick to grab what you need. 

8. Use a File Box for Hair Appliances

Image source: Dream Green DIY

Sometimes, the best storage solutions for a room are things intended for another purpose. You just have to think outside of the box, or in this case, the file box. Dream Green DIY uses a basic mesh-style file box to keep hair appliances within an arm’s reach.

All you do is mount the box on the side of your vanity with a couple of simple hooks, and you’re in business. Plus, your hairdryer, curling iron, or other all-important tools are right where you need them. Because let’s face it, who wants to spend more time than necessary getting ready?

9. Stacking Drawers in Cabinets

Image source: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Double up on your storage inside of your cabinets with these easy stacking drawers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Whether storing toiletries, cleaning supplies, or anything else, you can store twice as much in the same footprint. Plus, it keeps all of your things tidy and contained, so they don’t end up falling all over inside the cabinet.

The drawers slide in and out easily, so you can reach things in the back without any fuss. No more having to pull everything out to try and get to the last bottle of shampoo in the back. 

10. Pretty Floating Shelves

Image source: My Home Inspo via Instagram

These pretty floating shelves from My Home Inspo via Instagram not only add storage to a bathroom but can also create an art display as well. Especially when you pair them with pictures in matching frames, as shown here.

The shelves are perfect for smaller items, and the bar across the front ensures glass bottles and other things don’t fall off the shelves and go crashing to the floor. Because of this feature, these would be a great option if you wanted to install floating shelves in a kid’s bathroom or a very small space where things are more likely to get bumped.

11. Storage Stool

Image source: Pottery Barn

Having a place to sit in the bathroom, besides the toilet, of course, is always nice if you can fit it. You can sit on a small stool to apply lotion, fix your hair without standing up the whole time, paint your nails, shave, etc.

This precious stool from Pottery Barn offers a comfy place to sit but also storage, with a shelf below that’s perfect for towels, bath products, and more. You can keep it alongside the tub or under a vanity, depending on your bathroom’s setup. There’s also an optional separate basket available if you want to hide away your items.

12. Over-the-Toilet Storage

Image source: Wayfair

When you’re organizing a room, let no stone go unturned, and no storage opportunity go wasted. Instead, utilize every inch of available space in your bathroom. One way to do this is with convenient over-the-toilet storage options.

You can hang shelves or a wall-mounted cabinet or opt for a standing set of over-the-toilet shelves like this modern design space saver from Wayfair. The shelves are sturdy and perfect for storing towels, toiletries, and other items. Plus, the open shelf design keeps the piece from feeling too heavy, which is an especially excellent quality in a smaller bathroom. 

13. Place Shelving Around Exposed Sink Pipes

Image source: IKEA

Storing items below a sink is a go-to in many bathrooms since, typically, vanities feature some type of cabinetry. But, what if your vanity doesn’t? Perhaps, for example, you have a wall-mount sink or a pedestal sink. Or, in some cases, your vanity might be open at the bottom.

If you have a vanity with an open base, use a tension rod with a curtain across the opening. If you have a pedestal sink, opt for some creative shelving, like these corner units from IKEA. When you position them as shown, they become the perfect configuration for fitting around pipes and pedestals. 

14. Makeup Magnet Board

Image source: Laura Thoughts

It’s time to take all of the make-up and turn it into a DIY display and storage solution, like this pretty turquoise treat from Laura Thoughts. Using some creativity and simple supplies, you can turn a magnetic bulletin board or even an old baking sheet into the perfect makeup storage system.

Cover the board in some pretty paper that goes well with your bathroom’s design, frame it out, and hang it on the wall as a piece of funky art. Then, apply small magnets to the backs of your makeup to create an instant attraction, literally. 

15. Use a Rolling Cart

Image source: Gathered Living via Instagram

Are you pressed for storage in a small bathroom? Or maybe you just like being able to move things around when and where you need them? Either way, a cute rolling cart is a great way to keep your items at the ready, no matter where you need to use them. 

Gathered Living via Instagram fills this cart with all sorts of essentials, like skincare and bath supplies, making it easy to get ready in the tub or at the sink. Plus, you can even roll it into your bedroom to apply makeup at a dressing table, etc. 

16. Over-the-Sink Shelf

Image source: Etsy

If you’re short on vanity space, it’s time to elevate your storage a bit. You can give yourself a little extra space to spread out your bathroom essentials with an over-the-sink shelf, like this one from Etsy.

It simply rests on top of your vanity, behind your sink, and provides a great surface area for storing daily items like cotton swabs, hand cream, or face wash. You can also use it to display a few decorative items or small plants to help give your bathroom a bit of a personality boost. Plus, you can find them in various styles. 

17. Shower Caddy Tower

Image source: Amazon

If you’re a shower person, then you know having the right kind of storage system in place inside of your shower is key. Without a proper place to keep all of the shampoos, conditioners, shave gels, razors, and body washes, a shower can become a real hassle instead of a relaxing experience.

If your shower doesn’t have built-in shelving, or you just need more place to put stuff, try a shower caddy tower, like this one from Amazon. A heavy-duty tension system keeps the shelves in place, snug in the corner, and you can keep everything you need right at your fingertips. 

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18. Over-the-Door Shelf and Towel Rack

Image source: Urban Outfitters

Once you’re in the bathroom, the odds are high that you’ll keep the door closed, which means the back of the door is a whole other world of storage possibilities. Instead of just hanging a few hooks, think bigger. Opt for a set of over-the-door shelves to store various toiletries and other items.

This shelf and towel rack combo from Urban Outfitters is a great addition that goes with a number of styles, including modern, rustic, industrial, or other various combinations. This is also a great solution if you live in an apartment and can’t install shelves or racks onto the walls. 

19. Use a Pretty Basket for Towels

Image source: Bless’er House

Never underestimate the power of something simple. Sometimes, it’s the simplest of ideas that offer the most effective solutions in a space. For example, in this bathroom redo from Bless’er House, a pretty woven basket with handles becomes the perfect spot to keep extra towels.

The rolled towels resting inside the basket has a spa-like quality, always a winner in a bathroom. Plus, it makes it easy to grab a towel when you need one instead of going into a closet or cabinet. This makes it an especially great choice for a kid’s bathroom or guest bath. 

20. Shower Curtain with Storage

Image source: Amazon

Here’s a quirky but effective way to add some extra storage to your shower area, specifically if you’re working with a tub-shower combo. Sometimes, it can be hard to store everything you need for your shower within arm’s reach when you’re sharing your shower with a tub.

But, with this clever shower curtain from Amazon, it’s easy as can be. The curtain features 9 mesh pockets of various sizes, so you can store several items exactly where you need them. If you want to hide your storage, consider a double shower rod and hang a decorative curtain on the outside.

21. Use a Second Shower Rod

Image source: Home Talk

Speaking of doubling up on shower rods, here’s a quick and easy DIY storage idea from Home Talk that works well in a larger shower or the tub. All you need to do is install a tension-style shower rod along the wall inside of your tub or shower.

Then, using S-hooks and small curtain clips, you can hang all sorts of items, like lotion tubes, toiletry items, and more. In a bathtub, you can also use larger bins to gather up all of the bath toys if you have kids. Just make sure if you use containers that water can drain from them easily. 

22. Tiered Towel Holder

Image source: Now Organizing via Instagram

Don’t have a linen closet for your towels? If you don’t want to have towels hanging on the wall or door, but you also don’t want to toss them in a basket, try a pretty tiered rack like this one from Now Organizing via Instagram.

It holds up to 6 rolled towels, and you can hang it near the shower or tub, so you have your towels right where you need them. This is also a good option if you want to keep shelves in your linen closet free for other items that you’d rather not keep on display