29 Of The Best Bathroom Shower Ideas With Pictures

Bathroom Shower Ideas

A shower is a place where you go to rejuvenate and wash away the cares of the day. You want the bathroom shower in your home to be a place you look forward to going. Who wouldn’t want a bathroom shower that feels like a spa? We know we would love to have a spa-like shower in our homes! 

No matter the size of your bathroom or the size of your shower, there are ways that you can make your experience luxurious and relaxing. It can be something as simple as a rainfall showerhead or adding a bench in your current shower.

We have compiled a list of 29 bathroom shower ideas for you to explore. Maybe you’re dreaming of shower goals for your future or perhaps you’re looking for ways to improve your current shower. Either way, we have a variety of ideas for each purpose! We hope that you are inspired by this list.

1. Gold-Finish Hardware

gold finish hardware
Image source: KS Designs LLC.

Gold-finish hardware is a trendy alternative to the traditional silver or chrome-colored shower hardware. In this KS Designs LLC. bathroom design, they use gold-finish shower hardware while the rest of the hardware in the bathroom is black. Combining these finishes creates a beautiful look!

We like this shower because of the large glass block wall that allows in natural light, the luxurious atmosphere with the glass shower doors, and the potted plant placed in the shower. 

2. Walk-in Shower

walk-in shower
Image source: Michelle Dirkse

This walk-in shower is simply luxurious! Not only is it spacious and large enough for two people, but it has floor-to-ceiling glass shower doors that make it appear even larger than it is. 

This shower was part of a master bathroom remodel of a historic landmark home in Seattle. The new design has a vintage look with a modern flair. We are loving this new design by Michelle Dirkse.

3. Couples Shower

couples shower
Image source: Gilmore Design Studio

A couples shower is a unique idea that allows for two people to shower comfortably at once. The previous shower featured in this list was also a couples shower. We like that this shower has two built-in shower benches, one on each side. 

This shower has a small ledge to step over to get into the shower, which helps contain the water. Gilmore Design Studio also incorporates a window in this design which allows natural sunlight into the shower.

4. Built-in Shelving

built-in shelving
Image source: Big Sky Design Online

Built-in shelving is a must in any shower. You need plenty of space to store your bathing essentials like shampoo, conditioner, soap, and a razor. You could even set eucalyptus on the shelf.

In this Big Sky Design Online bathroom shower design, there are three full shelves for storage. There is room for the family’s essentials and more. Plus, there’s a built-in shower bench that provides an additional surface for storage if it’s needed.

5. Rainfall Showerhead

rainfall shower head
Image source: INC Architecture & Design PLLC

What would be more luxurious than a rainfall showerhead? While this bathroom is small, the shower looks comfortable. Plus, it has a deep bathtub for soaking. It’s the best of both worlds!

INC Architecture & Design PLLC uses glass shower doors in this bathroom design rather than a shower curtain. This makes the room and the shower appear larger and more spacious.

You can get various sizes of rainfall showerheads. Some are square or rectangular shaped while others are circular.

6. LED Showerhead

LED shower head
Image source: Young Brothers

Make your showering experience more colorful by adding an LED showerhead like this one from Young Brothers. The blue LED light gives the appearance of blue water flowing.

The color blue is a relaxing color that will create a sense of calm. This is perfect for the shower!  However, you can find some LED showerheads that change colors from blue to pink, yellow, green, and red so you can choose whichever color strikes your fancy.

7. Add Plants

Add Plants
Image source: Mantis Design Build

Why didn’t we think of adding potted plants to the shower before? This idea is genius! Tropical plants grow great in an area with high humidity and don’t require tons of sunlight.

This Mantis Design Build shower looks incredible. The skylight above the shower will let you enjoy the natural sunlight while taking your shower. The rainfall showerhead will make it feel like you’re taking a shower beneath a waterfall in the middle of the jungle.

8. Portable Shower Speaker

portable shower speaker
Image source: IP Showers

Listen to some tunes, catch up on a podcast, or even learn a new language with a portable shower speaker! The possibilities are endless and we know you’d enjoy adding the audio element to your shower experience.

This IP Showers brand shower speaker is available in a chrome-plated finish. Since it’s Bluetooth, you can even answer your phone calls when you’re in the shower. It attaches to the shower wall with high-power suction. 

9. Shower Skylight

shower skylight
Image source: Barbra Bright Design

This Barbra Bright Design shower space includes a bathtub and a couples shower in the same area. To make it even more luxurious, there is a large skylight letting in lots of natural light.

There is also a window located near the bathtub, which makes the shower and bath area feel less boxed in. We love how bright and cheerful this shower space is. It looks like it’s straight out of a spa.

10. Brick Inspired Shower Tile

brick inspired shower tile
Image source: Elle Decor

The look of brick walls in the shower is unique. While it looks like real brick, it’s actually brick-colored tiles resembling a brick wall in this Elle Decor bathroom design.

This bathroom has an industrial yet artsy vibe to it. The brass showerhead looks gorgeous with the tiled brick shower walls. Of course, glass shower doors allow the beautiful brick to be seen rather than hidden behind a shower curtain.

11. Arched Shower

arched shower
Image source: Three Birds Renovations

For a unique style of architecture, opt for an arched entrance to the shower, like this one by Three Birds Renovations. The inside of the shower is also rounded, providing ample space for showering.

The tile used in this bathroom is a beautiful teal color and the gold hardware looks striking against it. Who wouldn’t love to have a home shower as gorgeous and luxurious as this one is?

12. Fogless Shower Mirror

fogless shower mirror
Image source: Blue Creative Interiors

Anyone who shaves in the shower would appreciate a fogless shower mirror. Even better, this fogless mirror is installed as a tile in the wall of the shower so it’s not going to fall on the floor and break. 

We also like the option of having a traditionally mounted showerhead or using a handheld showerhead. The more options, the better! This shower was designed by Blue Creative Interiors.

13. Practical Yet Luxurious

practical yet luxurious
Image source: Albion Bath Co.

This shower featured by Albion Bath Co. is practical yet luxurious. Many home showers are designed like this, where the bathtub and the shower are combined. The glass shower wall makes the shower space feel more spacious and luxurious!

The beautiful yellow roll-top bathtub allows you to soak in comfort, or you can enjoy the rainfall showerhead. If yellow isn’t your color, don’t worry because there are numerous color options to choose from.

14. Bathtub and Shower Combination

bathtub and shower combination
Image source: BHDM Design

As we just mentioned in the last item in this list, a bathtub and shower combination is a practical choice for your bathroom. This BHDM Design bathroom shower design is especially luxurious with the black tile and large white bathtub for soaking. 

Placing the shower curtain rod closer to the ceiling will make the shower area feel more spacious and luxurious. Another option for this type of shower setup is to have a curved shower curtain rod that actually does give you more space.

15. Rustic

Image source: High Camp Home

When we suggest having a rustic shower, we don’t want you to think backwoods rustic. You don’t have to forsake luxury just to have a rustic shower. This High Camp Home shower design is the perfect example of this concept.

This shower is large with an open entrance. A half-wall provides some privacy around the showerhead area. It’s beautifully built with a mixture of both stone and wooden accents.

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16. Open Walk-in Shower

open walk-in shower
Image source: Sebring Design Build

Similar to the rustic bathroom shower that we just listed, this shower was also designed with the open, walk-in concept. It’s a couples shower that is about as luxurious as they come! 

This Sebring Design Build bathroom features two traditional showerheads and a waterfall-style showerhead that comes from the ceiling. There is even a handheld option. We are loving this design and all of the options that it comes with!

17. Teak Shower Stool

teak shower stool
Image source: Rita Chan Interiors

Adding a teak stool to your shower is a simple way to add more luxury and comfort to your existing shower. It’s an easy project to accomplish!

We are loving the spa-like quality of this Rita Chan Interiors shower design. The light gray tiles are gorgeous with the contrasting teak shower stool next to it. You can simply take a seat and enjoy the warm water if you choose to!

18. Built-in Shower Bench

built-in shower bench
Image source: Alice Lane Interior Design

A built-in shower bench can serve as both a place to sit and relax or as a place to hold your showering essentials. We like the idea of being able to take a seat on the bench with the shower running hot water. It would be like a steam room!

This Alice Lane Interior Design bathroom shower is elegant and the bathroom is decorated with a feminine touch. The gold shelves on the outside of the shower are the perfect places to store towels.

19. Copper

Image source: Cloud 9 Showers

A copper shower is unique and has a somewhat rustic appearance to it. Cloud 9 Showers offers copper shower surround kits, made by Copper Shower Co., that make it easy to achieve this look.

Copper is non-corrosive, so it will last forever. Plus, copper is anti-microbial so it will kill bacteria in the shower. It’s a smart choice for your bathroom shower! If your shower area isn’t completely plumb, level, or square, this kit will work for you too!

20. Tile with Design

tile with design
Image source: Lucy and Company

How cute is the heart shape created out of black tile in this Lucy and Company bathroom shower design? While the heart shape is simply adorable, you could create any design that you wish! You could have a monogram of the first letter of your name or any shape at all!

This couples-style shower design features beautiful gold hardware, a black tile floor, and white tile walls. The look of beautiful!

21. Glass Surround

glass surround
Image source: Adore Magazine

Create a shower area with glass surrounding three sides of it, like this one featured in Adore Magazine. This open concept makes it feel more spacious. 

Because of the glass walls surrounding this shower, natural light from the window can enter the shower. This bathroom is bright with a light and airy feel. We love the greenery placed on the vanity counter. The large circular mirror is a nice touch in this bathroom design.

22. French-Style Enclosure

french style enclosure
Image source: Flynnside Out Designs

The French-style enclosure on this Flynnside Out Designs bathroom shower is gorgeous! The glass lites with the black frames give this bathroom character. It is luxurious and stylish.

The marble walls and flooring paired with the black frames provide contrast. The bright blue accents within this bathroom also look beautiful with the black and white color scheme. The plush bathrobes conveniently hung just outside of the shower are the perfect addition!

23. Shower Thoughts Board

Shower Thoughts Board
Image source: Shower Thoughts Co.

Your greatest ideas come to you in the shower! This is why you definitely need a Shower Thoughts Co. board. 

These boards are a waterproof whiteboard that’s perfect for jotting down notes while you’re in the shower. You could also use one of these boards to leave a love note for your special someone to find. 

The Shower Thoughts board attaches to the shower wall with a suction cup. Never forget those shower thoughts ever again!

24. Ceiling-Mounted Showerhead

ceiling mounted shower head
Image source: Birmingham Home and Garden

Traditionally, showerheads are mounted on one of the shower walls. A ceiling-mounted showerhead lets you enjoy the falling water from above your head so that you can truly be showered by the water. 

In this Birmingham Home and Garden bathroom design, the shower has gold-finish hardware inside of the shower, including on the ceiling-mounted showerhead, but the glass shower door has black hardware. We are loving how spacious this shower looks!

25. Black and White

black and white
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

The combination of black and white is a stunning look for interior design. In this shower featured by Design Shop Interiors, the black tile is installed on the walls in a vertical manner and we are loving the look.

The lower section of one shower wall is made of frosted glass and lets natural light into the shower. This is a nice alternative to a larger window at mid-body height and would provide more privacy.

26. Black Shower Shelf

Black Shower Shelf
Image source: Dabstory

There are quite a few unique features about this bathroom and the shower, but we love the idea of having a black shower shelf where you can store your shower essentials, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and razor. It keeps the area looking tidy and put together. This shower shelf is available from the Dabstory Etsy shop.

Other features we love about this bathroom are the terrazzo wall and flooring, the bright blue accents, and the basin-style sink.

27. Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle
Image source: Mama Wunderbar

For the ultimate shower experience, hang a eucalyptus shower bundle from Mama Wunderbar in your shower. The steam will help the eucalyptus fragrance fill up the shower. Eucalyptus helps naturally reduce inflammation and is great for when you have a chest cold. Plus, it’s super soothing!

You can count on a relaxing shower when you have eucalyptus in the shower. It has a calming effect and you will leave the shower feeling rejuvenated.

28. Wooden Shower Floor

wooden shower floor
Image source: Place Architects

You don’t expect to find a wooden floor in the shower, but it’s not impossible! There are a few different ways that you can achieve this look. 

In this Place Architects shower, the flooring is made out of teak wood. Teak is naturally slip-resistant and is also known for its resistance to mold, mildew, and rot. It’s ideal for a shower!

Another option to achieve a wooden floor appearance is to install a tile that resembles wood.

29. Shower Soap Dispenser

shower soap dispenser
Image source: GivenTaken

Nobody wants to deal with clutter in the shower, so you can avoid that problem by installing a shower soap dispenser like this one from the GivenTaken Etsy shop.

The bottles are refillable and you can use them over and over again. You won’t have numerous bottles of soaps, shampoos, and conditioners filling up the shelves of your shower.

You have the option to choose glass or plastic bottles. You can also stack two bottles on the shelf between two bottles.