39 Of The Best Master Bathroom Ideas (Updated 2024!)

Master Bathroom Ideas

A master suite is a place to relax and unwind, and often people strive to make it a place that feels plush and cozy. Others prefer a spacious master retreat that provides an almost resort-like feel to it, transporting you on a mini-vacation whenever you step through the door. 

Well, if a fabulous master suite is your goal, then the master bathroom is a big part of the picture. Master bathrooms are often the most extensive bathroom in the house, and homeowners typically want some luxurious features and special touches. For you, it might be a jetted tub or deluxe shower, or maybe you want a huge dressing area with an oversized mirror.

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You’ve certainly got lots of options when it comes to designing your dream space. No matter what your fancy, we’ve gathered 39 of the most magnificent master bathroom ideas, so you’re sure to find a few favorites.

1. Perfect Blend

Image source: Soll Solutions via Instagram

Since master bathrooms are often shared spaces, they frequently become a contest in blending two different styles and sensibilities.

This modern bathroom from Soll Solutions via Instagram has a distinct mid-century vibe, thanks to its mix of natural materials and metallics, as well as a hint of both masculine and feminine nuances. The floor helps ground the whole space, literally, with its bold pattern and colors that pick up on the vanity.

2. Gorgeous Accent Wall

Image source: Alykhan Velji Designs via Instagram

Your master bathroom is supposed to make a statement, and what better way to do it than with a stunning accent wall? But, accent walls don’t just have to be brightly painted walls or bold wallpaper prints.

Instead, think texture and pattern, like this tiled wall from Alykhan Velji Designs via Instagram. The tiles are laid in a mismatched pattern so the look is unique and eye-catching. Plus, the black sconces pop off of the light color. 

3. Double Shower

Image source: Pinterest

What better way to enhance a bathroom made for two than with a double shower? A master bathroom should allow two people to get ready at the same time, and in this case, shower at the same time if they so desire.

Showering side-by-side can also be pretty romantic. The giant rainfall showerheads in this spacious tiled shower from Pinterest give each person ample water and space to have a relaxing experience. 

4. Zen Retreat

Image source: High Craft Builders via Pinterest

This master bath makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a Japanese garden, doing a wonderful job of creating a calm, zen-like appeal.  High Craft Builders via Pinterest utilizes a perfect mix of modern tile with natural touches, like the wood stepping stones surrounded by river pebbles.

Plus, the freestanding tub sitting at a lower level than the shower is an excellent touch. Having to step down to get to the tub adds to the garden feel. 

5. Surrounded By Color

Image source: Residential Design Services

If you love color, then why not surround yourself with it in your master bathroom? Especially if your favorite color is a restful, yet cheery, turquoise like in this bathroom from Residential Design Services.

The matching tile in the shower and on the floor pop off of the white vanity and other fixtures, while the varying pattern on the side wall helps keep the color from becoming too overwhelming. 

6. Small but Stately

Image source: Lauren Paxton via Pinterest

Although you might assume master bathrooms need to be large and spacious, they just need to be comfortable and beautiful. In this smaller master bathroom from Lauren Paxton via Pinterest, the space is narrow, but every inch is utilized efficiently.

There’s plenty of room for storage, a large shower, and ample vanity space. There might not be a bathtub, but that’s okay because the luxe finishes and huge shower make up for it. 

7. Charming Chandelier

Image source: House of Jade Interiors

Not many people might think of hanging a chandelier in a bathroom; after all, aren’t those supposed to go in the dining room and formal spaces?

Sure, but that’s not the only place to show off a charming light fixture, like this one from House of Jade Interiors. Typically, if hanging a chandelier in your master bathroom, popular locations are the center of the room or over the bathtub area. 

8. Split the Vanities

Image source: Seattle Style Remodel via Instagram

Double vanities are fairly common in master bathrooms; they help make it easier for two people to get ready simultaneously, thereby decreasing arguments. It’s a win-win. But, double vanities don’t just have to be side-by-side.

Add a sense of symmetry to your space by splitting the vanities on either side of the room, like Seattle Style Remodel via Instagram. It gives each person even more room, and the charming tub becomes the room’s focal point. 

9. Jetted Tub

Image source: Wayfair

Master bathrooms are all about being your personal at-home spa paradise. And, what better way to say luxury spa retreat than a whirlpool tub with bubbling jets? Nowadays jetted tubs come in so many sizes, shapes, and styles, you can incorporate one into your master bathroom no matter what your design preference.

This relaxing beauty from  Wayfair is the perfect addition to a rustic-modern space, more traditional bathroom, or even a zen-inspired ensuite.

10. Farmhouse Master Bathroom

Image source: 111 Light Lane

This simple but charming master bathroom from 111 Light Lane provides a chic farmhouse style complete with cozy and warm touches. The modern black vanity lights, plumbing fixtures, and framed mirrors help balance the all-white tiled walls and vanity.

Finally, natural elements, like the wicker basket, small wooden footstool, and various bits of greenery, help bring in some rustic charm, while the rug’s colors and texture tie everything together. 

11. A Cozy Fireplace

Image source: Judi Marash via Pinterest

If you have the space and the means, make your master bathroom the ultimate warm and inviting ensuite with a fireplace. Yep, believe it or not, people do put a fireplace in their bathroom, and it completely elevates the entire design, like in this stunner from Judi Marash via Pinterest.

The tile, arched ceiling, stunning tub, and opulent chandelier all combine with the mirrored fireplace to create a glam and elegant master ensuite. 

12. Industrial Master Bathroom

Image source: The Boston Globe

If marble, white walls, and sparkling chandeliers aren’t your top design choices, not a problem. The great thing about design is that there are so many different styles and options to choose from and play with, that you can find something that suits your style to a tee.

For example, if the industrial or urban loft vibe is more your speed, check out this bathroom from The Boston Globe. A silver-plated tub pops against exposed brick walls, all grounded by the oversized black tiles on the floor.

13. Tub with a View

Image source: Reddit

Okay, this bathroom is gorgeous. But, take a good look; the bathroom is a mix of gray tiles and glass, with some amazing gold shower fixtures to boot. But, where the real wow factor in this bathroom from Reddit comes in is the view of the mountains in Aspen.

Of course, you might not live in the mountains, but if you have a great view, take advantage of it by installing floor to ceiling windows. 

14. Tuscan Master Bath

Image source: Zillow via Pinterest

One way to get some design inspiration for your master bathroom is to think about some of your most favorite places that you’ve traveled to. For some, it’s Paris, while others dream of going back to a lush tropical island.

Still, for others, it’s perhaps a trip to Italy, enjoying Tuscany or Venice. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out this Old World, Tuscan-inspired bathroom from Zillow via Pinterest.

15. Hollywood Glam

Image source: Atlanta Magazine

If you prefer a more feminine look for your master bathroom, take a trip back to Old Hollywood, or snag some inspiration from this pretty in pink bathroom from Atlanta Magazine.

The soft pink on the walls blends with the retro-style vanity, complete with glass knobs that add that classic Holywood glam sparkle. The pink tones also flow well with the marble-tiled floors, while the silver tub takes center stage.

16. Luxe Log Cabin

Image source: Log Home Living

On the opposite end of the spectrum from Hollywood glam, you can find log cabin life. Whether you live in a mountain cabin, have a getaway retreat, or just want to feel like you do, creating a rustic, cabin-inspired master ensuite is a great way to always feel like you’re on a wilderness retreat.

Log Home Living does a great job. The various woods mix well together, and the stone floor and metal ceiling help keep the whole space balanced and beautiful. 

17. Art Deco-Inspired

Image source: HGTV

This spacious and stunning bathroom from HGTV takes Old Hollywood and shows off the Art Deco touches that are so iconic from the era. The geometric patterns along the front of the dark vanity and the chrome fixtures play perfectly together with the marble floor, shower walls, and vanity top.

The oversized mirror and glass shower surround keep things bright, as does the soft-patterned wallpaper throughout the space and the plush settee. 

18. Marvelous Marble

Image source: Maison de Pax

This classic, elegant master bathroom from Maison de Pax features stunning marble set against white walls. It offers a timeless style that’s perfect for those wanting a clean and fresh look.

The gold chandelier becomes a real eye-catcher, as does the gorgeous rug that adds a splash of color to space. You can keep this look simple as it’s done here, or bring in some greenery and flowers or other special elements to add some personal touches. 

19. Let It Rain

Image source: Vigo Industries via Instagram

We want this shower, and we want it now. How could you not fall in love with this whole setup from Vigo Industries via Instagram? The choice of neutral tiles paired with the skylight and oversized rainfall showerhead creates the feeling as if you’re showering outside in a secret garden.

Plus, the shower is spacious and perfect for two. We love the plants on the wall, too, which help add to the whole experience.

20. Dark and Dramatic

Image source: Aspire

Okay, so this dark master bathroom might seem a bit unlike many of the bright bathrooms you imagine when you think of retreat-type spaces. But, we know that everyone has different style preferences and we aim to gather a variety of inspiration so you can find something that speaks to you.

This dramatic bathroom from Aspire looks like it could be situated in a castle in some mystical land. The large window keeps things from feeling cave-like. 

21. Wow-Factor Ceiling

Image source: Hagstrom Builder via Pinterest

There is no denying that the star in this bathroom is the amazing arched ceiling, covered in beautiful wood slats, from Hagstrom Builder via Pinterest. You can’t help but look up when you enter the space.

When you’re soaking in the tub, this is certainly one ceiling you don’t mind staring at. If wood isn’t your thing, you can still create a statement ceiling through paint, texture, or other materials like metal or tile.

22. Use Architectural Features

Image source: PAINT via Instagram

Embrace the architectural features in your space (or create some of your own), like this fantastic archway in this bathroom from PAINT via Instagram. Instead of getting rid of the arch, it becomes the perfect frame for the tub area and window.

Matching mirrors and vanities on either side help create a beautiful symmetry, making the whole space one beautiful picture. We also love the contrasting tile work on the floor, which helps define the two spaces. 

23. All White and Bright

Image source: Rebecca Santos via Pinterest

Keeping everything all white certainly doesn’t have to be boring, as this bathroom from Rebecca Santos via Pinterest proves. Here, everything is white, but changing up the patterns keeps things interesting, from the diamond pattern on the wallpaper to the chevron tile on the floor.

Plus, the room is full of architectural details and little curves, as well as sparkling mirrors and a chandelier, that make you feel like you’re in a palace. 

24. Regal Vibes

Image source: Goodwin Foust

Speaking of palaces, if you were to check in to a royal estate for a few days, you might end up in a bathroom just like this one from Goodwin Foust. It’s traditional and stately, with just the right touch of elegance.

The large soaking tub by the window offers a great view of the gardens, and you can’t miss the absolutely huge vanity area and mirror. We also love the variety of lighting in this bathroom.

25. Style in a Small Package

Image source: Clever Housewife

Sometimes, small bathrooms become the most fun to design because you can really let your creative juices flow to make the most of the small space. In this narrow ensuite from the Clever Housewife, a fun and colorful wallpaper is just the right pop against the white and gray palette.

The all-glass shower helps keep the space feeling open and airy, and the pattern on the floor provides just the right element to ground the whole look. 

26. Eye-Catching Tile

Image source: Cancos Tile via Instagram

This modern master bathroom from Cancos Tile via Instagram marries together some rustic and industrial touches. From the neutral color palette to the materials, like the concrete sinks atop wooden vanities, you get thoughtful touches that come together to create a fabulous design.

The bold pattern on the floor draws your eye in and helps expand the space, keeping all of the pattern in one location.  

27. Shower Room

Image source: The English Room

This bathroom takes the concept of a shower to a whole other level. The English Room showcases a bathroom that features an entire shower room, complete with a wall-length built-in bench, an amazing hex-tile floor that adds a vintage touch, and multiple gold showerheads.

In addition to handheld sprayers on the wall, there’s also a rainfall showerhead in the center of the space. This is one wet room that you could stay in for a while. 

28. Fun with Flooring

Image source: Amanda Barbosa via Pinterest

If you’re going to keep your bathroom’s design somewhat subdued and neutral, choose one spot to let loose and have some fun. For example, in this master ensuite from Amanda Barbosa via Pinterest, the walls are a neutral tile, the vanity is clean and simple, and the decor is minimal.

But, then, you get to the floor, which features amazing star tiles that instantly become a focal point and add a dash of personality to the space. 

29. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Image source: Ashley Holleran via Pinterest

This modern glam master bathroom from Ashley Holleran via Pinterest uses a mirror tile backsplash from the ceiling to the vanity, then hangs two mirrors on top, creating the ultimate sparkle in this bathroom.

The whole wall bounces light around the room, making the space feel bright and luxe. It’s a great choice for a small bathroom since the extra light can help make the space feel bigger.

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30. Vintage-Inspired Master Bathroom

Image source: This Old House

If you live in an older home, consider embracing some of the original features and adding some retro or vintage touches. In this master bathroom from This Old House, you definitely get a vintage feel, from the white subway tile with black border tiles to the hex-tile floor with inlaid black tiles.

The two matching pedestal sinks add to the whole look, and the milk-glass wall sconces are just the right touch. 

31. A Statement Tub

Image source: Our Carolina Home Build via Instagram

One way to create a posh and lavish master ensuite, no matter what your style or what size you’re working with, is to add a unique feature. Sometimes it might be artwork, a quirky tile, or as previously mentioned, a fireplace.

But, in this master bathroom from Our Carolina Home Build via Instagram, the key feature is undoubtedly the freestanding copper soaking tub that takes center stage. It really pops against the light tile and moody gray walls. 

32. Pendant Lights

Image source: Carla Aston Designed

Your master bathroom is a perfect place to splurge and opt for design choices that can elevate the overlook feel in the room. Opt for items that stand out and go beyond the basics.

For example, in this ensuite from Carla Aston Designed, large pendant lights replace the typical vanity bar lighting or wall sconces. They hang down in front of the large triple mirrors, doubling the light in the space. 

33. Clean and Contemporary

Image source: Drury Designs

Mixing modern and classic elements together is a match made in Heaven. This contemporary master bathroom from Drury Designs includes modern touches and bits of classic design that work very well together.

The sleek vanity and matching floating shelves are just the right complement to the marble backsplash, soft white curtains, and fur-covered stool. The wall-mounted TV stays small so it doesn’t take away from the design. 

34. Moody Mid-Century

Image source: Vivir Design via Instagram

This bathroom makes you feel like you’ve stepped into some swank club in the 1960s. It blends just the right touches of mid-century modern design with more contemporary elements.

Vivir Design via Instagram uses a bold, black tile backsplash to set off the rest o the design, which includes stunning brushed gold mirrors, handles, and wall-mounted faucets. The hex-tile floor is just the right match for the style, as are the globe wall sconces. 

35. Repeat a Pattern

Image source: Mae via Pinterest

This master bathroom from Mae via Pinterest is absolutely stunning on so many levels, it takes our breath away. It’s opulent and lush without feeling like it’s too over the top.

The freestanding soaking tub takes center stage, and a beautiful quatrefoil pattern repeats throughout the space, creating unity and balance. You see it on the floor, dressing table backsplash, and even in the back of the chair. And, let’s not forget about this gorgeous chandelier. 

36. Island Paradise

Image source: Linehan Real Estate via Instagram

Many newer homes today feature expansive master ensuites that are made to impress and create a relaxing getaway. This one from Linehan Real Estate via Instagram is no exception, featuring a growing trend in large master bathrooms, an island.

It becomes the perfect place for storage, getting ready, and even folding clothes as many bathrooms have become laundry combos. We like how the base of this island features natural wood tones; it plays well against the white and gray palette. 

37. Infinity Sink

Image source: Signature Hardware

Once again, choosing special features for your master bathroom is a great way to create a high-end design, especially if you can’t go with an entire remodel. One way to do this is to take an element that you typically find in a bathroom, and choose a unique version of it.

For example, consider this infinity sink from Signature Hardware. It features two separate pieces of black granite, so you could easily convert it to a vessel sink if you wish. 

38. Back to the Future

Image source: The Remodel Group

If you prefer a more ultra-modern design, this more futuristic style bathroom from The Remodel Group could be just the ticket. It features all-black tile walls and a dark tile floor, providing the perfect contrast to the white tub, unique sink, and other elements.

Bright orange towels add some pops of color while fresh greenery in the four down-lit recessed wall shelves helps soften the whole look. 

39. Spa-Like Retreat

Image source: Construction 2 Style

When you step into this master bathroom from Construction 2 Style, you instantly feel like you’ve entered a relaxing spa in some posh wilderness lodge in the mountains. The wood and white palette is a classic, and for good reason; it’s gorgeous.

The large windows allow in natural light and an incredible view. Finally, the chrome fixtures, glass vessel sinks, and clean lines throughout the space keep everything feeling relaxed, fresh, and perfect.