26 Unique Bathroom Lighting Ideas To Check Out In 2024

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

You’ve picked the exact color of tile that you want for your bathroom, the vanity, and maybe even the mirror, and now it’s time for you to choose a bathroom light fixture. When you’ve put a lot of thought into the design of your room, you want to choose just the right lighting to accent it.

There are numerous styles of bathroom lighting to choose from. Your choice will be influenced by a number of factors including the size of the room, height of the ceiling, overall design theme, and even the colors in the bathroom

We have collected 26 bathroom lighting ideas that we know you’ll love. Even if you don’t love them all, we’re confident that you will find at least one that will help you decide which light fixture you want to choose for your bathroom project. Let’s get started!

1. Recycled Glass Sconce

Image source: Pottery Barn

This Duvall recycled glass sconce has a beautiful textured glass shade and bronze-finished metal fixture. The minimalist style is on-trend and fits with a variety of design and decorating styles. 

This Pottery Barn light fixture is compatible with a dimmer switch if that’s something that you want to add to your bathroom. You can be assured that this light will hold up in a moisture-filled bathroom because it’s actually made for both indoor and outdoor use.

In the bathroom that’s featured in the photo, a bronze-finished metal-framed mirror is placed above a sink with bronze-finished hardware. The recycled glass sconce goes nicely with these other features.

2. Globe Lighting

Image source: IKEA

If you’re looking for bathroom lighting that is simple yet effective, then globe lighting may be the way to go. The lights used in this IKEA bathroom offer plenty of bright lighting to the room. The style of the light fixtures is one that will coordinate nicely with a variety of decors. 

If you want the mounting plate to match the hardware used in your bathroom, you can find globe lighting that has options for the hardware finish. In the bathroom pictured, the white mounting plate blends nicely with the white wainscoted wall.

3. Industrial Style

Image source: Target

These industrial-style vanity lights are perfect for a bathroom with industrial or farmhouse-style decor. The black finish is applied over the steel-constructed fixture and is sleek and stylish.

While you can use whatever style of lightbulb that you prefer, we recommend using a retro-style bulb like the ones shown in this photo. It just gives the light fixture more style!

You can choose whether to install these Target vanity lights pointing downwards or you can flip the light fixture to install them pointing upwards. The clear glass open shades allow the maximum amount of light to pass through to brighten up your bathroom.

4. Brushed Brass and White

Image source: Young House Love

The brass-finish hardware in this bathroom provides elegance to this modern yet feminine bathroom style. We like the appearance of a single brushed-brass and white sconce mounted above each brass-framed mirror. The style is sleek with straight lines and a clean appearance. 

Young House Love did a great job styling this bathroom. The mirrors have a retro vibe which gives this bathroom lots of character. The room has a nice juxtaposition of both retro-style and modern-style accents. 

Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition to any room. They brighten up the room and make it a more cheerful environment. In this case, the pale pink flowers make it more feminine.

5. Glossy Black Finish

Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

A masculine style bathroom needs the perfect light fixture to accent the style. This bathroom design by Flynnside Out Productions is the perfect example. In this case, a vanity light with a glossy black finish looks stylish and complements the overall design. 

This black finish paired with stainless steel hardware both on the light fixture and the sink looks luxurious. The light fixture is the perfect fit with the black and gray tile throughout this bathroom and its overall style. 

We are also loving the unique framed painting above the toilet that shows a dog dressed up in a suit. It adds a playful accent to the room!

6. Mirror with Light Attached

Image source: Annie Schlechter

Combine a mirror with a light for a two-in-one bathroom fixture. In this Annie Schlechter design, the circular bathroom mirror has a light attached that provides lots of light where you need it most. This type of mirror is great for applying makeup or for anything that you need to be able to see up close and in a well-lit environment. 

This rustic bathroom features natural stone walls and beautiful exposed support beams in the ceiling. The large soaking bathtub makes this a rustic yet comfortable bathroom. We are also loving the Turkish towels hanging from a long rack on the wall.

7. Pendant Lighting

Image source: Adore Magazine

If you have a bathroom with tall ceilings, a hanging pendant light is a great option. These can work in smaller bathrooms as well, but they won’t interfere with headroom when installed in a bathroom with higher ceilings.

In this bathroom featured by Adore Magazine, a minimalist style white pendant light hangs from a single rope. The overall style of the bathroom is minimalist, with clean lines and a black and white color scheme. The pendant pairs nicely with the design and style of this bathroom. 

We are loving the modern style of the soaking tub in this bathroom. It’s a refreshing take on the traditional clawfoot tub.

8. Candlelight

Image source: Studio McGee

While these aren’t real candlesticks, they are a lot safer as they’re electric-powered candles. Avoid the fire risk of having candles with burning flames when you opt for these candles that can be turned on with the flip of a switch.

This Studio McGee bathroom design is feminine and romantic. While the candlestick sconces have somewhat of an old-world vibe, the straight and clean lines along with the stainless steel fixtures give them a modern flair.

The white marble sink is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious. The wallpaper features weeping willow-style vegetation in light grays and taupe.

9. Backlit Mirror

Image source: Immerse St. Louise

Another option for combining both the bathroom lighting with the bathroom mirror is to have a backlit mirror like the one shown in this Immerse St. Louis design. As with the earlier idea of having a mirror with an attached light, this design also allows plenty of light for a well-lit area to apply makeup.

This bathroom has a very neutral color scheme with a no-nonsense feel. It has all of the essentials and nothing more. The brown and white flooring helps tie in the color of the walls and tile with the white vanity and sink.

10. Tube Lighting

Image source: Design Shop Interiors

We are loving the vintage style of this bathroom design by Design Shop Interiors. The tube lighting fits this decor style perfectly. The brass accents are gorgeous and are the perfect touch for this bathroom.

The look of the glossy black wood paneling paired with the distressed fleur gray wallpaper adds to the vintage effect. The sink is unique and adds a lot of character to the room, as does the folding mirror. 

As mentioned previously, we always like seeing fresh flowers or greenery displayed in a room because it helps add a special element to the room. The pink roses in this bathroom are feminine and pretty.

11. Nautical Style

Image source: Digs Design Co.

This nautical-style bathroom is accentuated by the seaside-style light fixture that’s hanging above the circular rope-framed mirror. The navy blue shade matches the navy blue vanity perfectly in this bathroom featured by Digs Design Co.

If your bathroom is decorated with a special theme, choose a bathroom light fixture that coordinates with the look. You definitely don’t want a perfectly styled room ruined by a boring light fixture.

This bathroom is designed for children, but it’s stylish and not corny in any way. It could easily be converted into a bathroom for adults by simply removing the footstool and the “splish splash” rug.

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12. Recessed Lighting

Image source: Chango & Co.

You can save space in your bathroom by using recessed lighting instead of light fixtures. This Chango & Co. bathroom features simple white recessed lights above both of the mirrors and sinks in the double vanity. 

The woven appearance of the flooring in this bathroom is busy and so the rest of the bathroom doesn’t need much in terms of color, patterns, or texture. The white walls and vanity are perfect for this bathroom.

The black and white framed photos above the toilet are a beautiful accent in this luxuriously elegant bathroom design.

13. Chandelier

Image source: Melanie Acevedo

There isn’t much more glamorous than a crystal chandelier! If you are going for a chic and glamorous bathroom style, we suggest a chandelier like this one used in this Melanie Acevedo bathroom design. 

This particular chandelier that’s pictured has black candlestick lighting that gives it extra style and character. The powder blue velvet ottoman adds to the effect. This bathroom has a southern elegance that we love.

While a chandelier alone may not provide the amount of lighting that’s ideal for the bathroom, you can also mount sconces around the mirror for added light. In this bathroom, there is an abundance of natural light that can come in through the large windows.

14. Bubble Lights

Image source: Tamara Eaton Design

Not only do bubble lights add lighting to the room, but they’re absolutely stunning. They are a piece of statement art. This bathroom has numerous unique accents that give it character.

This room is part of a small apartment. As you can see, the bathroom is basically a part of the living room area. But just because the space is small doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

In addition to the bubble light, this bathroom also has a beautiful stained glass window, a fur rug, and pink and purple glass perfume bottles. This is a gorgeous bathroom designed by Tamara Eaton Design.

15. Fireplace

Image source: Hinkley Lighting

For an ultimately relaxing experience, you could install a large soaking tub next to a fireplace. Not only will the fireplace provide extra heat in the room, but it will also give off a nice romantic glow.

In addition to the fireplace, Hinkley Lighting has also added a geometric-style pendant light to this room. Obviously, you don’t want to have to rely on a fireplace alone for the lighting in the bathroom. 

This space is modern and looks like a cozy place to soak in the tub, especially on a cold winter day when you can run the fireplace!

16. Modern Vintage Pendant

Image source: My Lighting Source

The words “modern” and “vintage” seem to be total opposites, but in this case, they pair together nicely. The style of the pendant and the overall bathroom style could be described as both modern and vintage. 

My Lighting Source shows this pendant hanging in a small bathroom. It works nicely hanging above the vanity and sink area. The style of the glass globes and the brass finish add character to the room.

We are also loving the pattern on the walls. You could install wallpaper like this or simply paint it on the walls yourself.

17. Metallic Cone Light Pendant

Image source: Lynn Blackwell

The metallic cone light pendant is another option if you love the look of pendant lighting in the bathroom. This one featured by Lynn Blackwell certainly has a lot of character. They have also added recessed lighting in the shower area.

How gorgeous is the large oval soaking tub? The gold-metallic finish on the faucet hardware as well as in the shower pair nicely with the metallic cone light pendant. These features help tie everything together in this room. 

The Aztec print towel laying on the side of the tub gives this room an additional style and character. We are loving it!

18. Floral Inspired

Image source: Dominique Delaney Interiors

In a bathroom with floral wallpaper, these floral-inspired sconces are the perfect addition. The wall-mounted light fixtures look like a bouquet of flowers. It’s a unique look that adds a whimsical appeal.

The overall appearance of this Dominique Delaney Interiors bathroom is feminine and romantic. It is bright, light, and airy. The addition of fresh flowers also adds to the aesthetic.

The round beaded framed mirror is also a nice accent to this bathroom and it adds texture to the room.

19. Rustic Style

rustic style
Image source: Architectural Digest

A rustic-style bathroom can be given an element of elegance when you add a lantern-style pendant light. This particular light features bulbs that look like candlesticks, which gives the room a romantic feel.

The designer has also added wall sconces on each side of the two mirrors. In addition, there is a vanity-style table with two table lamps. There is plenty of lighting added to the room, plus there are large windows that allow in natural light.

The large basin-style bathtub is gorgeous and unique in its texture and appearance. This bathroom was featured by Architectural Digest.

20. Hollywood Style Vanity

hollywood style vanity
Image source: Annie Hall Interiors

Depending on your preferred style and taste, you may love the look of a Hollywood-style vanity. Not only are the bulbs surrounding the mirrors stylish, but they add lots of lighting so that you can see yourself clearly in the mirror.

The Hollywood-style vanity used in this Annie Hall Interiors bathroom design features a black frame that surrounds each mirror and the white lightbulbs are attached to it. It looks stunning with the overall black and white color scheme used in this bathroom.

The word “glamorous” comes to mind when describing this bathroom. The shiny silver legs on the vanity add to this aesthetic.

21. Natural Lighting

natural lighting
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture + Interiors

If your home is set on land that is private and you don’t have to worry about people being able to see in your windows, then you may consider having a couple of glass walls in your bathroom design because they allow plenty of natural light to come into the room.

In this Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture + Interiors bathroom design, floor to ceiling windows cover two walls. There are curtains that can be pulled across if you need extra privacy. If that is the case, there is recessed lighting placed in the ceiling.

The black and white clawfoot tub is gorgeous in this black and white bathroom!

22. Statement Chandelier

statement chandelier
Image source: Alice Lane Interior Design

A statement chandelier is always a good addition. If you want to add something unique, this is the way to go. In this bathroom, the pendant lighting resembles water coral. The appearance adds to the eclectic style of this bathroom. 

Alice Lane Interior Design uses a brown, black, and white color scheme. There is a mixture of prints and styles that go well together including a black and white diamond-patterned floor, black and white marble, and curtains with a unique design. 

The addition of the plant in the corner of the room adds a special element that pairs nicely with the overall design.

23. Edison Style

Edison Style
Image source: Carl Mattison Design

Edison-style light bulbs add a vintage look to almost any style of a light fixture. In this Carl Mattison Design, black vanity fixtures are used with the Edison light bulbs, and the two pair together very well. 

We are loving the gray subway tile that lines the wall behind the vanity. The darker gray vanity cabinets are beautiful. To add to the vintage style of this bathroom, the brass-framed mirrors and antique-looking jars coordinate nicely.

Overall, this is a bathroom design that we would love to have in our homes. It has character without being over the top and looks like a relaxing place to get ready for the day.

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24. Rope Pendant Lighting

rope pendant lighting
Image source: HGTV

Pendant light globes are hanging from ropes in this unique bathroom. They add both texture and style to the design of the room. 

For additional light, the designer has added retro-style black and glass-style wall sconces that blend in with the black shiplap wall behind them. The white countertop separates the black wall and the bright green cabinetry.

This unique bathroom style was featured by HGTV. The overall design is warm and inviting and would be the perfect place to freshen up. The plants in terracotta pots are a nice addition!

25. Lantern Style

lantern style
Image source: Tate Interiors

We have already seen how a lantern-style pendant light can add style and character to a rustic-style room, but here is another example in a different style of bathroom designed by Tate Interiors.

This geometric lantern features black iron rectangle-shaped cubes with candle-style lighting. It adds a romantic vibe to the bathroom.

A round stainless-steel bathtub fits into one corner of the room. It’s certainly one-of-a-kind and looks like a comfortable place to soak in a bubble bath. If soaking isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there’s a spacious shower in this bathroom too!

26. Art Deco

art deco
Image source: HGTV

This Art-Deco-inspired bathroom features artistic elements that make it stand out from the norm. The wall-sconces themselves are uniquely shaped with a simple straight line that transitions into a curved line that separates two globe lights.

The vintage-style sinks feature brass legs for support. This hardware matches the two retro mirrors above each sink. A spacious shower with glass doors is along one side of the bathroom. Tile flooring and walls make for a luxurious appearance. 

HGTV featured this impressive bathroom as inspiration for bathroom design! It’s certainly inspirational.