38 Of The Best Blue Bathroom Ideas With Pictures

Blue Bathroom Ideas

The color blue is an ideal color for any bathroom. Typically, the bathroom is a place to go for a shower and to be refreshed. The color blue invokes feelings of calmness and serenity. Sounds like the perfect color for a bathroom; wouldn’t you agree?

There are a variety of shades of blue that you can choose from, which makes the design options endless. You can go with royal blue, slate, sky blue, navy blue, indigo, or cobalt, just to name a few! You can pick just one or choose a few to add to your bathroom design.

We’ve included a variety of ideas for a blue bathroom that feature numerous shades of blue. You will find ideas for your walls, flooring, accessories, and more. Create a Pinterest board to save all of the ideas that you love! We’re sure you will find more than a few in this article.

1. Bright Blue Framed Mirror

bright blue framed mirror
Image source: Lowe's

Another idea is to hang a large blue-framed mirror above the vanity. It looks especially gorgeous when the vanity is the same color blue, like this one from Lowe’s. We love how the gold hardware looks against this bright blue color.

2. Blue Ombre Vanity Drawers

blue ombre vanity drawers
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

Can’t settle on a shade of blue? Then go with the ombre effect and include them all! We are loving these blue ombre vanity drawers featured by Brian Patrick Flynn. Always put the darkest shade towards the bottom because darker colors appear heavier than lighter shades of colors do.

3. Blue and White Porcelain Accesories

blue and white porcelain accessories
Image source: Williams-Sonoma

Blue and white porcelain accessories can add a classic elegance to any room. This particular set is from Williams-Sonoma and features chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, and orchid designs.

These accessories are trimmed, stamped, and glazed by hand. You can pick and choose which pieces you would find most useful in your bathroom.

4. Patterned Blue Wallpaper

patterned blue wallpaper
Image source: Jungalow

This bathroom is brilliantly blue with various shades of blue. The patterned blue wallpaper features leaf patterns in navy blue, royal blue, and turquoise blue.

We love the pattern mixing going on between this wallpaper and the blue hexagon-shaped tiles on the lower half of the wall in this Jungalow bathroom design.

5. Blue Glass Vessel Sink

blue glass vessel sink
Image source: Build with Ferguson

How gorgeous is this blue glass vessel sink that was featured by Build with Ferguson? Not only is the style unique, but the added addition of the blue glass is especially striking. If you’re going to decorate your bathroom with the color blue, you definitely need to add one of these sinks!

6. Blue Vanity

blue vanity
Image source: 2 Bees in a Pod

In this bathroom design by 2 Bees in a Pod, the designer uses a blue vanity in a gorgeous shade of blue. This paired with the pretty floral wallpaper is a fantastic idea for incorporating the color blue into your bathroom design and decor.

7. Glossy Navy Blue Tile

glossy navy blue tile
Image source: Topps Tiles

The glossy navy blue tile in this bathroom design gives it a sophisticated appearance. We like how Topps Tiles placed the tile in a vertical fashion as opposed to the traditional horizontal look.

The golden accents and the floating shelf give it a modern element. It’s simply beautiful!

8. Denim Blue Hexagon Floor Tile

denim blue hexagon floor tile
Image source: Mercury Mosaics

This denim blue hexagon floor tile from Mercury Mosaics is a pretty shade of blue that looks great with white. The hexagon shape gives the room character and adds texture to the room.

This bathroom style is very simple, but with the hexagon floor tile and the rectangle subway tile in the shower, it’s all that’s needed in this design.

9. Blue and Terracotta

blue and terracotta
Image source: Studio DIY

If you want to go with something unique, try this brilliant blue and terracotta look. Studio DIY designed this kids’ bathroom with an animal theme and jewel tones.

The overall style is eclectic and fun with tiger print wallpaper, a tasseled shower curtain, a bright orange bath mat, and terracotta accents.

10. Glass Mosaic

Glass Mosaic
Image source: New Ravenna

This glass mosaic backsplash featured by New Ravenna is artsy and features numerous shades of blue. You could use this technique to create a variety of designs in the glass mosaic style. It’s gorgeous and would surely get lots of admiring compliments.

11. Starry Night Sky

starry night sky
Image source: Eclipse Design Studio LLC.

What better way to feature the color blue than featuring a starry night sky painted on the ceiling? This idea makes this Eclipse Design Studio LLC. bathroom design magical. It’s perfect for a kids’ bathroom, especially when paired with a nautical design theme.

12. Painted Geometric Design

painted geometric design
Image source: Kohler Bathrooms

An easy way to add style, character, and color to your bathroom is by painting a geometric design on a wall. The light blue color of the geometric shape in this bathroom is a cool color that makes this bathroom refreshing. This particular design was featured by Kohler Bathrooms.

13. Pewter Seafoam Vanity Lights

pewter seafoam vanity lights
Image source: Shades of Light

We are loving the look of these pewter seafoam vanity lights above the straw framed mirror in this Shades of Light bathroom design. The style of the lights is a classic, dome-shaped one, but the color is new and unique. As the name suggests, this is the perfect design for a seaside-themed bathroom.

14. Navy Blue Woven Baskets

navy blue woven baskets
Image source: IKEA

Every bathroom needs plenty of storage for all of your essentials. We recommend these navy blue woven baskets from IKEA. It’s a great way to add color to your bathroom while also adding something useful for storage. These come as a set of two baskets.

15. Hexite Blend Floor Tile

Hexite Blend Floor Tile
Image source: Fireclay Tile

These Hexite blend floor tiles from Fireclay Tile allow you to use various shades of blue for your flooring, or choose one color and stick with it. You can lay the tiles strategically to create designs and shapes. Let your creativity run free and have some fun with it!

16. Pool Vibes

pool vibes
Image source: Moda By Design

Convert your shower into a space with pool vibes. In this bathroom idea featured by Moda By Design, the designer uses small blue square tiles along with white and black tiles to spell out “no diving”, and then marks the wall with 2-ft., 4-ft., and 6-ft. This design would be perfect for a swimmer!

17. Light Blue Paneling and Trim

Light Blue Paneling and Trim
Image source: Bearded Builders

Have fun with the paneling in your bathroom by going with a playful color choice to paint it with. In this Bearded Builders bathroom, they use a light blue color for the wall paneling on the lower half of the wall as well as the doors and trim. It certainly brightens up the room!

18. Ombre Striped Rug

Ombre Striped Rug
Image source: DEXI Store

This blue ombre striped rug is beautiful! It looks especially beautiful in a bathroom with white marble flooring like the one featured in this photo.

You can get this blue ombre striped rug at the DEXI Store on Amazon where it is very highly rated.

19. Slate Blue Bathtub

slate blue bathtub
Image source: Build with Ferguson

If you have a large claw foot tub or soaking tub, you can paint the outside blue to add more color to your bathroom. In this Build with Ferguson bathroom design, they painted the outside of the soaking tub a slate blue color that looks great with the beige and white accents in the room.

20. Farmhouse Blue Stripe Shower Curtain

farmhouse blue stripe shower curtain
Image source: Kirkland's

If you’re going with farmhouse-inspired decor for your bathroom, you will love this blue striped shower curtain available at Kirkland’s. The simple ivory and blue striped pattern is ideal for a bathroom. The cool colors are calming and relaxing. 

21. Blue Curtains

Blue curtains
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Be sure to add plenty of the color blue near the bathtub where you go to get refreshed and to relax. Since the color is known to create a calming environment, it’s just what you need. We’re loving these tall blue curtains for the windows in this bathroom design by Annie Schlechter.

22. Blue and White Stripes

blue and white stripes
Image source: Matki Showering

How beautiful is this bathroom with the blue and white striped wall at the top of the white steps? It goes without saying that the blue and white color combination is a good one.

In this bathroom, Matki Showering uses small blue square tiles in the shower area with white grouting. 

23. Shark Themed

Shark Themed
Image source: Where the Smiles Have Been

This shark-themed bathroom is perfect for a little boy. The bright blue shower curtain with dark blue sharks is bright and vibrant and goes with the bathroom decor perfectly.

We are loving the white wall with the blue confetti triangles in this bathroom featured by Where the Smiles Have Been.

24. Monogrammed Bath Towel

monogrammed bath towel
Image source: Neiman Marcus

Personalize your bathroom with monogrammed bath towels from Neiman Marcus. These bright blue towels with white monogramming are beautiful! Plus, who doesn’t love a plush and soft towel to wrap up in after a bath or shower? Get a set for everyone in the family!

25. Ombre Mason Jars

ombre mason jars
Image source: Light of Bella

Here is another idea to use the blue ombre look in your bathroom. In this idea, Light of Bella paints mason jars in an ombre pattern and then ties a string of twine into a ribbon around the tops of the jars. This rustic look is cute!

26. Both New and Old

both new and old
Image source: Vogue Living

Combine elements of both new and old styles for a unique effect. In this bathroom featured by Vogue Living, the designer utilized classic looks paired with modern touches to create this style.

There is an abundance of blue in this bathroom, including the blue tiling and blue patterned wallpaper.

27. Blue Marble

blue marble
Image source: Elle Decor

We’ve seen a lot of the gray and white marble look, but this is the first we’ve seen blue and white marble. The style of this bathtub and shower combination is unique and luxurious. In fact, it’s in a mansion in New Jersey and was featured by Elle Decor.

28. Blue Terrazzo

blue terrazzo
Image source: Mandarin Stone

If you want to use blue in your bathroom but in a subtle way, then try blue terrazzo-style tiles. There are various shades of blue featured in this tile and the overall pattern adds a lot of texture to the room. It looks great paired with the navy blue high gloss subway tile in this design featured by Mandarin Stone.

29. Blue and Pink Contrast

blue and pink contrast
Image source: Mandarin Stone

Blue and pink placed together contrast nicely and provide depth to your design. In this bathroom by Mandarin Stone, they use hexagon-shaped navy blue tile and white and blue-tiled floor next to a painted pink wall. The color pink is unexpected but the contrast is beautiful!

30. Hanging Storage

hanging storage
Image source: IKEA

This hanging storage from IKEA coordinated with the woven baskets that we shared earlier on in this list. This is an efficient way to store and organize your bathroom supplies and essentials. This hanging storage system looks gorgeous against the blue and white tile on the wall behind it.

31. Penny Tile

penny tile
Image source: HGTV

Penny tile is intricately laid and provides an abundance of texture to the room. The various shades of blue of the penny tile used in this bathroom featured by HGTV create a gorgeous look!

The rest of the elements in the bedroom are white, with the exception of the wooden vanity. The penny tile offers plenty of color for this room!

32. Plaid

Image source: Design by Dama

This bathroom featuring white and blue plaid walls is ideal for a country home or cottage setting. We love how Design by Dama paired the blue and white plaid with blue-painted paneling. The result is beautiful! It has somewhat of a 90s style vibe, but with modern elements added it looks nice.

33. Printed Wallpaper and Painted Paneling

printed wallpaper and painted paneling
Image source: Style by Emily Henderson

Similar to the last bathroom design that we shared, this Style by Emily Henderson bathroom features painted blue paneling on the lower half of the wall and printed wallpaper on the top. The difference is that this bathroom is much more modern looking. Either way, we love the look of printed wallpaper with painted wood paneling.

34. Blue Pedestal Sink

blue pedestal sink
Image source: The Interior Editor

Tap into a more vintage style with a blue pedestal sink like this one featured by The Interior Editor. It blends seamlessly with the blue and white printed wallpaper and the blue-tiled floor below. This bathroom style is perfect for anyone who wants to go all-out with the color blue.

35. Inset Shower Shelf

inset shower shelf
Image source: Fiorella Design

Even if you use white subway tile in your shower, you could include an inset shelf with blue tiles like this one by Fiorella Design. The diamond-shaped tiles add an additional pattern to this style as well as much-needed color. We’re loving this look!

36. Moody Blue Design

moody blue
Image source: Sarah Z Design

Sarah Z Design gets it right with this moody blue design for this bathroom. The subway tile is a mixture of a dark blue and black colored tile that has lots of texture. The wallpaper is simply gorgeous with its various shades of blue. Even the vanity is a dark blue color. How beautiful! 

37. Glossy Blue Glass Wall

glossy blue glass wall
Image source: Sarah Z Design

A glossy blue accent wall is another great idea for a bathroom. The rest of this bathroom designed by Sarah Z Design is mostly shades of white and gray, which makes this glossy blue accent wall stand out all the more. It’s certainly a unique idea.

38. Eclectic

Image source: Bethany Nauert

You can also include the color blue in an eclectic style bathroom. In this Bethany Nauert bathroom, she uses baby blue tile for the vanity countertops as well as the backsplash. Even the sink is baby blue. However, the rest of the bathroom features brightly colored floral wallpaper and other accessories.