25 Nautical Inspired Bathroom Décor Ideas

Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to the nautical design style, there are a few elements that come to mind first. Imagine anchors, lighthouses, rope, the ocean, and boats. We also tend to think of certain colors like navy blue, white, red, and yellow.

While there are many bathrooms featuring these elements, there are a variety of ways that you can decorate with a nautical-inspired design theme. Even when you’re using the elements described above, you still have the option of decorating with a rustic theme, modern, or traditional style. 

We’ve compiled a list of 25 nautical bathroom décor ideas that we think will inspire your bathroom design. We recommend picking a décor piece, such as wall art, and then going with the color scheme in that piece of art as you decorate your bathroom. 

Enjoy browsing the various nautical-themed bathrooms in this list. Let’s pull up our anchor and set sail!

1. Navy and White Stripes

Navy And White Stripes
Image source: Michael Pagnotta Architect

Nothing says nautical quite as well as navy blue and white stripes like the ones we see in this Michael Pagnotta Architect bathroom design.

The style of the sink is unique and we are loving the painted navy blue and white appearance. The stainless steel frames of the mirrors are reminiscent of ship architecture and design. 

The wide stripes are color-coordinated with the rest of the bathroom decor, including a navy blue bath mat with a compass, navy blue, and a white boat print shower curtain, a sailboat figurine, and white step stools with the words wash, floss, and flush printed on it.

2. Anchor Printed Wallpaper

anchor printed wallpaper
Image source: Pottery Barn

The simple design of the wallpaper in this bathroom is perfect for this bathroom. It features navy blue anchors on a white background that is clean and stylish. The overall look of this nautical bathroom is light and airy.

This Pottery Barn bathroom also features woven hyacinth baskets for storage. The addition of the small driftwood stand with various beach-themed décor items adds character to the room. Stainless steel seems to be a fitting hardware color choice in a bathroom with a nautical theme because it resembles what one would see inside of a ship.

3. Ocean Map Shower Curtain

ocean map shower curtain
Image source: Kohl's

This ocean map shower curtain in navy blue and white is a great addition to a bathroom that is otherwise fairly neutral in color. The busy print of this Kohl’s shower curtain makes it unnecessary to add much more decor to the room. However, the matching bath mat with the compass is a nice touch to tie it all together. 

The shiplap wall is also perfect for a nautical style bathroom. We are loving the light and airy appearance of this style. It has a vintage look with a basin sink and clawfoot bathtub.

4. Lighthouse Wall Decor

Nautical Bathroom Wall Art
Image source: Adecuado Store

Lighthouses are another great decorative accent for a nautical-themed bathroom. This set of three lighthouse wall canvases feature muted colors with navy blue and ivory-colored lighthouses on a blue-green distressed background resembling wood planks.

Each canvas measured 12-inches by 16-inches and comes ready to hang with a sturdy hook. You could choose to hang these together as a set or separate them and hang them on separate walls. Another option is to simply prop these up against the wall on a shelf or countertop.

These lighthouse wall canvases are available at the Adecuado Store on Amazon.

5. Multi-Hued Blue Roman Shades

multi-hued blue roman shades
Image source: Chelsea Lauren Interiors

How gorgeous are these multi-hued blue Roman shades? The translucent appearance allows light to filter into the bathroom even when they are closed. The deep blue hues add plenty of color to the room in this Chelsea Lauren Interiors bathroom design.

The clawfoot tub looks like a comfortable place to sit and soak. The high back makes it much more comfortable than the traditional bathtub. We’re also loving the painted bottom of the tub with the white top.

This bathroom is bright and cheerful with its large window allowing in plenty of natural light. We are loving this design!

6. Boat on Water Wall Mural

boat on water wall mural
Image source: Model Remodel

This idea is perfect for a child’s bathroom design. The painted boat on the water wall mural is fun and whimsical, not to mention colorful! 

The swirled design of the navy blue and light blue color of the water resembles waves and you can practically imagine the red and blue sailboat swaying on the water. The yellow sun and seagulls complete the look. You can also see that the area around the shower is a light green color. 

Like we said, this bathroom is very colorful and perfect for a child. This bathroom was featured by Model Remodel.

7. Rope Towel Bar

rope towel bar
Image source: YJ YANJUN

You can add a rope towel bar to complete the look in your nautical bathroom. The rope gives the bathroom extra character and texture. It looks especially gorgeous with a navy blue hand towel draped on it.

This rope towel bar is available from the YJ YANJUN store on Amazon and includes the mounting hardware required to mount it to the wall. It’s made out of stainless steel and natural rustic rope. 

This same Amazon store offers a toilet paper holder that is made out of rope too. You could install both to have a matching set of accessories.

8. Porthole Mirror

porthole mirror
Image source: Nagina International

Bring the appearance of sailor life into your bathroom with a porthole mirror like this one from Nagina International. This porthole measures 12-inches in diameter and is made out of aluminum.

You can also find porthole-style mirrors that are made out of other materials or finishes such as antique brass, antique copper, brass plated, distressed metal, or a painted finish. You can find whatever matches your personal bathroom decor the best.

A porthole mirror is a unique piece that adds character to the room. It’s perfect for a nautical-themed bathroom and is sure to receive plenty of compliments.

9. Boat Rug

boat rug
Image source: IKEA

This boat rug would be a perfect addition to the child’s bathroom that we saw earlier on in the list!

This particular rug from IKEA is ideal for a spacious bathroom because of its size. This rug measures 4’4” X 5’3”, so it is larger than a typical bath mat.

We are loving this design because it is colorful and a fun print. When paired with additional colorful boat decor, it would create a really cute child’s nautical-themed bathroom.

If your child’s bathroom is attached to his or her room, you can also get coordinating bedding that matches this rug.

10. Rope-Framed Mirror

Rope Framed Mirror
Image source: Digs Design Co.

A rope-framed mirror is a great addition to a nautical-themed bathroom. In this bathroom featured by Digs Design Co., a rectangle-shaped rope-framed mirror is hung above the sink and vanity area. 

This bathroom is colorful, cheerful, and cute! We are loving the bright blue sconce lights on each side of the mirror. They are unique and fun. 

The use of blue is always acceptable in a nautical-themed bathroom. The penny tile is beautiful with its various shades of blue. The use of white features throughout the rest of the bathroom makes the blue color stand out even more.

11. Dock Cleats Nautical Towel Rack

dock cleats nautical towel rack
Image source: Beach Dweller Boutique

This dock cleats nautical towel rack is absolutely gorgeous! Its unique design makes it stand out even more. This five-shelf nautical towel rack is available from Beach Dweller Boutique on Etsy and is available in numerous finishes. This shelf was designed and built with both function and style in mind. 

Another cool fact is that the Beach Dweller Boutique promises to use only upcycled materials both for building their products and for shipping. With this nautical towel rack, you can rest assured that you are not damaging the environment with your purchase! The business promotes upcycling and recycling.

12. Wooden Buoys

wooden buoys
Image source: Duneland Fine Homes

Using painted wooden buoys as decor will give your nautical bathroom a vintage vibe. Not to mention, they add plenty of maritime-inspired colors. This Duneland Fine Homes bathroom features different wooden buoys of different colors throughout the bathroom. 

The round rope-framed mirror along with the painted wood-paneled walls creates the perfect nautical environment. It reminds us of something you might see inside of a seafood restaurant, so obviously, it’s designed with the ocean lifestyle in mind!

We are also loving the unique vanity that appears more like a table than a cabinet. It’s simple yet beautifully designed.

13. Boat Oar Decor

boat oar decor
Image source: Beachwood Place

Another one of our favorite ideas for a nautical bathroom is to display wooden boat oars as decor. These painted pieces add color to the room and give it a vintage feel.

You can display wooden boat oars in a variety of ways. One method is to mount them directly to the wall in a horizontal direction as Beachwood Place does in this bathroom design. We’ve also seen them mounted in more of a vertical direction. 

Another idea is to simply prop up a couple of boat oars in the corner. There are many options to choose from!

14. Stormy Gray Color Scheme

Stormy Gray Color Scheme
Image source: Alisberg Parker

As we know, weather on the coast or on the ocean isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are often rough storms brewing. This Alisberg Parker bathroom design displays that dark and stormy aspect of nautical life by using a stormy gray color scheme.

The gray tiles used around the shower and as a backsplash above the vanity are the perfect color of storm clouds. The sailboat printed wallpaper with ocean waves resembles a ship on a stormy sea. 

The porthole mirror and sconces beside it all give off major ship vibes and are the perfect addition to this nautical bathroom.

15. Captain’s Quarters

captain's quarters
Image source: In Detail Interiors

Enjoy the elegance of the captain’s quarters with this beautiful bathroom design. In Detail Interiors uses dark stained wood with brass accessories and hardware to achieve this look. The fish-shaped vessel sink is unique and adds muted color to the room. 

The antique brass porthole mirror and the ship steering wheel faucet handles are unique additions that give this bathroom even more character. It’s those little accents that make any room design great. 

We also love how the faucet is directly mounted to the wall versus onto a countertop. It’s a welcome change in style from traditional methods.

16. Three Whales Twine Hanging Sign

three whales twine hanging sign
Image source: Rustic Marlin

This rustic style three whales twine hanging sign is simply cute. Its classic and nautical style is perfect for the bathroom, especially when paired with other nautical decor items.

The sign measures 11-inches wide by 6-inches high and is made out of solid rustic pine. It has a vintage look that adds character to the room. We are loving the deep blue background behind the white whales.

You could hang this twine hanging sign above the toilet or near the door. It looks great hanging alone or you could choose to hang other nautical items near it. You can get this at Rustic Marlin.

17. Painted Mason Jars

painted mason jars
Image source: Wine Country Accents

Painted mason jars provide a colorful and rustic appearance. These painted mason jars with a  nautical theme are super cute! 

There is a toothbrush holder painted white with a blue anchor and a dispenser for soap or lotion with red and white stripes. Each has a twine ribbon around the top and the paint is slightly distressed to add character.

You can find these painted mason jars at the Wine Country Accents Etsy shop where they are available in a variety of styles and colors. You’re sure to find something that will match your bathroom!

18. Anchor Bath Mat

anchor bath mat
Image source: Pottery Barn

This bathroom features a double sink, each with a plush nautical navy blue bath mat with a white anchor in front of it. No more worrying about standing on a cold floor while you brush your teeth.

Navy blue subway tiles line the lower half of the wall behind the sink area. The sinks themselves are unique and their stainless silver accents make them perfect for a nautical-themed bathroom. The neatly folded coordinating towels placed on the shelves beneath the sinks are a nice touch. 

This particular bathroom is featured and styled by Pottery Barn. It’s one of our favorites!

19. Floral Anchors

floral anchors
Image source: Hobby Lobby

To add a feminine touch to a nautical style bathroom, you can display one of these floral anchor decor pieces on a shelf or on the countertop.

It has a wood plank design with a whitewashed front featuring a navy blue anchor with an attached rope and blue and white flowers and greenery around it. It’s quite beautiful! You can find this anchor with flowers artwork at Hobby Lobby.

This would be especially beautiful with a vase of fresh flowers next to it to give it an even more feminine look. We like the combination between feminine and rustic nautical styles.

20. Navy Blue

Image source: Kyle J. Caldwell

We have seen the navy blue color used in almost every single nautical bathroom that we have shared. It’s a popular color to use in a nautical-inspired bathroom design.

In this Kyle J. Caldwell bathroom, beautiful and glossy navy blue tile lines most of the walls and the shower. The wall behind the vanity area is white, which makes the glossy navy blue vanity cabinets stand out even more.

The gold or brass hardware and accents throughout the room look absolutely stunning against the navy blue color. If possible, just try to make sure that the gold or brass elements used are all matching.

21. Sailboat Wallpaper

Image source: HGTV

The brass porthole mirror used in this bathroom looks especially stunning against the deep blue wallpaper with the white sailboat print. This combination of the sailboat print wallpaper and the brass porthole mirror is perfectly nautical.

The vintage sink used in this HGTV bathroom design also adds to the nautical effect. The black hardware and bottom of the sink create a nice contrast between the blue wallpaper and the white flooring. 

The fresh flowers placed by the sink give this bathroom a feminine touch to this otherwise masculine bathroom style. It looks like a bright and cheerful place!

22. Lighthouse Wall Decal

Image source: AK Wall Art

This bathroom design is so simple, yet so striking! The black lighthouse wall decal looks amazing on the bright aqua blue wall. The large white soaking tub also stands out against the blue.

This lighthouse wall decal is easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving a residue. You can get a variety of wall decals in a variety of colors from the AK Wall Art store on Amazon.

Imagine the color combinations that you could create. A white lighthouse decal would look beautiful too, especially against a navy blue wall.

23. Octopus Art

Image source: ARD Design Inc.

Speaking of white against navy blue, this octopus art is the perfect example! This large three-piece canvas set features a white octopus that spans across all three canvases. 

Above the large soaking tub is the perfect placement for this set. It’s the only blue in the room, with the exception of a blue bath towel, which makes it stand out even more. 

We like how ARD Design Inc. used all-white throughout the bathroom except for this octopus wall art and for the brown bench with a potted plant next to it. It’s clean and bright!

24. Rustic Nautical

Image source: ZaZood

This rustic nautical bathroom is certainly unique! You don’t come across many bathrooms with a boat attached to the ceiling like this one featured by ZaZood. It is appropriately named the “Treasure Island Residence” project. 

There are many elements that give this bathroom its rustic nautical style. From the boat on the ceiling to the lifesaving float, boat oars, rope-framed mirror, navy-blue painted wooden paneling, to the painted and distressed wooden vanity. It’s an eclectic mix of items that adds plenty of character.

Just because it’s rustic doesn’t mean it’s not luxurious though! This room has both a spacious shower and a bathtub to soak in.

25. Shiplap Walls

Image source: Decor Pad

There is something about shiplap walls that gives a room a lot of character. It goes well with a variety of design styles, including nautical design. 

In this bathroom featured by Decor Pad, the designer has installed the white shiplap in a vertical fashion. The bright blue countertop creates a nice contrast with the white wall. 

We are also loving the blue and white striped flooring in this bathroom. It helps tie in the blue countertop with all of the white features throughout the room. Let’s not forget the stainless steel round mirror that is hanging on the wall that resembles a porthole!