28 Beautiful Beach Themed Bathroom Décor Ideas

Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathrooms are a great place to take your mind off of the day-to-day stressors that come with life, and we want to help you do just that! If you’re looking for some beautiful beach themed bathroom décor ideas, then you’ve come to the right spot!

We’ve compiled 28 gorgeous photos of bathrooms with a beach theme – so scroll down and enjoy! In order to create an inviting space for relaxation, these bathroom designs include bright colors like turquoise and navy blues and also sea greens. You’ll find common beach elements like shells and starfish to roped mirrors and ocean themed wall art.

So if you want to get away without leaving home, just take a look through these inspirational ideas and let us know what you think!

1. Rope-Framed Mirror

rope framed mirror
Image source: Lisa Michael Interiors

This Lisa Michael Interiors bathroom features a gorgeous nautical blue colored fabric wallpaper that inundates the room with ocean vibes. The oval-shaped, rope-framed mirror on top of that wallpaper creates a stunning look.

The style of this bathroom is a sophisticated nautical theme. The white vanity and accents look striking against the beautiful blue wallpaper and also with the blue and white tile flooring. We are also loving the vintage indigo ocean print.

2. Seaside Color Scheme

Image source: Digs Design Co.

Using a seaside color scheme will create a calm and serene atmosphere in your bathroom. This bathroom featured by Digs Design co. features a raindrop print wallpaper in a light blue color. The vanity is a seafoam green color with bamboo detailing and crystal knobs.

The tile flooring brings all of the colors together and adds in the color navy blue. The overall seaside color scheme is the perfect color scheme for a beach-themed bathroom.

3. Beach Soap

Beach Soap
Image source: Center Street Soap Co.

If you’re going to have a beach-themed bathroom, why not have soap that resembles the oceanside? Support a small business by purchasing this Island Paradise soap from Center Street Soap Co.

Not only is this soap pretty, but it’s also made of sweet tropical scents like tamarind, mandarin, red currant, date, and coconut milk. This soap would look great in a soap dish near the sink in your beachside bathroom.

4. Blue Shiplap

blue shiplap
Image source: Clark and Co. Homes

Traditionally, we see shiplap being installed in the plain white color but this light blue shiplap is absolutely gorgeous. The light blue shiplap covers the walls and ceiling. The circle window gives this bathroom ship vibes.

The white soaking tub looks especially beautiful against the blue shiplap walls in this Clark and Co. Homes bathroom design. The colors used in this bathroom definitely give it a beachside vibe and we love it.

5. Seagrass Accessories

Image source: A Pop of Pretty

Similar to the rope-framed mirror that we shared earlier, seagrass accessories are great additions to beach-themed bathroom decor. There are a lot of options for seagrass items that you can use.

In this A Pop of Pretty bathroom, the designer uses seagrass storage bins on the shelf below the vanity. These are a stylish way to add extra storage space to your bathroom or any room in the house! Plus, they add a lot of texture to the room.

6. Sea Glass Colored Bottles

sea glass colored bottles
Image source: Sweet Teal

Sea glass is colorful and perfect for a beach-themed bathroom. There are a variety of ways to use sea glass, such as displaying sea glass colored bottles on the vanity as Sweet Teal does in this bathroom design. 

The various shades of blue and green sea glass bottles pair nicely with the aqua-colored vanity with the gray and white marble countertop. We also love the addition of the tropical leaf in one of the bottles.

7. Lobster Print Wallpaper

lobster print wallpaper
Image source: Chango & Co.

The bright red walls featuring white lobsters are a much different look than all of the blue-hued beach-themed bathrooms we’ve seen so far. This unique look still definitely has beachside vibes. 

The printed wallpaper is a very busy pattern so not much else is needed for decor in this room featured by Chango & Co. The white vanity and lower half of the walls are perfect. Notice the popular rope-framed mirrors hanging on the walls!

8. Coastal Wall Art

coastal wall art
Image source: Serena & Lily

One of the simplest things that you can do to transform your bathroom into a beachside oasis is to add coastal wall art, like the framed print shown here by Serena & Lily. This particular print shows a coastal scene with waves and a blue sky. 

You can find coastal wall art in a variety of styles, depending upon your personal style preferences. You may wish to go with a painting or print like the one shown, or simply display oceanside photos.

9. Beach Bum Wooden Box

Image source: The Little Witty Shop

This cute ‘beach bum’ wooden box is perfect for placing on the toilet tank for storing toilet paper or other essentials. You could also use it to hold decorative items like is shown in this photo. You can get this ‘beach bum’ wooden box from The Little Witty Shop on Etsy. 

Similar wooden boxes are available in a variety of colors and with different fonts used. Take a look at the beautiful items on Etsy!

10. Sand Dollar Wall Decor

sand dollar wall decor
Image source: Wayfair

Whether you use real sand dollars or fake ones, they make great decor for a beach-themed bathroom. We are loving this highland dunes sand dollar wood wall decor available at Wayfair. It’s a handmade and distressed item.

This large seafoam-colored sand dollar looks great against the white shiplap wall. It’s available in a variety of colors including seafoam, aqua, and white. No matter what your color scheme, you can choose one that will match!

11. Starfish-Framed Mirror

starfish mirror
Image source: Marcus Gleysteen Architects

For a unique look, go for a starfish-framed mirror like this one featured by Marcus Gleysteen Architects. You could easily make a similar mirror with starfish made for crafting, a framed mirror, and a glue gun. 

This starfish-framed mirror is a great addition to this beach-themed bathroom. It’s beautiful against the blue wall and accented nicely by the larger starfish sitting on the ledge by the wall. The starfish definitely give this bathroom plenty of texture.

12. Sea Shell Shower Curtain Hooks

sea shell shower curtain hooks
Image source: Kohl's

These Creative Bath seaside shower curtain hooks are a fun way to show off your beachside decor. They come in a pack of twelve from Kohl’s and feature various shapes of seashells with a white pearlescent finish appearance. 

These slip-on shower hooks will complement a beach-themed shower curtain. You could complement these by placing some seashells in a glass jar in the bathroom somewhere. Perhaps you could display seashells that you have collected from your own travels!

13. Aerial Beach Print

aerial beach print
Image source: Art and Ava Creations

Aerial beach prints bring out all of the natural beauty of the ocean and beach. These photos capture the array of colors that you can only take in from the sky. Display the blues and greens of the ocean along with the white crests from the waves crashing on the tan sandy beaches. 

We are loving this aerial beach print from the Art and Ava Creations shop on Etsy. Hang a large print above your bathtub and you can feel like you’re relaxing on the beach!

14. Painted and Distressed Vanity

painted and distressed vanity
Image source: Overstock

Nothing looks quite as coastal in a bathroom as a sea blue painted and distressed wood piece of furniture. This distressed vanity is the perfect piece to complement your beach-themed bathroom.

According to Overstock, this vanity is hand-painted in several layers of paint before it is sanded down to create the faux distressed look. This means that each of these vanities that are sold is different from the next. You’ll have a truly unique piece!

15. Sea Glass Bath Accessories

sea glass bath accessories
Image source: Macy's

We absolutely love the look of sea glass, which is why our next recommendation is to decorate with sea glass accessories in your beach-themed bathroom.

This particular sea glass three-piece bath accessories set is available at Macy’s. It features a tray, a dispenser for soap or lotion, and a toothbrush holder.

Two of the pieces have a twine ribbon with decorative sea glass ends. The tray is large enough to hold a standard guest towel, or you can simply use the tray to hold the dispenser and the toothbrush holder.

16. Add a Surfboard

add a surfboard
Image source: Rebecca Foster

If you’re a surfer, consider propping up a surfboard against the wall as a statement piece like Rebecca Foster does in this bathroom. You could even color coordinate your bathroom to the surfboard or vice versa. 

This particular bathroom has a fresh and clean appearance with its abundance of the color white used on the walls and the vanity. The aqua, navy, and white floor gives the room just the right amount of color needed to give it a beach style.

17. Woven Waste Basket

woven waste basket
Image source: Target

You don’t want to decorate your bathroom with the perfectly curated beach items and then settle for a boring garbage can that doesn’t quite go with your decor. Consider this Target woven wastebasket that will be a coordinated addition to your beach-themed bathroom.

This particular wastebasket is woven from natural hyacinth. There is a white plastic interior so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and it will be easy to keep clean.

18. Palm Tree Leaves

palm tree leaves
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Palm tree leaves are a welcome addition to any coastal or beach-themed bathroom. In this beach bathroom, Annie Schlechter has placed palm tree leaves in a tall glass vase as a decorative accent. 

Natural elements always add a sense of serenity to a room. If you don’t live in a tropical climate, you could settle for faux greenery that looks like a tropical leaf or a palm tree leaf.

19. A Symphony of Blues

a symphony of blues
Image source: Resene Colour

There’s no doubt that blue is the official beachside color. You will see just about every shade of blue in a coastal environment, from light blue to navy blue. It’s simply a symphony of blues!

Don’t worry about focusing on finding the exact same shade of blue for every accent in the room. As you can see in this bathroom styled by Resene Colour, they have used a variety of shades of blue.

20. Seashell and Iron Sconces

seashell and iron sconces
Image source: GCI Design

How gorgeous are these hanging wall sconces made of iron and seashells? They are a unique piece that adds character and a beachside vibe to this bathroom designed by GCI Design.

There are numerous natural elements in this bathroom that we are loving. From the seashells to the greenery and from the stone backsplash and flooring to the wooden ceiling. It’s a beautiful combination of elements that go together nicely for a relaxed vibe.

21. Navy Blue Accent Wall

navy blue accent wall
Image source: The House House

Navy is a beautiful color, but it’s also a dark color. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate the color into your bathroom design! This is a small bathroom, but using navy blue as an accent wall color is the perfect addition without being too dark.

We like the floating shelves that The House House adds to the navy accent wall. It helps lighten up this space even more.

22. Sea Green Tile

sea green tile
Image source: Waterworks

Bring the beautiful sea to your bathroom by installing sea green shower tile, like the ones in this bathroom design by Waterworks. The blue-green color perfectly captures the color of the sea. 

The simple wooden vanity is the perfect addition to this bathroom. The color actually resembles sand and, next to the sea-green shower tile, it’s a great combination!

23. Starfish Shower Curtain

starfish shower curtain
Image source: VEGA U

We’re not big fans of loud and busy prints for shower curtains, so this simple starfish shower curtain is more of our style! It doesn’t look cheesy or cheap but still gets across a beach theme.

You can get this simple starfish shower curtain at the VEGA U store on Amazon. We love this shade of blue, but you can also get this shower curtain with navy blue or orange starfish.

24. Rustic Shelf

rustic shelf
Image source: Low Country Carpentry

Add extra storage space to your beach-themed bathroom in style with this rustic shelf. Low Country Carpentry handmakes these shelves with reclaimed materials. You can request different colors if you’re not a fan of the ones shown.

You can use this space for the storage of essentials or to display your favorite beach decor. There are so many options of ways to utilize this shelf.

25. Sea Glass Picket Shower Tile

sea glass picket shower tile
Image source: Fireclay Tile

The Fireclay Tile brand sea glass picket braid shower tile is created with a water current in mind. The irregular pattern of the matte sea glass shows the color variations as the light hits it. We are loving the unique shape of these tiles.

The color of the sea glass picket braid shower tile pairs nicely with the wood used for the vanity. The cement floor and countertop are the perfect shade of gray to complement both.

26. Vintage Indigo Sea Prints

vintage indigo sea prints
Image source: Alley Corner

We have seen this idea shared by many designers, and we agree it is a good one! These vintage-inspired indigo sea prints are a great decor option for a beach-themed bathroom. These specific prints are available through Alley Corner

The navy blue coral prints look great with a simple white frame. They’re available in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your room.

27. Fish Scale Wall

fish scale wall
Image source: Fireclay Tile

Go with a mermaid vibe by installing these fish scale Fireclay Tiles on an accent wall. The various colors add a lot of texture and character to the room. The official name of this shape is ogee drop and it is available in a variety of colors to pick and choose from.

If an accent wall isn’t enough, you could install these tiles in the shower or throughout the entire bathroom. These are one of our favorite tiles!

28. Light and Airy

Light and airy
Image source: Chango & Co.

You can’t go wrong with a light and airy design like this one featured by Chango & Co. The bright whites and tan colors make it a sunny and bright space. Who wouldn’t want to relax and soak in the big bathtub in this room?

If you prefer more color, you can add accents to this basic design. We’re thinking of the beautifully blue-green-colored decor pieces or sea glass accents.