45 Gorgeous Gray Bathroom Ideas For Your Home

Gray Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home. After all, it’s where you spend some of your most intimate moments. Creating a bathroom that you’re comfortable in is key to a happy home.

When you think about the color gray, it’s often associated with dullness. However, this is far from the truth. Gray fills the room with a sense of elegance and contemporary bliss. Psychology even shows that the color gray signifies balance. This way, if you’re looking to add some tranquility into your bathroom space, using gray could be a great way to do so.

There are thousands of ways to incorporate gray into your bathroom. From the walls to the floors or even your vanity, the options are endless. To help you find your dream bathroom, we’ve listed some of the top gray bathroom ideas to date. Find your inspiration below!

The Best Gray Bathroom Ideas You Need To Try Right Now!

1. Marble Inspired Gray Bathroom

Image source: Nicole Robin

One of the easiest ways to instantly add elegance into your bathroom is with the use of marble. Gray marble patterns, like pictured in this master bathroom by Nicole Robin, ties the whole room together. When paired with a darker gray vanity, it creates a powerful, yet tranquil bathroom.

Be sure to finish off the room with silver-plated wall lamps and white light bulbs – it’ll illuminate the bathroom and make every feature pop.

2. Gray Floor Stickers

Image source: The Honeycomb Home

The walls aren’t the only place you can add some personality to in the bathroom. People often forget that their floors are a canvas, too. The Honeycomb Home shows you how to make your floor tiles the centerpiece. Say goodbye to plain bathroom inlays and say hello to a beautiful and intricate floor design.

What’s best is this can be accomplished in less than a day with the use of floor stickers! That means there will be no stress of painting or re-laying your tiles in your future.

3. Custom Marble Gray Shower

Image source: Nicole Robin

The shower is most people’s favorite part of their bathroom. What many don’t realize is how customizable the shower actually is! Nicole Robin created a fully customized gray marble shower that undoubtedly brings her immeasurable serenity.

These marble shower walls, mixed with the rainfall shower head installed, is the perfect combination for a relaxing rinse regardless of what time it is. Be sure to wake up earlier to shower now, because you’ll never want to get out!

4. Gray and Cream Colored Bathroom

Image source: Vadara

Some people struggle when it comes to matching colors with gray. After all, gray can wash out the color scheme of any room if not used properly. Thankfully, Vadara shows that a two-toned gray bathroom is both possible and beautiful.

Take a lighter gray vanity and pair it with a cream-colored wall. Not only will your cabinets stand out, but the brightness of the cream won’t dull out or darken the room. Finish the look with bold matte accents like the black handles and faucets used in this bathroom.

5. Dark Gray Cabinets With Mocha Mirrors

Image source: Dwellings By DeVore

Sometimes bold is best. This dark gray vanity by Dwellings By DeVore is just the right amount of bold to stand out, but not to overpower the entire bathroom.

The use of two identical mocha-stained mirrors help balance attention and bring it upwards towards the lighter gray walls themselves. This way, you aren’t only focused on the lower half of the room. Adding other focal points, like a beautiful floral piece, completes the look perfectly.

6. His and Hers Wall-Length Grey Cabinets

Image source: KBF Design

There’s no better way to get closer with another person than by spending time in the bathroom together! These double sinks and gray cabinet layouts by KBF Design are perfect for building connections.

Being symmetrical with an identical amount of space on either side, there’ll be no competition for who gets what side of the bathroom. You’ll both be satisfied with your own space, especially with how beautiful the gray color looks! Finally, hanging a dark-colored abstract chandelier makes the color scheme cohesive.

7. Grey-Green Bathroom Vanity

Image source: Young House Love

Not all gray colors have to be dark. Some grays are as inviting as this green tinted gray bathroom vanity. Young House Love shows you how to use this color scheme perfectly. The natural green hue instantly brightens up the room and draws attention to it, as it’s a very unique shade.

When paired with gold hues like in the large circular mirrors, you create a one-of-a-kind vibe. Be sure to let natural light in to reflect the light-colored surfaces of your bathroom!

8. Upscale Gold and Grey Cabinets

Image source: Mandy Chang Design

Gray and gold are one of the classiest color schemes for a bathroom. Gray gives a bathroom a sense of tranquility, while gold adds elegance and a fashion statement. Mandy Cheng Design perfectly combines the gray and gold color pallets to create a standout bathroom.

Both natural and artificial lights will reflect off the gold accent pieces on your vanity and mirrors to instantly increase the sophistication of the bathroom. Every time you use the bathroom, you’ll feel like you’re in a 5-star hotel!

9. Slate Gray Vanity

Image source: Michaela Noelle

There are tons of different shades of gray. One of the best gray shades to use in a bathroom is slate. This blueish gray color, seen on the vanity of Michaela Noelle’s bathroom, introduces a simple but classic bathroom style.

When paired with a white countertop, the focus is put on the vanity doors itself. If using a slate color, be sure to allow as much natural light in as possible. This color works best with bright lights to show off its beautiful simplicity.

10. Gray Bathroom Patterned Wallpaper

Image source: Thrift Diving

If simple isn’t in your vocabulary, this bathroom by Thrift Diving is sure to peak your interest. Instead of opting for a plain gray painted wall, choose a bold gray and white wallpaper. This one uses complex repeating shapes to create a daring and unique bathroom vibe.

There’s so much to look at on this wallpaper that you’ll never finish uncovering cool shapes. By pairing this complex wallpaper with simple features like a plain blue vanity and gold mirror, they won’t overpower the main focus of the bathroom – the walls.

11. Art Inspired Gray Bathroom

Image source: The Bloomberg Hydrangea

This bathroom by The Blooming Hydrangea is perfect for any artist or enthusiast. A dark gray wall acts as a solid canvas for accent pieces. From an abstract painting to gorgeous gold and white highlights, your options for personalization are endless.

Tie in the gray walls with a lighter gray vanity for a seamless style. Avoid putting dark art pieces on the gray walls, as this could draw attention away from the simplistic beauty. Stick to whites and light shades!

12. Grey Color For Small Bathroom

Image source: Kylie M. Interiors

If you have a smaller bathroom, it can be difficult to find a style that best suits your space. Colors may seem overwhelming, but gray is the perfect choice! Kylie M. Interiors pictures a light gray colored bathroom theme by incorporating the color into all parts of the room.

From the vanity to the walls, and even an accent wall, they all tie in perfectly. This way, instead of focusing on the bathroom size, the style will be all you pay attention to.

13. Dark Gray and Rose Gold Bathroom

Image source: Petite Modern Life

Opting for darker colors in your bathroom may seem scary at first. After looking at how Petite Modern Life incorporated dark grays into her bathroom, you won’t think twice about painting your walls this shade!

Sometimes, darker colors make a bathroom seem more refined and elegant – especially when paired with a beautiful rose gold color. Incorporate rose gold into your shelves, vanity handles, and mirror! The options for personalization are endless.

14. Floral Grey Bathroom

Image source: The Lilypad Cottage

A big fear about using the color gray in a bathroom is it washing out the room or looking too dull. The Lilypad Cottage does an excellent job at adding a pop of color back into their bathroom. Just by adding a single floral accent, the room suddenly feels complete.

This can be done in many ways, though, including an accent rug, picture, or mirror. Make your gray bathroom your own by adding your favorite type of flower!

15. Gray Bathroom With Freestanding Bathtub

Image source: Young House Love

One of the things that people love about vacations is the luxury hotels they can stay at. This bathroom by Young House Love will give you that luxury feel every time you step into your own bathroom.

With a freestanding tub and gray patterned tile shower, you’ll always have the most relaxing shower of your life in this room. Finish the look by incorporating a gray tiled floor and bold vanity!

16. Feminine Gray Wood Vanity

Image source: Young House Love

When people think of femininity, they tend to picture bright colors. Young House Love flips this notion on its head by creating a beautifully feminine bathroom without the frills. Instead, the white walls and statement gray wooden vanity stands out perfectly.

Finished off with a gold trim mirror and plate of plants on the pearly white countertop, you’ll want to show this bathroom off to everybody.

17. Gray And Brick Bathroom

Image source: Sneak Peak Design

Finding pairings for a gray bathroom can be complicated since gray likes to clash with many color shades. Sneak Peek Design creates a unique bathroom vibe by combining gray with reddish brick as a statement wall.

This introduces a fairly industrial feel into the bathroom, but in the most comfortable sense. It’s a beautiful and rustic pair that you likely won’t see in many other bathrooms. This means your bathroom will be unique and stand out, which is what many homeowners love.

18. Blue Gray Bathroom Walls

Image source: DIY Show Off

If a plain gray color is too overwhelming for you, go for a blue gray color instead! You get all of the benefits of a gray bathroom with an added pop of color and brightness on top.

This bathroom by DIY Show Off highlights just how beautiful a light and subtle blue gray can be. Instead of the walls being the centerpiece in this bathroom, draw attention towards your favorite vanity with keeping a lighter wall and a darker cabinet.

19. Two Tone Gray Walls

Image source: JKath

The only thing better than a single colored gray bathroom is a two-toned gray bathroom! JKath shows you why using a second color in your bathroom, in addition to a gray, can perfectly complete your theme.

The bottom half of this wall is a lighter pink and gray color, while the top half is a cream type color. This duality adds depth and gives you more to admire while you enjoy a warm bath in your freestanding bathtub.

20. Gray Molding and Bathroom Trim

Image source: JKath

Not all gray inspired bathrooms have to be all gray! Even by adding a touch or highlight of gray can do the trick. Consider painting your moldings and trims gray, just like JKath does in this bathroom.

This is a good plan to incorporate a gray tone when you have a bolder pattern in the room, such as the dotted tile floors. The color doesn’t have to be overwhelming to be considered a gray bathroom! Any little color counts.

21. Chic Gray Bathroom

Image source: Carla Bast

Gray can fit any style of any room of the house, including a chic bathroom. People fear that using gray can dull a bathroom, but Carla Bast shows how this isn’t always true. Her use of gray was unique in the sense that she used it in all aspects of the room without it becoming overwhelming.

The key to creating this chic bathroom vibe is using different shades of gray with varying patterns. This way, there’s always something different to look at!

22. Spacious Multi-Tone Gray Bathroom

Image source: Studio Steidley

By using different tones of the color gray, you introduce a more dynamic feel into your bathroom. Studio Steidley uses a light matte gray on their walls, a dark toned vanity, and an even lighter gray marble flooring. This makes the bathroom feel more put together. When paired with two stunning circular mirrors, you’ll never want to leave this room!

23. Double Stone Gray Sinks

Image source: Auhaus Architecture

Some grays are bolder than others, and the shade of gray used in this Auhaus Architecture bathroom is more on the subtle side. These stone sinks, which transition perfectly into the same type of stone wall, are perfect for a natural looking home.

Stone creates an environmentally friendly and naturalistic vibe. When incorporated into your bathroom, you’ll feel in one with Earth whenever you step foot inside.

24. Minimalist Gray and Gold Bathroom

Image source: Auhaus Architecture

Some people like an excess of features, while others prefer a more minimalist style. Auhaus Architecture creates a minimalist gray bathroom with flare. There are few features in this bathroom, but the ones that are there stand out beautifully.

A freestanding tub backed by a worn-looking gray wall pairs perfectly with the bolder zigzag floor pattern. Minimalistic doesn’t have to mean plain!

25. Complex Gray Marble Bathroom

Image source: Decus Interiors

Where there are minimalists, there are also maximalists. This bathroom created by Decus Interiors shows how you can use a lot of pattern in a room and still create a beautiful gray theme. The lower half of this bathroom is marble patterned, while the top half has a mural of painted gray rectangles.

Wherever you are in this room, there’s always something new to look at. This bathroom pairs perfectly with subtle plumbing fixtures.

26. Beautiful Gray Bathroom With Rose Gold Accents

Image source: Decus Interiors

When you don’t want gray to be the focal point of the room, pair it with a bold color. Decus Interiors does this by painting the bathroom walls a light gray color and adding a variety of rose gold accents.

From the marble bathtub to the light pink floor, you get the elegance of a gray bathroom without the color itself being too overwhelming. When in doubt, always use a complementary color!

27. Contemporary Gray Bathroom

Image source: Style At Home

Modern styles tend to gravitate towards simplicity with bold statement accents. This Style At Home bathroom uses a light shade of gray for their vanity and cabinets, yet they complement it with pitch black accents.

The two bold framed black mirrors, soap dispenser, faucet, and vanity handles act as a great balance for the lightness of the bathroom. This way, the contrast in color makes the bathroom even more contemporary.

28. Gray Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Style

Image source: Cherished Bliss

Gray isn’t just limited to contemporary and modernistic homes! Cherished Bliss uses a beautiful matte gray vanity to highlight her industrial farmhouse bathroom vibe. This look is accomplished by combining the gray color with hints of rustic wood throughout the room.

To add a more industrial feel, be sure to use thick metal vanity door and drawer handles. This bathroom is perfect for someone looking to add boldness to their country farmhouse inspired home.

29. Gray Marble and Gold Trim Vanity

Image source: Elm Interior Design

Gray and gold colors are a frequent theme seen in bathrooms due to their perfect complimentary pairing. However, one that isn’t as common is gray marble and gold. The light gray marble used in this Elm Interior Design bathroom brings out the relaxing tone of the room, especially with there being a freestanding bathtub.

However, the gold makes an even bolder statement by allowing light to reflect perfectly across it. You can never go wrong with this combination!

30. Elegant Gray Bathroom

Image source: Jaimee Rose

The color gray is elegant on its own, but it can be enhanced like Jaimee Rose did in this unique bathroom. By using a light gray paint for the walls and a darker shade of gray on the floors and vanity, there is an exquisite sense of depth here.

When paired with dim natural lights and a statement mirror, you get a bathroom like no other. Don’t forget to finish the bathroom off with your favorite floral centerpiece!

31. Slate Gray Sink

Image source: Style Me Pretty

You don’t have to incorporate gray in every part of your bathroom to make the color stand out. Instead, use this Style Me Pretty bathroom as an example. They only used gray in their slate gray sink. Doing this makes it stand out and act as a focal point in the room.

This draws attention to the sink area, and the gold accents around it give the area an added pop of color.

32. Gray Patterned Painted Wall

Image source: Vestige Home

At first glance, this bathroom by Vestige Home doesn’t look very gray – but that’s the beauty of it. They show how you can subtly include the color gray into your bathroom without it becoming the center of attention.

Check out the hand painted walls of this bathroom. This repeating design has tones of gray throughout it. The key is only painting the upper half of the bathroom with this pattern, as it elongates the room itself. Paint the lower half a lighter tone of gray to keep the style consistent!

33. Gray Beach Theme Bathroom

Image source: Centsible Chateau

When you think of a beach, you likely think of bright blue and yellow colors. However, people often forget how gray tones perfectly highlight a beachy vibe. This bathroom, by Centsible Chateau, shows us that gray can work to enhance a beach theme just as well as blue hues do.

By using a gray and white tiled floor, gray accent wall, and gray countertop, it gives you the illusion of living in a beach cabana. Finish the look off with a white wood panel wall and basket of seashells!

34. Refined Gray and Gold Bathroom

Image source: Elements Of Style

For more of a refined gray bathroom vibe, follow this Elements of Style bathroom for inspiration. A bolder and darker gray vanity, when combined with gold accents throughout the room, do a great job at making the bathroom feel fancy.

Don’t forget the patterned gray and white floor as well! By incorporating many shades into the tile, it adds the perfect amount of depth. Add your own flare by finishing the style off with an accent flower or other statement piece!

35. Fancy Gray Floral Bathroom Wallpaper

Image source: The Kitchen Studio

If you’re in favor of a fancier and bolder use of gray, implement patterns like The Kitchen Studio does in their bathroom. With a striking grayish-green floral-patterned wallpaper, it certainly draws attention to the upscale quality of this bathroom.

Additionally, gold light fixtures on top of it add more flare to the room itself. Bring the whole bathroom together with a light gray vanity and live floral accents. Your bathroom will become your favorite part of the home!

36. Gray Bathroom Runner Rug

Image source: The Kitchen Studio

Many people have mixed feelings about the placement of rugs in their bathroom. While some prefer the bare floor, others favor the beauty and personality that a runner can add to the room.

The Kitchen Studio’s use of a long, dark gray runner acts as a focal point of the room. Since these walls are painted a light gray color, the shades perfectly complement each other. Add a glossy gray cabinet and floral accents to liven up the room!

37. Baby Blue Walls With Gray Vanity Countertop

Image source: The Kitchen Studio

Shades of blue and gray often work well together, especially in this bathroom pictured by The Kitchen Studio. The baby blue walls reflect light well onto the marbled gray countertop of the vanity.

More subtly, gray light fixtures do a great job at tying the gray colors in the lower room into the top of the bathroom. Personalize this look with your favorite vanity centerpiece.

38. Tan and Gray Spacious Bathroom

Image source: The Kitchen Studio

If you’re looking for subtlety in a bathroom or if you’d rather have your accents be the highlight of the room, opting for light gray and tan tones paired together do just the trick.

The Kitchen Studio does just that. Instead of drawing attention to the floors, walls, or vanity, your attention is immediately brought to the beautiful painting and floral accents. Use your favorite focal point features, art, or centerpieces!

39. Matte Gray Bathroom Walls

Image source: House Trends

While some people prefer lighter gray tones on their walls, a bold matte gray works beautifully in any bathroom. House Trends painted their walls a matte gray but notice how they didn’t overwhelm the room with gray features on top of the walls.

Instead, they used a white vanity and chandelier. This way, there’s still a sense of lightness maintained in the bathroom. Replicate this look with your own touch by hanging your favorite pictures on your walls.

40. Gray Stucco Walls

Image source: Small Stuff Counts

Not all walls have to be painted flat. This means that you can add depth and texture to any bathroom by introducing stucco like Small Stuff Counts does. Stucco is a type of plaster used to coat a wall and create a certain grain or roughness.

In this room, the top half of the wall has stucco and is painted gray while the bottom half of the room is white wood paneling. This duality plays well off each other and creates a sense of elegance.

41. Gray Marble Bathroom Walls

Image source: Front Roe

When you think of marble, you might immediately think of tiles or countertop. However, Front Roe uses marble to highlight their walls instead. This unique use of a beautiful gray marble opens up the room and is more luxurious than a plain painted gray wall.

To accent the marble, use a darker vanity and gold mirrors. You’ll never look at marble the same again!

42. Accent Rug In Gray Bathroom

Image source: The Sunny Side Up Blog

If you’ve ever stood on a cold bathroom tile floor, you know just how important a nice foot mat or rug can be at the base of your vanity. The Sunny Side Up Blog uses a bold color to accent their gray toned bathroom and keep their feet warm whenever they brush their teeth.

Paired with white vanity doors and mirror molding, the bathroom is instantly illuminated with any light. Make this bathroom your own by choosing your own bold colored foot rug! The color choices are endless.

43. Luxurious Gray Bathroom

Image source: Crafty Texas Girls

For the most expensive of tastes, this Crafty Texas Girl bathroom is the perfect inspiration. With a gray wall and white shower tiles, a sense of elegance is present. By adding a darker chandelier as well, you create a focal point that is essential to a luxurious bathroom.

To make your own luxury gray bathroom, use a light gray wall and pair it with your favorite stone shower and accent features.

44. Gray Brick Bathroom Wall

Image source: Heather Garrett Design

You’ll rarely see a brick pattern incorporated in a bathroom, especially when it’s not the normal reddish-brown brick tone. Heather Garrett Design uses a gray brick pattern on her vanity wall as the perfect statement piece.

It provides a unique industrialized design while maintaining a calm and relaxing bathroom that you’ll hate to leave. Finish off the look with your plant babies and a dose of natural light for illumination.

45. Romantic Gray Stone Bathroom

Image source: Home Bunch

Stones are often considered an expensive material to use in home design, but the cost is worth the absolute beauty of the results. When Home Bunch uses stone in this bathroom, they go all out.

See grayish tan stone tones on the walls, floors, shower tiles, and a cream color on the ceiling to elongate the room. This room is perfect for anybody looking for a luxury hotel bathroom vibe.