The Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas (2024 Update!)

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

You might think that there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to mirrors. A mirror is a mirror, right? Not quite! There are actually many different styles of mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can have a mirror that is built directly into the wall, have a wooden frame, a metal frame, a painted frame, or even no frame at all. While it may seem like an afterthought in your bathroom design, a mirror can add a lot of character to a room and also make the room appear larger than it is.

We’ve created this list of 18 different ideas for mirrors in your bathroom decor. You’ll find everything from circles, to squares, to rectangles, and asymmetrical shapes. The only thing that won’t change is the reflection that you see! We hope that you can find a type of mirror that will work perfectly for your bathroom and with your own sense of style.

1. Built-in Mirror Subway Tiles

built in subway mirror tiles
Image source: Houzz

If you are planning to install Subway tile in your bathroom, you may be interested in this idea. You can install built-in mirror subway tiles directly on your wall.

In this idea featured by Houzz, the designer uses mirrored subway tiles throughout the bathroom, but also numerous mirrored subway tiles directly above the sink. The random mirrored tiles placed throughout the bathroom helps to tie it all together.

It’s a very contemporary look and it’s gorgeous. There are urban-style lights mounted to the wall around the mirror for extra lighting. Overall, this bathroom is light and luxurious.

2. Full-Wall Mirror

full wall mirror
Image source: Architecture Saville Isaacs

Go big or go home! If you live by that mentality, then you will fall in love with the full-wall mirror featured by Architecture Saville Isaacs. The full-wall mirror is perfect for smaller bathrooms because it gives the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

As long as you don’t mind your reflection, this idea is a great one. It also gives you the ability for a full-body reflection, especially if you leave a portion of the mirror uncovered by any counter or other surface. We love how the full-wall mirror reflects the natural sunlight in this bathroom.

3. Pivot Mirror

Pivot Mirror
Image source: New Old Custom Homes

How gorgeous is this bathroom design by New Old Custom Homes that features pivot-style mirrors? These mirrors are especially beautiful due to their gold frames. The pivot style mirrors can be, well, pivoted! This helps you be able to achieve the reflection of what you need to see, regardless of height.

This style of mirror looks wonderful when installed over a double sink vanity, like the one shown in this photo. The gold frame stands out more because it is coordinated with the hand towel ring, cabinet and drawer knobs, the wall-mounted light fixture, and décor within the bathroom.

4. Capiz Round Mirror

capiz round mirror
Image source: Pottery Barn

Capiz shells make the most beautiful home décor. The somewhat iridescent look glitters and shines with laid-back elegance. The Miranda capiz mirror from Pottery Barn looks great over a single sink, or you can install two over a double sink.

This beveled capiz mirror is protected by a topcoat of varnish for the longevity of the product. Not to mention, the mirror is also constructed with MFG, which is an engineered wood that is known for its strength and durability. Because of the amount of moisture in a bathroom, it’s important to have a mirror that is made well!

5. Metal Mirror with Shelf

metal mirror with shelf
Image source: Shades of Light

Save space on your countertops with this metal mirror that includes a built-in shelf. This particular mirror has a somewhat retro or industrial vibe to it. You can get this mirror in either black, gold, or champagne silver. Shades of Light also sells the same mirror that is taller than it is wide. With 4.7 stars out of 5, it’s a highly rated mirror!

Keep your toiletries on the small shelf for your convenience, or you could simply place a small potted plant or succulent on the shelf for décor.

6. Bone Inlay Mirror

bone inlay mirror
Image source: Emily Meszkat Interiors

A perfectly color-coordinated bathroom such as this one is gorgeous! Emily Meszkat Interiors chose the perfect blue and bone-inlay framed mirror for this blue and white bathroom. In the mirror’s reflection, you can see that the tile in the shower matches the blue and white stripes on the mirror.

The overall appearance of this bathroom is light, airy, and cheerful. The frame of the mirror adds an additional pattern and texture to the room. We are also loving the penny tile that is used throughout the bathroom, from the lower white walls and backsplash to the blue penny tile floor, and the blue and white penny tile shower.

7. Mirror with Built-in Light

mirror with built in light
Image source: IKEA

One thing that is super important when it comes to a bathroom is that there is plenty of lighting, especially near the mirror. That’s why we love this mirror from IKEA. It has built-in bright white light around the perimeter of the mirror.

This will give you plenty of light for all of your beauty needs. The LED lights are much more energy-efficient and cost-effective than standard lightbulbs. The light for the mirror is turned on by the general power switch in the room so it requires a hardwired installation. You may want an electrician to install it.

8. Uniquely Shaped Mirror

uniquely shaped mirror
Image source: Wayfair

A uniquely shaped mirror can be a great addition to a bathroom. This mirror featured by Wayfair has a somewhat octagon shape with rounded edges. It adds dimension to this bathroom and looks wonderful when paired with the geometric pendant lights hanging on each side of it.

The gold frame is a nice touch too! You can find a variety of uniquely shaped mirrors by searching the internet. We especially like the quatrefoil shapes, Moroccan style, and arched mirrors. Additional features such as the color or finish of the frame or the overall style help add character to the room.

9. Full Length Leaning Mirror

full length leaning mirror
Image source: Bryan Sebring

Skip over mounting your mirror to the wall and simply lean a full-length mirror against the wall instead. It doesn’t get much easier than that! The mirror featured in this bathroom by Bryan Sebring is the perfect example.

This bathroom has a lot of natural light coming in both through the double casement windows and from the skylight window. The mirror helps reflect the light and brightens up this bathroom even more. We love the overall clean and white style of this bathroom with natural potted plants for extra color.

10. Modern Mirror

modern mirror
Image source: Bellacor

This modern mirror design by Bellacor features a frameless design with a deep beveled border. It includes invisible mounting hardware that keeps the top and bottom of the mirror flush against the wall. You can hang it either vertically or horizontally, depending upon your bathroom setup.

If you have a narrow vanity area, you’ll want to install it vertically, whereas if the vanity is wider, you will probably want to install it horizontally. If you have a double sink, you may wish to install one vertically above each sink. It’s a fun shape that is different than your average mirror. 

11. Hanging Mirror

hanging mirror
Image source: Pottery Barn

Hanging a mirror with a rope or other strap gives the room character. In this example, a round mirror hangs by a leather rope. The mirror itself is manufactured out of MDF, which is an engineered wood that is especially strong and will withstand over time.

Since the humidity level in a bathroom can get high, it’s important to have a mirror that is manufactured out of quality materials. You can hang one mirror over each sink in your bathroom. Mounting hardware is included. Pottery Barn also has additional hardware and fixtures that match the mirror. 

12. Demeter Mirror

demeter mirror
Image source: Anthropologie

This antique bronze mirror is full of texture, style, and character! What a perfect addition for any bathroom. This Demeter mirror is handcrafted and each piece is unique. Anthropologie gets this mirror style right with its intricately detailed bronze leaves surrounding the round mirror.

These are just the right size to place above a single sink. If you have a double sink area, then hang one above each sink. The design of the frame makes it slightly taller than it is wide, however, the mirror itself is a perfect circle.

13. Minimalist Mirror

minimalist mirror
Image source: Shades of Light

If you don’t like a lot of intricate details in your style and tend to have more of a minimalist approach to your home décor, you’ll want to go with a minimalist style mirror.

This minimalist mirror from Shades of Light features a simple matte black frame around the rectangle mirror. It’s also available in an antique gold finish. We love the overall look of this minimalist bathroom. It has somewhat of a vintage vibe to it because of the old-style faucet and sink. The wall-mounted black and gold lights on each side of the mirror are the perfect fit.

14. Oxidized

Image source: Wayfair

A mirror with a distressed or oxidized frame is a great look that adds texture and style to the room. The style of this mirror was inspired by industrial design. It looks especially beautiful against the blue wall with the cement sink and industrial-inspired light fixtures on each side of it.

The mirror itself is 30” wide and 40” tall, although it could be installed vertically depending upon your design needs and preferences. This mirror is available from Wayfair and is highly rated with 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. 

15. Barn Door Mirror

barn door mirror
Image source: Birch Lane

A barndoor-style mirror is perfect for a farmhouse-style bathroom. The style of this mirror can add a rustic vibe to any room. This particular mirror is manufactured out of solid fir and pinewood and is finished with a warm brown stain. It is available in two different sizes from Birch Lane.

It’s available in 34” x 31” or in 32” x 70” if you need a taller mirror for your bathroom. This mirror is hung vertically because of its style and you will need to purchase mounting hooks to hang it on the wall as they are not included.

16. Coral Frame

coral frame
Image source: Signature Hardware

Add a pop of bright and cheerful color to your bathroom by installing this Signature Hardware mirror that features a coral-colored frame. It is a rectangle shape that is available in two different sizes. The coral-colored frame around the mirror is made out of wood.

This mirror would look beautiful in a coastal-themed bathroom. You could go with a bold coral-colored cabinet below the sink, or simply make this coral-colored framed mirror the only pop of color in the room. The options for decorating your bathroom to include this mirror are endless!

17. Asymmetrical

Image source: Ethnic Home Co.

These asymmetrical mirrors are unlike anything we’ve seen before. While they are circular, they are not perfect circles. The shape is a fun new take for bathroom mirrors. It gives this bathroom an artsy aesthetic that we love.

These particular mirrors are available at the Ethnic Home Co. Etsy shop. Since these asymmetrical mirrors are custom made, you can choose whatever size you wish. We love how they have paired a larger mirror with a smaller mirror in this bathroom design. On another note, the basin sinks and the faucets installed directly into the wall are pretty cool!

18. Beveled Mirror

beveled mirror
Image source: Overstock

There is something very beautiful about a mirror with a beveled edge. Something about it makes it seem extra elegant and luxurious. This particular mirror with a beveled edge is available through Overstock. The silver beveled edge also gives the appearance of having a frame but also allows you to have extra mirror space without an actual frame.

However, you can also get this beveled mirror with a small black beveled edge. This mirror style is also available in a variety of sizes, depending upon your bathroom design and needs. The simple yet sophisticated style of this design makes it go with just about any décor style.