43 Of The Best Small Bathroom Ideas With Pictures

Small Bathroom Ideas

Having a small bathroom may seem like a hopeless situation, but there are plenty of things that you can do to not only make it appear larger, but to make the best use of the space. Just because your bathroom is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and comfortable too. 

We’ve collected 43 ideas for small bathrooms that will revolutionize your space. Many of these ideas are things that you can accomplish easily with changes to your color scheme or by adding accessories while other ideas may require more skill. Either way, we know you will find something that will inspire you to make your small bathroom even better.

It’s time to create your Pinterest board and start saving these ideas! As you add ideas that you love, you’ll begin to see a common theme in your style and personal preferences. This will help you decide what ideas to implement. Let’s get started!

1. Rounded Corner Vanity

rounded corner vanity
Image source: Chango & Co.

If you have a small bathroom, it’s important to utilize every inch of space. When you don’t have much space, you have to make the best of what you do have.

In this bathroom featured by Chango & Co., they use a rounded corner vanity that utilizes even the space in the corner of the room.

2. Recessed Shelving

recessed shelving
Image source: The Home Depot

Recessed shelving allows you to maximize storage space without taking up extra space in your small bathroom. In this bathroom featured by The Home Depot, there are six cubby areas of recessed shelving. This is a great place to store towels, display potted plants, and store other bathroom essentials.

3. Wallpaper with Small Prints

wallpaper with small prints
Image source: Rue Mag

Adding wallpaper with a small printed pattern into a smaller bathroom adds dimension to the room. This bathroom has a modern black and white printed wallpaper, a bright blue vanity with a black countertop, and a circular black mirror. It’s a gorgeous room!

This bathroom was featured by Rue Mag.

4. The Color White

the color white
Image source: Rue Mag

Lighter-hued colors give the illusion that a room is larger than it appears. White is a nice, clean color that is bright and makes the room feel more spacious.

This bathroom shown by Rue Mag is the perfect example of this. Believe it or not, there are tons of shades of white to choose from.

5. Floating Vanity and Sink

floating vanity and sink
Image source: Wayfair

A floating vanity and sink open up the area below so that the room is more spacious. Why have a boxy cabinet that takes up unnecessary space?

This Wayfair floating vanity is the perfect example. You may question whether you should get rid of the storage beneath the sink, but this area isn’t the most convenient space for storage anyways.

6. Glass Shower Doors

glass shower doors
Image source: Daily Dreamer Decor

Like the ones shown here by Daily Dreamer Decor, glass shower doors make the room seem larger because it doesn’t feel boxed in by a shower curtain. If your shower is on the smaller side, glass doors will also make it feel like a larger space.

7. Over-the-Door Towel Rack

over the door towel rack
Image source: The Container Store

The back of your bathroom door is valuable space that shouldn’t go unused! Hang an over-the-door shower rack from The Container Store for a handy spot to store towels and keep them organized and out of the way. We like the ample racks that this one provides.

8. Use Small Tiles for the Walls

use small tiles for the walls
Image source: Architectural Digest

According to Architectural Digest, you should use smaller-sized wall tiles in a smaller bathroom. For example, choose 1×4 or 2×6 tiles. Tiles are much less maintenance than painted walls, plus they look much more stylish! We are loving the look of this bathroom with tiled walls.

9. Recessed Medicine Cabinet

recessed medicine cabinet
Image source: Gilmore Design Studio

Much like the recessed shelving that we mentioned earlier on in this list, having a recessed medicine cabinet is the way to go. You may as well use the space between the wall framing studs!

Gilmore Design Studio uses a recessed medicine cabinet in this bathroom.

10. Pattern Mixing

pattern mixing
Image source: Barbra Bright Design

Incorporating numerous patterns into your bathroom design and decor gives the bathroom dimension and the illusion that it’s larger than it is.

Barbra Bright Design uses various patterns and colors in this small bathroom. The pattern of the blue tiles beside the black and white patterned tile is striking.

11. Hang a Large Mirror

hang a large mirror
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture and Interiors

Mirrors are also a great way to make a small room seem larger. In this tiny bathroom, Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture and Interiors has a large mirror above the sink and it does wonders for the room. Also notice that this bathroom is decorated with only white, which also makes it appear larger.

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12. Compact Size Bathtub

compact size bathtub
Image source: Albion Bath Co.

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to forsake long soaks in the bathtub.

Albion Bath Co. has numerous free-standing compact-size bathtub styles. It’s large enough to sit in, and while it’s smaller horizontally, portions of the tub are taller vertically, allowing you to soak.

13. Console Sink

console sink
Image source: Rita Chan Interiors

Similar to the floating vanity and sink, the console sink also opens up the area beneath the sink. As Rita Chan Interiors shows in this bathroom design, you can still use the area below the sink and counter for storage. Just add baskets or other storage items. 

14. Light and Airy

light and airy
Image source: Veranda

Whether you incorporate lighter hues or if you have large windows that allow plenty of light into the room, keeping the design and style light and airy goes a long way. Veranda incorporates both of these design methods in this bathroom and adds in touches of color to give the room character.

15. Neutral Colors

neutral colors
Image source: Amy Storm and Co.

Neutral colors not only make the room seem larger but also give off a calming vibe. This small bathroom designed by Amy Storm and Co. is a great example.

The white and light tan colors make this bathroom have a spa-like quality that we are loving! The addition of the greenery is perfect.

16. Natural Light

natural light
Image source: Kohler

Natural light does wonders for the design of living spaces and does wonders for your mental health and mood! It’s a two-for-one idea that’s perfect for a small bathroom. In this Kohler bathroom, a large window directly above the bathtub allows for lots of natural light in the room.

17. Whimsical Design

Whimsical Design
Image source: Leslie Unruh

What the bathroom lacks in size can be made up for in character. This small bathroom by Leslie Unruh has a whimsical design that includes bold blue and white striped wallpaper, a leopard print framed mirror, a bright blue door, checkered flooring, and a console sink. 

18. Make the Most of the Space

make the most of the space
Image source: Leslie Unruh

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to utilizing a small room is to make the most of the space. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious.

Use high-quality items in the room and use your creativity to make the most of the space, as Leslie Unruh does in this bathroom design.

19. Lacquered Walls

lacquered walls
Image source: Max Kim-Bee

Lacquered walls have a similar effect as mirrors do in that they make the room appear larger because of the way the light reflects off of them.

Max Kim-Bee uses both lacquered walls and a large mirror in this bathroom to maximize the effect. The bright fuchsia is beautiful!

20. Nix the Shower Curtain

nix the shower curtain
Image source: Tatiana Sato

Leave shower curtains in the past and instead invest in a glass shower wall as Tatiana Sato does in this bathroom. If the designer had used a shower curtain, it would have covered up the natural light that comes in from the window and made the room appear even smaller than it is. 

21. Less is More

less is more
Image source: Fiveia Ko

When it comes to decorating a small room, less is more. Since the room is already small in size, you don’t want to add unneeded clutter. Stick to the basics like a mirror, towel racks, and bathroom essentials only, as Fiveia Ko does in this bathroom design.

22. Minimalist Black

minimalist black
Image source: Vadim Shechkov

Combine white marble with matte black for a minimalist black look. Vadim Shechkov showcases this stylish look in this bathroom design. The white marble contrasted with the black makes the bathroom appear larger with more dimension. We are loving this luxurious look!

23. Mini Basin Sink

Mini Basin Sink
Image source: Kast Concrete Basins

The smallest of bathrooms may not even have enough room for both a sink and a toilet. But there is a fix for this with Kast Concrete Basins. You can get a mini basin sink that is smaller than the traditional sink but still allows you to have a sink in a small space. 

24. Add Plants

Add plants
Image source: Thistle Harvest

Potted plants are a great addition to any room, including the bathroom! The steam and moisture will be good for the plants and the greenery will make the room feel more open and natural. This bathroom designed by Thistle Harvest is modern and has plenty of greenery!

25. Use a Hall Closet for Storage

use a hall closet for storage
Image source: Kelley Nan

If you don’t have much storage in your bathroom, you can use a hall closet for storage space instead of cluttering up the small room.

In this Kelley Nan design, she uses wire shelving in the closet and wire baskets on the inside of the door. It’s perfectly organized and handy!

26. Wall or Ceiling Mount Shower Kit

wall or ceiling mounted shower kit
Image source: Jay Wilde

Older homes often have smaller bathrooms with no shower! You’re in luck though because you can purchase a wall or ceiling-mounted shower kit to install above your bathtub.

In this bathroom, Jay Wilde has installed one of these kits allowing the homeowner to be able to shower!

27. No Shower Enclosure

no shower enclosure
Image source: Jay Wilde

Another idea is to not have a shower enclosure at all. This is especially effective in bathrooms with both a shower and a tub. As long as you have a tile floor and a drain, you don’t necessarily need an enclosure. This Jay Wilde bathroom design is a good example of the concept.

28. Bathroom Mirror with a Shelf

bathroom mirror with a shelf
Image source: Shades of Light

A great way to make the most of a small space is to have a bathroom mirror with a shelf built onto it. You can keep items that you use frequently on the shelf or place small potted plants on it. You could even do a mixture of both, as Shades of Light shows here.

29. Wall-Mounted Towel Storage Rack

wall mounted towel storage
Image source: Bhoota Collection

If you don’t have a cupboard or storage space for towels in your bathroom, consider a wall-mounted towel storage rack like this one from the Bhoota Collection Etsy shop.

These racks are available in either gold or black finishes. You simply roll up the towels and stack them within the rack.

30. Over-the-Toilet Storage

over the toilet storage
Image source: Wayfair

Utilize the space above and around your toilet by installing an over-the-toilet storage shelf like this one from Wayfair. These are available in a variety of sizes and formats. We like this one because there is plenty of shelf space and it makes use of the spaces on the sides of the toilet.

31. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves
Image source: Rivercity Reclaimed

Floating shelves are a great addition to the wall above a toilet. These floating shelves from the Rivercity Reclaimed Etsy shop allow for toilet paper and other bathroom essential storage. In addition to storage space, this is a great way to display decor in your bathroom.

32. Wall-Mounted Faucet

wall-mounted faucet
Image source: Decor Pad

Having a wall-mounted faucet allows you the option to have a small countertop in the vanity sink area. In this Decor Pad bathroom design, a brass faucet is mounted to the navy blue wall and is striking in appearance. This style helps you save the space on the counter typically reserved for mounting the faucet.

33. Corner Toilet

corner toilet
Image source: Simply One Den

Traditionally, toilets are not installed in the corner of the room, but this toilet with a corner tank is a genius idea for making use of space!

In this bathroom, Simply One Den uses a corner toilet and uses the tank as a surface to display a potted plant. 

34. Apply Wallpaper to Awkward Walls

apply wallpaper to awkward walls
Image source: Susie Lowe Studio

If you live in an older home, it’s likely you have at least one room with awkward walls. You know the kind that follows the slope of the roof.

If your bathroom has such a design, apply wallpaper to some of the wall surfaces to give it extra flair, as Susie Lowe Studio does in this small bathroom.

35. Pocket Door

Pocket Door
Image source: Direct Doors

Pocket doors can save considerable space because you no longer need the space for a door to swing on hinges. Simply slide the door into the pocket of the wall and you’re good to go!

This pocket door by Direct Doors is the perfect option for a small bathroom design.

More bathroom door ideas can be found here.

36. Use the Toilet Tank as a Surface

use the toilet tank as a surface
Image source: Thistled Harvest

While you can use the toilet tank as a surface, it’s helpful to place a piece of wood or a basket on top to help contain anything that you store there.

In this design, Thistled Harvest uses a piece of wood to extend the surface of the toilet tank for storage.

37. Mirrored Vanity Cupboards

mirrored vanity cupboards
Image source: Decoholic

Just as mirrors are useful for giving the illusion that a small room is larger than it is, mirrored vanity cupboards can have a similar effect.

In this bathroom featured by Decoholic, you can see the effect that the mirrored vanity has. This room also has a mirror above the vanity, which also helps.

38. Vertical Stripes

vertical stripes
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Vertical stripes also give the illusion that the bathroom walls are taller than they are. In this Annie Schlechter bathroom design, she uses black and white stripes which makes for a gorgeous small bathroom. The bamboo-style framed mirror is a nice touch.

39. Dramatic Design

dramatic design
Image source: Stoffer Photography Interiors

Just because light colors make a room appear larger doesn’t mean that you can’t use a dark color in a small bathroom. As Stoffer Photography Interiors shows in this bathroom, a dramatic design has a great effect and distracts from how small the room is. The black walls are beautifully paired with the light-colored vanity.

40. Skylight

Image source: Belle Property Toowoomba

Skylight windows are a great way to allow natural light into the bathroom. It also makes the bathroom appear larger and less boxed in. You can see the beautiful effect of the skylight window in this bathroom design by Belle Property Toowoomba.

41. Go Bold

go bold
Image source: Michaellevisionsd

The use of various colors throughout the bathroom gives it character and extra dimension. In this Michaellevisionsd bathroom design, the colors are strategically placed so that it still appears tidy rather than appearing artsy and whimsical. These specific colors wouldn’t be for everyone, but there are a million color schemes you could choose instead!

42. Black, White, and Bright

Black white and bright
Image source: Molly Singer Design

The look of black and white with a pop of bright color is one of our favorite looks. This Molly Singer Design can be described as black, white, and bright! The emerald green is simply stunning against the black and white wallpaper design.

43. Defined Zones

defined zones
Image source: Britton Bathrooms

There is something about having defined zones in a bathroom that make it appear larger. In this Britton Bathrooms design, the toilet area is clearly defined as separate from the sink area. To the eye, it looks as if there is more room than there actually is.