20 Bathroom Color Ideas That Are Perfect For 2024

Bathroom Color Ideas

When it comes to choosing a color for your bathroom design, it can be difficult to make a decision! The colors used can drastically change the overall style of the room and completely change the character of the room. Needless to say, color choices are important!

You can choose from bold colors like red, orange, and purple, or you can choose more subtle tones like taupe, gray, and white. If you like using color but don’t want to be too bold, choose a muted tone of the color you love to create a softer look.

We have plenty of ideas to share with you in this article from bold color choices to more neutral color schemes. From a feminine look to a more masculine look, we are confident that anyone can find an idea that they love here. If you simply cannot choose, then maybe you can go with all of the colors of the rainbow!

The Best Bathroom Color Ideas This Year

1. Red

Janiczek Homes
Image source: Janiczek Homes

Red is one of those colors where just a little bit goes a long way. The top half of the walls are painted a bright red color and with the exception of a few accent items, that’s the extent of the red in the room, but it’s perfect!

The rest of the bathroom is white and black, which are colors that pair nicely with the color red. We love the unique style of the glossy black vanity and the pattern of the floor tile that has a woven appearance. 

On another note, the bright red wall and white wall with the black stripe through the middle gives off major Pokemon vibes. So if you are trying to decorate with a Pokemon theme, this Janiczek Homes design would be perfect!

2. Orange

Image source: Echelon Custom Homes

This bathroom is the perfect design for a child’s bathroom! The bright orange walls give this room a playful and fun vibe. The orange and white gingham Roman shades with teal detailing are cute.

The shape of the sinks is unique and works great with the overall eclectic nature of this orange bathroom with an ocean theme. Other accents include multi-colored fish towel hooks, lime green accessories, an ocean-themed print of the ABCs, a teal chandelier, and a framed bright yellow print with a white crab.

The double sinks each have a rustic style mirror above them in this Echelon Custom Homes bathroom design. These add to the overall ocean theme with their driftwood appearance.

3. Yellow

Image source: Upscale Construction

Yellow is a color that automatically invokes summer vibes, sunshine, flowers, and smiles. Yellow is a great color for any home decor project. This bathroom design by Upscale Construction is no exception.

The print of the yellow wallpaper along with the scalloped mirror and retro-style framed print on the wall give this bathroom a vintage style. However, the vanity and hardware bring a modern element to the style.

You will notice that the only use of yellow in this bathroom is the floral print wallpaper. The print is busy enough that it is all that is needed to add an abundance of color to this room.

4. Dark Green and White

dark green and white
Image source: Diapers and Decor

In this bathroom by Diapers and Decor, dark green and white shiplap cover the walls and it’s gorgeous. These colors give the room a natural and rustic feel. Having a white wall next to the dark green one helps keep the room light and airy.

The addition of gold and brass accents gives this bathroom a classic elegance at the same time. We are loving the floating shelf with the potted plant and candle that give character to the room. There are just enough patterns and textures in the room to make it perfect.

5. Purple

Image source: Lightology

Another bathroom color idea is to go with the most regal of all colors, purple! What better color to use in the room with a porcelain throne. The purple used in this bathroom design by Lightology is especially rich and vibrant.

We like how the color purple is used in this bathroom for the accents. The majority of this bathroom is a gray and white-colored stone, but purple is used in unexpected places like the vanity, for example.

The glossy finish on the purple vanity along with the two purple bath mats and a purple bath towel is all of the color that is needed in this room!

6. White

Image source: Veronica Solomon

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with an all-white bathroom. The color white makes everything look fresh and clean and what more could you ask for in a bathroom? Although if you live in a home with children, this may be hard to keep clean!

This Veronica Solomon white bathroom design includes light gray in the color scheme. The flooring helps bring it all together with its light gray and white marbled look.

Soaking in the large bathtub would be a dream! Another great idea shown in this design is the use of glass jars to store essentials like Q-tips, cotton balls, and more.

7. Black and Gold

black and gold
Image source: Q Construction Corp.

For anyone who prefers a luxurious style, this black and gold bathroom is a great idea. The accents of gold throughout this bathroom give it a rich and regal vibe.

While the floor, walls, and ceiling are black, the use of gold brightens up the room immensely. The golden rectangles on the walls pair nicely with the style of golden sconce lighting with rectangular detailing.

The room has a nice symmetry, with the ceiling and the floor both having golden stripes. The golden faucet is also a beautiful addition to this black and gold bathroom featured by Q Construction Corp.

8. Nautical Blue

nautical blue
Image source: Lisa Michael Interiors

This bathroom gives off major coastal vibes with its use of nautical blue. The blue fabric wallpaper along with the rope mirror give this beautiful blue bathroom plenty of texture.

The tile floor is made up of various shades of blue in a herringbone print. The white vanity contrasts perfectly against the nautical blue fabric wallpaper.

Above the toilet, Lisa Michael Interiors has hung a vintage indigo blue ocean print that combines both the blue colors and the white color found throughout the bathroom. This bathroom is the perfect nautical and ocean-themed design!

9. Black and Gray

black and gray
Image source: SDH Studio Architecture + Design

A black and gray color scheme creates a masculine space. This bathroom has a modern and luxurious vibe to it.

The white bathtub has straight lines instead of the traditional curved look. The matte gray walls match the floor in a seamless transition. The black and white marble area beneath the mirrors makes it have that luxurious feel.

The floor-to-ceiling frosted glass windows help brighten up this room that could otherwise seem quite dark due to the color scheme. This black and gray bathroom was designed by SDH Studio Architecture + Design.

10. Pool Blue

Pool Blue
Image source: Flynnside Out

At first glance, the countertop and wall in this bathroom look like you’re looking straight down at a pool.

This gorgeous pool blue resembles water with the sun sparkling off of it. Looking a bit closer, you can see that various shades of blue and even white are used in this design by Flynnside Out.

The white vanity, sinks, shelving, and wall sconces look bright and cheerful against the pool blue background. If you’re looking for something unique and want to decorate with blue and white, then this is a perfect inspiration!

11. Mint Green and Black

mint green and black
Image source: Nicole Hollis

Mint green is a soft color that gives spa vibes. Who wouldn’t want to have a spa-like experience every time they take a shower or use the bathroom?

This bathroom combines the serene mint green color with black and the result is stunning. This particular bathroom features uniquely shaped black stone tile. The vanity and sink area is certainly unique, with a luxuriously industrial look of a black countertop and golden pipe legs.

We love how the tiles are not 100% flush with the wall in this bathroom designed by Nicole Hollis. It gives the room texture and style.

12. Pastels

Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

This Jenn Feldman Designs bathroom uses white and a unique and modern patterned wallpaper in pastel colors. The result is feminine, stylish, and cheerful. The use of pastels softens the room and gives it a playful vibe.

The golden accents within the room complete the look, from the faucet, the vanity hardware, the doorknobs, and even the vanity lighting. We especially like the hexagon-shaped golden drawer pulls on the white vanity.

The arched mirror adds to the overall feminine effect. The dark gray stone tile balances out all of the light and airy colors used in this bathroom.

13. Beige

Image source: Studio McGee

Studio McGee gives a great example of how to use neutral colors like beige and gray in an unexpected way. Who says that neutral colors have to be boring?

Either use patterned wallpaper or paint a gingham or plaid print on the wall using beige and white paint. The result is absolutely beautiful! The matching wood paneling on the lower portion of the wall is the perfect addition to this bathroom.

The style of the bathroom is neat and tidy, traditional yet trendy, and classic yet modern. It’s a design that we’d use in a bathroom!

14. Brown and Mustard

brown and mustard
Image source: Annie Schlechter

This brown and mustard wallpapered bathroom may be just right for those who prefer a non-traditional look and style. It may just be the old-style corded phone on the wall, but this room gives off some serious retro vibes.

You can see that this bathroom is quite small, but the addition of the mirrored wall makes it look much larger than it actually is.

You can always count on Annie Schlechter for unique and colorful designs that are unexpected yet perfectly curated and designed. The addition of the vintage-inspired photo fits this bathroom design wonderfully.

15. Flower Garden Colors

flower garden colors
Image source: At Home with Ashley

The flower garden colors used in this bathroom design give it a whimsical and magical appearance. The floral design is feminine and romantic.

The addition of matching fresh flowers on the vanity counter is the perfect addition to this At Home with Ashley bathroom design. The golden accents go with this design wonderfully and give this bathroom a modern yet classic appearance.

We especially love all of the unique accents throughout the room. From the pair of golden swans to the golden pineapple soap dispenser and the two soap dishes, it’s fun accents like this that set this room apart.

16. Colorful Teal

colorful teal
Image source: Studio Plumb

This colorful bathroom design reminds us of Florida with its coastal colors and tropical printed wallpaper. The teal paneling on the lower half of the walls is a gorgeous color that is unique in home design.

The paneling pairs nicely with the tropical printed wallpaper in shades of teal, peach, pink, green, and blue. The pools, motels, and flamingos on this print are eclectic and make this bathroom full of personality.

There is a mixture of hardware colors in this bathroom, from black to gold. The mirror features both black and gold and helps tie the two together so it works with the style that Studio Plumb created. 

17. Gray and White

gray and white
Image source: LW Interiors

Gray and white is a simple color scheme that creates a feeling of serenity and calm. This bathroom features gray and white floral printed wallpaper, gray and white marbled counters, and a white backsplash and vanity.

The addition of the white vase with bright pink flowers gives this bathroom just enough color to give it a cheerful vibe, otherwise, the rest of the bathroom design sticks strictly to gray and white tones. 

The large arched mirror in the room makes this bathroom seem larger than it is and helps reflect the natural sunlight and brighten the room. What a beautiful bathroom design by LW Interiors!

18. Olive Green

olive green
Image source: A Glass of Bovino

Olive green is a great color for home decor because, while it adds color to a room, it’s also a fairly neutral color. In this A Glass of Bovino bathroom design, the olive green color is used on the walls while the floor, shower, and vanity countertop are gray and white. 

The use of brass accents along with the muted colors in the room gives it an overall classic elegance. The white towel with an olive green monogram adds to this classic look. 

The addition of the blue Roman shades and a brown and tan floor mat give this room the extra color that it needs to complete the look. 

19. Pale Pink

pale pink
Image source: Black Lacquer Design

This Spanish Craftsman ‘his and hers’ style bathroom features pale pink walls. The Mission-style stained glass windows are gorgeous and add plenty of extra color to this bathroom. 

The style of the vanity is unique and has a midcentury-modern vibe. You could create a similar look by using the head portion of an old storage-style bedframe and add legs for support. We’re not sure if this is how Black Lacquer Design created this look, but it sure appears so! 

There are a variety of patterns incorporated into this bathroom, from the subway tile shower, to the hexagon floor tiles, and to the pattern on the rug.

20. Rainbow

Image source: C. Cook LLC

If you can’t decide what color to use to decorate your bathroom, how about avoiding the decision and just paint your bathroom all of the colors of the rainbow?

You may be thinking of a little girl’s style bathroom with rainbows, unicorns, and glitter, but there are ways of decorating with a rainbow theme without it looking childish.

For example, take a look at this bathroom design by C. Cook LLC. The rainbow colors are slightly muted, which makes it more pretty than obnoxious. We love how the designer used various colored subway tiles to achieve this look. It is quite beautiful!