36 Of The Best Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas With Pictures

Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

The farmhouse style has become very popular in recent years, from kitchens to bedrooms to bathrooms. Perhaps it’s because the style evokes feelings of a simpler time, or maybe it’s because it’s just so incredible looking. No matter the reason, if the farmhouse style resonates with you, you have endless choices.

You can go with a classic country farmhouse feel, put a modern spin on it, travel to the French countryside, or simply create a little cottage retreat right in your bathroom. The farmhouse style is all about stirring up feelings of warmth and coziness, but definitely not at the expense of great design. 

So, sit back and enjoy these 36 carefully curated ideas for farmhouse bathrooms that will get you inspired to create your own.  Whether you’re aiming for an entire remodel or just want to add a few bits of farmhouse flair to your space, these ideas are sure to please. 

1. Charming Touches

Image source: farmhouse_on_chestnut

This simple, white bathroom from farmhouse_on_chestnut brings in several quaint touches, like a vintage chandelier, fresh flowers, and a small milking stool. All of these pieces combine to create a charming bathroom that inspires relaxation and serenity.

The simple approach is a popular design choice when it comes to the farmhouse style, inspiring one to think about how it would be to unwind after working a long day on the farm. 

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Image source: Fleur_at_home via Instagram

A collection of vintage and antique mirrors paired with a window-style mirror add a dash of whimsy to this farmhouse-inspired bathroom. Fleur_at_home has carefully chosen everything from the bold-patterned floor to the crisp white towels set against a black basket to create a dramatic design.

Adding these unique touches not only provides a bit of pizazz to the space, but the mirrors help bounce light around the bathroom, keeping the atmosphere cheery and bright. 

3. Wash Tub Shelves

Image source: Etsy

A popular item found around any farm is a washtub, whether you use it for washing, feeding animals, or carrying things around. You might even instantly think of some of these activities when you see one since washtubs are such iconic items.

That’s why these washtub shelves from Etsy are the perfect way to store and display some of your bathroom essentials when you’re going for a country farmhouse look. 

4. A Few Kitchen Touches

Image source: Cupcakecountrygirl via Instagram

An often-used design choice when it comes to farmhouse bathrooms is to use items you would typically find in the kitchen. Here, in this cozy, shabby chic farm bathroom from Cupcakecountrygirl, you’ll see a tiered serving stand holding several bathroom essentials like towels and jars of cotton swabs.

Plus, a pitcher shows off a sprig of fresh greenery, while hanging baskets that you might find holding produce in a kitchen, hold towels and other items instead. 

5. Weathered Vanity

Image source: Wayfair

This weathered turquoise vanity not only provides tons of storage but it’s the perfect addition to a cottage-style farmhouse bathroom. Plus, the turquoise tone pops against the white and creates a statement.

Distressed furniture is a great way to go for the more rustic, farmhouse look. You can find pieces like this beauty from Wayfair already weathered to perfection, or you can create your own using multiple coats of paint and some sandpaper.  

6. Shiplap and Rustic Accents

Image source: Itty Bitty Farmhouse

Sometimes, people think of the farmhouse style as over-the-top country, kitschy signs, and vintage odds and ends. While those things certainly have their place in some farmhouse designs, it’s not the only way.

For example, this bathroom from Itty Bitty Farmhouse decides to keep things subdued, with white-on-white features and shiplap going three quarters up the wall. Then, it’s all about thoughtful accents, like the ruched shower curtain, wooden accents, and baskets, and simple decor.

7. Concrete Countertop

Image source: robyns_frenchnest via Instagram

This stunning bathroom from robyns_frenchnest mixes some industrial and modern elements with some more rustic touches to create a more contemporary farmhouse feel.

The star of the show is the poured concrete countertop, which provides function and form and is the perfect contrast between the two matching sinks and bright white tile. The penny tile floors, sheer shower curtain, and wood vanity help soften the look, and the whole design comes together beautifully. 

8. Farmer’s Market Touches

Image source: The Old Farmhouse of Windmill Hill

If you want to create a farmhouse bathroom, why not go all the way with pieces that feel like they’re fresh from the farmer’s market? The Old Farmhouse of Windmill Hill turns this old seedbox and some mason jars into the perfect way to display some pretty flowers.

Set on top of the back of the toilet, the piece blends what’s usually the least attractive item in the bathroom into a cohesive part of the design scheme.

9. Farmhouse Master Bathroom

Image source: Thisoldhudson via Instagram

Going with more rustic and industrial touches is another way to create a farmhouse master bathroom, whether you bring in lots of wood and natural touches or go a bit more industrial with metal and exposed pipes, like Thisoldhudson.

The exposed copper pipes are an excellent touch, and using more copper to create the bathtub surround is brilliant. Plus, when paired with the shiplap walls and soft white curtains, they create an incredible juxtaposition in this space.  

10. Add Some Ruffles

Image source: OurWintonHome via Instagram

This sweet and charming bathroom from OurWintonHome definitely leans more toward the shabby-chic farmhouse style, with its white-on-white design, fresh flowers, and natural accents.

But the star of the show is the ruffled shower curtain, which softens the whole space and makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a quaint cottage. The four layers of ruffles are just enough from becoming a little too much, balancing nicely with the unruffled top.

11. Hefty Floating Wood Shelves

Image source: Thrifty & Chic

No matter what the style, every bathroom needs to have storage, and your storage choices can add a lot to your overall design. These thick, wooden planks become the perfect floating shelves, great for displaying some accent pieces.

They’re reminiscent of the open shelving you might find in a farmhouse kitchen. Plus, Thrifty & Chic does a great job pairing them with some sofer wicker baskets. Sheer, ruffled curtains, and various greenery to keep them from feeling too visually heavy. 

12. Barn Door Vanity

Image source: Shanty 2 Chic

This streamlined vanity perfectly combines farmhouse style with modern design, featuring a black and white combo with sliding barn doors.

The wood drawers are the perfect way to soften the edginess of the black and white, adding warmth and a rustic vibe. Shanty 2 Chic does a great job pairing the vanity with simple mirrors and bathroom light fixtures to create a more minimalistic farmhouse feel.

13. Galvanized Accessories

Image source: Amazon

They say accessories make the outfit; well, they also make the design. When you’re styling a space, choosing the right pieces to complete your design is vital for a cohesive look. These galvanized bathroom accessories from Amazon remind you of things you’d use on the farm, from milk pails to baskets and more.

They’re the perfect addition to a more country or rustic farmhouse style, not to mention a cute way to hold essentials like toothbrushes, washcloths, and soap.

14. Mix It Up

Image source: Christina Maria

Don’t stick to just one kind of material. The different variations of natural elements in this farmhouse bathroom from Christina Maria all come together to create one fantastic blend of style and statement.

From the exposed brick wall to the various woods on the floor, ceiling, and countertops, this space shows that mixing things up a bit can work wonders. Plus, woven blinds, a wooden stool, and a wood-trimmed mirror add to the rustic flair.

15. Distressed Mirror

Image source: Wayfair

If you want to create a farmhouse feel in your bathroom, but you don’t have the time or budget for a complete remodel, no problem. You can add a few farmhouse touches that can transform your space entirely.

A coat of paint is always one of the most cost-effective ways to transform a room, but it also can help show off the perfect accent pieces, like this fantastic distressed mirror from Wayfair

16. Rustic Meets Quirky

Image source: Eryn Whalen

Great design is all about creating special moments throughout a room. You can do this by having some fun with your farmhouse design by mixing functional rustic touches with quirky, whimsical detail.

Eryn Whalen hangs a wood and metal coat rack against an insect-patterned wallpaper to create a wonderful blend of simple and stylish function. It’s the perfect place to hang towels and robes while also serving as a sweet moment in the space.

17. Shiplap Wallpaper

Image source: Etsy

Shiplap walls are the ultimate way to create a charming, country cottage feel, and therefore, popular in farmhouse design. But, if you’d love to have shiplap on your walls, but not so much what it does to your budget, consider this alternative–shiplap wallpaper from Etsy.

It’s easy to install and gives the look of shiplap without draining your wallet. Plus, if you ever decide to redecorate, it’s a lot easier to change.

18. Black and White Scheme

Image source: Shanty 2 Chic

Do you prefer a more minimal look in your space? It’s certainly a popular style, especially in a bathroom, where you want things t feel lean and fresh and uncluttered.

This black-and-white design from Shanty 2 Chic keeps things pared down and bare but still adds a statement with the white tiled tub surround and all-black hardware and fixtures. The result is a modern farmhouse bathroom that is undoubtedly simple while being anything but boring. 

19. Use an Antique Dresser as Your Vanity

Image source: Thewhiteliliyfarm via Instagram

Mixing the new with the old is a classic choice in farmhouse design, creating a cozy space that still feels fresh and fun. One way to develop this feeling is to blend more modern and dramatic features. 

Like pairing the bold tiled floor and black fixtures here, with antique pieces, like this stunning dresser and mirror. Thewhiteliliyfarm does a great job using this furniture piece as the bathroom vanity, genuinely making it a focal point in the space. 

20. Turn a Vintage Window Into an Accessory

Image source: Let’s DIY It All

Another great way to achieve the farmhouse style in your space is to reimagine found items as something new instead of simply throwing them away.

Here, Let’s DIY It All takes an old vintage mirror they had lying around for a while and turns it into something beautiful and useful in their space. By adding a few simple hooks and a lovely wreath of greenery, this old window gets new life as a bespoke towel holder. 

21. Wonderful in White and Wood

Image source: Galvanized Chic Boutique via Pinterest

This beautiful white and wood bathroom from Galvanized Chic Boutique serves as a stunning example of a fresh take on the farmhouse design. The shiplap travels up the walls and onto the ceiling, wrapping the whole room in a cottagey feel.

It’s also the perfect contrast to the rich wood tones on the counter, floor, and gorgeous bathroom barn door. The rest of the accents in the room stay simple, letting the bare bones of the design speak for themselves.

22. Pretty in Pink and Plates

Image source: Cottage Fence via Tumblr

This charming white and pink bathroom from Cottage Fence transports you to a farm in the English countryside. The natural light flooding the space, along with the all-white walls and ceiling, creates a bright and airy atmosphere.

The gold faucet and soft pink curtains and towels add to the country charm, as does the collection of vintage plates and cups that line the wall on white display shelves. 

23. Double a Chair as a Tub-side Table

Image source: Karr Bick

Having furniture items that you may not usually find in a bathroom is yet another characteristic of the farmhouse style. Therefore, i’s not uncommon to see things like side tables, chairs, or freestanding shelves and cabinets in a bathroom.

But whatever pieces are in the space aren’t just for show; they also serve a purpose. Like in this bathroom from Karr Bick, a sweet side chair doubles as a place to stack towels.

24. Reimagine a Console as a Vanity

Image source: French Country Cottage

You can use furniture in a bathroom in a number of different ways, including transforming it into something new.  This also gives you a way to make your space something truly unique.

For this French Country Cottage farmhouse bathroom, an antique console table is given new life as a beautiful vanity, complete with double round sinks and storage. It creates such a statement in the space, blending beautifully with the ornate mirror and wall sconce. 

25. Vintage-Inspired Wallpaper

Image source: Rain and Pine

Believe it or not, farmhouse style isn’t all about putting wood on the walls. You can do all sorts of things to achieve the look you want. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and vintage prints are extremely popular.

This pre-pasted patina wallpaper, used by Rain and Pine in their powder room, is absolutely gorgeous. When you use a pattern like this one all over your space, you can keep everything else simple and low-key. 

26. Use a Ladder to Hang Greenery

Image source: Organicchoiceaustralia via Instagram

Using natural elements in farmhouse design is key; fresh flowers and plants are excellent. We’re loving this idea for bringing the outside in from Organicchoiceaustralia.

Repurposing an old ladder as a hanging plant display is creative, practical, and just plain cool. Plus, you can hang so many plants on it that it becomes all you need. The lush greenery pops against the white walls, and the whole space feels bright and happy. 

27. Choose a Bold Backdrop

Image source: Knick of Time

We’ve seen a lot of light and bright variations on the farmhouse style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go with some color. In fact, what’s so great about the farmhouse style is that there are so many different interpretations of it, so you can find one that works the best for you.

Here, in this bathroom from Knick of Time, a rich green covers the walls, offset by the whitewashed vanity and white decor. 

28. The Design Is in the Details

Image source: thecuratedfarmhouse via Instagram

One of the best things about the farmhouse style is all of the little details that can make the space absolutely perfect. Instead of just tossing a few pieces into the mix, these accessories and fixtures are all thoughtfully selected and arranged by thecuratedfarmhouse.

The standouts here are the well-pump style faucet and copper bowl with handles that becomes the bathroom sink. You can almost imagine pumping water up from the well.

29. Pretty Tile Floor

Image source: Spazio Designs LA

There’s no rule that says you have to stick with one thing when it comes to design. Taking classic features from several different styles and combining them into one room often makes a beautiful space.

This rustic, modern farmhouse bathroom combines shiplap walls, warm wood tones, black fixtures, and a beautiful and bold tile floor. The floor carries through the entire room into the shower, creating a significant impact in this small bathroom from Spazio Designs LA.

30. Mason Jar Organizer

Image source: Reddit

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle this useful and fun DIY mason jar organizer from Reddit. With some wood, hose clamps, hooks, stain, and of course, mason jars, you get the perfect storage piece for your country or rustic farmhouse bathroom.

It’s ideal for holding things like toothbrushes and cotton balls, and with a hand pump, you can even turn one of the jars into a custom soap dispenser. 

31. DIY Rolling Crate Storage

Image source: The Real Girl’s Realm

While you’re on a DIY kick, keep things rolling, literally, with this movable storage cart from The Real Girl’s Realm. Here, two wooden crates get stacked on top of each other and placed on casters so that you can move the whole unit around.

But you can also create various configurations using multiple crates. You can also forgo the wheels and create a stationary storage space that either sits on the floor or mounts on the wall. 

32. Display Your Goods

Image source: Liz Marie

If you were to walk into a farmhouse, odds are you’d see open shelving, keeping things within reach and easily accessible. This is why these features often pop up in farmhouse-style kitchens and bathrooms.

But, if you don’t want your things completely out in the open, choose a pretty cabinet with glass doors like the one in this bathroom from Liz Marie. You get the same feel without worrying about your items getting dusty. 

33. Create a Chicken Wire Storage Piece

Image source: Bless’er House

To add a dash of the farmhouse style to your bathroom, why not use some materials from the actual farm? This jewelry organizer from Bless’er House uses chicken wire in a simple whitewashed wood frame to create the perfect way to store and display jewelry.

The bonus is it keeps your accessories within reach while doubling as art, so you have less to worry about when it comes to decorating your bathroom. 

34. Hanging Ladder-Style Shelves

Image source: Etsy

Storage is critical in a bathroom. If you’re trying to find a way to add some more storage to your farmhouse bathroom while also adding to the design, don’t forget about your wall space.

This ladder-style shelving unit from Etsy mounts easily with the attached rope onto a weight-bearing hook. It provides three shelves that are just right for small items, and you can add a fun farmhouse-inspired sign to add a dash of country charm. 

35. Masculine and Modern

Image source: Juxtaposed Interiors

If you’d prefer to steer clear of the ruffles and lace in your farmhouse bathroom, you can opt for a more masculine take on the style. That’s exactly what this modern bathroom does from Juxtaposed Interiors, combing rustic elements with sleek, contemporary finishes and mixing in warm wood tones and metallics.

The entire combination speaks to a more masculine sensibility, from the strong lines to the black and white farm prints on the walls.

36. Add Some Elegance

Image source: Ourwintonhome via Instagram

Glam your farmhouse up a bit by adding a few glitzy touches to your subdued palette. In this stunner by Ourwintonhome, you see the classic shiplap walls and classic farmhouse accents like the wicker basket and white pitcher.

But, there’s also a rich elegance present, courtesy of the marble tub surround and sparkling chandelier that hangs above it. Of course, nothing says farmhouse bathroom like a view of cows outside your window.