The Best List Of 52 Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Whether you live on a farm or not, you can decorate your bedroom with the trendy farmhouse decor style. Even in the middle of an urban area, you can bring a little piece of country home with you through your home decor. 

There are certain elements that are fairly common when it comes to this theme, but the design can vary drastically from one room to the next. You can go with a shabby chic look, a rustic bedroom farmhouse look, a modern farmhouse look, or even a French farmhouse look. 

We have collected 52 of the best farmhouse bedroom design ideas and we know you are going to love them! We have furniture ideas, paint color suggestions, lighting styles, and more. Even if you’re not building a home where you can choose the architecture, we even have ideas to create the architectural elements that you would see in brand new construction home.

1. Wrought Iron Bed

wrought iron bed
Image source: Our Vintage Nest

A vintage-inspired wrought iron bed is perfect for any bedroom decorated with farmhouse decor. In this bedroom, Our Vintage Nest incorporates numerous accents with vintage looks including the wicker basket at the end of the bed, the old window sash on the wall, and the accent pillow on the bed.

2. Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse
Image source: Studio McGee

If you prefer a more modern look, you will love this modern farmhouse style in this Studio McGee design. The pendant lighting is a modern touch to the room. In this room, the furniture is built with straight and clean lines. The shiplap wall, exposed ceiling beam, and distressed rug give this room its farmhouse vibe.

3. Gingham Accent Wall

Gingham accent wall
Image source: Love Grows Wild

We absolutely love the neutral-colored gingham accent wall in this little boy’s room designed by Love Grows Wild. It’s a classic look that gives this room a lot of character. The white shelves look beautiful on the wall with all of the farmhouse decor sitting on top of them. 

4. DIY Shiplap Clock

DIY Shiplap Clock
Image source: Thrifty and Chic

Save some money by making your own shiplap clock with these DIY instructions from the Thrifty and Chic blog. This shiplap clock is the perfect accent for farmhouse decor. You could even paint the clock a color that matches your design scheme. We’re imagining a beautiful distressed navy blue color with white roman numerals.

5. Faux Wood Beams

faux wood beams
Image source: Twelve on Main

If you’re decorating an existing home that doesn’t have the rustic exposed wooden beams that many farmhouse styles feature, you can install faux wooden beams to achieve the same look as Twelve on Main does in this farmhouse bedroom. With a quick look at the room, no one would be the wiser that they aren’t real.

6. DIY Hanging Lantern Display

DIY hanging lantern display
Image source: Worthing Court Blog

If you enjoy a good DIY project, you can use the Worthing Court Blog’s DIY hanging lantern display instructions to create something unique and beautiful. Install a battery-operated flickering flame candle in the hanging lantern for the ultimate farmhouse look. The colors that you use for this project are up to you!

7. Farmhouse Chic

farmhouse chic
Image source: Beneath My Heart

How pretty is this farmhouse-chic bedroom design? Beneath My Heart uses a pastel floral wallpaper on an accent wall that gives this room the pop of color that it needs. It looks beautiful paired with the bough of flowers on the shiplap wall. The wrought iron bed juxtaposed with the crystal chandelier is a gorgeous look.

8. Barnwood Ceiling

barnwood ceiling
Image source: The DIY Mommy

This idea from The DIY Mommy to use a barn wood ceiling is the perfect example of how to incorporate a bold design element without it being too much. Putting the barn wood on the ceiling but having white walls helps the room stay light and airy while still having that rustic element.

9. Bring the Outside to the Inside

bring outside inside
Image source: Magnolia

In this Magnolia bedroom designed by Joanna Gaines, she does a great job bringing the outdoors inside. The green shag carpet resembles grass and makes the room look like a comfy space to relax. The shiplap walls and the galvanized steel awning above the window give the appearance of the exterior of a home.

10. Multi-Texture Accent Pillows

multi-texture accent pillows
Image source: Thistlewood Farms

An easy way to add texture to a room design is by incorporating accent pillows with a variety of styles and patterns. The neutral-colored accent pillows in this Thistlewood Farms bedroom design all have a different texture, which gives this bedroom character. 

11. Lace Inspired Area Rug

lace inspired area rug
Image source: Boutique Rugs

Boutique Rugs offers a variety of area rugs that fit perfectly into a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. This lace-inspired area rug is gorgeous and absolutely perfect for this bedroom. The room has a shabby chic vibe with its curved, painted, and distressed bed frame style. The chandelier is a nice touch.

12. Chunky Knit Blanket

chunky knit blanket
Image source: Farm to Table Creations

Chunky knit blankets look great in any bedroom style but look especially beautiful with the farmhouse style. It’s a soft blanket for cuddling up with to read a book, plus it adds texture to the room. We love the chalkboard that Farm to Table Creations placed on the floating shelf above the bed. It’s an easy way to change up the decor!

13. DIY Basket Weave Bench

DIY Basket Weave Bench
Image source: Blooming DIYer

There are a lot of DIY options when it comes to farmhouse decor. This DIY basketweave bench by Blooming DIYer is unique and rustic. This particular bench has space below the bench for woven basket storage. We love the glass vase with the white flowers next to the bench.

14. Farmhouse Minimal

farmhouse minimal
Image source: Jenny Wolf Interiors

Keep your decor simple and go for a farmhouse minimalist look. This Jenny Wolf Interiors bedroom has plain white walls and simple white bedding. A neutral-colored accent pillow on the bed gives this room a little extra texture. We love the striped area rug in this design!

15. Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall
Image source: Simply Beautiful by Angela

Display photos of family and friends with a gallery wall. The old window sash frame is a unique way to display a photo. You can add various elements like Simply Beautiful by Angela does in this bedroom. Distressed wooden wall art with quotes or letters is a great way to go.

16. Side Table Tray

Side Table Tray
Image source: Love Grows Wild

Place a tray on your bedside tables to keep all of your things tidy. By using a tray or a basket to hold your items, you reduce the look of clutter in your bedroom. Love Grows Wild chose all neutral items for display on this side table.

17. Butterfly Display

butterfly display
Image source: Bless'er House

This butterfly display would look cute in a little girl’s bedroom. The butterflies add color to this otherwise neutral bedroom. The white curtains with purple trimming that Bless’er House uses in this bedroom are simply sweet. The painted white dresser is a cute addition to this bedroom fit for a farm princess.

18. Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder
Image source: Julie Coppa Designs

Why have just one blanket ladder when you can have two? Blanket ladders are a great way to add a rustic touch to your bedroom decor. The blanket ladders that Julie Coppa Designs chose are made from tree branches, which gives them that extra appeal.

19. Fur Accents

Fur Accents
Image source: Simons Design Studio

The two fur-topped ottomans at the end of the bed are rustic yet modern and are perfect for this rustic farmhouse bedroom. You could also add a bear rug or fur accent pillows. We also love the pattern mixing that Simons Design Studio does with the accent pillows in this room.

20. Red Accents

red accents
Image source: The Design Atelier

Add the color red to a neutral-colored bedroom to achieve this beautiful look by The Design Atelier. An easy way to add red is by using accents such as a throw blanket, area rug, red-trimmed bedding, or red curtains. This room is ideal for a farmhouse setting.

21. Black Painted Wooden Bench

painted black wooden bench
Image source: Darci Reimund Designs

Find a vintage wooden bench and paint it black for a refined farmhouse vibe. You could also either use a black chandelier or find an old one and paint it black. We are also loving the four-post bed that Darci Reimund Designs uses in this farmhouse bedroom design.

22. Floral Wallpaper

floral wallpaper
Image source: Simons Design Studio

This classic floral wallpaper in shades of gray and tan is installed on an accent wall in this Simons Design Studio bedroom design. The vintage bed frame and the distressed wood side table match the wallpaper wonderfully. We are loving this boutique-style farmhouse bedroom. 

23. Buffalo Check Bedding

Buffalo Check Bedding
Image source: Pottery Barn

If you are going to decorate with a farmhouse theme, you definitely need to incorporate the buffalo check print in some way. This buffalo check bedding from Pottery Barn is a great way to do just that. You could also use accent pillows.

24. Floating Shelf

floating shelf
Image source: Birch Lane

Use a distressed white floating shelf to display art, hold a potted plant, or other decorative accents. This particular shelf is available at Birch Lane, but it wouldn’t be difficult to make something yourself if you are a little bit handy and creative.

25. Wood Sign Decor

wood sign decor
Image source: Nested Decor

If you are decorating with farmhouse decor, you definitely need at least one wood sign with an inspirational quote on it. This wood sign is available at the Nested Decor Etsy store. “Start each day with a grateful heart” is the perfect quote to wake up to in the morning.

26. Flowers

Image source: House on Winchester

The white flowers displayed in this farmhouse-inspired bedroom bring a romantic vibe to this room. This bedroom is designed with Drew Barrymore home goods. The neutral tones make this room dreamy, especially with the sunlight coming in through the white curtains. The House on Winchester blog featured this bedroom.

27. Light and Airy

light and airy
Image source: Nina Williams Blog

We love the light and airy look when it comes to home decor. Nina Williams Blog nailed it on this farmhouse bedroom design! The gallery wall is perfectly aligned with photos using the same filter for a cohesive look. The shiplap ceiling with the white chandelier is perfectly shabby chic.

28. Leather Accent Pillows

leather accent pillows
Image source: Linen & Ivory

Add a masculine vibe to your decor by using leather accent pillows like Linen & Ivory does in this bedroom. The leather accent pillows are sophisticated yet rustic and look great with the simple white bedding. It’s the perfect leather and lace look that’s great for a farmhouse.

29. Windowpane Mirror

Windowpane Mirror
Image source: Wayfair

Browse through garage sales at old homes or farmhouses to find old window sashes that you can use as artwork in your farmhouse-inspired bedroom. Or you could make it easy by going with a readymade and distressed window sash mirror from Wayfair.

30. Four Poster Bed

four poster bed
Image source: Anthropologie

A four-poster bed makes any bedroom a little more elegant. This black poster bed is the perfect pick for a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. This particular bed frame is available at Anthropologie. The simple white bedding accents the bed well. We’re also loving the pendant lighting above the bed.

31. Farmhouse Luxury

farmhouse luxury
Image source:

Who says a farmhouse bedroom can’t be luxurious too? This rustic yet elegant bedroom features bedroom furniture set from The furniture is absolutely beautiful. The chandelier adds the final touch of elegance that transforms this room from rustic to luxurious.

32. Farm Animal Wall Art

farm animal wall art
Image source: Galvanized Chic Boutique

Photographs of farm animals or paintings of farm animals are a great wall art choice in a farmhouse bedroom. The black and white cow print shown here is adorable in this bedroom featured by Galvanized Chic Boutique. We also love how an old ladder is used as a shelf above the bed.

33. Floral Wreath

floral wreath
Image source: My Lifestyle Memoir

Wreaths of all kinds work great in farmhouse design, but this pink floral wreath hung on an old window sash is pretty! The blush pink throw blanket brings out the various shades of pink on the wreath. This bedroom was featured by the My Lifestyle Memoir blog.

34. Tufted Bed

tufted bed
Image source: Birch Lane

This bedroom has a coastal farmhouse vibe with the bright coral pink tufted headboard and bed frame. This upholstered and tufted bedframe is available at Birch Lane. The round barrel wicker basket is the perfect accent to give this room even more of a coastal farmhouse feel. 

35. Gray Shiplap

Gray Shiplap
Image source: Decor Steals

We have seen numerous ways to use shiplap throughout this list so far, but this is the first where we have seen shiplap painted gray! It’s a unique look that we are loving. The light-colored bedding and the bed frame look great against the gray wall in this bedroom featured by Decor Steals. Check out more gray bedroom ideas here!

36. Faux Fireplace

faux fireplace
Image source: My Blessed Nest of 6

Even if you don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, you can at least achieve the look by installing a faux fireplace. Simply attach a fireplace mantle and frame to a wall and you’re good to go! My Blessed Nest of 6 provides the perfect example in this room photo.

37. Painted Furniture

painted furniture
Image source: Bless'er Home

You can transform an old piece of furniture by giving it a coat or two of chalk paint. Painted furniture is a trendy look and gives you the opportunity to create a furniture piece that displays your personality. This blue-painted dresser is featured on the Bless’er Home blog.

38. Boho Farmhouse

Boho Farmhouse
Image source: Brie Williams

Combine boho style with the farmhouse look to achieve the boho farmhouse style! The hanging wicker egg-shaped chair is a nice feature in this room designed by Brie Williams. The pink and blue color scheme is gorgeous! This would be the perfect boho bedroom for a teenager.

39. Hat Wall

Hat Wall
Image source: Birch Lane

Make your storage solution double as wall art with a hat wall. Place nails or hooks in the wall to store your hats on and at the same time, you can achieve this look featured by Birch Lane. Even if you don’t wear hats, you could still buy a couple to display as decor.

40. Quilts

Image source: Ethan Allen

Quilts are a great fit for farmhouse decor. This modern farmhouse design by Ethan Allen features a beautiful black and white quilt. While quilts are often made with a variety of mismatched colors and scraps, you can find quilts that will be color coordinated with your bedroom.

41. Coastal Farmhouse

coastal Farmhouse
Image source: Home Stories A to Z

This is another take on the coastal farmhouse design style. This one goes with more neutral and muted colors. The ocean print artwork is the perfect addition to this room design by Home Stories A to Z. We’re loving the rustic style bench at the end of the bed with the wire baskets beneath.

42. Accent Chair

Accent Chair
Image source: Nick and Alicia

An accent chair is a great addition to any bedroom. You can use the accent chair to add a pop of color to the room or even add a little personality with a fun pattern. This Nick and Alicia bedroom features a light blue accent chair.

43. Sconces

Image source: Town & Country Living

You can save space on your bedside table by installing sconce light fixtures on your walls instead of using table lamps. This bedroom featured by Town & Country Living does just this. This bedroom is brightly decorated with whites, blues, and coral which creates a cheerful atmosphere.

44. Glass Bottle Lamp

Glass Bottle Lamp
Image source: The Concrete Cottage

With a glass bottle lamp, like this one from The Concrete Cottage, you can change out the contents every season. So while you may have faux lemons in the summertime, you could switch it out to autumn-colored leaves in the fall. Or you could bring home a small amount of sand from each tropical vacation and keep it in the lamp! 

45. Wooden Floor Lamp

wooden floor lamp
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

A floor lamp with a distressed wooden base always looks beautiful in a farmhouse-themed room. This Design Shop Interiors bedroom design features the perfect wooden floor lamp for a farmhouse bedroom. Place it next to the bed or next to an accent chair for extra lighting.

46. Wood Beaded Chandelier

Wood Beaded Chandelier
Image source: The Home Co.

The rustic design of a wood-beaded chandelier is the perfect look for this farmhouse bedroom. The overall style of this The Home Co. bedroom is a rustic yet modern farmhouse design. We are loving the exposed ceiling beam that the wood-beaded chandelier hangs from.

47. Herringbone Wallpaper

herringbone wallpaper
Image source: Rocky Mountain Decals

If you want to add a little extra style and texture to your bedroom, consider adding a patterned wallpaper like this Rocky Mountain Decals herringbone wallpaper. You can add it to an accent wall so it’s not an overwhelming amount of pattern but still adds some pizzaz.

48. French Farmhouse

french farmhouse
Image source: Simply French Market

One of our favorite farmhouse-inspired design themes is the French farmhouse look. The white flowers throughout the bedroom create an elegance that fits perfectly with the crystal chandelier and other accents in the bedroom. This gorgeous all-white bedroom is featured by Simply French Market.

49. Letter Board

letter board
Image source: Farmhouse Bargain Hunter

Like the chalkboard that we showed earlier on this list, a letter board is another great decor option that you can change out with the seasons or whenever you want. You can display a favorite quote or word. Farmhouse Bargain Hunter displays the words “always kiss me goodnight.”

50. Pattern Mixing

pattern mixing
Image source: Cutting Edge Stencils

We love the idea of mixing patterns with the help of accent pillows. The black and white striped pillow next to the polka dot pillow adds character to this bedroom designed by Cutting Edge Stencils. We’re also loving the ceramic deer head on the wall above the bed.

51. DIY Roman Shades

DIY Roman Shades
Image source: The DIY Mommy

If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on expensive window treatments, you can follow The DIY Mommy’s instructions for DIY Roman shades. The buffalo check pattern is always perfect for a farmhouse theme, but the best part is that you get to choose the fabric and the pattern.

52. Light French Gray

light french gray
Image source: Rugh Design

One of the best neutral paint colors for a farmhouse style is the Sherwin-Williams French Gray. The color is a beautiful greige. This bedroom by Rugh Design shows the French Gray on the walls. It looks especially good when paired with white trim.