50 Of The Best Gray Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Gray Bedroom Ideas

The color gray has seemingly taken over the home decor world. It has become a new neutral and it pairs well with a variety of colors, making it a great choice for any room. It can be used throughout a variety of decor styles, depending upon the decorative accents that are added throughout the room. 

We’ve researched 50 gray bedroom ideas that will get your creativity flowing. Whether your style is feminine, masculine, farmhouse-inspired, contemporary, eclectic, or boho, we have ideas for you! 

You can use gray as one of the main colors in the bedroom and then add a pop of color that will give the room style and character. Some of our favorite color combinations with gray are yellow, pink, and black. We have even more ideas listed for you here. We hope that you enjoy all of the beautiful gray bedroom ideas that we have highlighted in this article.

1. Chic

Image source: Lucy and Company

The gray upholstered headboard style is chic and beautiful. The accents of pink in the throw pillows help reinforce this feminine look. The patterned wallpaper is modern and unique but ties everything together, from the throw pillows and bedding to the headboard. This room was designed by Lucy and Company.

2. Tongue and Groove Wall

tongue and groove wall
Image source: Resene Colour

This bedroom features tongue and groove paneling installed in a vertical position. Painting it a dark gray gives this classic look a modern flair. Resene Colour uses numerous shades of gray throughout this bedroom and then accents it with the olive green comforter.

3. Greige Paint Color

Greige Paint Color
Image source: Resene Colour

Greige may be the perfect neutral paint color. It’s a blend of both grey and beige and it’s modern yet has more warmth than your average shade of grey. Resene Colour uses the greige color to paint an accent wall in this bedroom design.

4. Black and Gray Roman Shades

Black Gray Roman Shades
Image source: Alyssa Rosenheck

Roman shades are a great option to replace both blinds and curtains. The black and gray Roman shades that Alyssa Rosenheck uses in this bedroom design are great for privacy but also bring out the blacks and grays throughout the room. This room is masculine but also light and airy, which is a nice combination.

5. Abstract Artwork

abstract artwork
Image source: Amanda Nisbet Design

It’s easy to use abstract artwork in whatever color scheme you decide to go with. This bedroom is decorated with neutrals and a blush pink chair and so the gray and white abstract art fits in perfectly. Amanda Nisbet Design did a great job creating this feminine look.

6. Tufted Headboard

tufted headboard
Image source: Kim Smith Photo

A tufted headboard provides texture and character to any bedroom. There’s something about the style that looks elegant and refined. It’s especially beautiful in this dark gray bed frame and headboard that Kim Smith Photo features. Also, how fun is the chandelier in this room?

7. Corduroy Chair and Ottoman

Corduroy Chair
Image source: Alison Pickart

The corduroy fabric choice is sure to bring texture to any room. We are loving this gray corduroy chair and ottoman in this bedroom. It looks like a comfortable place to sit down and read a book. The neutral colors that Alison Pickart used in this design are beautiful.

8. Floral Accent Wall

floral accent wall
Image source: Kevin Spearman

It’s always fun to have an accent wall with either a bold color or a patterned print. The black and white floral accent wall in this bedroom is certainly a statement! Kevin Spearman uses pops of color throughout the rest of the room to brighten up the look. 

9. Dresser with Cubbies

Dresser with Cubbies
Image source: Wayfair

This soft gray dresser with cubbies would be perfect in a nursery, but would work well in any bedroom! The overall style has a timeless look that won’t go out of style. This dresser has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars on Wayfair so we know you will be satisfied with it.

10. Farmhouse Glam

Farmhouse Glam
Image source: Berry Home

Incorporate a little bit of country and a little bit of glam in your bedroom style! This farmhouse glam bedroom by Berry Home has both of these elements. The white sliding barn door is a nice touch. The tufted headboard makes the room more glamorous and refined.

11. Stair Step Shelf

Stair Step Shelf
Image source: Resene Colour

A stairstep shelf allows you to feature a variety of items in a unique way. There is plenty of shelf space on the steps portion of this piece of furniture where you can display items without having to worry about the item being too tall to fit. This shelf was featured by Resene Colour.

12. Magical Forest Wallpaper

Magical Forest Wallpaper
Image source: Lucy and Company

Make your bedroom a magical space when you install this magical forest wallpaper on an accent wall. If you look closely, you will see little stars dispersed throughout the leafless trees. The neutral colors of gray allow the print to be busy yet not overwhelming in this bedroom designed by Lucy and Company.

13. Beach Style

Beach Style
Image source: Keating Moore Construction

Whether you’re decorating your oceanside condo or simply want to bring coastal vibes to your space, you’re going to love this beach-style bedroom featured by Keating Moore Construction. While the room is primarily light gray, there are accents of a vivid blue that brighten it up and bring ocean vibes to the room.

14. Gray Barn Doors

gray barn doors
Image source: Austin Impressions

We saw a white barn door earlier on in this list of ideas, but how about this modern style gray barn door? The stainless steel hardware gives a modern touch to this bedroom. We like how Austin Impressions gave this room a simple style.

15. Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds
Image source: Adore Magazine

These gray bunk beds featured by Adore Magazine are simply gorgeous! The neutral colors of the white bedding, gray bed frame, and ivory-colored area rug and throw blanket go together nicely. The light aqua accent pillow gives this room just enough color to give this room calming and peaceful vibes.

16. Black and Gray

Black and Gray
Image source: Flynnside Out

Black and gray go together nicely, especially when accents of white are added in. The black, tan, and gray blanket gives this room texture and style. While the overall room design seems to be masculine, we like how Flynnside Out added a small vase of pink flowers.

17. Gray Side Table

Gray Side Table
Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

This mid-century modern side table is a beautiful gray color with a slight green tint to it. This bedroom has a variety of pieces that are unique along with various prints and textures. We love the plaid upholstered headboard that Heidi Caillier Design uses in this bedroom design.

18. Gray Macrame Wall Hanging

Gray Macrame Wall Hanging
Image source: Nicole Hollis

If you want to achieve boho vibes in your gray-hued bedroom, we recommend hanging a gray macrame wall hanging, such as the one Nicole Hollis has featured in this bedroom design. This macrame wall hanging has a dipped effect that makes the design look more natural and organic. 

19. Wall Letters

Wall letters
Image source: PB Kids

Personalize the bedroom by adding a name to the wall with these wall letters from PB Kids. You can get the letters in all caps, all lowercase, or a mixture of both. The light gray color contrasts nicely with the white shiplap on the walls in this bedroom. 

20. Light and Airy

Light and Airy
Image source: Williams Sonoma

This bedroom design looks clean and organized with a light and airy feeling. Everything looks orderly and under control, which makes this the perfect space to relax. This bedroom has a variety of gray hues, but all of them are fairly light in color. This bedroom is featured by Williams Sonoma.

21. Gray Buffalo Check

Gray Buffalo Check
Image source: Target

We typically see the buffalo check pattern in black and white, but this gray buffalo check is just as beautiful! It has a much lighter feel to it than the black and white one. This print and color would look great in a farmhouse-style bedroom like the one featured here by Target.

22. Monochrome

Image source: The Home Depot

Use a variety of shades of gray to accomplish a monochrome gray design theme. This particular gray bedroom is modern with straight lines but has a few traditional features like the accent chair and crystal chandelier. This bedroom design was shared by The Home Depot.

23. Mountain Mural

mountain mural
Image source: Simple Shapes

Use various shades of gray to paint a mountain mural on an accent wall. This method gives dimension to the room and has a pleasing ombre effect. The pale pink and white bedding looks spectacular against the various shades of gray featured in this room by Simple Shapes.

24. Gray Ombre Dresser

Gray Ombre Dresser
Image source: Walmart

This gray ombre dresser would look beautiful in the last bedroom that we shared! You can also get a side table and a matching desk to complete the set. These furniture pieces from Walmart look spectacular in a bedroom that has hints of gray throughout.

25. Gray Ceramic Table Lamp

Gray Ceramic Table Lamp
Image source: Overstock

This glossy gray ceramic table lamp is an elegant and sophisticated piece that looks great in a feminine-style bedroom. Put one on each side of the bed along with a vase full of pale pink flowers, like Overstock does in this bedroom design.

26. Glamorous

Image source: David S.

This bedroom design is simply glamorous! The white chandelier is especially glamorous, but there are other accents that add to this style. The tufted headboard and the bench at the end of the bed make this room sophisticated. We love the white trim near the ceiling in this David S. design.

27. Gray and White Decorative Books

gray white decorative books
Image source: Book Crush

We love the look of using color-coordinated books as a decor piece. These particular gray-hued books are available from the Book Crush store on Etsy. You can stack them on top of each other and top them with a small potted succulent, or simply display them right-side-up as if on a traditional bookshelf.

28. Fuzzy Throw Blanket

fuzzy throw blanket
Image source: Perigold

Warm up your bedroom by adding a fuzzy gray blanket like the one featured in this bedroom design by Perigold. While the rest of the bedroom appears fairly glamorous and sophisticated, this particular throw blanket gives some rustic vibes. The juxtaposition is beautiful!

29. Zen Sophistication

Zen Sophistication
Image source: World Market

Add a little zen sophistication to your bedroom! How beautiful are the peonies on the accent wall? The matching headboard, armoire, and side table look gorgeous in this bedroom design by World Market. We are loving the gray and white bedding and how it coordinates so well with the overall room design.

30. Gray Chandelier

Gray Chandelier
Image source: Dear Lillie

If you like the look of a gray chandelier, you can either buy one that’s exactly what you want, or you can find an old chandelier and paint it gray! Typically, finding an old one that you can upcycle is a less expensive option, if you have the time to finish the project like Dear Lillie did.

31. Rustic

Image source: Studio McGee

Adding a deer or elk European mount to the wall will give any room a rustic style. Studio McGee places this European mount between two beds, which fills the wall space nicely. We love the striped bedding in neutral colors and the gray side table that is placed between the two beds.

32. Benjamin Moore Arctic Seal

Benjamin moore Arctic Seal
Image source: JC Licht

If you’re looking for a gray with deep blue undertones, we recommend the Arctic Seal color by Benjamin Moore. The Arctic Seal paint color pairs nicely with a vibrant red, as shown in this room styled by JC Licht. This color looks especially beautiful next to the white window trim.

33. Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug
Image source: Wayfair

This gray and white Oriental-style rug is perfect for a farmhouse-glam-style room. This rug adds classic elegance to the room. It’s a perfect neutral color that would pair well with a variety of decor styles. This particular rug is available on Wayfair.

34. Painted Gray Bedroom Door

Painted Gray Bedroom Door
Image source: Farrow and Ball

This gray color is a lot prettier than its name would have you believe. This particular paint is called Mole’s Breath by Farrow and Ball. It is a moody gray that goes well with whites and other neutral colors. Farrow and Ball recommends using it in smaller spaces to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

35. Circular Mirrors

circular mirrors
Image source: HGTV

While circular mirrors add style to a room, we like how this HGTV bedroom has two circular mirrors stacked one above the other on the wall. We also love the patterned gray and white wallpaper in this room. The mirrors look beautiful against it.

36. Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows
Image source: Baker Design Group

Decorative pillows are a wonderful way to add character to a room. This bedroom has a variety of accent pillows in various shades of gray that match the furniture and decor throughout the bedroom. We also love the decorative mirrors that Baker Design Group used in this bedroom design.

37. Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper
Image source: Baker Design Group

In this bedroom design, Baker Design Group uses a feathered chevron style printed wallpaper in grays and whites on an accent wall. The pattern is trendy and makes this room stylish. Yellow and gray always complement each other well. We also love the teal-colored guitar print that’s framed on the wall.

38. Pop of Color

pop of color
Image source: Natalie Priem

When a bedroom is decorated and painted with neutral colors and furniture, adding accent pillows and throw blankets that have a pop of color will completely change the vibe of the room. The mustard color that Natalie Priem uses in this bedroom design really stands out from the neutral colors throughout the room.

39. Pink and Gray

pink and gray
Image source: Digs Digs

Another color that pairs nicely with gray is pink, especially pale pink. This color combination is perfect for nurseries but can be used in bedroom designs for older children and adults too. This bedroom featured by Digs Digs is the perfect example. We’re loving the gray and pink triangles painted on the wall.

40. Silver Maple Flooring

Silver Maple Flooring
Image source: Build Direct

If you don’t want to paint your walls gray, you could opt for a gray-colored floor. This bedroom design is clean, bright, and peaceful. The silver maple flooring used by Build Direct is gorgeous and goes perfectly with the overall theme of the bedroom.

41. Gray Candle Holders

gray candle holders
Image source: Kirklands

Candles are always a nice addition to a bedroom. They can create a romantic glow or provide light in the room when the electricity is out. These gray candle holders from Kirklands would look great in a farmhouse-style bedroom. The style would give the bedroom a sense of rustic elegance.

42. Chunky Knit Blanket

chunky knit blanket
Image source: Cool Linen

Not only is this chunky knit blanket incredibly beautiful, but who wouldn’t love a swing-style bed? The gray chunky knit blanket is featured in this bedroom design by Cool Linen. This Scandanavian bedroom is decorated in neutral colors that make this a relaxing space.

43. Spiral Motif Ceiling Mural

spiral motif ceiling mural
Image source: Jean-Louis Deniot

This spiral motif ceiling mural is certainly unusual. It makes a galaxy-type effect on the ceiling and gives this room a character all of its own. Jean-Louis Deniot takes a classic wall mural and puts it on the ceiling instead. Somehow, this whimsical design just works in this bedroom style!

44. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights
Image source: Vision Bedding

Twinkle lights are beautiful in every room, but especially magical in bedrooms such as this one featured by Vision Bedding. You can hang twinkle-style lights along the headboard area for added ambiance to the room. We also love the paper lanterns that are on the floor.

45. Magical

Image source: Vision Bedding

This bedroom also has twinkle-style lights and it makes this bedroom design simply magical. These twinkle lights look amazing beneath this gray linen bed canopy. Vision Bedding does a great job combining farmhouse, rustic, and boho elements in this bedroom design. Who wouldn’t want a bedroom as magical as this one?

46. Shades of Gray

shades of gray
Image source: Fab Mood

As we have shown in other gray bedroom ideas in this list, using various shades of gray is a beautiful way to style a bedroom. The walls, tufted headboard, bedding, throw blanket, and furniture are all various shades of gray. The combination styled by Fab Mood is nicely curated.

47. Dark Gray Accent Wall

Dark Gray Accent Wall
Image source: Chasing the Look

Another way to add gray to a bedroom is to paint an accent wall a dark gray color like Chasing the Look did in this bedroom design. The dark gray paint makes all of the white features stand out even more. The yellow accent pillows on the white bedding are a nice touch!

48. Luxurious Gray

luxurious Gray
Image source: yasmeen wassim

If you want to live the life of luxury, or at least decorate your bedroom in luxury, then we suggest following this visualization by Yasmeen Wassim. This bedroom design is contemporary and has numerous artistic elements throughout the room. The gray tufted headboard and the black snake-skin-like wallpaper are our favorite parts.

49. Gray Striped Bedroom Bench

Gray Striped Bedroom Bench
Image source: Decor Pad

This bedroom is simply beautiful! The gray ombre striped bench at the end of the bed brings everything together in this design featured by Decor Pad. This bedroom has a luxurious farmhouse-type decor that we are loving. The chandelier is a statement piece that truly lights up the room.

50. Modern Gray Wallpaper

modern gray wallpaper
Image source: Elle Decor

This bedroom has an accent wall with a modern gray patterned wallpaper. The overall style is eclectic, from the patterned wallpaper to the artwork on the shelving above the bed, there are artistic touches throughout. The bright yellow pillows add a pop of contrasting color in this bedroom featured by Elle Decor.