50 Beautiful Boho Bedroom Ideas (Updated 2024!)

Boho Bedroom Ideas

Boho style allows for free-spirited, natural, and whimsical designs. With a boho-inspired bedroom, you are free to let your creativity run free. Whether that means using bold and vibrant colors, neutral colors, earthy colors, or even muted colors is completely up to you. 

There are a few elements that we think belong in every boho bedroom. The first is anything rattan. You could have a rattan pendant light, a rattan chair, rattan furniture, or any other rattan item!

Second, boho-inspired rooms need to have at least one potted plant. In fact, the more plants, the better!

And last, the bedroom should have natural elements like reclaimed wood furniture. But in the end, your boho bedroom can be whatever you want it to be!

We’ve compiled 50 unique boho bedroom ideas that we know you will love. From color choices, aesthetic ideas, and furniture ideas– we have it all listed here for you to use!

1. Upcycle

Image source: sixat21

This room style couldn’t be any more boho! It relies heavily on earthy tones and textures. Even the headboard is made of upcycled wood. As sixat21 shows in this bedroom design, upcycling items is a great way to add character to a boho-style bedroom. 

2. Paint Your Walls Black

Black Walls
Image source: Sumcoco

While the color black probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you think of boho-style, it can make the other design elements in the room shine. For example, look at how the bright colors stand out in this Sumcoco boho-inspired bedroom.

3. Incorporate Teal

incorporate teal
Image source: Jan Skácelík

This bedroom features a few rich, jewel-tone colors that really warm up the room. The deep teal color pairs nicely with the dark red and mustard yellow accents in the bedroom. The teal throw blanket that Jan Skácelík chose for this room is a great addition!

4. Wall Gallery

wall gallery
Image source: Justina Blakeney

While wall galleries are seen across numerous room design styles, the colors and the pieces of art that are picked make a big difference. In this Justina Blakeney bedroom design, the art on the gallery wall is whimsical and made up of earthy tones which make it a great fit for a boho bedroom.

5. Rattan Egg Chair

ratan egg chair
Image source: Rebel Villa

Is it possible to have a boho-inspired bedroom without at least one rattan item? This rattan egg chair is wonderfully boho and we love the accent pillows on the seat. Rebel Villa uses numerous rustic accents in this design that make it stand out and give it a southwestern vibe.

6. House Plants

house plants
Image source: Brian Pu Ruiz

Bring the rainforest into your bedroom by adding numerous potted plants.  Adding greenery to the bedroom not only reinforces the boho style, but it freshens up the room. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, don’t worry because most of the plants that Brian Pu Ruiz uses in this design are fairly low maintenance! 

7. Monochromatic Rainbows

monochromatic rainbows
Image source: Resene Colour

Monochromatic rainbows add all of the beauty of a rainbow without forsaking your room’s color scheme. This particular bedroom would be a sweet boho-inspired little girl’s room. The rattan curved-top shelf that Resene Colour uses in this bedroom is cute and provides another opportunity to display decorative monochromatic rainbows.

8. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap Walls
Image source: Instagram

Shiplap walls are a great addition to a boho-inspired bedroom. The wall style gives off farmhouse vibes that make this bedroom look casual yet refined. We are loving the color scheme in this boho bedroom that we found on Instagram. The navy-blue and white stripes, the mustard accents, and the greenery of the potted plants are beautiful together.

9. Hague Blue

hague blue
Image source: Justina Blakeney

Blue is another one of those colors that you may not think of first when you’re imagining boho-style. However, boho-style incorporates earthy tones so why not incorporate water or sky tones? The color that Justina Blakeney painted the walls in this boho-bedroom is called Hague Blue and is made by Farrow and Ball.

10. Hammock

Image source: My Bedroom Goals

Who wouldn’t want a hammock in their bedroom? In this bedroom, hanging a hammock makes good use of the rustic wooden beams that run across the ceiling. This bedroom design featured by My Bedroom Goals looks like the perfect place to relax, whether in the hammock or in the bed.

11. Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder
Image source: Kozy Kasa Design

Blanket ladders are all the rage lately, and we are loving this small blanket ladder that is dipped in white at the bottom. A blanket ladder gives you a chance to display decorative blankets that go with your design colors, just as Kozy Kasa Design does in this bedroom.

12. Woven Basket Decor

woven basket decor
Image source: Danielle Rose Design Co.

Use woven baskets to create a work of art! You can make a collage with woven baskets in a variety of colors and patterns, like this woven basket collage from Danielle Rose Design Co. You can also find collages like this that are ready-made so that all you have to do is hang them on the wall.

13. Geometric Print Linen Curtains

geometric print linen curtains
Image source: vctops

Linen curtains are gorgeous because they not only let light filter through, but they provide a lot of texture to the room. How beautiful are these geometric print linen curtains from vctops on Amazon? The black detailing along the edges is especially appealing in this design.

14. Moon Cycle Banner

moon phase banner
Image source: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters carries a variety of boho-inspired designs, including this moon cycle banner. This banner is made out of a hammered metal material that comes in either black, gold, or silver. All are quite beautiful and would look amazing in a boho-inspired bedroom.

15. Boho Chic

boho chic
Image source: Aundra Skinner Interiors

If you don’t want to go full-out boho, why not go boho-chic? Aundra Skinner Interiors does a great job with this look in this bedroom that is decorated with mostly black and white prints. The black and white color scheme always comes across as chic. 

16. Rattan Shelf

Ratan Shelf
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

Earlier, we saw a curved-top rattan shelf but here is a rattan shelf with more straight lines that has a modern vibe to it. All of the accents on this shelf Design Shop Interiors uses are color-coordinated in earthy tones which makes it a great addition to the room rather than looking cluttered.

17. Tassel Blanket

tassel blanket
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

We love the look of a throw blanket with tassels along the edges. They add a boho flair to this room. The overall design style that Design Shop Interiors uses in this room is light and airy and looks like a cheerful place to be.

18. Turkish Rug

turkish rug
Image source: Jayne Design Studio

Since boho style is composed of various elements from all over the world, it makes sense to use a Turkish rug like this one that Jayne Design Studio uses. This bedroom has a more traditionally inspired boho approach. It has a refined look but still has a boho vibe.

19. Mustard Accent Wall

mustard accent wall
Image source: Erin Kunkel

Paint a mustard accent wall in your boho-inspired bedroom to add a pop of color. This color pairs well with the earthy tones traditionally used in the boho style. As you can see, most of the colors that Erin Kunkel uses in this design are neutral with the exception of the mustard-colored accent wall.

20. Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers
Image source: Joyelle West

Let’s be honest, every room can benefit from a vase of fresh flowers! This Joyelle West bedroom has elements of both a boho style and a cottage style. The colors are light and airy and the fresh flowers add to the overall happy vibe in the room.

21. Boho Child

boho child
Image source: My Bedroom Goals

This bedroom is perfect for a free-spirited child. We love the whimsical nature of the decor, from the floral wallpaper to the canopy above the bed, and the various rattan items throughout the room. Boho style often uses layers, and My Bedroom Goals certainly accomplishes that in this bedroom.

22. Photo Gallery Shelf

Photo Gallery Shelf
Image source: Daneta B.

Place a shelf on the wall that matches the wall color and use it to display photographs as you would on a gallery wall. Daneta B. uses photos in this bedroom design and it gives the room a personal touch. The photographs are all printed in earthy tones or black and white.

23. Woven Storage Bins

Woven Storage Bins
Image source: My Bohemian Nest

Woven storage bins bring a natural element to home decor. My Bohemian Nest uses woven storage bins on white cube shelving and places decorative accents and potted plants to complete the look. The overall style looks fresh and almost spa-like. We’re loving this look!

24. Rattan Bed Frame

Rattan Bed Frame
Image source: Flourish Freely

This rattan bed frame is unique and has a natural and organic look, especially with the potted plants throughout the room. The earthy and neutral colors used in this Flourish Freely bedroom design are gorgeous. The framed mirror that is propped up against the wall is an elegant addition.

25. Florals and Stripes

Floral and Stripes
Image source: Mazale Morning

Using floral and striped patterns is a great way to incorporate pattern mixing in a boho bedroom. The wildflowers on the accent pillow look beautiful with the navy blue and white striped bedding. Mazale Morning uses a number of natural-inspired elements that complete this boho-inspired look!

26. Vibrant Colors

vibrant colors
Image source: Brie Williams

How fun is this bedroom design by Brie Williams? The vibrant colors give this room lots of character. This style has an eclectic vibe with various unique pieces throughout the room. The orange net canopy is gorgeous. There is a lot of pattern mixing going on and we love it!

27. Statement Wallpaper

statement wallpaper
Image source: House Beautiful

Make your boho-inspired bedroom a bit whimsical with this statement wallpaper that features large, colorful birds and bugs. This would be an ideal room for children with its twin beds. The bright pink and mustard yellow throw blankets help bring out the colors in the wallpaper in this bedroom featured by House Beautiful.

28. Embroidered Pillows

embroidered pillows
Image source: Annie Schlechter

These colorful embroidered pillows would look great in a colorfully decorated boho-inspired bedroom. Collecting decor from all over the world will give the bedroom a lot of character and style. The colors that Annie Schlechter has chosen for these pillows are rich and vibrant.

29. White Beaded Chandelier

White Beaded Chandelier
Image source: Dishin with Debs

A beaded chandelier will always look great in any boho-inspired room. This white beaded chandelier is a beautiful take on this traditionally natural wood look. Dishin with Debs added this to a bedroom for the One Room Challenge and the style gives a sense of glamour.

30. Green Walls

green walls
Image source: Homme Boys

Not only are the bedroom walls painted a green color, but the paint was applied in a sponge method, which gives the room texture. It’s a pretty olive-green color that pairs well with the earthy colors throughout the room. Homme Boys also uses a bold patterned wallpaper on the ceiling.

31. Tassel Drawer Pulls

Tassel Drawer pulls
Image source: Prudence Homes

This bedroom is decorated with pastel colors that give this bedroom a light and airy vibe. Prudence Homes uses tassels for the drawer pulls, which is a unique look that also adds color to the room. This would be a beautiful bedroom for a tween!

32. Muted Colors

Muted Colors
Image source: Abby Roadhome

If you like the look of neutrals but also want to feature colors in the room, go with neutrals and muted colors. Muted colors blend well with neutrals but give the room a little character. Abby Roadhome has built-in bunk beds in this adorable boho bedroom design.

33. DIY Boho Wall Hanging

DIY Boho Wall Hanging
Image source: Emmerson and Fifteenth

Save some of your hard-earned money by making a DIY boho wall hanging. You get to choose the colors you use so you can make it exactly as you wish! Emmerson and Fifteenth has step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the entire project.

34. Accent Wall

Accent Wall
Image source: Angela Rose Home

This green accent wall provides texture and dimension to this boho bedroom. You can apply trim in various geometric shapes or patterns and then paint the entire wall the same color to get this same effect as what’s shown in this picture. Angela Rose Home uses neutrals throughout the room but gives the room a pop of color with this green wall.

35. Boho Glam

Boho Glam
Image source: Reem's Design on Oak

The floral wallpaper and the gray, pink, and ivory color scheme in this room give it a glamorous feel. The hanging rattan egg chair adds to the overall boho glam effect in this Reem’s Design on Oak bedroom design. This room is beautiful!

36. Chunky Knit Ottoman

chunky knit ottoman
Image source: DIY in PDX

If you love the look of a chunky-knit throw blanket, you will love this chunky-knit ottoman! The gray color is a nice neutral that blends well in the overall boho design of this bedroom. We’re loving the hanging rattan egg chair that DIY in PDX uses in this bedroom.

37. Chinese Lanterns

chinese lantern
Image source: Erin Kunkel

This vibrantly colored bedroom has Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling in boho’s true globally-inspired fashion. These lanterns match the color scheme in this bedroom perfectly. The yellow bedding on the rattan daybed is a nice touch and looks great next to the pink and red area rug in this Erin Kunkel design.

38. Ceramic Lamp

ceramic lamp
Image source: Pottery Barn

Every bedroom needs a side table with a small lamp next to the bed. These Pottery Barn ceramic lamps are a wonderful addition to a neutral-colored, boho-inspired bedroom design. The lamp base looks almost like pottery and is the perfect natural element to this bedroom.

39. Wooden Bench

Wooden Bench
Image source: Rejuvenation

You can place a wooden bench at the end of the bed, as Rejuvenation does in this boho-inspired bedroom, or simply place it against the wall. Either way, it adds character to the bedroom. Plus, it’s a handy place to sit down to put on your shoes!

40. Rojo Dust

rojo dust
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

If you’re looking for a good color to paint an accent wall in your bedroom, we recommend the Sherwin-Williams Rojo Dust color. It’s a deep reddish-orange color with an earthy tone. It looks great on color block walls with mustard yellow and a darker blue.

41. Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants
Image source: Erin Kunkel

If your bedroom is on the smaller side and you don’t have room for potted plants to take up space on the floor, you can opt for a hanging plant. You can hang one, or many! The choice is up to you. We’re loving this Erin Kunkel bedroom design and the brightly colored bedding.

42. Bamboo Pendant Light

bamboo pendant light
Image source: IKEA

We don’t want to forget the ceiling lighting! A boho-inspired bedroom would be perfectly accented by this bamboo pendant light from IKEA. The style is natural and it provides texture to the overall room. This bamboo pendant light would look great in a room styled with neutral or brightly colored decor.

43. Water Hyacinth Basket

water hyacinth basket
Image source: Crate & Barrel

This water hyacinth basket from Crate & Barrel is gorgeous! You could use this basket to hold extra throw blankets, accent pillows, stuffed animals, or whatever you wish. It’s essential to have plenty of organization options no matter what the style of your room is. 

44. Hat Wall

hat wall
Image source: Madhatters by Robyn

There is something inherently boho about wide-brimmed hats hanging on the wall or casually placed on the bed. You can achieve this look by hanging your hats on a boho-chic hat hanger from Madhatters by Robyn. Even if you don’t wear hats, you could use this as decoration in your boho-inspired bedroom!

45. Detailed Bed Frame

detailed bed frame
Image source: Wayfair

This ornately detailed bed frame can add a lot of character and texture to your boho bedroom. This is a platform bed, so it will give you additional space for storage beneath the bed also. This Wayfair bed is manufactured out of eco-friendly materials.

46. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

reclaimed wood furniture
Image source: Avocado Green Mattress

Help save the earth by having reclaimed wood furniture in your home. This furniture from Avocado Green Mattress is handmade in Los Angeles and is made from 100% reclaimed wood that is given a rustic raw finish. You can get both a nightstand and a matching dresser.

47. Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme
Image source: Refinery29

Having a room with a jungle theme doesn’t mean that you have to fill the room with potted plants and green decor. This Drew Barrymore boho bedroom proves that fact! This bedroom is full of vibrant colors in earthy tones. We are loving the animal pillow in this bedroom that is featured on Refinery29.

48. Swing Rope Shelf

swing rope shelf
Image source: Sare_xo_home

A swing rope shelf can be easily made out of a piece of reclaimed wood and rope. These natural elements fit perfectly in a boho-inspired bedroom, as Sare_xo_home shows in this bedroom design. You can place a potted plant on the shelf, a stack of books, or a photo!

49. Magical Forest

magical forest
Image source: mstarrevdesign

How adorable is this magical forest-themed bedroom by mstarrevdesign? The wallpaper features sweet forest animals and a floral print. Additional features in the bedroom give it a boho vibe, such as the linen curtains, woven basket style ottoman, and the earthy tones used to decorate this room.

50. Eclectic

Image source: The Flamingo and the Fox

This eclectic room design is colorful and artistic. The numerous potted plants lend this bedroom design to a boho style. This would be a cheerful space in any bedroom. The Flamingo and the Fox has artfully curated this space and we love the bold colors.