75 Of The Best Rustic Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures!)

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic bedrooms can vary drastically in style. When you think of the rustic style, you may imagine a log-cabin-type style. While this is certainly rustic, there are so many more rustic styles to choose from!

We’ve compiled this list of 75 ideas for rustic bedrooms that we know you’ll love. You will see rustic styles that are luxurious, glamorous, farmhouse-inspired, straight out of the mountains, and many more. 

There are a few elements that you will notice in almost all of the rooms. Many of them feature natural wood in some way, often use earthy tones, and likely have antlers either on the wall or as a light fixture. Some rooms are dark and moody while others are light and airy.

You will see ideas that are masculine, feminine, and somewhere in between. There’s something for everyone who wants to decorate a bedroom in a rustic style! 

1. Exposed Ceiling Joists

exposed ceiling joists
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Having exposed ceiling joists is definitely a plus if you want to decorate your bedroom with rustic decor. So don’t worry about spending time and money to finish off your ceiling! The exposed ceiling joists give the room a rustic ambiance, especially if the joists are worn and distressed like they are in this Annie Schlechter design.

2. Forest Mural

forest mural
Image source: sixat21

This smoky black and white forest mural is an ideal backdrop for a rustic bedroom. The distressed wooden headboard adds to this effect. The bedroom is decorated in earthy tones, dark green and brown bedding, and a dark green carpet. Sixat21 uses plenty of potted plants to freshen up the space.

3. Edison Lights

edison lights
Image source: The Home Depot

A string of Edison light bulbs draped across a distressed wooden headboard is a beautiful look for a rustic-themed bedroom. This bedroom design that was featured by The Home Depot is the perfect example. A string of lights adds a magical element to any room!

4. Cowboy Hat Wall

cowboy hat wall
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

If you wear cowboy hats on the regular, you’re in luck with this design idea! Simply place a hook or nail on the wall for each cowboy hat and you have hat storage that doubles as bedroom decor. This cowboy hat wall by Brian Patrick Flynn looks beautiful against the black painted wood. 

5. Monochrome

Image source: Sleeplander

It’s fairly easy to go monochrome when you’re decorating a rustic bedroom. There are numerous shades of browns ranging from tortilla brown, caramel brown, pecan brown, all the way up to chocolate brown. We’re loving this monochrome bedroom featured by Sleeplander.

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6. Wild Animal Wall Art

Wild animal wall art
Image source: IKEA

Wild animal wall art and rustic decor go hand in hand. This set of two pictures of wild animals from IKEA is perfect. The shape of the deer and the bear are filled in with a forest-type landscape look. You could hang these together or on separate walls.

7. Reading Nook

reading nook
Image source: Martha O'Hara Interiors

This reading nook looks like a comfortable place to relax! We’re loving the distressed wood bookshelves on each side of the bed. Having this space up against a couple of windows provides natural light perfect for reading. Martha O’Hara Interiors does a great job with this rustic bedroom design.

8. Children’s Animal Rug

child animal rug
Image source: ClaraLoo

How adorable is this children’s room decorated with a forest theme? The teddy bear rug is from ClaraLoo, which is a store on Etsy. This is the perfect little man cave, just as the distressed wooden sign on the wall reads! We’re also loving the teddy bear mount on the wall.

9. Tree Trunk Shelf

tree trunk shelf
Image source: Marcia Moore Design

This tree trunk shelf from Marcia Moore Design is unique and is certainly rustic. The natural grain of the wood is beautiful. You could make these shelves in various sizes depending upon the size of the tree. This is a great way to use a tree that has been damaged in a storm.

10. Rustic Bench

rustic bench
Image source: Ridgeline Construction Group

Place a rustic wooden bench at the end of your bed for a place to sit down and remove your shoes after a long day. The rustic wooden bench that Ridgeline Construction Group uses in this bedroom design has a tufted and upholstered pillow top, which gives it rustic elegance.

11. Light and Airy

light and airy
Image source: Ezra Lee Design and Build

Who wouldn’t want a bedroom with large windows that allow in an abundance of natural light? Large windows certainly help add to the light and airy effect in this bedroom, but even if you don’t have large windows you can get a similar effect by painting the walls white and using white throughout the room like Ezra Lee Design and Build does in this bedroom design.

12. Plank Headboard

plank headboard
Image source: Christopher Stark Photography

Here’s another great use of a tree that has been damaged in a storm. Use the wood from the tree to create a natural headboard. Sand it down and finish it to achieve this finished yet raw look. We love Christopher Stark Photography’s use of color in this bedroom!

13. Mountain Modern Bunk Beds

Mountain modern bunk beds
Image source: Lohss Construction

This bedroom would be ideal for a cabin in the mountains. You can bring the whole family together and the kids can sleep in these rustic mountain modern bunk beds. The stairs to the upper bunk beds make it easy for anyone to get up to the beds. This is a beautiful bedroom by Lohss Construction.

14. Rustic Elegance

rustic elegance
Image source: Zabala Erickson LLC

Just because the room is decorated in a rustic theme doesn’t mean you can’t bring out some elegance in the room. This Zabala Erickson LLC bedroom is a great example. The antler chandelier is rustic yet elegant, and the tall curtains tied back add to the effect also.

15. Wood Plank Wall

wood plank wall
Image source: Dimples and Tangles

Don’t worry about picking out a paint color because you can install wood plank walls instead! You can buy these wood planks already distressed and finished which means all you have to do is install them. Look how gorgeous they look in this bedroom designed by Dimples and Tangles.

16. Rustic Boho

rustic boho
Image source: Apartment Therapy

Rustic and boho styles are a great combination! The mountain mural painted on the wall in grays is a nice rustic touch to this room. We love the tufted headboard that Apartment Therapy uses in this bedroom, along with the bedding. The natural plants and macrame complete this design!

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17. Highland Cattle Print

highland cattle print
Image source: The Westbrook Farmhouse

This highland cattle print featured by The Westbrook Farmhouse is the perfect addition to any rustic farmhouse bedroom. The black and white colors add to the overall design of the bedroom. The “our nest EST. 2019” accent pillow on the bed is super cute.

18. Earthy Tones

earthy tones
Image source: Key Residential

We have seen in other ideas on this list how earthy tones work wonderfully with rustic decor, but this bedroom is another great example. Key Residential uses a variety of browns and tans along with natural elements like wooden floors, a stone fireplace, and potted plants.

19. Rustic Chic

rustic chic
Image source: Canadian Log Homes

You can have a rustic bedroom but tone it down so it doesn’t look too masculine. Just decorate the room with items that give it a chic vibe. In this Canadian Log Homes bedroom, the light wood, tan walls, and light-colored carpet and bedding help lighten the room and make it more feminine. 

20. Wood-Framed Mirror

Wood framed mirror
Image source: Liz Marie Blog

A rustic wood-framed mirror is a great addition to a rustic-style bedroom. This wood-framed mirror that Liz Marie Blog uses in this bedroom is unique with its squared bottom but rounded top. Feel free to mix and match different species of wood like is done in this room.

21. Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder
Image source: Pottery Barn

Blanket ladders are great for a variety of decor styles. They’re simple but great for storing blankets! Just make sure to find some pretty blankets that match your overall color scheme or design in your room. We’re loving the blanket ladder shown in this room from Pottery Barn.

22. Rustic Coastal

rustic coastal
Image source: The Chicy Beast

This rustic coastal bedroom looks like a serene place to sleep! The distressed wood headboard gives this room a rustic touch. Otherwise, the white and gray bedding and the ocean print give the room a coastal vibe. We’d take this bedroom by The Chicy Beast any day!

23. Painted Bedframe

painted bedframe
Image source: Limehouse Interiors

Paint your bedframe in a fun color and then distress it a bit. This green bedframe is unique and gorgeous with black and white bedding. Limehouse Interiors makes use of earthy tones in this bedroom and the distressed wood panel wall completes the overall effect.

24. Rustic Feminine

rustic feminine
Image source: Locati Architects

You can add rose gold or a blush pink as a color accent in a neutral-colored rustic bedroom to give it that feminine look. The clear bench with a white fur blanket over top is a glamorous touch to this rustic yet feminine bedroom designed by Locati Architects.

25. Woven Pendant Lights

woven pendant lights
Image source: LIB Team

The woven pendant lights in this bedroom are a beautiful and rustic addition. They pair nicely with the area rug and the tree stump side tables that LIB Team has chosen for this bedroom design. The white linen bed canopy is gorgeous and gives this room a whimsical feel.

26. Suspended Bed

Suspended Bed
Image source: Home Designing

How about a bed that’s suspended from the ceiling like a swing? Looks nice to us! You can build a bed frame out of wood, just make sure that it’s strong enough to support you when it’s hanging. This bedroom designed by Home Designing is a little rustic and a little industrial.

27. Red Barn Doors

red barn doors
Image source: Daniel Contelmo

We’ve seen barn doors used inside of homes before, but never in the traditional red and white painted style! However, Daniel Contelmo uses these red and white barn doors and it adds color to this rustic room. These would be cute in a farm-themed child’s room.

28. Barnwood Ceiling

barnwood ceiling
Image source: HGTV

Instead of applying distressed wood planks on an accent wall, apply them to the ceiling for a unique look! You may be able to find wallpaper or a peel and stick wallpaper that you could use in place of the wood. This HGTV rustic bedroom is light and airy!

29. Old Door Headboard

Old door headboard
Image source: Dreamy Whites

Repurpose old and distressed door panels into a headboard. You can use two, like Dreamy Whites does in this bedroom or you can use one and lay it on its side and mount it to the wall as a headboard. If you don’t have a door like this, buy one and paint and distress it yourself.

30. Log Cabin Style

log cabin style
Image source: Will Ellis Photography

Log cabins are about as rustic looking as you can get! They’re naturally rustic with their all wooden interior and exterior. But just because it’s a cabin doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious thought! This bedroom featured by Will Ellis Photography has a log cabin ceiling and walls but the bed looks quite comfortable and luxurious!

31. Tartan Prints

tartan prints
Image source: Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

Incorporate tartan prints into your rustic decor to bring a Scottish vibe to the room. Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design uses tall tartan print curtains on a bed canopy that is attached to the ceiling. It’s elegant and refined, yet rustic at the same time because of other elements used to decorate the room, like the fur rug.

32. Antler Chandelier

antler chandelier
Image source: Miller Roodell Architects LTD

I think we’ve already established that antler chandeliers are the perfect accent to a rustic-themed bedroom, but here is a design we haven’t seen before. This round-shaped antler chandelier adds texture and character to the room. It looks amazing in this Miller Roodell Architects LTD bedroom design.

33. Stone Accent Wall

stone accent wall
Image source: Home on the Range

This stone accent wall incorporates various tones of grays and tans adding to the earthy and natural vibe in the room. The wooden ceiling and exposed wood structure warm up the room. We are loving the wall art that Home on the Range has chosen for this bedroom.

34. Stone Fireplace

Stone fireplace
Image source: Pearson Design Group

This bedroom looks like the perfect place to get cozy during a winter storm! You can keep warm by the stone fireplace in this log-cabin-style bedroom. The rust-colored throw blanket that Pearson Design Group uses in this bedroom design adds a pop of color to the room.

35. Pine Tree Prints

pine tree prints
Image source: Jay Bird Jill Designs

How gorgeous are these pine tree forest prints from the Jay Bird Jill Designs shop on Etsy? The black and white color makes these easy to incorporate into a variety of color schemes. These three prints look great together, but you could separate them.

36. Floating Mountain Shelf

mountain floating shelf
Image source: Black Forest Decor

These floating mountain shelves will add an artistic touch to the room and serve a purpose too. The snowtopped mountains certainly add a rustic vibe to the room. We like how Black Forest Decor placed artificial potted plants on the shelf spaces.

37. Southwest Vibes

southwest vibes
Image source: Joyfully Growing Blog

Add a throw blanket and accent pillows with a Southwest-inspired print to put some southwestern flair into your rustic style bedroom. Joyfully Growing Blog combines the rustic style with the southwest accents and the outcome is great! The distressed wood-paneled wall is a nice touch.

38. Brick Walls

brick walls
Image source: Leo Render

Traditionally, we think of brick walls being used in an industrial style but they also work great with a rustic theme. In this Leo Render bedroom design, there is a pallet platform bed with flannel bedding, both of which add to the rustic theme. 

39. Woven Storage Bin

woven storage bin
Image source: IKEA

You can never have enough storage and organization in a home. That’s why we love this woven storage basket from IKEA. You can keep bedding and blankets in this storage basket while it also adds texture and character to the room. It’s a great addition to a rustic bedroom!

40. Birch Floor Lamp

birch floor lamp
Image source: PB Kids

This nursery has a birch floor lamp next to the rocking chair and it looks great with the gray color scheme in the bedroom. While this example shows the lamp in a nursery, the PB Kids birch floor lamp would be an awesome addition to any room, including a rustic-themed bedroom. 

41. Black and White

black and white
Image source: Mountain Modern Life

A black and white color scheme paired with rustic decor goes together well. This bedroom has a black bed frame with black side tables that have distressed wooden tops. We love how the ceramic deer mount looks with the rustic decor and black and white color scheme in this Mountain Modern Life bedroom.

42. Birch Tree Bed

birch tree bed
Image source: Rustic Furniture

This bed frame is made of birch trees and is certainly unique. We have never seen anything quite like it! These birch tree bed frames are custom-made by Rustic Furniture, making them the perfect bespoke addition to any bedroom. You could even make this bed frame into a canopy bed.

43. Fur Throw Blanket

fur throw blanket
Image source: Mountain Living

Drape a fur throw blanket over the bed for an easy rustic fix. In this bedroom featured by Mountain Living, the designer has draped a fur blanket over the bed, but there is also a bear rug on the floor and a fur footstool at the end of the bed.

44. Leather Accent Pillow

Image source: Mountain Living

Leather goes great with rustic decor. Whether it’s leather furniture or leather accent pillows like the ones in this bedroom featured by Mountain Living. They have a slightly distressed look that adds to the rustic and masculine effect in this bedroom. We are also loving the fur area rug beneath the bed!

45. Scrabble Letter Art

Image source: Build it Thrifty

This Build it Thrifty mountain decor with scrabble letters is simply wonderful! You can switch out the letters to spell whatever words you wish, but “be brave” seems fitting for a rustic bedroom. It looks great propped up on a floating shelf like is seen in this room.

46. Buffalo Check

Image source: Lohss Construction

Buffalo check may be the official print of farmhouse rustic decor. The black and white plaid pattern is the perfect fit for a rustic bedroom, like this bedroom design by Lohss Construction. The light fixture in this bedroom is unexpected but gives this rustic bedroom a modern flair.

47. White Color Scheme

Image source: Mill Haven Homes

If you want a light and airy vibe in your rustic-themed bedroom, we suggest going with a white color scheme. You can add in muted colors, like the area rug seen in this Mill Haven Homes bedroom. We also love the wood ceiling that is built with a star pattern.

48. Four Post Bed

Image source: Locati Architects

We have seen plenty of canopy beds in this list so far, but we also love the idea of a four-post bed like the one shown in this Locati Architects bedroom. We love the painted look of the bed with stained wood accents. The tan gingham pillows look great against it.

49. Corrugated Steel Walls

Image source: Locati Architects

For the ultimate farm-inspired rustic look, use corrugated steel on the walls. In this Locati Architects, they use a natural wood and white painted barn door that fits nicely with the overall design theme. This is a unique look but doesn’t require any painting!

50. Rustic Glam

Image source: Home BNC

Give a rustic room some glam by adding gold-metallic accents. You can hang wall art that has gold accents like Home BNC does in this gorgeous rustic glam bedroom. For an added feminine vibe, add light pink accents. The lighter-colored wood-paneled wall looks great with this color scheme.

51. Pallet Bed

Image source: Decoist

Save money by building a pallet bed! Many companies set pallets outside for free for anyone who wants them. Collect the pallets and build a platform bed like this one featured by Decoist. This one even has a side table right on the platform bed itself.

52. Boxcar Bed

Image source: Locati Architects

Anyone who loves trains will love this boxcar-inspired bed frame! The color scheme is simply beautiful. This Locati Architects design has a retro feel, especially with the retro-style fan that’s placed on the side of the bed. You could build something similar in a closet.

53. Modern Rustic

Image source: Decoist

You could decorate your bedroom with a modern rustic theme, like this one that was featured by Decoist. The wood-paneled wall, rustic decor, and distressed wood side tables give the room a rustic feel. The style of the bed frame and the pendant light fixture make it more modern.

54. Bunk Bed with a Slide

Image source: Decoist

Every child would love a bed with a bunk bed and a slide! This is a super fun idea that we love. This rustic bedroom has two bookshelves on each side of the lower bed so there is plenty of room for storage. We also love the curtains in this bedroom featured by Decoist.

55. Fur Accent Pillows

Image source: Antonio Martins

These brown fur accent pillows are a beautiful addition to this bedroom. Not only do they add style, but they add texture to the room. We love the distressed wood bench at the end of the bed that Antonio Martins chose for this room. 

56. Ceramic Taxidermy

Image source: Krista + Home

If you’re not into having an animal head on your wall, but you like the look, you can go with ceramic taxidermy. The ceramic version has somewhat of a refined look, like the taxidermy seen in this Krista + Home bedroom. We love the neutral color scheme with pops of blue color.

57. Victorian Rustic

Image source: Oak Hill Architects

This bedroom takes a victorian style and combines it with a rustic style. This room was built in an attic, which gives it an intimate feel. This Oak Hill Architects room has numerous unique elements, from the patterned wallpaper to the painted headboard, and the stick pendant light, just to name a few!

58. Grays

Image source: All in the Details Interior Design

The various shades of gray used in this bedroom go together nicely with the rustic decor. The gray forest wallpaper is a beautiful touch to the room designed by All in the Details Interior Design. As their name suggests, it really is all in the details. 

59. Canopy Bed

Image source: Anika Interiors

We’ve seen a variety of canopy beds throughout this list so far and they are all great additions to a rustic bedroom. This canopy bed is slightly different since it has a metal frame. This Anika Interiors bedroom looks like the perfect countryside bedroom.

60. Patterned Ceiling

Image source: 1767 Designs

Why stop with the wallpaper on the walls when you can add it to the ceiling as well? It takes just the right patterned wallpaper to make this work, but it is definitely beautiful in this bedroom featured by 1767 Designs. We are loving the headboard too!

61. Arctic

Image source: Locati Architects

How fun is this arctic-themed rustic bedroom? Instead of brown bears, we have polar bears! The chandelier that Locati Architects chose for this bedroom is the perfect fit. It has the rustic look of an antler chandelier but it looks like it’s made of ice, perfect for the arctic!

62. Rustic Lamp

Rustic Lamp
Image source: Woodwaves

If you have a rustic style bedroom then you need a side table with a rustic style lamp! This Woodwaves rustic lamp has a galvanized steel lampshade and a base that’s made out of wood. We love the overall distressed look of this lamp as well as the combination of materials used to make it. 

63. Cowhide Blanket

cowhide blanket
Image source: John C. Antro Interiors

Cowhide blankets are a stylish addition to a rustic bedroom. This John C. Antro Interiors bedroom has a masculine vibe to it, with its orange walls and dark brown furniture. The overall style is rustic combined with a luxurious style. We’re loving the rhino head on the wall. 

64. Stagecoach Lanterns

stagecoach lanterns
Image source: Pine Knobs and Crickets

These stagecoach lanterns can add character to a rustic bedroom. These lanterns are hung on a wrought iron hook that’s attached to knotty pine wood and they come as a pair. The candles come at no extra charge. You can find these at the Pine Knobs and Crickets store on Etsy.

65. Buffalo Art

buffalo art
Image source: Meadow Mountain Homes

Another idea is to hang buffalo print wall art, like this one featured by Meadow Mountain Homes. It adds to the rustic style that’s achieved with the distressed wood paneling, fur blankets, and bear rug. This room is certainly rustic!

66. Cowboy Theme

cowboy theme
Image source: River Tree Building

If you have a child who loves cowboys, you could decorate his or her room with a cowboy theme, like this one featured by River Tree Building. This room has cowboy-themed decor throughout the room, from the bedsheets to the wall art, to the rug on the floor, and even the curtains!

67. Red Dresser

red dresser
Image source: Hargrove Construction Co.

A painted dresser always adds character to a room and this red distressed dresser featured by Hargrove Construction Co. is no exception! You would be amazed at how easy it is to transform a piece of old furniture into something stylish and new with just a few coats of chalk paint. 

68. Boot Stitch Chair

boot stitch chair
Image source: Adobe Interiors

We’re not sure if this is a thing, but this boot stitch chair gives off sophisticated cowboy vibes. As its name suggests, this Adobe Interiors boot stitch chair has cowboy boot style stitching. It looks amazing next to the distressed turquoise furniture. We’re loving this overall look!

69. Refined Rustic

refined rustic
Image source: Mrs. Macs Home

This refined rustic look is gorgeous. The colors that Mrs. Macs Home uses in this bedroom go together nicely. The variety of textures in this room complete the look. The small antlers on the wall give it just the rustic look that it needs to balance out the overall style.

70. Chevron

Image source: Locati Architects

This chevron bedroom is full of character. The chevron wallpaper in various shades of gray is a winner. We’re also loving the southwestern print upholstered headboard that Locati Architects chose for this bedroom design. The distressed panel wall with the faux animal mount is the icing on the cake!

71. Rustic Side Table

rustic side table
Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

This side table used in this bedroom is absolutely beautiful! The natural wood grain shines in this one. The shape is also unique and we love how it looks in this room by Heidi Caillier Design. The moose antlers on the wall are a nice touch.

72. Black Walls

black walls
Image source: Home Designing

You wouldn’t normally think of a rustic bedroom having black walls, but the black walls certainly look beautiful in this rustic bedroom! The large windows help to lighten up this room, plus the floor and bedding are white. This bedroom was featured by Home Designing.

73. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Image source: Digs Digs

Hanging pendant lights beside your bed is a great way to save space on your bedside tables. This bedroom featured by Digs Digs is a great example of this. The style of these pendant lights looks great with the distressed wood headboard built onto the wall.

74. Canadian Vibes

Canadian Vibes
Image source: Wayfair

This one is for the Canadians! Show your pride by decorating your rustic bedroom with Canadian-inspired decor. You have to use at least a couple of maple leaves, of course. We love the maroon accent pillow that says “maple syrup” that’s on the bed in this Wayfair bedroom.

75. Fishing Theme

Fishing Theme
Image source: Walmart

If you can’t go fishing, you might as well relax in a fishing theme bedroom. Bring your passion indoors with a rustic fishing theme bedroom like this one featured by Walmart. The bedding is gorgeous with its various colors and patterns. We’re also loving the fishing net in the corner!