35 Of The Best Brown Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Brown Bedroom Ideas

Brown is an unexpectedly beautiful color to use for bedroom decor. It can be used as a neutral color in place of traditional white or as an accent color. Use rust-brown in an earth-toned room, light tan in a room styled with pastels, or a deep chocolate brown in a modern style room. Depending on the method of painting, you can influence the texture of the room. There are so many options!

You can use natural wood furniture to add a touch of brown in the room, feature contemporary art on the walls, or simply have brown bedding, throw blankets, and accent pillows. There are many beautiful room designs using textured wallpaper or wallpaper in a variety of prints.

These can transform a room so that people will assume it was professionally designed and decorated. We’ve compiled a list of 35 ideas for a brown bedroom and hope that you will be inspired!

1. Modern Rustic

modern rustic
Image source: Hornsby Style

The walls in this modern rustic bedroom are painted the Baked Clay color, which is made by Abigail Ahren. The distressed wood headboard is a nice touch, giving the room another bit of rustic style. The bedding is stonewashed linen with matching pillow shams.

Overall, the bedroom is warm and inviting! We love the look of the dried flowers in the vase next to the bed. This bedroom was shared by Hornsby Style.

2. Leather Accent Pillows

leather accent pillows
Image source: frankieandgrae

These leather accent pillows give this bedroom by frankieandgrae a masculine vibe. The overall style is minimalist, with clean lines, and earthy tones.

The various textures throughout the room give it dimension; from the smooth leather to the soft linens on the bed, the suede on the bench, and the woven fabric of the ottoman next to the bed. This looks like a bedroom for someone who has it all together in life!

3. Bomber Jacket Headboard

bomber jacket headboard
Image source: Bed Bath & Beyond

This bomber jacket upholstered headboard is simple but gives off masculine and somewhat rustic vibes. This headboard could be used in a variety of décor styles and would add something special to each one.

We are loving the various hues of brown in the headboard fabric and how well it contrasts with the tan wall behind it. The color scheme in this room includes earthy tones. This headboard is available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

4. Textured Wallpaper

textured wallpaper
Image source: Studio Shamshiri

The brown grasscloth textured wallpaper that Studio Shamshiri uses in this bedroom is beautiful. Brown walls have become increasingly popular and used as a neutral color.

As with the first two ideas we’ve shared, this entire room is styled in earthy tones, with the exception of the gold-finish elements like the table lamp and the vase. Keeping some greenery or dried flowers on the side table is a must when you’re going for this earthy vibe.

5. Beaded Lamp

beaded lamp
Image source: Friedman and Shields

A well-crafted accent piece can add so much to the décor in a bedroom. The beaded lamp base that Friedman and Shields uses here is a perfect example. It adds texture and character to the room and provides contrast between the various elements throughout the room.

The compilation of various shades of brown in this picture gives it a cohesive look and feel. It seems like a peaceful space to get a good night’s rest!

6. Old World Style

old world style
Image source: Friedman and Shields

How gorgeous is the old-world style décor that Friedman and Shields used in this bedroom? It looks regal, rich, warm, and inviting. The sponging paint job looks wonderful, covering all of the walls and the ceiling.

It adds a lot of warmth to the room. There are many intricate details in this bedroom, like the decorative wood finishing, the sculpted lamp bases, and all of the textures in the room.

7. Upholstered Wall

upholstered wall
Image source: Eldorado Stone

While the beautiful Eldorado Stone wall gives the bedroom plenty of character and texture, it could also cause injury if the person simply stretched their arm out and accidentally hit the wall!

This is why we love the upholstered headboard that is used across the width of the bed and side table area, even though the bed has a traditional headboard already. No one will have to worry about scratched knuckles! 

8. Wall-Mounted Light Fixture

wall mounted light fixture
Image source: Che Bella Interiors

A great feature in any bedroom is when table lamps are replaced with wall-mounted light fixtures. It frees up space on the side tables and the appropriate style can also add character to the room.

The wall-mounted light fixture that Che Bella Interiors uses in this bedroom design provides contrast with the patterned wallpaper. The deep brown lampshade with the ivory beneath it gives off a warm light. 

9. Luxe

Image source: Bartlett Home Furnishings

The use of deep, dark browns and black contrasted with ivory and gold accents creates a luxe bedroom style. Bartlett Home Furnishings uses both traditional styles and modern styles to create a compilation that is striking.

We would use matching side tables to maintain the symmetry in the bedroom, but both side tables are beautifully crafted. The tufted and upholstered headboard gives the bedroom an air of elegance.

10. Contemporary Art

contemporary art
Image source: Hillstar Construction Services

Using contemporary art can be a great way to make the bedroom style unique. The skyline art on the wall above the bed is gorgeous. Its simple brown background with the golden skyline sketch is modest yet artistic.

The reclaimed wood flooring adds warmth and texture to this bedroom. Without the brown elements, it would seem very cold and uninviting. Of course, the fluffy carpet that Hillstar Construction Services used makes the room even more inviting!

11. Striped Wallpaper

striped wallpaper
Image source: Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers uses patterns galore in this picture, but they all work together surprisingly well! The vertically striped wallpaper is neutral colored, yet adds a sophisticated element to the bedroom. The diagonally striped headboard is simply grand and looks fantastic with the linen embroidered bedding.

The carpeting has yet another shape and pattern- squares! This bedroom is masculine, but the blue on the headboard and the embroidered bedding seem to tone it down a bit.

12. Brown Ceiling

brown ceiling
Image source: Amanda Design Studio

The glossy brown ceiling makes this bedroom look classy! Plus, how fun is that textured blue and brown patterned wallpaper? A brown bedroom doesn’t have to be boring and neutral, as Amanda Design Studio shows in this room design.

The colorful artwork is a nice touch and gives the room lots of character. The gold-finish and glass light fixture looks stunning against the glossy, deep brown ceiling. 

13. Brown Macrame Wall Hanging

brown macrame wall hanging
Image source: BohemiaUK

If you’re crafty, you may be able to make one of these boho brown macrame wall hangings by yourself. Otherwise, BohemiaUK will have you covered because you can buy one from their Etsy shop.

This accent piece could be the last piece of texture that you need to complete your room. The chocolate brown color contrasts with the lighter colored walls and is a nice touch. Plus, it has a fun pattern!

14. Wood Candle Stands

wood candle stands
Image source: Gray Box Co.

If you need accents for your bedroom as well as texture, then these wood candle stands by Gray Box Co. are exactly what you need! These are handmade out of old red cedar fence posts from a farm property in Minnesota, dating back to the 1930s or earlier.

Who doesn’t love a piece of décor with a story behind it? Each wood candle stand is unique and the company promises that no two will ever be alike.

15. Canopy Bed Frame

canopy bed frame
Image source: Style Me Pretty

While this might be a canopy bed frame, you won’t want to cover up its beauty with a canopy of any kind! The deep brown of the wood looks gorgeous next to the light blue bedding and area rug that Style Me Pretty chose for this room.

The lighter colors in the décor help soften the masculine looks of the canopy bed frame and leather bench at the foot of the bed.

16. Panel Headboard

Panel Headboard
Image source: Wayfair

At first glance, this headboard looks like a chocolate bar so there is no denying that it is unique! The faceted geometric accents with an antique bronze finish across the face of the headboard give it a mid-century look.

This headboard would definitely be a statement piece within your room. You can choose to either mount this headboard onto the wall or directly onto the bed frame. You can find this at Wayfair.

17. Glamorous

Image source: Home Designing

If you want your bedroom to reflect a regal and glamorous style, then add gold accents! This brown and gold bedroom featured by Home Designing is neutrally colored and beautiful.

One of our favorite things about this room is the designer added golden vines inside of the paneled wall area. At first glance, it looks like there is artwork hanging on the wall when it’s actually just painted vines on the wall or vine decals.

18. Brown Carpeting

brown carpeting
Image source: Manchester Architects

Another idea for adding the color brown to your bedroom design is to install brown carpeting. The deep brown carpeting that Manchester Architects uses in this bedroom is dark enough that the rest of the style in the room needs to be much lighter in order to balance it out.

Carpeting adds plenty of texture to a room, but the fuzzy pillows and bedding add to it! 

19. Leather Armchair

leather armchair
Image source: Pottery Barn

This compact version of a club chair by Pottery Barn would be a great addition to a bedroom, especially if it’s a smaller room. The chair reclines, so you will be able to relax in style! The style of the chair looks great next to the industrial-style floor lamp.

The nailhead detail is a special touch. A brown leather armchair like this one helps bring out the browns in the area rug.

20. Linen Curtains

linen curtains
Image source: West Elm

Linen curtains are always a great choice if you want to allow just a little bit of sunlight to filter through. You will want to hang the curtains high enough above the window so that they drape to the floor.

Hanging them higher on the wall gives the appearance of larger windows, which can make your space feel bigger. Take a look at the brown linen curtains that West Elm uses in this photo.

21. Leopard Print

leopard print
Image source: Jordan Lane Homes

This trendy bedroom combines a boho and rustic theme with leopard print. Between the leopard print and the browns of the wood and the leather bench, it makes a warm environment.

The black accent wall is a nice touch and helps pull out the black spots in the leopard print as well as the throw blanket and other accents throughout this bedroom that was styled by Jordan Lane Homes. This bedroom is definitely picture-worthy!

22. Resin Art

Resin Art
Image source: The Fluid Fox

Display resin art with various shades of brown, white, and metallic gold. You could set it on a shelf, on a table, or hang it on the wall. The one shown in the photo is sold by The Fluid Fox.

This artist creates resin art with a variety of colors and even makes custom pieces that you could get to match your specific décor. She has even made pieces to reflect popular desserts!

23. Round Mirror

round mirror
Image source: Amanda Design Studio

Every bedroom needs a mirror and this round wood framed mirror is the perfect accent for a brown room. In this example, Amanda Design Studio uses a wood-framed mirror with a beautiful wood grain.

It is positioned above a dresser with various accents set on top of the dresser. You could store essentials below the mirror that you use when you are getting ready for the day or simply stick to decorative accents.

24. Cowhide Rug

cow hide rug
Image source: Macy's

There isn’t anything more rustic than a cowhide rug! Don’t worry, this is a faux cowhide so no cows were injured in its making. This faux cowhide rug is available at Macy’s. The chocolate brown and white look gorgeous on top of the dark wooden floor.

We like the additional elements like the industrial look of the furniture mixed with the more classic style chair. You can create a look of your own!

25. Open Wardrobe

open wardrobe
Image source: IKEA

This wooden open wardrobe from IKEA would be perfect in a bedroom with earthy tones because of its natural wood appearance. The neutral color allows this to be used in rooms decorated with a variety of color schemes, including browns!

The clay pots on top of the open wardrobe are a nice touch and add to the earthy vibes. The slatted wardrobe gives it an open and airy look.

26. Minimalist

Image source: Ten Stickers

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing real stone, or if you don’t want to fork over the money it takes to install a stone wall, you can simply use a stone textured wallpaper instead. This one featured by Ten Stickers is a great example.

It’s even easier if it’s a peel-and-stick wallpaper! All you need is enough to cover an accent wall, a little goes a long way.

27. Beaded Chandelier

Beaded Chandelier
Image source: Overstock.com

Add a little boho or farmhouse style to your bedroom by installing a wood-beaded chandelier. There are a variety of styles and designs of wood-beaded chandeliers, but we are especially loving this one from Overstock.com.

It has a weathered finish on the wooden frame and has distressed cream beads and is made out of both metal and wood. Don’t style a beautiful room and then forget all about the lighting! This is a great addition to any room.

28. Light Brown Walls

light brown walls
Image source: Farrow & Ball

Get the warmth of brown walls without the darkness when you use a light brown paint color by Farrow & Ball. The light brown walls shown in this photo are Jitney No. 293, but there are shades that are a bit darker and others that are a bit lighter.

This Jitney No. 293 looks beautiful with pastel blue and white. It’s a nice neutral color that isn’t overbearing.

29. Earth Tones

earth tones
Image source: Lundkvist Living

We’ve seen a lot of earth tones throughout this list of brown bedroom ideas, but this may be our favorite earth-toned bedroom. The appearance and texture of the linen bedding by Lundkvist Living make it feel more organic.

The woven basket and glass vase with dried sprigs of pampas grass are nice touches. We also like how simple the overall design is with just a few colors used, brown, white, and tan. 

30. Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder
Image source: Overstock.com

Blanket ladders fit into a room decorated with a variety of themes such as farmhouse-inspired, rustic, and even minimalist. You can make your own blanket ladder, search for an antique ladder at garage sales or farm sales, or simply buy this one from Overstock.com.

This one looks fabulous with a brown blanket draped on a ladder rung. You could hang a variety of blankets on it with various textures, colors, and patterns.

31. Chunky Knit Blanket

chunky knit blanket
Image source: Blanket World Co.

Cuddle up under a brown chunky knit blanket! These gorgeous blankets are arm-knitted out of 100% natural pure merino wool. According to Blanket World Co., this specific wool has healing properties, is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, has excellent heat exchange which keeps you from overheating, and is durable.

Sounds good to us! These chunky knit blankets look great draped across the bed or over a chair like a throw blanket. We know you’ll use it!

32. Geometric Wallpaper

geometric wallpaper
Image source: Graham & Brown

Nothing gives dimension to a room quite like geometric wallpaper, like the one shown here from Graham & Brown. It is brown in color but has subtle hints of metallic throughout the pattern.

How gorgeous are the gray and brown throw pillows that perfectly coordinate with all of the colors in the wallpaper? This room is absolutely stunning! The geometric side table pairs nicely with the geometric wallpaper. 

33. Brown Wicker Storage Trunk

brown wicker storage trunk
Image source: The Home Depot

This brown wicker storage trunk is a classic and timeless piece that can be added at the end of your bed or near a wall in your bedroom. You can use it to store sheets and blankets or use it to store whatever treasures you hold dear.

It’s actually collapsible for flat storage, which is handy! You can find this beautiful brown wicker storage trunk at The Home Depot.

34. Reclaimed Wood Chest

reclaimed wood chest
Image source: Crate&Barrel

This eclectic chest is made from reclaimed peroba wood from Brazil and solid black walnut. Each plank of wood has been uniquely weathered, causing variations from chest to chest. We like that it features both drawers and a cabinet door.

This chest would work in a rustic-style room or even a boho-style room. This reclaimed wood chest is available exclusively at Crate&Barrel. Every bedroom needs a good storage solution!

35. Contemporary Style

contemporary style
Image source: Burj Enterprises Ltd.

Brown can be used in contemporary styles as well as classic styles. This bedroom is stunning with its wood grain ceilings, stone tile, and windows covering the majority of the wall space.

The use of brown makes this bedroom seem to blend in seamlessly with the trees just outside of the windows. We’re loving the various accent pillows on the bed, as well as the use of browns and blacks throughout this room styled by Burj Enterprises Ltd.