18 Country Kitchen Ideas (Rustic & Farmhouse Décor)

Country Kitchen Ideas

Whether you live in the country, or if you live in the city and simply love country style, we have plenty of ideas for how you can decorate your kitchen. The country-style creates a cozy, comfortable kitchen that looks and feels like home. It’s not just about the appearance, but about the overall vibe that’s in the room.

Some features that you are sure to find in a country-style kitchen are painted cabinets, wooden countertops, farmhouse sinks, and vintage-inspired appliances and decor. There are so many other great ideas that we are excited to share with you too.

We’ve collected 18 essential country kitchen ideas for when you’re decorating. You will see all of the basics of creating that down-home, country-style kitchen. This is a style that’s easy to make your own. Insert your own personality into the items that you choose to display in the kitchen. Have fun decorating!

1. Wooden Countertops

wooden counter tops
Image source: Farmhouse5540

The look of wooden or butcher block countertops on white or gray cabinets is a beautiful style for a kitchen decorated with a country theme. This kitchen featured by Farmhouse5540 is the perfect example of a country-style kitchen that’s stylish too.

In this kitchen, the cabinets are white with oil-rubbed bronze hardware. The kitchen sink faucet matches the hardware, creating a cohesive look. Even if your kitchen has outdated wooden cabinets with less than stylish hardware, you can still achieve this look.

Even the ugliest of cabinets can be transformed into something beautiful with a little chalk paint. Paint your old cabinets white and add new hardware!

2. Retro Appliances

retro appliances
Image source: Dustin Halleck

The retro look goes hand-in-hand with a country style. Bring back that classic appearance of vintage appliances, linoleum flooring, and all of the country accents that you love. You’ll have your kitchen looking like one from the “good old days” in no time!

Dustin Halleck has designed this kitchen with a bright coral-colored retro fridge and a vintage-style oven complete with brass hardware. The yellow-green linoleum flooring is the perfect addition to this style of kitchen.

This kitchen looks straight out of the 1950s while also maintaining a modern appeal. We are also loving the chalkboard on the shiplap wall.

3. Old Wooden Farm Table

old wooden farm table
Image source: Laurey Glenn

Does anything say “country” quite like an old wooden farm table in the kitchen? Not much! This classic look can be found in most country homes and farmhouse kitchens. The distressed look is gorgeous and is perfect with the overall decor.

In this country-style kitchen designed by Laurey Glenn, she uses a bar height old wooden farm table with galvanized stools complete with seat covers. This table is fairly small and can easily double as a kitchen island or even an additional work surface in the kitchen.

Other features we love about this kitchen are the white shiplap walls and the farmhouse-style lighting.

4. Gingham Ceiling

gingham ceiling
Image source: Mendelson Group Inc.

Gingham print certainly reminds us of country life. You may see this print in southern-belle style dresses and clothing, but why not incorporate it into your home decor?

In this kitchen, Mendelson Group Inc. uses a bright green gingham on the ceiling. The ceiling is an unlikely place to find this print, but we are loving the novelty of the idea. If featuring this print on the ceiling is a bit much for you, consider using gingham print wallpaper on an accent wall.

You could achieve a similar look with whatever color you prefer. We can picture this gingham print in blue, red, or even yellow!

5. Shiplap Walls

shiplap walls
Image source: Gridley & Graves Photographers

Shiplap walls are a great fit for country-style homes and kitchens. White shiplap brightens up the room and makes natural wood and colorful items stand out. As you can see in this kitchen, the bright red kettle and various floral and greenery items look stunning against the white walls. The natural wood beams are also more prominent to the eye.

Gridley & Graves Photographers captures the beauty of this country kitchen. The retro-style oven and other vintage-inspired accessories give this kitchen plenty of character. We especially love the look of the farmhouse kitchen sink. The crate storage on the kitchen island is also a great idea!

6. Mismatched Chairs

mismatched chairs
Image source: Country Living

Mismatched chairs in a variety of painted colors can be a beautiful addition to an old farmhouse kitchen table. Colorful chairs look especially vibrant and cheerful in a kitchen that’s mostly white. This style adds a whimsical and eclectic vibe to the room.

The photo shows various styles of seating at the white farmhouse table. These include a bright yellow stool, a vintage metal chair, a bright green chair, and a classic wooden dining table chair. 

Other features that we love about this kitchen are the colorful aprons on the wall and the light blue standing mixer. The kitchen in the photo was featured by Country Living.

7. Modern Country Style

modern country style
Image source: CTD Tiles

This may be one of our favorite country-style kitchens on the list! The design style and decor are a mixture between vintage and modern and the results are fabulous.

The light blue, almost gray, cabinets are accented by stainless steel hardware. The glossy gray CTD Tiles on the backsplash area are simply gorgeous, especially against the blue cabinets. 

We also love the natural wood floating shelf above the backsplash area that is perfect for storing dishes, cups, and even potted plants. One of the best features in this kitchen is the farmhouse-style sink with a golden faucet.

8. China Hutch and Buffet

china hutch and buffet
Image source: DeVol Kitchens

In most country homes or old farmhouses, you are likely to see a china hutch and cabinet where family heirlooms and china dinnerware, that have been passed down for generations, are on display. Even if you don’t have any such items, a china hutch and cabinet are essential components in a country-style kitchen.

In this kitchen featured by DeVol Kitchens, they’ve added a light gray china hutch and cabinet. This style proves that the furniture doesn’t have to look old and outdated. The overall style of this piece of furniture has a modern twist to the classic look.

9. Painted Cabinets

painted cabinets
Image source: British Standard by Plain English

Painted cabinets are a staple in a country-style kitchen. You can have fun with your color choices as there are no rules for what colors to use. While you can purchase painted cabinets, you can also easily achieve this look with chalk paint. Just make sure to change out the hardware to match the new style. 

We are loving the olive green color of the cabinets in this British Standard by Plain English kitchen. They look beautiful with the farmhouse-style sink.

If you’re designing a kitchen of your own, you definitely want to include large windows. The natural sunlight will brighten up the room.

10. Wooden Flooring

wooden flooring
Image source: Leanne Ford

Older homes typically have wooden flooring throughout the entire home, including in the kitchen. Because of this, wooden floors are a classic look for a country-style kitchen. This kitchen designed by Leanne Ford is a great example.

The wooden floors look striking in a kitchen with white shiplap walls and white cabinets. This kitchen has several vintage accents like the mint green cabinets and the green bench at the farmhouse-style table. 

Other features that we love about this kitchen are the windows that allow in plenty of natural light, the farmhouse sink, and the farmhouse-style table. The floating shelves on the wall are also a nice touch.

11. Farmhouse Sink

farmhouse sink
Image source: Design Shop Interiors

As we’ve seen in numerous kitchens in this list so far, a farmhouse sink is a perfect addition to a country kitchen. In this Design Shop Interiors kitchen design, they use a large farmhouse tub sink with a vintage-style faucet. There is lots of room in this type of sink for soaking pots and pans or washing a large load of dishes. 

The baskets on the counter are a great addition to this room. These would be ideal for storing K-cups or even as a spot to throw the mail each day. Organization is always key.

12. Add a Chalkboard

add a chalkboard
Image source: Annie Schlechter

Chalkboards are a handy tool to have in the kitchen. You can use them to keep an ongoing grocery list or for a to-do list. Chalkboards also make a great décor item where you can write an inspiring quote in a script font or even use a stencil to draw a picture.

The chalkboard featured in this Annie Schlechter kitchen looks like an antique with its wide, wooden frame. The vintage green glass dishes on the shelf next to it probably add to that antique effect.

This kitchen has a rustic appearance with the ample use of natural wood in the room. Overall, it looks like a cozy kitchen.

13. Fresh Flowers

fresh flowers
Image source: Jayne Design Studio

While fresh flowers are a wonderful addition to any style of decor, they are especially beautiful in a kitchen with a country decor style, like in this Jayne Design Studio kitchen.

This kitchen features pale yellow cabinets for a classic and bright appearance. The fresh flowers on the kitchen island look like they are freshly picked from the flower garden right outside. Perhaps even the apples are freshly picked from the orchard!

The freshly baked cookies on the counter are also another addition that adds to the country home vibe of this kitchen. This looks like a comfortable place to call home.

14. Large Windows

large windows
Image source: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture + Interiors

As we have already mentioned about kitchens featured earlier on this list, having large windows is a must in the kitchen. These large windows provide lots of natural lighting into one of the most used rooms in the home.

You want this space to be bright and cheerful and a great place for socializing and congregating with friends and family. This kitchen certainly has lots of seating for people to sit and socialize!

This country-style kitchen by Cuppett Kilpatrick Architecture + Interiors features an entire wall of windows. There are numerous light fixtures for the evenings when there isn’t quite as much natural light.

15. Vintage Style Metal Chairs

vintage style metal chairs
Image source: Chango & Co.

Vintage-style metal chairs look stylish in a country-style kitchen. In this Chango & Co. design, there is a large, distressed white farmhouse table with six galvanized steel chairs surrounding it. These match the large light fixtures above the table creating a beautiful look.

We love the brightness of this kitchen. The large glass vase with flowers on the table is absolutely gorgeous. The kitchen style has a romantic feel that is perfect for a country home. The contrast of the dark wooden flooring with the white cabinets and table is stunning.

16. Open Cabinets

open cabinets
Image source: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

If you don’t mind everyone seeing the contents of your cupboards, you should consider having open cabinets without doors. This style of cabinetry is ideal for displaying unique and beautiful dinnerware.

In this kitchen designed by The White Buffalo Styling Co., white dishes are on display in the open cabinets. It helps that all of the items are of a similar color scheme. You definitely don’t want open cabinets with contents that just look cluttered and messy.

We are also loving the tile backsplash above the stove. The design adds a lot of style and character to this kitchen.

17. Skirted Kitchen Sink

skirted kitchen sink
Image source: Inspire Kitchen Design Studio

Having a skirted kitchen sink is definitely about as country as it gets. One benefit of having a skirted sink is that you can change out the “skirts” if you want to change up the decor or color scheme in your kitchen. 

In this kitchen designed by Inspire Kitchen Design Studio, a white skirt with embroidered designs on it is displayed below the kitchen sink. If you’re crafty, you could embroider and make your own sink skirts.

This kitchen has a unique blend of various cabinet finishes, from the dark wooden look to ivory, and even a navy blue. It’s an eclectic combination.

18. Vintage Tray Gallery Wall

Vintage Tray Gallery Wall
Image source: Inspired by Charm

Hit the local garage sales, flea markets, and antique shops to create a collection of vintage trays so that you can create a vintage tray gallery like the one shown in this Inspired by Charm kitchen. You will want to choose trays in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to achieve the best look.

This is a cute idea for a country kitchen. If you have items that have been handed down through the generations, this is a great way to put them to use or at least display them. What a great idea!