60 Must-See Rustic Kitchen Ideas For Inspiration

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Rustic kitchens are versatile and classic enough to go with the most modern of homes or tiniest of apartments. For a quick taste of the rustic style in your kitchen, simply add a few well-chosen farmhouse accessories: we have tons of ideas below. Doing a full renovation? Check out the ideas for your kitchen cabinets, islands, chairs — even your ceiling and floor!

The best part of a rustic kitchen is the timeless, cozy quality. No matter where your home is located, a rustic kitchen can offer a sense of warm, wide-open space. Our log cabin ideas will inspire you to create a mountain getaway feel in your kitchen. Or, easily add some old-world charm with classic pieces from Europe. 

Rustic kitchens can also be polished and modern with the right color schemes — we have some tips below to help you visualize what that might look like. Or swap out wood for metal to give your rustic kitchen a more industrial vibe.

However you “rustic,” we’re sure there’s an idea here to fit your unique style!

Check Out 60 Of The Best Rustic Kitchen Ideas!

1. Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink
Image source: The Nate Show

Nothing says “rustic” like a farmhouse sink. It’s become shorthand for rustic kitchens of all styles and sizes. Modern or industrial kitchens can add a stainless steel farmhouse sink, like this one from The Nate Show, while more traditional rustic styles might use a classic ceramic sink. Whichever you choose, no rustic kitchen is complete without one!

2. Textured Wood Cabinets

Textured Wood Cabinets
Image source: dl mag

Another classic touch that absolutely says “rustic” is textured wood cabinets. In this kitchen highlighted in dl mag, the wood instantly adds warmth to your kitchen; the slightly distressed look makes it rustic. However, wood doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned, just like textured doesn’t have to look run-down. By adding modern hardware to the drawers and handles, your textured wood brings farmhouse delight with updated style.

3. Wood and Glass Cabinets

Wood And Glass Cabinets
Image source: Design One Interiors for Houzz

Mixing wood and glass provides a simple, elegant way to add just a splash of rustic style to your kitchen. The glass cabinet doors say “sleek and modern,” but the wood design says “cozy mountain cabin.” This combined style on Houzz really pops when used as an accent against other kitchen cabinets.

4. Stone-Top Stove

Stone-Top Stove
Image source: Peace Design

When the pros over at Peace Design created a mountain hideaway, they designed this stone-covered stove to really pull all the elements of a rustic kitchen together. The stone arch frames the stove and oven, and the design goes all the way to the ceiling in muted tones that blend seamlessly with the rest of the colors.

5. Animal-Print Accents

Animal Print Accents
Image source: Vallone Design

Take your rustic style out west with touches of animal prints. This Utah penthouse by Vallone Design gives just a touch of the Old West to an otherwise modern kitchen with cowhide seats and antler pendant lights. Notice how the cowhide contrasts with the ultra-modern plastic seats without feeling out of place!

6. Chicken Wire Cabinet Doors

Chicken Wire Cabinets
Image source: Mullet Cabinet

Whether or not you live on an actual farm or raise chickens, Mullet Cabinet’s accent cupboard doors add an instant rustic touch. The slightly distressed brick red paint already causes a splash, but the chicken wire in the glass elevates the look for true farmhouse appeal. Accents of this look over the sink and on the side of the island pull the entire rustic kitchen together.

7. White Rustic Kitchen

White Rustic Kitchen
Image source: Cosentino

Going all-white in your kitchen provides a minimalist look while remaining fully rustic. Clean lines give the space a more Scandinavian farmhouse feel. Even the ceiling and floors of this kitchen are of lighter-stained wood so as not to disturb the harmony. With silver pendant lights and hardware fixtures, this rustic kitchen keeps things tidy. Check out more from Cosentino!

8. Log-Style Chairs

Log-Style Chairs
Image source: Beautikitchens

For even more log-cabin-style in your rustic kitchen, don’t skimp on the accents! Beautikitchens goes above and beyond wooden walls and cabinets with these bar and dining chairs that look like they were carefully crafted by Paul Bunyon. Keeping the details of the chairs looking like real logs maximizes the rustic feel, turning any kitchen into the mountain cabin rustic kitchen of your dreams.

9. Cottage-Inspired Window Treatments

Cottage Inspired Window Treatments
Image source: Country Door

One of the simplest, most budget-friendly ways to add a rustic look to your kitchen is by adding a darling window treatment inspired by country cottages. The curtain in this photo by Country Door looks straight out of the kitchen on a rural family farm. Note how it gathers at the rod and then spreads out only at the top of the window, framing your view.

10. Large Farmhouse Table

Large Farmhouse Table
Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

Keep it simple with an oversized farmhouse table for your rustic kitchen. As Better Homes & Gardens demonstrates, this table just begs the entire family to come and gather for a home-cooked meal. If you have a larger kitchen, a table like this might take the place of a center island.

11. Old Whiskey Barrels

Old Whiskey Barrels
Image source: Dovenda

Step up to the bar (or island or dining table) with the addition of old whiskey barrels! Note how this rustic kitchen idea from Dovenda seamlessly and charmingly combines the repurposed objects trend with a sleek and modern island. The barrels create a statement piece in the center of the kitchen, while the colors of the barrels blend with the tones of the rest of the design.

12. Tinted Cement Tiles

Tinted Cement Tiles
Image source: Elle Decor

This kitchen floor proves how versatile you can go with a rustic kitchen. Elle Decor showcases this charming check pattern floor made by alternating light- and dark-tinted cement tiles. The effect not only separates the kitchen from the rest of the house but updates the old-fashioned black and white check pattern with something a little more warm and low-key.

13. Metal Ceiling

Metal Ceiling
Image source: One Kind Design

When you want to combine rustic with industrial, head over to One Kind Design to check out their copper kitchen ceiling. The color naturally blends with the rest of the warm hues throughout the kitchen, especially the dark-stained wood cabinets. Note the matching copper farmhouse sink!

14. Hanging Copper Pots

Hanging Copper Pots
Image source: Napa Valley Register

Here’s a classic rustic kitchen staple that goes with pretty much any style: industrial, log cabin, modern, or farmhouse. Hang copper pots anywhere in the kitchen, including over the center island as they do in this home featured in the Napa Valley Register. Don’t have an island? Hang two or three copper pots on a wall. Easy peasy!

15. Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden Cutting Boards
Image source: Apartment Therapy

While you’re hanging things from the ceiling or on your walls, consider a collection of wooden cutting boards. As you can see from Apartment Therapy, go with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to emphasize the farmhouse feel in your rustic kitchen. This idea is a great way to add a touch of rustic on a budget to kitchens of any size.

16. Simple Pendant Lights

Simple Pendant Lights
Image source: Hill Farm Furniture

Hanging lights are a sweet and rustic alternative to embedded overhead lights in your kitchen. Hang them over your (farmhouse style) sink, island, table, or anywhere else you want to warm up your space. Keep it simple with lights such as these pendants from Hill Farm Furniture in order to maintain the rustic aesthetic.

17. Rustic Signs

Rustic Signs
Image source: CMI Construction

Farmhouse style signs in your rustic kitchen are not only quick and easy, but for you crafters they can be a fun DIY project. Go with one large statement piece, such as this one highlighted by CMI Construction, or scatter smaller signs all over your kitchen. Use them to welcome friends and family to the heart of your home, get eclectic with real signs from farms, or add sweet sayings that never go out of style.

18. Match Wood and Brick

Match Wood And Brick
Image source: Houzz

In this rustic kitchen, Lohss Construction has brought the entire space together by matching the wood tones of the furniture and walls with the brick backsplash behind the oven. The warm, subdued hues help the cast iron oven and ceramic farmhouse-style sink really pop. This is a great way to blend brick and wood in your kitchen.

19. Combine Wood and Marble

Combine Wood And Marble
Image source: FoxBuilt

By combining materials for your rustic kitchen, you instantly add a certain old-world farmhouse charm. This wood and marble counter from FoxBuilt combines modern flair with a sweet style. The result is a formidable, functional breakfast counter that doesn’t skimp on the quaint details. Who wouldn’t want to start their day having breakfast here?

20. A Dark Wooden Hutch

A Dark Wooden Hutch
Image source: Hunt’s Kitchen and Design

A large statement piece that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen brings out the rustic charm. As seen in this example from Hunt’s Kitchen and Design, mixing it up pays off in a big way. Somehow the hutch’s dark wood works perfectly with the otherwise bright kitchen, an idea that can be pulled off with a smaller hutch or cabinet in smaller kitchens.

21. Floor to Ceiling Wood

Floor To Ceiling Wood
Image source: Cozy Cabins

Why focus on wood accents when you can go all-out with wood everything! When your style of rustic means “isolated log cabin,” this look is for you. Check out this sleek yet rustic kitchen at Cozy Cabins, which brings to mind the pioneer days. The light-colored, matching wood adds a smooth flow to the room, while the dark counters and appliances prevent it from becoming too monotonous.

22. Circular Stone Island

Circular Stone Island
Image source: TruLog

This circular island from TruLog shows how well you can blend traditional materials with a unique style. The stones in this island combine with the wood panels for a look that’s absolutely rustic, yet the circular design is anything but ordinary. Combined with the marble top, the island catches the eye in this expertly done kitchen.

23. Pane-Free Window

Pane Free Window
Image source: Decor Aid

Big windows that let in bright sunlight are a must-have for any rustic kitchen. In this example from Decor Aid, nothing blocks the view! With just one large piece of glass, you get all the sunlight and none of the shadows. Put one by the sink so you can gaze outside while you do dishes — or place it across from the farmhouse table to enjoy during family dinner.

24. Wooden Stove Hood

Wooden Stove Hood
Image source: Architectural Digest

The wood beams attached to the stove hood add a quaint old-school touch to this Italian farmhouse. The genius is in the simplicity: note how the wood stands out against the otherwise all-white hood above the stove, yet matches the beams of the ceiling. No wonder Architectural Digest features this amazing kitchen by Linda Warren Simon!

25. Baskets and Bowls

Baskets And Bowls
Image source: Hickman Design Associates

Mix and match a variety of baskets and bowls for a rustic touch on a budget. Wicker, copper, and wire are arranged just-so under the island in this kitchen by Hickman Design Associates. Not only are they charming, but functional. Bowls and baskets within easy reach make for perfect storage!

26. Hanging Teacups

Hanging Teacups
Image source: Good Housekeeping

Small hooks under shelves create space in your rustic kitchen while simultaneously upping the sense of whimsy. For an even more farmhouse feel, mix up the styles and patterns of your teacups, or simply hang them in different directions as they do in Good Housekeeping. This idea works beautifully in kitchens of pretty much any size or style.

27. Pottery

Image source: Country Living

What is it about pottery that’s so appealing? Painted or plain, line up some clay pots and crockery on your open shelves for authentic old-world charm. As seen here in Country Living, the unpainted terracotta almost perfectly matches the wooden backsplash behind the farmhouse sink and copper pots on the next wall.

28. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware
Image source: HGTV

Dark metal fixtures and handles, such as these featured on HGTV, look wonderfully rustic next to bright colors and light wood. This otherwise modern bar sink gets treated to an elegantly industrial makeover with an oil-rubbed bronze faucet and matching drawer handles. Even a small touch, like the handle on this faucet, can make a big impact.

29. Stacked-Log Walls

Stacked Log Walls
Image source: Northern Log

For a more authentic log cabin-style rustic kitchen, you can’t go wrong with stacked-log walls. These siding walls by Northern Log provide a 3-D feel that’s both polished and very rustic. Along with the stone over the oven and the wooden cabinets, this particular kitchen wouldn’t feel out of place in the Old West.

30. Simple Rural English Style

Simple Rural English Style
Image source: Apartment Therapy

This all-white kitchen idea on Apartment Therapy is anything but plain, thanks to a brick column, brass fixtures, and open wooden shelves. The space is well-used with both intuitive placement and thoughtful touches, such as the clock and the candle. Note the terracotta plant pot on top of the wooden cutting board.

31. Screen Door As Pantry Door

Screen Door As Pantry Door
Image source: Alison Kandler Interior Design

Not only is this screen door already a solid farmhouse design, but when brought indoors it functions as a pantry door. This incredibly cute idea is brought to you by Alison Kandler Interior Design as part of a modern farmhouse kitchen. As one of only a few colors in the room, and as the only bright yellow piece, the door draws the gaze and highlights the kitchen.

32. Mix and Match Chairs

Mix And Match Chairs
Image source: RealHomes

Buying second-hand furniture is environmental, inexpensive, and totally rustic. Mixing up individual pieces, as well as shades of wood stain, lends a delightful feel to your farmhouse table. In this kitchen from RealHomes, each chair is made of wood that matches at least one part of the rest of the room — but none match each other.

33. Wood-Framed Window

Wood Framed Window
Image source: TruLog

Look at how the wood around this window matches the wood beams in the rest of this rustic kitchen from TruLog. The theme continues with both a raw wood-style arch that frames the entire sink area and then frames the window itself. It’s absolutely perfect for the stunning view outside!

34. Contrasting Wood Stains

Contrasting Wood Stains
Image source: House Beautiful

From Susan Ferrier comes this idea for the wood in your rustic kitchen: contrasting stains. The pine walls are stained with dark ebony, which opens up to a lighter wood ceiling. Beams on the ceiling criss-cross the wood panels, which are arranged in long lines that flow with the rest of the lines in the room.

35. Dark Grout and White Tiles

Dark Grout And White Tiles
Image source: What Molly Made

Speaking of contrast, check out the super cool look of dark grout behind white tiles in this rustic kitchen by Molly Thompson. The contrast is both modern and farmhouse, accentuated by white cabinets, a white sink, and dark metal fixtures and hardware. Plants and flowers break up the dark and light with just a splash of color.

36. Old World Furniture

Old World Furniture
Image source: Houzz

This Spanish style lake house featured on Houzz has taken old-world furniture and repurposed it to create the features of a European kitchen. The wood is colored to appear antique yet not distressed; you can imagine someone’s great-grandparents cooking large family meals from scratch in here. Warm yellows blend with the limestone walls for an inviting, cozy kitchen.

37. Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket
Image source: Itsy Bits and Pieces

When thinking about the details of your rustic kitchen, an old-fashioned woven picnic basket adds instant whimsy to any counter or shelf. When Linda Dresselhaus over at Itsy Bits and Pieces refinished this cupboard, she cleverly accessorized it with brown and white dishes, pitchers, and a woven picnic basket statement piece.

38. Arched Wooden Ceilings

High Arched Ceilings With Wood Beams
Image source: Precision Craft

High, wood-beamed ceilings really open up any space. The arch design gives the kitchen a rustic cabin look even as the rest of the kitchen remains updated and modern. With recessed lights and off-white walls, Precision Craft has pulled off a stunning kitchen with full attention to rustic details.

39. Log-Style Ladder

Log-Style Ladder
Image source: FameDecor

One simple accessory can change the entire feel of your kitchen. In this FameDecor feature, a log-style ladder leads up to a kitchen loft. However, any ladder will work in your kitchen, whether it’s meant to look unfinished (like this one) or perfectly stylized. The point is to give a sense of old-world farmhouse charm, and wooden ladders are great for that.

40. Raw Wood Details

Raw Wood Details
Image source: Everything Log Homes

This raw wood is finished and glossed so that it looks both really old-fashioned yet totally polished. The curved, whittled look here is featured at Everything Log Homes. Next to rusted metal hardware, no one has to know you didn’t chop the trees and carve the cabinets yourself!

41. Bright Colors

Bright Colors
Image source: House & Garden

As House & Garden demonstrates, thoughtfully used bright colors can bring a whimsical feel to your décor. In this photo, the yellow and green create a farmhouse-like atmosphere, while the red and white checkered floor offers an updated alternative to the usual black and white. It’s fun and colorful without feeling overwhelming.

42. Muted Colors

Muted Colors
Image source: Mark Taylor Design

At the other end of the spectrum, muted colors are also a fantastic way to create a rustic-themed kitchen. Keeping the tones low-key and neutral works for kitchens of any size, so even if you are strapped for space you can pull this off. In this kitchen by Mark Taylor Design, even the grayish-blue is muted and calm.

43. Reclaimed Items

Reclaimed Wood
Image source: Country Living

Utilizing reclaimed items for your rustic kitchen is green, thrifty, and fun! Country Living shows off a kitchen that reclaimed more than just a wooden counter to use as an island; note the overhead pendant lights, which were once used on an actual farm. Flea markets and online second-hand sites such as Facebook Marketplace are gold mines for reclaimed pieces you can put to good use.

44. Skirted Cupboards

Skirted Cupboard
Image source: Houzz

When you want to create a rustic kitchen without a full renovation, consider this idea from Houzz. By replacing a lower cupboard with fabric, you instantly give your entire kitchen a farmhouse theme. Choose a fun pattern that either compliments your overall color scheme or contrasts so sharply as to draw the eye.

45. Vintage Appliances

Vintage Appliances
Image source: Roman Babakin at Shutterstock

The rustic kitchen trend is all about callbacks to older, simpler times. That’s why this idea on Home Decor Bliss, features a small, vintage refrigerator. The rest of the kitchen maintains a simple rustic theme with plenty of wood, including ceiling beams and a framed windowpane. But it’s that adorable fridge that steals the show.

46. Metal “X”

Metal X
Image source: Magnolia

If decorating queen Joanna Gaines of Magnolia tells you to put a giant metal “X” on the side of your kitchen island, you do it. In this farmhouse kitchen, the black X matches the shelf brackets, hardware, chairs, and even the stove hood. It’s a really fun way to get on-trend without looking too raw.

47. Vintage Cast-Iron Stove

Vintage Cast Iron Stove
Image source: The Spruce

Just look at the way this enormous cast-iron stove steals the show in a kitchen designed by Baker and Baker and spotlighted at The Spruce. You know something yummy is coming out of those industrial-inspired oven doors! Even as your gaze moves around the photo to check out the farmhouse sink, copper pots, and wooden cabinets, you’ll always come back to the vintage stove.

48. Tree-Trunk Columns

Tree Trunk Columns
Image source: House Beautiful

If the words “delicate” and “quaint” are not part of your rustic vocabulary, check out this idea from House Beautiful. They’re not logs and they’re not finished wood: these columns are actual tree-trunks. The columns stand out even more against the otherwise polished and modern kitchen.

49. Butcher-Block Countertops

Butcher Block Countertops
Image source: Houzz

A big reason why rustic has become so trendy lately is because of the stylish functionality. And what’s more functional yet stylish than butcher-block countertops? Houzz showcases this kitchen designed by Maine Coast Kitchen Design in which the lines and colors of the butcher-block countertops wrap the entire sink area in cozy warmth.

50. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal
Image source: Western Life & Style

Yee-haw! Take your guests on a trip to the Old West with corrugated metal pieces in your rustic kitchen. Western Life & Style shows how this long piece was used as a finishing touch to a saloon-style bar. Note the steer’s head in the background, adding to the authenticity of the entire kitchen.

51. Wide, Open Space

Wide Open Space
Image source: deVol

If you have the room for it, open up your kitchen to create as much space as possible. deVol furniture and design service made the most of this area and brought to life a classic yet modern rustic kitchen. The ceiling beams point up to skylights in an A-frame roof. Brick walls, plenty of wood, a farmhouse sink, and a vintage refrigerator all finish the look.

52. Limestone Walls

Limestone Walls
Image source: Old House Online

Walls made from limestone don’t need to be distressed — they already look rustic. Old House Online notes that the limestone walls around the fireplace provide natural insulation from the hot Texas sun. Everything else here looks just as old-timey, except for the kitchen table and chairs, which contrast perfectly.

53. Barn House Doors

Barn House Doors
Image source: Houzz

Easily separate the kitchen from other rooms in the house with a sliding barn house door. You can see the kitchen peeking out behind the repurposed barn door in this creation by Steinberg Custom Designs. Because it slides on an overhead rail, the door is easy to open and close, and works well against most other room styles.

54. Wooden Bench

Wooden Bench
Image source: HGTV

Make room for everyone at the table! Unlike chairs, a wooden bench on one side of your large farmhouse table lets as many people sit down as can squeeze in together. As HGTV points out, they don’t need to exactly match the wood of your table or the rest of your kitchen. Your whole family will love gathering in this charming space for laughter, stories, and food!

55. Shiplap

Image source: House Beautiful

Shiplap it is so-called because it was once used to waterproof ships by overlapping each plank over the other. Nowadays, shiplap has become trendy as home décor. Use it on walls, as seen in this home featured in House Beautiful, or slap it onto cabinet doors or the sides of your kitchen island. It’s one of those touches that’s as versatile as it is charming.

56. Round Kitchen Table

Round Table
Image source: Irina88w on Dreamstime

Keep things tight and cozy with a smaller, round-shaped table. In this kitchen spotlighted at Home Decor Bliss, the table stands a bit away from the kitchen proper: ideal for mornings when everyone can come together, or for a quick dinner on busy nights. Paint your chairs to match, as seen here, or utilize some of the mix-and-match ideas from the ideas above.

57. Faux Brick Stone Floor

Faux Brick Stone Floor
Image source: homeedit

After wood and stone, when you think of the materials used in a rustic kitchen, brick is probably up there. The pattern for this homeedit kitchen is placed on a diagonal, going against the 90-degree lines of the wooden beams and furniture. The result? A floor that refuses to be ignored even while you walk all over it!

58. Whites and Grays

Whites And Grays
Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

When your idea of a rustic getaway is someplace calm and peaceful, consider a kitchen done entirely of white and gray. Looking at this kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens, you can see how even the most contrasting of shades complement one another throughout the whole space. The marble, the wood, the lights all gently welcome you in.

59. Graphic Backsplash

Graphic Backsplash
Image source: Veranda

Whether you’re looking to add just a touch of color or maintain an overall theme, a graphic backsplash — behind the stove or sink — is the way to go. The blue in the tiles seen here match up with the blue island and chairs, while the bright orange-red pops out against all that white. The artist Adam Lowenbein created the tiles for designer Anthony Baratta and is featured over at Veranda.

60. Exposed Wall and Ceiling Beams

Exposed Walls And Beams
Image source: Erin Gates Design

If there’s one theme running through all of these rustic kitchen ideas, it’s wood. And one of the most common ways wood is used in rustic kitchens is with exposed beams, seen here at Erin Gates Design. Exposed beams can go parallel across a ceiling or criss-cross in patterns. They can go up against walls, stand as columns, or create a frame to break up space. What will your wood beams look like?