30 Of The Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas With Pictures

Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Are you ready to create the rustic bathroom of your dreams? Rustic comes in many forms and with many features. Whether you think of it as roughing it in a secluded cabin, relaxing at a mountain retreat, or staying at a high-end lodge on a sprawling ranch. However, no matter what type of rustic you gravitate to, a few elements hold true.

Typically, rustic marries together various natural elements and pieces derived from nature; think wood, stone, metal, etc. It also finds ways to bring some of the outdoors in. You can take these different materials and create a look that’s rustic and elegant, more country, or even with a modern twist. 

So, what’s your rustic style? Not sure? No problem. We’ve gathered together 30 ideas for rustic bathrooms that will leave you feeling inspired. First, see which ones you like the best, then you’ll have a starting point for creating your ultimate rustic bathroom retreat. 

1. Rustic Ranch Retreat

Image source: Teton Heritage Builders

This stunning rustic-inspired master bathroom exemplifies a beautiful ranch retreat. The double vanities and corner tub make great use of the space, not to mention the incredible view of the great outdoors.

Teton Heritage Builders adds rustic touches throughout from the wood ceiling to the log cabin walls. The tile work and elegant light fixtures add a touch of elegance. Overall, this bathroom is one that certainly makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into it.  

2. Horseshoe Shelf

Image source: Mountain Modern Life

What better way to say rustic than with some cowboy (or cowgirl) inspired decor? This horseshoe shelf from Mountain Modern Life adds a bit of downhome rustic flair, straight from the dude ranch.

Plus, it also adds storage which is always a critical component in any bathroom. You can use it as pictured for towels and knick-knacks or store all of your bath essentials on the shelves and hang some hooks on the bottom for towels. 

3. Go Country with Your Vanity

Image source: Canton Antiques

The great thing about rustic design is you can do so many things with it. If your idea of rustic conjures up images of country charm and farmhouse flavor, then opt for a cute country vanity like this beauty from Canton Antiques.

The distressed paint job mixed with the wood door front and countertop is an excellent combination. Then, the antique bronze faucet and copper sink complete the look while adding a dash of pizazz and elevated style.  

4. Ladder-Style Towel Rack

Image source: Pottery Barn

Whether your bathroom is rustic or modern, shabby chic or contemporary, or something in between, all bathrooms need a place to keep the essentials, like bath towels.

Instead of stuffing them into a closet (or maybe you don’t have a closet), turn them into part of the decor with a ladder-style towel rack like this one from Pottery Barn. Your towels have a place to hang out and dry, and you get a touch of rustic charm.

5. Exposed Brick Wall

Image source: Mylittlekatecod via Instagram

Sometimes, all you need to do to add a little rustic flavor to your space is work with what’s already like there. If you have brick walls in your bathroom, embrace them and make them part of the design.

These types of elements are what rustic design is all about, and you can go with a more industrial look or soften up the bricks a bit. That’s what My Little Kate Cod did with a pretty wreath and a few homey touches.

6. Mason Jar Vanity Light

Image source: Overstock

Here’s a fun way to bring some down-home rustic charm into your bathroom through the lighting. Every good bathroom needs some great lighting, and this mason jar vanity light from Overstock is perfect for delivering a rustic vibe.

The Edison-style bulbs are an especially fun touch. Whether you decide to buy a fixture that’s already made or roll up your sleeves and create a DIY masterpiece, this piece is sure to make a statement.

7. Rustic Meets Elegant

Image source: Golden White Décor via Pinterest

Rustic doesn’t always mean going full mountain cabin or cowboy ranch; you can also give it an elegant spin by keeping tones and materials lighter.

Golden White Décor shows off an elegant rustic bathroom with whites and creams, bare and beautiful wood floors, and a stunning chandelier. Using furniture in the bathroom is another feature of rustic design. Here, the whole look comes together to evoke more of the French countryside.

8. Bucket Sink

Image source: Etsy

Another way to interpret rustic design is to repurpose items intended for one purpose and use them as something else. For example, think about items you might use when you’re working outdoors and incorporate them into your design plan.

Here, this beautiful barn-door wooden vanity from Etsy features a galvanized pail as its sink. It not only speaks to a simpler time, which is often what the rustic style is all about, but it looks incredible. 

9. Use Logs as a Vanity Surround

Image source: One Kinddesign

Perhaps when you think about the words rustic design, you picture a primitive log cabin nestled in the middle of the woods or up in the mountains.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw a bunch of logs all over your bathroom; instead, you can suggest the idea by creating a vanity surround, like this one from One Kinddesign. It hints at rustic while allowing some more modern elements, coming together to make one cohesive and beautiful statement. 

10. Hang a Barn Door

Image source: Delightedwiththedetails via Instagram

Instead of using a regular door, hang a barn door to add a sense of stylish rustic flair to your bathroom. Plus, it’s a great choice if you’re working with a smaller space, too, since you won’t have to worry about taking up floor space when you open the door.

This wooden barn door in this bathroom from Delighted with the Details pops against the all-white walls and creates a major impact in this space. 

11. Add Some Antlers

Image source: Rustic Decorating

Animal-inspired decor is an often-found feature in rustic design, but you don’t have to go over the top with it.  So, before you mount a stag’s head in the bathroom, whether it’s fake or real, consider these antler wall sconces from Rustic Decorating

They’re the perfect way to add just the right touch to a more outdoor-inspired space. They’re reminiscent of a wilderness cabin or an upscale hunting lodge instead of becoming too kitsch. 

12. Wood Planks on the Wall

Image source: Zion Mountain Ranch

This bathroom found on Zion Mountain Ranch is a perfect blend of rustic, modern, and relaxing. You feel like you’ve stepped into a spa on a mountain retreat. The standout is the wainscoting created with wide wood planks that go around the room.

They add just the right touch without becoming too overpowering since they don’t cover the entire wall. They also are the perfect backdrop for the beautiful freestanding tub. 

13. Copper Claw Foot Tub

Image source: Wayfair

Choosing some unique pieces can be a great way to make your space stand out. A clawfoot tub makes you want to settle in for a nice long soak, and this copper beauty from Wayfair is no exception.

It’s beautiful and undoubtedly a statement piece, working well with the wooden window trim and neutral-colored tile. Of course, you also can’t beat the view; the large windows are the perfect way to bring the outdoors into this space. 

14. Corrugated Metal Shower

Image source: Small House Bliss

Blending elements from both the industrial and rustic styles makes a lot of sense; they both use bare-bones materials. This bathroom from Small House Bliss goes all out with an industrial meets rustic theme.

It incorporates concrete features, like the tub, floor, and vanity with stunning copper fixtures and a corrugated metal wall that creates the shower area. The wood ceiling and wall help balance everything out, creating the warmth needed for a more rustic vibe. 

15. Wood Palette Shelves

Image source: Etsy

These DIY shelves from Etsy are created from wood palettes and form some incredible storage pieces for a rustic, country bathroom. You can use them to store essentials or create the perfect decor display to finish off your space.

Depending on your color scheme, change up the paint to make it work with your style. Plus, we love how they bring the colors down onto the bespoke counter to tie things together. 

16. Mimic a Mountain Cabin

Image source: Oak Lodge

For the ultimate rustic getaway in your own bathroom, why not recreate a mountain cabin like this one from Oak Lodge in Pennsylvania. Aside from the fixtures and tile floor, everything else is pretty much wood, instantly making you think “cabin.”

You can do the same thing in your own bathroom by installing wood planks on your walls and ceiling, incorporating a wooden vanity, and finishing off the space with a few rustic accents. 

17. Wood and Metal Mirror

Image source: Amazon

Blending various elements into one big picture is a key characteristic in spaces featuring a rustic design. Popular combinations are often various woods and metals to create a strong design that stays warm and inviting.

So, when you’re adding accents to your space, consider pieces that mix up different materials, like these gorgeous wood and metal mirrors from Amazon. These bathroom mirrors are also an excellent choice for a more modern, rustic space. 

18. Rustic Linen Closet

Image source: Pottery Barn

If your bathroom lacks closet space or you simply need extra storage, consider putting your items on display. This wood and glass cabinet from Pottery Barn offers ample space to store all of your bathroom essentials while making them easy to find.

The style is reminiscent of a cabinet you might find in a cottage kitchen or holding pantry goods in a rustic cabin. But, instead of open shelving, glass doors keep things protected yet visible. 

19. Well Pump-Inspired Faucet

Image source: Wayfair

One of the familiar sights on a ranch or farm or even a cabin in the mountains might be going to the well pump to get fresh water. While your bathroom likely has modern plumbing and conveniences, choosing items that help evoke these images is a great way to introduce the rustic style into the space.

Consider this bronze well-pump style faucet from Wayfair; its vintage look and rustic design are reminiscent of a country cottage or quaint farmhouse. 

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20. Stone Wall

Image source: Pinterest

Using natural elements in a space is a great way to incorporate a rustic design. But natural doesn’t just mean wood, and often, mixing various elements is even better.

For example, this stone wall makes a significant impact in this bathroom from Pinterest, creating a great juxtaposition with the thick wooden vanity and ornate, carved mirrors. Plus, the stone wall makes such a statement that you don’t need a lot of extra decor.

21. Give Your Bathtub a Facelift

Image source: Bark Siding by Parton Lumber

You don’t have to go for a full remodel when it comes to creating a rustic bathroom. Instead, consider your budget and think about adding a few key moments throughout the space.

One of the main focus points in a bathroom is typically the bathtub, so why not give it a facelift? For example, add a surround like this wood and bark piece from Bark Siding by Parton Lumber to instantly turn your tub from ordinary to wow.

22. Rope Toilet Paper Holder

Image source: Etsy

Sometimes, having a little fun and not taking yourself too seriously is a great way to go about designing a space. So, if you’re creating a rustic bathroom, don’t ignore the details, but have some fun at the same time.

The perfect way to do it is this simple but clever toilet paper holder from Etsy. All you need is a piece of rope and a double hook, and you’re ready to roll (pardon the pun). 

23. Washtub Sink

Image source: Marketplace Custom Made

When you think about a simpler time, you might picture washing your clothes in a washtub. No doubt, a washtub was a staple on many farms and used for many tasks.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that one would turn up in our list of ideas for rustic bathrooms. This vanity from Marketplace Custom Made incorporates a large washtub as the sink, setting it down to be flush with the rest of the counter. 

24. Mason Jar Accessories

Image source: Amazon

Never underestimate the power of accessories, whether it’s for an outfit or in a room. When you’re planning your rustic bathroom, if the country or cabin look is your goal, choose items that match that style.

Think of things that you might find at your favorite old country general store or perhaps making moonshine in a mountain cabin. Sound like a winner? Then these cute mason jar bath accessories from Amazon are a great choice.

25. Decorative Nature-Inspired Glass

Image source: Hamish Anderson

A main feature of many rustic-inspired spaces is finding ways to bring the outdoors in, and it doesn’t always have to be through fresh flowers and plants.

This bathroom from Hamish Anderson features neutral tile on the walls and floor along with some strong wood accents, keeping things relatively subdued and minimal. But the star of the show is the beautiful evergreen tree design on the shower glass. It’s a wow moment and kicks the room up a notch.

26. Rustic Meets Modern

Image source: K&B Home Solutions

If your home features a more modern style, then you might prefer to keep a more streamlined and clean look in your bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw in some hints of rustic design, creating a bathroom that exudes rusticity while flowing well with your modern sensibilities.

This bathroom from K&B Home Solutions uses minimal decor and clean lines but natural finishes to help blend the two styles together.

27. Wooden Shadow Boxes

Image source: Beauty 4 Ashes

If you want to forgo traditional shelving in your bathroom for something a little more custom, consider using shadow boxes. They come in various styles, or you can make your own.

Beauty 4 Ashes made these boxes with reclaimed wood and turned them into useful storage space in this rustic bathroom. Adding a few details like lotions and body scrubs in mason jars and a plant in a pretty galvanized pot add to the rustic style. 

28. Pulley Mirrors

Image source: Country Living

This bathroom uses a unique solution to a problem to bring in an exceptional rustic detail. The wall above the vanity features two windows, making it challenging to mount mirrors. So, Country Living shows how you don’t have to mount your mirrors on the wall.

Instead, you can hang them from the ceiling, and using these large metal pulleys and rope is the perfect way to do it in this rustic bathroom. 

29. Chevron Weathered Wall

Image source: Willowway.acres via Instagram

This charming bathroom from Willowway.acres pairs quaint accents with a weathered, chevron wall to create a shabby chic style that’s sure to please. Leaving the rest of the walls white helps add to the statement.

The wooden shutters do a fantastic job of bringing the outside in, and they pick up the brown touches of the distressed walls, helping tie everything together. Rustic touches like a greenery wreath and flowers help complete the look. 

30. Over-the-Toilet Storage with Rustic Flair

Image source: Wayfair

Anytime you can snag some more storage in your bathroom, it’s a good thing. You need to have a place for towels, shampoo bottles, soap, and all sorts of other odds and ends.

But, sometimes, space is limited, so what do you do when you need a place for your stuff and want to maintain your rustic sense of style? You use a space-saving solution like this wooden over-the-toilet shelf from Wayfair, complete with a mini barn door.