17 Unique Storage Ideas For All Of Your Makeup

Makeup Storage Ideas

The last thing that you want to deal with is not being able to find a specific lipstick or mascara when you’re trying to get ready for the day. Keeping your makeup organized is important not only for reducing clutter but also reducing stress!

We’ve compiled a list of 17 different makeup storage ideas and we are sure that you will find one that will work for you. Whether you are a makeup connoisseur and have loads of makeup, or even if you just have a few products that you use every day, there is a storage solution out there that will work for you. 

In this list, you will find makeup storage solutions including units that sit on a tabletop, shelf storage, plastic compartments, wooden units, and a vast array of shapes and styles of units. Put one of these ideas to use and make your morning go a lot smoother!

The Best Makeup Storage Solutions

1. Round Table Shelf

round table shelf
Image source: Walmart

Store your makeup in style with a round cosmetic storage box from Walmart. This desktop storage box is modern and available in a variety of colors.

The top half has clear doors which open up to a shelf where you can store larger bottles of makeup or perfume. The bottom half has drawers where you can store smaller items like lipstick, mascara, foundation, and more.

There are two sizes available, a medium and a large. The medium size has three storage drawers while the large size has 2 larger drawers and 2 small drawers. 

2. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board
Image source: Handmade in the Heartland

You can make your own makeup storage magnetic board pretty inexpensively. The great thing about a magnetic makeup board is that you can hang it on the wall and clear up space on your vanity tabletop. Plus, this helps you avoid cluttered drawers where you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Handmade in the Heartland has great instructions for a DIY magnetic makeup board. It’s a quick project that even a beginner crafter could do. You’ll just need a picture frame, a hot glue gun, a thin metal sheet, tin snips, magnets, and decorative paper if you would prefer to cover up the metal sheet with something prettier.

3. DIY Copper Pipe Brush Holder

DIY Copper Pipe Brush Holder
Image source: Mr. Kate

Here is another DIY project for makeup storage. This one involves copper pipe and is a unique way to store your makeup. This is a great way to store makeup brushes, mascara, lipstick, and other long but thin items. 

Mr. Kate has detailed instructions to create a DIY copper pipe makeup and brush display. This display is slightly more complicated than the last DIY project we shared. It requires a pipe cutter, copper pipes, tile, sticky furniture pads, a hot glue gun, and Goop glue. This is a beautiful storage option and you can even place a few faux flowers to beautify it even more.

4. Compact Storage

compact storage
Image source: IKEA

If you don’t have a lot of extra room to store your makeup essentials, you’ll want to go with a compact storage solution. The saxborga from IKEA is a great compact storage box with a mirrored lid. It’s made out of plastic and cork.

This storage box comes with two inserts and 12 compartments. This compact storage box also coordinates with other IKEA saxborga products like glass jars with lids. The saxborga series products are easy to take with you so you can apply your makeup anywhere and not be stuck to your vanity area.

5. Drawer Grid Tray

drawer grid tray
Image source: Vanity Collections

Drawer trays are absolutely necessary if you are going to keep your makeup in a drawer. This grid tray is from Vanity Collections. You can easily keep your makeup organized by type by using a grid tray. You can keep eye shadow in one section, foundation in another, and mascara in the next.

This way you don’t have to fumble through a pile of makeup in your drawer in order to find the one piece that you’re looking for! These specific grids are made to fit IKEA Alex drawers. They come in either a medium-size or large-size.

6. Tower Storage

tower storage
Image source: Sorbus Beauty

Another way to save space is to store your makeup in a tower storage unit. This way you can use the space in your room vertically rather than horizontally. Sorbus Beauty offers “makeup storage with style” and this tower unit is no exception.

This storage solution has plenty of drawers in varying sizes so that you can organize your makeup, lotions, and perfumes. On the top of the unit, you can store makeup brushes, nail polish, lipstick, and other items that are too tall to fit into any of the drawers. Plus, the unit is a clear purple color so that you can see exactly what is inside.

7. Modern Storage Box

modern storage box
Image source: The Sanguine Sanctuary

Don’t forsake style just to have a good storage system. This modern cosmetic storage box is trendy and stylish and is available at The Sanguine Sanctuary Etsy store.

The geometric shape combined with the mirrored bottom, clear compartments, and gold detailing is gorgeous. Each of the compartments is a different height and size so that you can store a variety of essentials in it, from brushes to perfumes, to nail polish and lipstick.

These modern cosmetic storage boxes are also available in various shapes and sizes. You can get one or get a few to make sure you have room for everything.

8. Vanity Table

Vanity Table
Image source: Pretty Luxury Bouquets

A vanity table is a convenient storage option that’s especially useful if you are a makeup enthusiast. This will give you plenty of storage space so that you never run out of room. This vanity featured by Pretty Luxury Bouquets is chic and stylish.

There are multiple shelves where you can either place items directly or add a drawer unit and brush holders. The desk portion of this vanity has numerous drawers that you can fill with grid organizers. You’ll have as much space as you need with a beautiful unit like this. We are loving the lighted makeup mirror too!

9. Rotating Tray

rotating tray
Image source: Dream Genius

How gorgeous is this Dream Genius rotating makeup organizer tray? The detailing resembles crystal and makes this makeup storage option look elegant and luxurious. This unit has numerous shelf compartments that are height adjustable.

This allows you to store makeup that comes in a variety of sizes, from the smallest eyeshadow palettes all the way to tall bottles of perfume or setting spray. The top unit is perfect to store your brushes, tweezers, nail clippers. The middle layer is great for foundation and skincare products. The bottom layer is ideal for perfumes and taller bottles. This system is easy to assemble and wash.

10. Wall Mounted Organizer

wall mounted organizer
Image source: Ali Express

Save space on your vanity top or bathroom sink area by using a wall-mounted organizer. These plastic organizers from Ali Express have multiple compartments to hold a variety of sizes of containers or other items.

They come in pink, blue, or white and are an inexpensive storage solution. Each comes with a peel and stick attachment for easy installation on the wall or you can simply place them on your vanity or tabletop surface. You can install multiples of each organizer so that you have plenty of room to store your makeup and other cosmetic essentials.

11. Copper Cup Organizers

copper cup organization
Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Here is another idea for using a copper unit to store your makeup. In this DIY article, A Beautiful Mess uses leather lace and copper cups to create an organizer. For this project, you will need a small wood board, three copper cups, leather lace, paint, a drill, a staple gun, and sawtooth picture hangers.

If you don’t have all of those items and don’t want to buy them for one project, you could simply use copper cups to store your makeup. You can set the copper cups on your vanity shelf or any other tabletop surface where you keep your makeup.

12. Mini Makeup Fridge

mini makeup fridge
Image source: Savourio

If you have makeup or other cosmetics that you need to keep cool, you may want to consider a Savourio mini makeup fridge. This mini fridge doesn’t just keep things cool though. It actually has the capability to warm items from anywhere to 122 to 140 degrees.

This specific mini fridge was designed to fit on a vanity or other small space and has a 10-liter capacity. It also has an adjustable shelf that will allow you to keep taller items in it. Not only is this a useful item to have, but it’s stylish too!

13. Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves
Image source: Fashionable Hostess

Glass shelving is an easy way to store your makeup. It looks especially nice when you place the makeup in organizing containers on top of the glass shelf. This way, your makeup still stays organized on the shelf. Fashionable Hostess came up with this idea when she was fed up with how small medicine cabinets are.

There is simply not enough room to store all of your essentials and makeup in a medicine cabinet, especially if there is more than one person living in the home.

14. Rustic Wooden Organizer

Image source: Wayfair

Maybe the glitzy and glamorous style isn’t your thing, but you still love to wear makeup. You may prefer a more rustic storage solution, such as this rustic makeup organizer from Wayfair. This unique makeup store solution is made from 100% real Cedarwood, which is lightweight and does not change shape.

This unit has ten different sized compartments for storing a variety of products of different sizes. There are also two small drawers. This is a great solution for storing your makeup brushes, perfumes, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipsticks, nail polish, foundation, mascara, and more!

15. Palette Holder

palette organizer
Image source: Lexury Designs Store

Another useful item to have for makeup storage is a palette holder like this one from Lexury Designs Store on Etsy. This particular palette holder is called the FAYME Palette Organizer. There is enough room to hold almost any makeup palette size.

The risers can be customized to your preferences. You won’t have to sort through a pile of your palettes just to find the one you’re looking for because, with this palette holder, you can see all of them with just one glance.

16. Marble Tray

Marble Tray
Image source: The Makeup Box Shop

You can feel fancy using this marble tray to hold your makeup. Having a tray to set all of your essentials in helps to reduce clutter by keeping all of the items together in one place in their designated spot.

We recommend using this marble tray to hold your everyday makeup, lotion, perfumes, and facial creams so that they’re conveniently ready to use. This particular marble tray is available at The Makeup Box Shop. You can add a marble brush holder to store all of your makeup brushes right inside of the tray.

17. Paper Towel Tube Makeup Organizer

paper towel tube makeup organizer
Image source: Cathie Filian

If you’re feeling creative, you can create a makeup organizer using paper towel tubes! Cathie Filian features this idea in an article about using recycled materials for organization hacks. You can cut the paper towel tubes at any height that you wish, which makes it possible to store a variety of products with different heights.

You can wrap the paper towel tubes in fabric or even washi tape to make them more visually appealing. The one shown in the photo uses mixed patterns to create a trendy and fun makeup organizer!