30 Nifty LEGO Storage Ideas To Organize Those Little Blocks

Lego Storage Ideas

Everybody loves LEGO. Kids of all ages from toddlers to adults love this toy. But one thing most people don’t enjoy about LEGO is the mess they make! Finding them all over the house is frustrating, but what is worse? Stepping on them! Ouch, do they hurt 😠.

When it comes to finding a good place to store your LEGO, there are plenty of options. Some people don’t mind just throwing them all into a large bin, but I prefer keeping them nice and neat — by size and/or color. This way, next time you are trying to find a particular piece, you’ll know exactly where to look!

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through 30 nifty LEGO storage ideas that you can use to keep all your building blocks in one place. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

30 Creative Solutions For LEGO Storage

1. DIY LEGO Table with Storage Drawers

Image source: Handy Mans Daughter

Kicking off the list with one of the best ideas to store LEGO is for huge enthusiasts with tons of blocks.

What’s great about this project is that besides having a storage unit for the LEGO blocks and figures, you can also use the tabletop as a playing ground or LEGO baseplate.

This keeps the LEGO time-limited to a specific area and reduces the LEGO clutter around the house. Check out how to do this one HandyMansDaughter.

2. Kids Table and Chair Set

Image source: Amazon

Another pretty neat idea to organize your LEGO pieces and provide your kids with a proper spot for playtime is having a Kids Table and Chair Set.

This one is a highly versatile table for toddlers with a reversible LEGO baseplate and LEGO storage drawers that can be used for a wide variety of activities. This idea might be a little pricey but it saves you the hassle if you have toddlers.

3. Door-Mounted Hanging LEGO Organizer and Storage

Image source: Amazon

This is one of the most brilliant solutions because it won’t only store all your LEGO blocks in one place, but you’ll also be able to organize them properly according to size, function, or color.

Moreover, you won’t need to do any extra steps or assembling, making it also one of the easiest if you don’t have time or tools to do a DIY project.

For this idea, you’ll simply need one of those plastic shoe hanging organizers with multiple clear pockets to place the LEGO in them behind the door.

4. DIY Under Bed LEGO Storage Unit

Image source: Daniel Sicolo Blog

This one is a DIY project that requires medium to high carpentry skills. However, it saves a huge amount of leg space in the room and makes it much easier to sort your LEGO to your likings.

This project is simply an under-bed storage unit on casters that was created by Daniel Sicolo.

5. DIY LEGO Under Table Storage Box

Image source: Ikea Hackers

Similar to the previous idea, this one also makes use of the wasted vertical space in small rooms by creating a storage box as a DIY drawer.

You can use this cool idea to save LEGO blocks as well as other toys and tools. This step by step guide from IkeaHackers will cover all the steps necessary to pull this one off!

6. DIY Wall LEGO Bucket Storage

Image source: B-Inspired Mama

This one is pretty easy built on your own. For this project, you’ll need some simple buckets, as well as a kitchen rod with some S hooks and a marker to label the buckets.

For this project, you need to have simple DIY skills, such as installing the kitchen rod to a wall. Most of these kitchen rods come with all the needed screws to hang them, so you shouldn’t worry about that!

After installing the rod at a suitable distance from each other, simply hang the buckets on the rods using the S hooks. You can also sort the buckets by labeling them according to their size or function!

7. Plastic Food Containers as Complete LEGO Storage System

Image source: The Brick Blogger

If you or your kids are serious LEGO enthusiasts, you probably have tons of LEGO pieces that need to be stored in a systematic and organized method.

However, if participating in conventions or your children take their LEGO along with on camps and trips, building a static storage system might not be suitable for you.

In that case, an alternative system of large and small food plastic tubs can be an excellent portable LEGO storage system that you can pack wherever you go. Here’s an in-depth guide about this storage system by TheBrickBlogger if you’re interested.

8. LEGO Wall-Mounted Activity Table with Storage Shelves

Image source: Ikea Hackers

This one is a great idea if you’re short on space in the middle of the room and can’t build or buy a LEGO table there.

The design here is simply a wall-mounted activity table with multiple storage shelves. The tabletop can be either used as a table for a variety of activities or simply add a LEGO baseplate to turn the whole unit into a complete LEGO station.

The latter is a great idea for limiting all the mess and missing LEGO pieces around the house. You can also organize the LEGO pieces according to size, function, or more. Follow this guide from IkeaHackers to build it yourself!

9. DIY LEGO Themed Shelves with Display Area

Image source: B+C Guides

If you have high DIY skills and you’d like to show off your abilities, this project is for you. The DIY LEGO themed shelving is an excellent storage idea for huge LEGO fanatics that own tons of LEGO blocks!

For this project, you need to have a small corner in the room that you don’t mind turning into a set of shelves. The size of this project is pretty big, so it can store more than LEGO figures and blocks.

Moreover, it has a display area with lighting and everything! So you can showcase some of the masterpieces you or your children have created recently.

For this project, you’ll require some Ikea Besta Shelves and doors as well as wooden coasters and spray paint. You might also need some LED diode lights. Follow B+C in-depth guide to build it on your own!

10. LEGO Sliding Mechanism Table/Storage Unit

Image source: I Like To Make Stuff

Similar to the previous one, this project also requires relatively high Carpentry skills. However, it allows you to build a highly advanced LEGO storage unit that would sell for hundreds of dollars. However, the project might cost you only a few bucks worth of materials if you already have access to carpentry tools.

At first glance, this would simply look like a normal table for activities and work. But, this table has a secret chamber that you open by sliding table plates from the center. This can be an excellent spot to store LEGO until the next play session.

This guy from ILiketoMakeStuff made an incredibly comprehensive and in-depth guide for the whole project!

11. Cubical Storage Shelves

Image source: Amazon

A lot of kids like to leave their LEGO pieces in a specific corner if they have the space for it. So why not benefit from this space by adding cubical storage shelves for all the LEGO?

What makes the ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer a good choice for this idea is that it comes in a variety of wood finishes to suit the room’s decoration and color scheme. Also, the organizer is available in various sizes to suit the amount of LEGO toys you have.

In addition to the organizer, you’ll need simple and clear plastic containers and label them according to the type of LEGO inside.

You can also set the organizer horizontally and add a few LEGO baseplates so that your kids can play while having immediate access to the LEGO.

12. Hanging LEGO Storage Boxes

Image source: Amazon

What we like about this idea is that you can easily apply it according to the height of your children, whether they’re standing or sitting.

The wall-mounted storage bins are a brilliant solution because the design of the bins keeps a large number of LEGO blocks inside all the while allowing you to see what’s inside clearly.

They can also be mounted directly on the wall or on a wooden plate to adjust their height whenever you want.

13. The 5 Tier Mesh Storage Organizer

Image source: Amazon

Mesh storage organizers can be an excellent way to store and organize LEGO pieces efficiently. The see-through design allows you to see clearly what’s inside of the storage slot and the opening allows for easy and quick access to the pieces you want.

These organizers are also available in a variety of designs and colors to fit the room decoration and theme!

14. Plastic Drawer Trolley

Image source: Amazon

Some parents don’t like to restrict the playtime to a specific spot. Yet, going back and forth from the spot where you store all the LEGO pieces doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Also, if your kids left a pile of LEGO pieces in some other room in the house, bringing them back to the storage spot would be a tedious task. So why not make the storage spot come to the?

Plastic drawer trolleys can be a great idea to store your LEGO pieces in that case. Besides being portable, they’re also surprisingly affordable and can accommodate a huge variety of LEGO pieces in clear plastic drawers.

15. Plastic Stackable Baskets

Image source: Amazon

Another way you can avoid the hassle of buying a special LEGO storage table or build one yourself is by using plastic stackable baskets.

A good idea here is to go for fruit baskets because they’re usually extremely affordable and are made from safe plastics.

Make sure that the fruit basket you go for is stackable and has tiny holes. This way you can still see the content of each basket clearly while preventing the small LEGO pieces from falling through holes.

The Titan Mall Stackable Storage Bin is a good example of this but alternatively, you can get any regular fruit basket with large holes and lay food-grade plastic wrap in them to seal the opening.

16. DIY Plastic Build Desk

Image source: DIY How To

If you’re on a strict budget or lack the carpentry skills to work with wood, here’s a quick and inexpensive way to create a play desk/storage unit out of plastic containers.

17. Organized Chest Box

Image source: Amazon

Chest boxes are great at storing toys but not good for LEGO because they’re just one big box. However, you can get one of those organized chest boxes and store the LEGO according to their type of size!

18. Lack Tables for LEGO Storage and Playtime Combo

Image source: Centsational Style

Ikea Lack tables are pretty neat and handy when it comes to DIY transformation. The double-deck design makes it a perfect playtime and storage combo that just makes your life a lot easier!

The lack table has a simple design and a relatively moderate size, allowing parents or more kids to participate in the LEGO playtime.

With a few plastic containers of suitable sizes and a LEGO baseplate, you can turn this simple table into a full-on fun station!

The project is pretty easy and you can make it on your own. Here’s a brief guide from CentsationalStyle that walks you through it.

19. LEGO Storage Tote and Play Mat

Image source: Amazon

One of the best ways to have portable LEGO storage is by getting a LEGO Storage Tote. These are simply huge organized bags that are organized into large separate compartments where you store different LEGO pieces, such as figures and blocks.

The official LEGO Storage Tote comes with a playmat that offers a clear surface for LEGO time and allows you to collect all the bricks and figures when your kids are done.

20. Toy Organizers as LEGO Storage

Image source: Amazon

Toy organizers can double as excellent LEGO storage boxes. They usually have multiple boxes at normal hand’s reach angle and different sizes to suit different types of pieces. You can also label them with markers for easier access.

21. Tool Box Organizers

Image source: Amazon

Another way to store LEGO pieces on the go is by using a Tool Box Organizer. They usually fit a large number of items in a small space and are organized into small compartments.

22. Hardware and Craft Cabinets

Image source: Amazon

For serious enthusiasts and hobbyists that have tons of LEGO, a Hardware and Craft storage cabinet would be the ideal solution for you.

They’re transparent and easy to label, allowing you to store thousand upon thousands of blocks with ease!

23. LEGO Storage Head

Image source: Amazon

This one is a pretty smart way to organize and store LEGO while maintaining the theme! It’s shaped like a LEGO head and can be stacked over each other, allowing for expansion!

24. Toy Storage Bag

Image source: Amazon

Toy storage bags are an excellent way to store medium to large numbers of LEGO bricks with ease.

What we like about SWOOP Bag Original Toy Storage Bag toys is that they’re designed to lie flat once they’re open, so they double as a playmat for the kids. They also use a simple drawstring closure to instantly collect all the contents back into storage.

25. DIY Ikea LEGO Desk Hack

Image source: That Mommy Blog

If you want an everlasting play desk that you can adjust as your kids grow up, you should try this DIY Ikea desk hack. Here’s a brief guide on how to build this brilliant into your kid’s room!

26. DIY Activity Table with Built-in LEGO Storage Baskets

Image source: A Little Of This, A Little Of That

This is one of the most popular LEGO storage ideas out there. What makes this table idea unique is that your kids won’t have to go back and forth to collect LEGO pieces for their projects and losing some LEGO blocks in the way.

Instead, the table will have storage baskets that are built right into the table. It can also make the cleanup process after playing much easier because you simply need to push the blocks with your hands to fall into the baskets. Here’s a quick guide on how to make this one.

27. LEGO Storage Brick

Image source: Amazon

This one is a great LEGO-themed idea to store your bricks and figures. The storage bricks are roomy on the inside and can be stacked over each other. They can also be labeled or color-coded.

28. Toy Storage and Organizer Case

Image source: Amazon

You can use these toy organizer cases to keep all the LEGO pieces in one place. What makes these cases unique is that they’re clear to show the content of the bag and also have a name tag where you can simply keep a note of what’s inside.

29. DIY Hideaway LEGO Tray

Image source: Thrifty Decor Chick

If you don’t have a lot of LEGO pieces around but still want to store them in a nifty way, this DIY project will help you achieve that!

As the name of the project suggests, this one is simply a LEGO tray where you can build with your LEGO blocks and figures.

However, it has raised edges to contain the blocks as well as handles to easily hide them under the bed or couch and pull them out whenever you want. Found on ThrifyDecorChick

30. LEGO Instructions Box

Image source: Just A Girl And Her Blog

Last but not least, LEGO isn’t just about the fun little bricks and figures that you can build into anything but also about the building manuals. Here’s a smart guide to organizing your LEGO instructions

Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete guide with 30 of the best LEGO storage ideas that you can apply at your home to keep all your building blocks in one place!

As you can see, the list contains everything from pre-assembled solutions and ideas to DIY projects that you can have some fun making, so you can choose the one that suits you the most!