50 Of The Most Creative Ideas For Blanket Storage

Blanket Storage Ideas

If your family loves blankets as much as the average family does, you probably have lots of blankets hanging out around your house. Whether they’re draped across your bed, folded up on the sofa, or if your kids use them and then leave them on the floor, you could use some storage solutions to keep your home looking tidy and uncluttered.

We’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite blanket storage solutions that will work across a variety of rooms, styles, and decors. We have the most adorable options for children’s rooms and nurseries, but we have also compiled stylish, chic, and modern storage options for your living room and bedroom too.

Baskets, bins, ottomans, and other furniture aren’t only great ways to store your blankets and keep your home organized, but they also add texture, pattern, and color to your home. We hope that you love these solutions as much as we do!

The Best Blanket Storage Ideas

1. Blankets on Hangers

blankets on hangers
Image source: Kelley Nan

Here’s an idea that you may not have thought of, hang the blankets up on hangers in a closet. It’s such a great idea, super simple, and we wonder why we never thought of it! It’s a compact solution so that your blankets are organized and tidy. Thanks to Kelley Nan for sharing such a helpful idea!

2. Log Storage Rack

blanket log storage rack
Image source: Apartment Therapy

We love unique solutions, and using a log storage rack as a blanket storage rack is certainly unique! And we love it. By rolling up the blankets, you’re creating space for numerous blanket bundles that can stack like firewood. The iron circular log storage rack that Apartment Therapy shared is beautifully done.

3. Coat Hooks

coat rack blanket storage
Image source: MINNA

If your blankets match well with your home decor, then add a coat rack or coat hooks to your wall and hang your blankets up. We especially like how MINNA styled their Uruguayan wool blankets hung up on a wooden coat rack with iron hooks. Now your blankets can double as decor!

4. DIY Angled Blanket Ladder

DIY Angled Blanket Ladder
Image source: Nick + Alicia

Do you love the look of antique ladders for blanket storage but don’t want to fork over the money for an antique? Use the DIY angled blanket ladder instructions from Nick + Alicia for a less expensive but equally beautiful alternative! We love that you can pick your own wood stain to match your room.

5. Wire Basket End Tables

Wire Basket Endtables
Image source: Wayfair

Wire baskets that double as end tables? We’re in! Keep all of your blankets out of the way by storing them in this two-piece end table set from Wayfair. These baskets are stylish, trendy, and would look fantastic in a rustic farmhouse-inspired living room area.

6. Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket
Image source: ALLMODERN

Adding wicker baskets to a room for storage helps add texture to the room. The Rosalyn water hyacinth wicker basket from ALLMODERN is a beautifully woven basket that’s perfect for storing throw blankets in. You may want to add these to your living room, family room, bedroom, and office!

7. Baskets with Leather Handles

Basket with Leather Handles
Image source: Golden Warm Hardware

These rope baskets with leather handles from Golden Warm Hardware on Etsy are a stylish option for storing blankets. The mixing of the leather handles and the cotton rope basket gives the room texture and character. The rope is 100% cotton, and so it does not have any hazardous impurities or toxins. You can rest easy knowing that it’s safe for the family!

8. Metal Prism Basket

Metal Prism Basket
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

Geometric design meets gold with this sleek metal prism basket from Pottery Barn Kids. These baskets look great in rooms with a modern chic design theme. They come in a large and a small size so that you can easily coordinate the storage solutions used in the room.

9. Whale Floor Basket

Whale Floor Basket
Image source: Crate and Barrel

How adorable is this whale storage basket from Crate and Barrel? This unique design is perfect for a child’s room or any room with a nautical theme. The handle is shaped like a burst of water and it even has a tail and a face. Each basket is handcrafted and unique.

10. Rectangle Wire Storage

Rectangle Wire Storage
Image source: Her Happy Home

When it comes to storing receiving blankets in a nursery, we love the rectangle wire baskets that Her Happy Home uses. The gold finish gives the design a glamorous flair that looks stunning in this floral and flamingo nursery that is decorated in pinks and teals with accents of gold throughout.

11. DIY Crate Blanket Storage Box

DIY Crate Storage
Image source: Remodelaholic

If you like a good DIY project, then you will want to check out this DIY wood blanket box on wheels by Remodelaholic. It’s a simple project that just about anyone can do. You could leave the crate as is with its natural wood finish, or you could paint it a color that matches your decor.

12. Natural Cotton Storage Bags

Natural Cotton Storage Bags
Image source: The Container Store

Sometimes you have so many blankets that you don’t need them out for use all of the time. Or maybe you have blankets that you switch out with the seasons. Either way, these natural cotton storage bags from The Container Store are a compact way to store blankets.

13. Tiered Towel Rack

Tiered Towel Rack
Image source: Duo Ventures

Keep your blankets out of sight by storing them on the backside of your linen closet door, or any door for that matter! Duo Ventures has a great idea of using a tiered towel rack on the back of a door to store blankets. It works great!

14. Dresser Drawer Storage

Dresser Drawer Storage
Image source: Styled Snapshots

New parents quickly learn that they need numerous receiving blankets so they can easily switch them out if any accident happens, or just to keep outside germs out of the home. Styled Snapshot rolls up receiving blankets and stores them in a dresser drawer. What a great way to keep organized!

15. Blanket Rack

blanket rack
Image source: Bluff View Wood Craft

A wall-mounted blanket rack is a convenient way to store blankets without taking up any floor space. Bluff View Wood Craft on Etsy sells a beautifully handcrafted wall-mounted blanket rack. The 36” wooden, wall-mounted blanket rack can hold five to eight average-sized blankets. This particular style looks great with rustic decor.

16. Beachcomber Basket with Wooden Handles

beachcomber basket
Image source: Pottery Barn

The unique shape of the beachcomber basket with wooden handles from Pottery Barn sets it apart from the average woven basket. This particular basket is mindfully made with sustainable natural fibers, handwoven seagrass, rattan, abaca twine, and gemelina wood to be exact. The combination of the woven basket and the wooden handle makes this piece gorgeous!

17. Quilt Hanger Frame

Quilt Hanger Frame
Image source: Quilt Hanger Frames

If you have an especially beautiful blanket or a quilt that someone special made for you, you may want to display the blanket and keep it in good shape at the same time. A quilt hanger frame is a great way to do that. Quilt Hanger Frames on Etsy lets you choose the stain color and the hanging material.

18. Under-Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage
Image source: Lifewit Storage

When you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you have to make use of every square inch. That’s why we love these under-bed storage containers available at the Lifewit Store on Amazon. You can roll blankets up to allow the maximum number of blankets to fit and then simply slide the container under the bed.

19. DIY Storage Trunk

DIY Storage Trunk
Image source: Love Grows Wild

Nothing is quite as unique as a handcrafted piece of furniture in your home. Items like this are often the topic of conversation amongst guests, plus they give you something to be proud of. Love Grows Wild has DIY storage trunk instructions that are easy to follow.

20. Under Bed Storage Box

Underbed Storage Box
Image source: Get Laid Beds

No matter what type of bed frame you have, as long as there is space underneath the bed, you can add an under-bed storage box from Get Laid Beds. You can design your own by picking the size, the finish, and the style of the legs on the edges of the box.

21. Storage Bed

storage bed
Image source: Wayfair

The next time you’re in the market for a bed frame, get a storage bed frame. Storage beds are made in a variety of ways, some have drawers only at the end, others on one or both sides, and others on three full sides. This twin-sized bed frame from Wayfair is the perfect example!

22. Clear Storage Tote

Clear Storage Tote
Image source: Home Depot

Clear storage totes have various features that make them excellent organization and storage solutions. You can easily see what’s inside of them, they stack nicely, and they’re sturdy enough to keep the contents protected and clean. Home Depot carries a 64-quart size that is great for storing blankets.

23. Cube Storage

Cube Storage
Image source: Ashley Furniture

There are a couple of ways to store blankets on a cube shelf. You can simply fold them up and place them on a shelf, you can roll up multiple blankets and stack them within a cube, or you can place them inside of a cube storage bin and place the bin on one of the cubes. Cube storage works great for children’s rooms, just like Ashley Furniture shows here.

24. Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet
Image source: Gigi's Thimble

Keeping blankets in a display cabinet may be the last thing we would have thought of! But it’s a great way to show off any beautiful quilts you or someone special to you has sewn. Gigi’s Thimble has a beautiful display cabinet for displaying her colorful quilts.

25. Under Stair Storage

Under Stair Storage
Image source: The Tiny Life

Make use of the empty space beneath your stairs by converting it to an under stairs storage space that is perfect for storing blankets. We like the idea that The Tiny Life shows where there is a storage area beneath the landing area of the stairs in a tiny house.

26. DIY Storage Bench

DIY Storage Bench
Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Here is another DIY project! If you’re handy, you’ll want to tackle this DIY project from A Beautiful Mess. Build a storage bench with shelves on one side and an enclosed area on the other side. This is the perfect place to store blankets, plus you can use it as a sitting bench too.

27. DIY Storage Bench with Back

DIY Storage Bench with Back
Image source: Jen Woodhouse

Technically, this is another DIY storage bench, but it’s so beautiful that we had to share. Here is another version of the storage bench that includes a back on it. We love the beautiful painted blue that Jen Woodhouse used, but you could choose to paint it in any color that tickles your fancy!

28. Linen Ottoman

Linen Ottoman
Image source: Lavender Hill Interiors

A classic yet chic style linen ottoman isn’t only a great place to rest your weary feet, but it can also be a great place to store blankets. The styled living room by Lavender Hill Interiors is a charming room that utilizes a linen ottoman for blanket storage and for a coffee table.

29. Mudcloth Crate Storage Bench

Mudcloth Crate Storage Bench
Image source: The Crate People

This mudcloth crate storage bench by The Crate People on Etsy is truly a unique piece with tons of character. You can store your blankets inside the vintage crates that are a part of this bench. Plus, the cushions are interchangeable so you can change them with the seasons.

30. DIY Blanket Stand

DIY Blanket Stand
Image source: Zevy Joy

When she wasn’t finding a vintage ladder at an affordable price, the writer of the Zevy Joy blog decided to deconstruct the ladder design and create something of her own, hence the DIY blanket stand. It still has the element of a rustic-farmhouse look but in a different format.

31. Forest Animal Baskets

Animal Storage Baskets
Image source: West Elm

It doesn’t get any cuter than these forest animal storage baskets! This set would work great in a nursery or child’s room with a forest animal theme. You could use one for blanket storage, one for laundry, and others for toys or supply storage. These are designed by West Elm.

32. Wire Closet System

Wire Closet System
Image source: The Home Depot

Every closet needs an organization system. The wire system closet organizer by ClosetMaid comes in a convenient kit and is available at The Home Depot. You can simply fold the blankets up and place them on the wire shelving, hang them in the closet, place them in a storage cube, or place them in a clear storage tote.

33. Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor Storage Bench
Image source: Wayfair

If you host bonfires or backyard barbecues, you’ll want to keep some blankets nearby. An outdoor storage bench is a perfect solution. We love the Eden plastic storage bench available at Wayfair. It’s available in beige, brown, and gray so you can pick something that matches your porch or patio area.

34. Malm Pull Up Storage Bed

Malm Pull Up Storage Bed
Image source: Ikea

Here is another option for storage space when you live in a small home. Ikea’s Malm is a pop up storage bed with plenty of room to store blankets, bedding, and more! Take advantage of every opportunity to remove the clutter from your living space with this bed.

35. Repurposed TV Cabinet

Repurposed TV Cabinet
Image source: Simplify the Chaos

Painted furniture is all the rage these days, so repurposing a TV cabinet is the perfect DIY project! Homes built in the 1990s and early 2000s were often built with a large, built-in TV storage cabinet. Simplify the Chaos repurposed hers into a linen closet, and the results are amazing! A coat of paint and new hardware goes a long way.

36. Personalized Crate

Personalized Crate
Image source: Arteldesignwithsofia

Add a personalized element to your decor! The handcrafted, personalized crates by Arteldesignwithsofia are simply beautiful. They can be made with or without the flowers, depending upon your style and decor. These would make a great wedding gift with the bride and groom’s last name and the year of marriage!

37. Square Storage Ottoman

square storage ottoman
Image source: The Dormy House

There are plenty of storage ottomans out there, but we love this square storage ottoman by The Dormy House. Grab a blanket, put the lid back on, and kick your feet up while snuggled under a blanket and read a book. Any storage item that keeps things out of sight is a keeper in our book.

38. Crochet Basket

Crochet Basket
Image source: Ipnertuvele

These handmade crocheted shine pearl baskets are absolutely lovely. Ipnertuvele sells a variety of crochet basket styles in numerous colors, and they are available on Etsy. If you’re as talented as Ipnertuvele, you could try your hand making these baskets yourself and then crochet a blanket to store in it too!

39. Copper Ladder

Copper Ladder
Image source: coppercup.29

Here is a new take on the traditional antique ladder used for blanket storage. Incorporate metallics in your home decor with the use of this copper ladder designed by coppercup.29. This particular style is called the Freddie Ladder. Blankets will look a lot better hanging on this copper ladder than piled up on the floor!

40. Macrame Blanket Ladder

macrame blanket ladder
Image source: knottyabi

If your home decor is boho chic, this macrame blanket ladder will complement your space nicely. Knottyabi crated the macrame blanket ladder so that you can display your cute blankets instead of just folding them up and sticking them away in a drawer or storage bin.

41. Unicorn Basket

Unicorn Basket
Image source: Bellybasketbliss

Every little girl would love a unicorn basket to store blankets in her room. This hand-painted and decorated unicorn seagrass basket by Bellybasketbliss is simply adorable! It’s available in a couple of different sizes. We’re loving this unique, trendy, and sweet unicorn basket.

42. Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack
Image source: Celebrated Nest

What a unique way to use a magazine storage rack! We love how Celebrated Nest coordinated the blanket colors that she stores in the wire magazine storage rack. This look is polished, chic, feminine, and we’re digging it! However, if this isn’t quite your style, simply add a magazine rack and blankets in your choice of colors to make it your own.

43. Copper Boiler

copper boiler
Image source: astringortwo

Antiques and vintage items give any room a unique look with lots of character. This copper boiler is shiny and beautiful and we love the idea that astringfortwo had of using it to store blankets. Something about this combination gives warm and cozy vibes.

44. Embroidered Basket

Embroidered Basket
Image source: Niavannah Basket Designs

Everyone will know exactly where to find a blanket when you have a large white basket with the word blankets embroidered on it. Niavannah Basket Design also makes baskets embroidered with names, or whatever text you prefer. We think every member of the family needs his or her own personalized and embroidered basket to store blankets in his or her bedroom!

45. Console Table

Console Table
Image source: My Blah Blah Blahg

Use baskets or bins to store blankets on a console table. My Blah Blah Blahg shows a combination of wire baskets, linen bins, and woven baskets being used to store blankets and the look is stylish and organized with plenty of texture, patterns, and color.

46. Rolling Metal Baskets

Rolling Metal Basket
Image source: Wayfair

Rolling wire baskets are the perfect addition to industrial-style home decor—especially the three-piece rolling wire basket set sold by Wayfair. The three-piece set allows you to keep baskets in different rooms so that your blankets are organized throughout your home, and there’s never any question about where they are.

47. DIY Metallic Rope Basket

DIY Metallic Rope Basket
Image source: Lydi Out Loud

This blanket storage idea would be a fun craft to tackle with a group of friends! All of the materials for this DIY metallic rope basket can be purchased at the dollar store, making it an affordable option. Lydi Out Loud did a fantastic job with this project and we love the color that she chose for the metallic paint.

48. DIY Woven Storage Basket

DIY Woven Storage Basket
Image source: A Kailo Chic Life

If you’d like to add a pop of color to your room, you will love this DIY Woven Storage Basket! The number of colors, color choice, and pattern are all up to you, but we really love the cheerful colors of yarn that A Kailo Chic Life used.

49. Fruit Inspired Baskets

fruit inspired baskets
Image source: Studio DIY

These may be the cutest blanket storage solution that we’ve seen yet! The creative fruit-inspired storage baskets are colorful and perfect for summertime or for a room that is decorated colorfully all year round. You can find the DIY instructions at Studio DIY. It’s a pretty sweet project idea!

50. Rocket Shaped Storage Basket

rocket shaped wicker storage basket
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

Shoot for the moon with this rocket-shaped storage basket from Pottery Barn Kids. This uniquely shaped basket is the perfect complement to any outer-space-themed room. The wide opening makes it easy to reach the blankets that you store in it. The blanket with the star pattern looks especially cute stored in this basket.