45 Unbelievable Purple Bedroom Ideas (+ Pictures!)

Purple Bedroom Ideas

If you want to design a purple-hued bedroom, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done all of the research and compiled our 45 favorite purple bedroom ideas. It’s amazing how much the style of a purple room can vary.

With the right elements, it can be an adorable little girl’s room, a sophisticated space, a peaceful retreat, whimsical and eclectic, or even have a masculine vibe. Add in a variety of purple hues like lilac, eggplant, mauve, and ultra violet, and the style of the room can change drastically. 

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Purple can be used in a classic-style bedroom theme, modern-style, farmhouse-inspired, and even an eclectic style. Whatever bedroom style that you wish to achieve, we are sure that you will find some ideas here that you can add to your design. From purple paint color ideas to artwork, light fixtures, furniture, and bedding– we are sharing it all here!

1. Blue and Purple

blue purple
Image source: Mark Scott Homes

There is just enough contrast between the deep purple and the blue that is used in this bedroom. It’s unexpected, but it works! We love how the flannel blanket ties all of the colors together. Mark Scott Homes creates a sophisticated yet rustic vibe in this gorgeous room. It looks cozy!

2. Modern Night Stand

modern night stand
Image source: Wayfair

This purple nightstand has straight lines that make it modern. The purple acrylic is shiny and vibrant. As always this specific color of purple pairs well with gold-metallic accents, so Wayfair’s addition of the gold-metallic table lamp is excellent. Put one of these on each side of a two-person bed, or one next to a twin bed.

3. Corduroy Accent Pillows

corduroy accent pillows
Image source: Walmart

Corduroy brings plenty of texture to the room, which is why we are loving these purple corduroy accent pillows that look oh-so-soft. These Walmart pillows would look great thrown on the bed or in an accent chair. We’re loving the rich, deep purple color of these pillows and how they look against a neutral background.

4. Purple and Gold

Purple gold
Image source: Alex Papachristidis

The gold-framed, purple artwork on each side of the sun-shaped golden mirror makes this room vibrant, edgy, and glamorous. The overall symmetry of this room adds a pleasant vibe. Alex Papachristidis picked a lovely geometric patterned carpet to complete the style. The pale blue colored bed frame is a nice contrasting touch to the room.

5. Focal Point

focal point
Image source: From House to Home

You can have the beauty of a fireplace mantel without the actual fireplace when you install a faux fireplace! This becomes a focal point in the room and adds a lot of character to the space. From House to Home used an unfinished wood fireplace mantel and painted it white before attaching it to the purple wall. 

6. Patterned Ceiling

patterned ceiling
Image source: HGTV

Do something out of the ordinary by installing patterned wallpaper on the ceiling instead of the walls. The purple patterned wallpaper in this glamorous bedroom featured by HGTV gives the room dimension and a flair all of its own. There are numerous patterns in a variety of textures in this bedroom. We love the use of white, black, and gold along with purple.

7. Purple Lamp Base

Purple Lamp Base
Image source: Amanda Design Studio

When it comes to lamps, you can search the internet or browse home interior stores to find the right one or you can find an inexpensive one at a garage sale or simply reuse your existing lamp and make them new again by giving them a coat of purple paint. The purple lamp that Amanda Design Studio used in this bedroom is pretty!

8. Violet Upholstered Chair

violet upholstered chair
Image source: Lucy and Company

The violet upholstered chair is elegant and classy in this purple-toned bedroom by Lucy and Company. We are big fans of the tufted, upholstered look and it looks especially gorgeous in this violet color. It’s a classic style with a modern color and it just works! This room isn’t overwhelmingly purple but has just enough purple accents.

9. Boheme Wallpaper

Boheme Wallpaper
Image source: John Lewis

This violet and deep purple floral and damask print of this Boheme wallpaper has a fabric effect texture that resembles lace. Since it’s a busy print, you can use plain and neutral prints throughout the rest of the room. We imagine white bedding in a room with this wallpaper!  It’s created by the Black Edition Brand and is available on the John Lewis website. 

10. Lavender Prints

lavender prints
Image source: Epherica Art

Everyone can benefit from inspirational words displayed on the wall where they are front-and-center where you will see them frequently. These violet color prints from the Epherica Art store on Etsy include trendy shapes as well as an inspirational saying. Depending on your wall color, you could add a white, purple, gold, or black frame.

11. Purple and White Stripes

purple and white stripes
Image source: The Vinyl Company

You can incorporate purple and white stripes in a bedroom in a variety of ways, but The Vinyl Company does a great job using the pattern in this bedroom. The purple and white striped bedding looks nice across from the matching accent wall. Plus, how cute is the vinyl decal name on the wall? 

12. Deep Purple and Gold

deep purple and gold
Image source: John Lewis

The gold-metallic finish of the table and floor lamp pairs beautifully with a deep purple-colored wall, as shown here on the John Lewis website. The rich, berry color is elegant and more formal, at least with the accessories featured here. The color is warm and relaxing and would be perfect for a bedroom setting.

13. Purple Velvet Accent Pillow

purple velvet accent pillow
Image source: Apartment Therapy

The color choices in this bedroom are so bright and cheerful! We love how the purple velvet accent pillow brings out the purple in the paintings above the bed in this Bohemian maximalist bedroom featured by Apartment Therapy. If you’re going for an eclectic, vintage, mid-century style- this is it!

14. Rock Crystal Quartz Table Lamp

rock quartz table lamp
Image source: Shades of Light

Place a rock crystal quartz table lamp on your bedside table for a special decorative touch. Not only is it visually appealing, but quartz has also been said to have a number of healing properties and is said to attract prosperity, happiness, and peace. What a perfect addition to your home! This particular lamp is available at Shades of Light.

15. Purple Ceiling Fan

purple ceiling fan
Image source: The Home Depot

If you’re going to have a vibrant purple room, why not opt for a purple ceiling fan? You can keep cool without forsaking style. This would look great in a child’s purple bedroom. The purple color stands out against white very nicely. This particular purple ceiling fan is available at The Home Depot.

16. Gold Decals on Purple Walls

gold decals on purple walls
Image source: In The Deets

Gold is a beautiful addition to purple-colored walls. Add gold-metallic circular decals in whatever pattern you prefer. The way that In The Deets has the gold-metallic decals arranged in this bedroom is a great idea! Apply them in a whimsical manner or arrange them in a specific pattern, the choice is up to you.

17. Pastels

Image source: Behruz Studio

The pastel purples and peach colors make this bedroom look like a calming place to be. We like how Behruz Studio painted the circular shape so that it continues from the wall up onto the ceiling, making the room seem larger than it actually is. The colors look fabulous together and the white curtains and area rug keep it light.

18. Watercolor Galactic

watercolor galactic
Image source: Joybird Furniture

We’re willing to bet that you have never seen walls painted in quite the same way that this bedroom is painted! The walls are multi-colored with a watercolor and galactic look. If the eclectic decor style featured by Joybird Furniture isn’t for you, just use different style elements throughout the room to create a look you’ll love.

19. Painted Dresser

Painted Dresser
Image source: Granola Girl Treasures

This custom purple dresser by Granola Girl Treasures is hand-painted with chalk paint. The dresser itself is from the 1950s. You can create a beautiful purple dresser by using chalk paint on your existing dresser. If you aren’t an artist, you can use stencils to paint on a pattern or other design. 

20. Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling
Image source: Nicole Franzen

Add dimension to the bedroom by installing wall paneling like the kind Nicole Franzen did in this bedroom design. While some designs show the full wall being paneled this way, it lightens up the room to only feature the paneling on the lower half of the wall. Painting it purple adds color and class!

21. Create Contrast

create contrast
Image source: Charlotte Lucas Design

There are various ways that you can create contrast in your bedroom design. You can use contrasting colors, contrasting styles, or contrasting and mixed prints. Charlotte Lucas Design utilizes all of these features in this bedroom design. The various colors of purple create contrast with the teal, orange, yellow, and pink colored curtains in the room.

22. Ultraviolet

Image source: Interiors Made Beautiful

Ultra Violet was the Color of the Year for Pantone in 2018. The color is a very vivid purple and was picked as a tribute to Prince. This Interiors Made Beautiful bedroom style certainly brings visions of Prince’s iconic purple! The hanging pendant lighting with the brushed-brass-finish looks stunning against the deep purple on the wall. 

23. Jewel Tones

jewel tones
Image source: Interiors Made Beautiful

Decorate your bedroom with a jewel-toned theme that includes a rich purple. This bedroom is absolutely grand. Not only are the colors that Interiors Made Beautiful chose deep and vivid, but there are also various metallic finishes featured. The overall atmosphere is romantic, warm, classic, and elegant. The colors remind us of peacocks too!

24. Round Purple Rug

round purple rug
Image source: Wayfair

Step out of bed in the morning and let your feet hit the lush round purple rug on the floor. This is a comforting way to start and end each day! This Wayfair round purple rug will add color to an otherwise neutral room or complement a purple-themed room. You could put an accent chair on the rug for a cozy place to sit.

25. Purple Rain Inspired

purple rain inspired
Image source: Petrina Tinslay

We’ve talked about Prince’s iconic purple earlier on in this list, but this Petrina Tinslay bedroom design could have actually been inspired by Prince’s song “Purple Rain.” The distressed look of the walls adds character to the room. The addition of the color black to the various hues of purple gives the room a sophisticated vibe.

26. Tulip Accent Pillow

tulip accent pillow
Image source: Target

If you want to switch out an accent pillow with the seasons, Target’s tulip accent pillow is a great fit for spring. Place it on a purple accent chair or on the bed for a pop of color. The purple tulips are artistic and bring a fresh and cheerful vibe to the room.

27. Brinjal Paint Color

brinjal paint color
Image source: Farrow & Ball

The Brinjal paint color from Farrow & Ball is named after the deep purple skin of the eggplant, or aubergine. Farrow & Ball recommends using this color in full gloss for the best effect. The Brinjal color is sophisticated and classy. We love how the navy blue velvet curtains look against this intense color. The gold accents really stand out too!

28. Lilac and Red

lilac and red
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

This bedroom color scheme of lilac and red is ideal for a young girl or a member of the Red Hat Society! Red is a power color and lilac is feminine, so what better way to display girl power. The lilac paint color is from Sherwin-Williams and it looks especially tasteful on the shelving beside the bed.

29. Purple and Pink

purple pinks
Image source: Fede Design

Purple and pink are a classic color combination that is perfect for a little girl’s room. It’s a sweet color scheme that will make any little girl feel like a princess. We like the painted dresser drawers in this room designed by Fede Design. The alternating purple and pink drawers with the pink and purple flower knobs are adorable!

30. Lavender Bedroom

lavender bedroom
Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

This lavender bedroom gives off farmhouse vibes and we’re loving it! The galvanized steel wall-mounted light fixtures are a great addition to this room. The fabric-textured wallpaper is gorgeous and matches the curtains perfectly. We’re loving the iron bed frame and the bedding. Flynnside Out Productions did a great job styling this bedroom!

31. Patterned Wallpaper

patterned wallpaper
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

Patterned wallpaper is a great way to add both character and texture to a room. This geometric patterned wallpaper that Brian Patrick Flynn uses includes rich colors of plum along with pink and ivory. It would look great on an accent wall in a bedroom, or you could use it on the ceiling for a patterned ceiling as we mentioned earlier in this list.

32. Purple Shiplap

purple shiplap
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

We’re big fans of the traditional white shiplap look, but how beautiful and unique is this purple-painted shiplap? It makes the room serene and pairs nicely with the purple Turkish rug beneath the church-pew-style wooden bench. We’re also loving the farmhouse vibes that come across in this design by Brian Patrick Flynn.

33. Peony Wall Decals

peony wall decals
Image source: Dosminer

An artistically designed wall mural can completely transform a room. These peony wall decals from Dosminer are no exception! The white room is airy and the purple peonies give it a charming and feminine appeal. It looks like a peaceful spot to relax. This gives countryside in the springtime vibes and we’re digging it!

34. Purple Tapestry

purple tapestry
Image source: eBay

An easy way to add color to a bedroom without painting any walls is by hanging a tapestry, such as this purple tapestry that is sold on eBay. It has an ombre effect across the mandala design. The twinkle lights add to the overall boho effect of this bedroom design. It looks like a magical place!

35. Elegant

Image source: Ulfat Ktaifan

We can’t get over how gorgeous and elegant this lavender and gray-colored bedroom is. The designer, Ulfat Ktaifan, calls this design concept “The Lady of Wisteria.” The ornately designed hanging light fixture is the perfect accent to this room. The purple headboard that goes from floor to ceiling gives this room just enough color. It’s a room fit for a princess!

36. Monochrome

Image source: Imy Qasem

There is something beautiful and orderly about a monochrome bedroom. You always know what to expect and it has a calming effect. The style is classic yet modern in its own way. The twinking lights and sparkling table lamp give the bedroom a magical effect. Imy Qasem’s use of texture in this room is superb.

37. Purple Wall Art

purple wall art
Image source: Sarah Ryu Gallery

Hang a purple-hued modern acrylic painting on the wall for a pop of color in any room. This painting from the Sarah Ryu Gallery is classy and full of subtle color. The metallic-gold birds can catch the light and shine to add to the overall elegance of the room. 

38. Purple Agate Clock

Purple Agate Clock
Image source: The Crushed Crystal

We love a unique piece of art that is also functional, like this purple agate clock from The Crushed Crystal. This artsy clock can bring earthy and magical vibes to your bedroom. The rose gold accents bring out the beautiful purple in the crystal. You can order these clocks with or without the numbers.

39. Purple Rose Letter Decor

purple rose letter decor
Image source: Love Letters by Analisa

These purple rose letter decor pieces are romantic and uniquely beautiful! They also have lights so they can create an ambiance in the room. Not only that but look how much texture there is in this decor item by Love Letters by Analist. You can get one letter, or get enough letters to form a word or name!

40. Tufted Bench

tufted bench
Image source: Sarah Barnard

Everyone can use a tufted bench at the end of the bed. It’s a convenient spot to sit and put on your shoes or get ready in the morning. The color of the bench that Sarah Barnard chose creates a nice contrast with the lighter purple bedding. They both look nice next to the teal-colored carpeting.

41. Neon Lights

neon lights
Image source: Sarah Barnard

The neon light that Sarah Barnard uses in this bedroom completely changes the vibe of the room. It adds a playful and energetic element that wouldn’t be there without it. They also help lighten up the otherwise dark room. The deep purple and black colors make the light fixtures stand out even more.

42. Masculine Purple

masculine purple
Image source: Tamara Hubinsky

When you think of purple, we’re guessing that you think of it as a girl’s color. However, there are so many shades of purple that it’s possible to design a masculine-style room with the color purple. Tamara Hubinsky gets it perfect with this room design that features red brick behind the deep purple and black bed frame.

43. Watercolor Walls

watercolor walls
Image source: The Minted Mama

The watercolor floral printed walls in this bedroom add to the overall light and airy effect. The style brings springtime vibes and would put anyone in a cheerful mood. The Minted Mama designed this bedroom for her young daughter and we think it’s just the sweetest design. It’s whimsical and lovely.

44. Purple Chandelier

purple chandelier
Image source: Haixiang

If you’re going to go all-out purple with your bedroom design, you may as well have a purple chandelier hanging from the ceiling! We like the elegance of this purple chandelier from Haixiang. This little girl’s room is adorable with its pastel-colored play kitchen and broadway-style lights around the mirror.

45. Corner Composition

corner composition
Image source: Valentini Kids Furniture

This bedroom is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before! The custom furniture from Valentini Kids Furniture is a corner composition piece, which can be a space saver in a small room! The ombre effect of the pink and purple cupboards is beautiful. The purple butterflies are a nice touch to the room!