50 Of The Best Tropical Bedroom Ideas With Pictures

Tropical Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to a tropical-themed bedroom design, you have a lot of options! The first thing that you think of might be vibrant and bold colors, tiki huts, or green tropical plants. While these are all fine and beautiful, these aren’t your only options when it comes to decorating a bedroom with a tropical theme!

We have compiled a variety of ideas for a tropical-inspired bedroom. Some of these ideas include the traditional tropical elements that we already described, but we also feature tropical bedrooms that are decorated in pastels, paired with a minimalist design, paired with a boho design, and much more! 

We have ideas for furniture, paint colors, bedding, accents, and color schemes. We think that you will love these ideas as there is something for everyone’s personal taste and style. Now you just have to choose which ideas you want to implement because you can’t choose them all!

1. Upholstered Headboard

Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

This tropical bedroom is brimming with shades of green and white. The upholstered headboard with the topical leaf pattern brings it all together. The white furniture and decor that Brian Patrick Flynn uses in this bedroom help keep the rest of the room simple so that the tropical leaf printed upholstered headboard is a centerpiece of the bedroom. 

2. Bright Blue Bench

Image source: Brie Williams

A vibrant blue color looks amazing when complemented by the natural blues of the ocean or sea. Brie Williams placed a vibrant painted blue bench beneath an open-air window in this tropical bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and see such a gorgeous view right outside of the window? In this room, the white and blue bedding also helps complement the vibrant blue color.

3. Pineapple Decor

pineapple decor
Image source: PB Teen

What’s more tropical than pineapples? These gold metallic pineapples and decor are the perfect accents for a tropical-inspired bedroom. The overall vibe in this PB Teen bedroom is a cheerful one. The bright aqua and pinks along with the clean white furniture leave you feeling happy. We also love the golden pineapple mirror!

4. Vacation Vibes

vacation vibes
Image source: Gray Malin

If you’re not able to go on a tropical vacation, you can at least make your bedroom look like a beachside oasis. The muted, yet bright colors in this bedroom give off vacation vibes. The room is perfectly accented by the rattan pendant light that Gray Malin chose for this bedroom. We are loving the striped white and blue wallpaper!

5. Surf Board Headboard

surf board headboard
Image source: Disney Tourist Blog

Get creative by using surfboards as a headboard like this one featured by the Disney Tourist Blog. The three surfboards are of different heights, colors, and patterns and add beachside character to the bedroom. The multi-colored and painted drawers on the side tables are a colorful and vibrant touch to this bedroom. You’ll feel like you’re in Hawaii every day!

6. Sunset Vibes

sunset vibes
Image source: The Sunset Shop

Decorate your bedroom with sunset colors to bring that beautiful ocean sunset indoors. The colorful endless summer print is set in a black frame, making the shadowed figures on the print stand out. The orange bedding and accent pillows that The Sunset Shop chose for this bedroom help create those sunset look that we love.

7. Gold Tulip Planters

Gold Tulip Planters
Image source: Audenza

A must for any bedroom with a tropical theme is a variety of potted plants. Glam them up a bit with the gold tulip planters from Audenza. These beautiful planters add texture and character to the room. This bedroom looks especially great because the flowers on the one plant match the accent chair. The dark green walls also look wonderful!

8. Boho Tropical

Boho Tropical
Image source: Modsy

Combine the relaxed boho style with the tropical style to create a calming environment. The boho style comes out with the rattan bed frame and light and airy vibe. Both styles typically feature potted plants, so these two styles go great together, as you can see in this tropical boho bedroom featured by Modsy. The gold pendant light shaped like tropical leaves is gorgeous!

9. Flamingo Art

Flamingo Art
Image source: Colour Your Casa

Flamingos are a nice accent in a tropical-themed bedroom. This bedroom styled by Colour Your Casa is perfect for a young girl’s bedroom. It has a light color scheme with pinks and greens and has an overall light and airy vibe. The string of lights is a nice touch! You can add flamingos to your decor as prints, figurines, or even bedding!

10. Yellow Statement Lamp

yellow statement lamp
Image source: Prudence Homes

A bold statement lamp is a welcome addition to any room! We’re loving this bright yellow statement lamp that is used in this tropical bedroom that was designed by Prudence Homes. The light and airy look of this bedroom creates a cheerful environment where we would love to spend time! The tropical patterned wallpaper with the golden birds in flight looks great in this bedroom.

11. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Image source: Wallartica

If you want a bold pattern in your tropical-inspired bedroom, we recommend using a peel and stick wallpaper like this tropical print from Wallartica. It has large tropical leaves in various shades of green against a white background. Since it’s peel and stick, it’s relatively easy to apply and remove which is much different than traditional wallpaper.

12. Tropical Hibiscus Wall Art

Image source: Anthropologie

You can brighten up any space with a vibrant colored piece of framed artwork. This tropical hibiscus wall art from Anthropologie is the perfect example. The vibrant coral pink of the hibiscus flowers along with the patterned background adds plenty of color to this bedroom. We like how the coral accent chair matches the artwork.

13. Pink Feather Palm Wallpaper

Image source: Burke Decor

This bright and bold pink feather palm wallpaper is a fun print! The wallpaper that Burke Decor uses in this room is accented nicely by various pops of other colors throughout the room, such as the two potted plants with teal and yellow pot tops. The addition of the natural wood furniture gives it a tropical feel.

14. Golden Palms

Image source: Audenza

Go for a unique look by adding a tall golden palm tree as decor in your tropical bedroom. The gold palm leaf ornamental piece looks great with the golden palm tree and the golden sunshine mirror. Audenza carries some of these art pieces that you can add to your room. The gold-metallic finish gives this tropical bedroom a bit of glam.

15. Ocean Wall Mural

Image source: Urban Outfitters

You will feel like you’re sitting right on the beach with this ocean wall mural from Urban Outfitters. All you’ll need is a comfortable chair and a cold drink in your hand to be feeling all of the tropical vacation vibes! This is the ultimate wall mural if you want your bedroom to be a tropical oasis.

16. Bright Colors

Image source: Bedeck Home

Bright colors, like the ones used in this tropical bedroom featured by Bedeck Home are energizing and cheerful. The vivid colors on the comforter and bedding set pop with the white background. The painted pink iron bedframe gives this room a vintage feel. We’re loving the use of neon colors throughout this bedroom!

17. Tropical Credenza

Image source: Wayfair

This tropical credenza features peach and pink-colored hibiscus flowers and green tropical leaves. It’s unique and beautiful! You can install this Wayfair credenza in your bedroom for extra storage space. The gold-metallic legs on the credenza make the round gold-framed mirror above it a perfect fit. It looks great against a white wall, but we can imagine it looking great against a light green too!

18. Tropical Print Room Divider

Image source: Maisons Du Monde

We can’t say enough about the color choices in this bedroom featured by Maisons Du Monde. It’s simply eye-catching with rich jewel tones. Add character to your bedroom with the tropical print room divider and then match the colors with the other items in your room. The teal-colored walls are stunning in this bedroom with the rust-colored blanket and mustard yellow accents.

19. Tropical Patchwork Quilt

Image source: Pottery Barn

You can get the comfort of a quilt without it looking like it’s straight out of a farmhouse. This tropical patchwork quilt by Pottery Barn is a great example! The beautiful shades of blue are sewn to resemble ocean waves with the orange sun rising above the water and green tropical leaves accenting the piece. Beautiful and comfy!

20. Art Deco Headboard

Image source: Decor Pad

How fun is this art deco headboard? The contrast between the bright green and the pink stitching is on point. The pink throw blanket, pink rug, flowers on the side table, and pink stitching on the sheets bring a cohesive effect to this look that was featured by Decor Pad. This room is unique and artfully decorated.

21. Bamboo Furniture

Image source: Tommy Bahama Home

Bamboo furniture is another way that you can bring a little bit of the tropics right into your bedroom. These furniture pieces are full of style, texture, and character. This Tommy Bahama Home bedroom is decorated in blues and whites and is a gorgeous take on the tropical and beach theme. The shiplap walls are a nice touch!

22. Vibrant Floral Wallpaper

Image source: Britany Simon

This tropical style bedroom has a character all of its own and we love it! Britany Simon uses vibrant floral wallpaper that makes this room cheerful and fun. We also love how she has used various patterns throughout the room for tasteful pattern mixing. The florals, stripes, and polka dots look super cute together.

23. String of Edison Light Bulbs

Image source: Vianney Home Decor

Hang a string of Edison light bulbs for that back porch, tiki deck feeling! The colors in this bedroom design featured by Vianney Home Decor go well together. Mint green and coral are a beautiful combination. The ukulele that is casually placed against a pillow also makes a great decorative item in this tropical-themed bedroom.

24. Bamboo Photo Frames

Image source: Williams Sonoma

These bamboo photo frames from Williams Sonoma are the perfect addition to a bedroom that is decorated with a tropical style. You can fill the frames with photos of friends and loved ones or with beach scene photos! These bamboo photo frames would look great with bamboo furniture. These frames can either be propped up on a flat surface or they can be hung on the wall.

25. Bamboo Shades

Image source: Target

Bamboo roman shades are ideal for a bedroom decorated in a tropical style. They look especially stylish when installed in a bedroom with bamboo furniture and accents. This bedroom, which was styled by Target, has bamboo shades and while it doesn’t feature a bamboo headboard, the wood is light enough to match. The artwork above the bed is a nice touch!

26. Eclectic

Image source: Four Cheeky Monkeys

It’s easy to achieve an eclectic style when you’re decorating with tropical-themed items. The eclectic style allows you to find one-of-a-kind items to decorate the room with like Four Cheeky Monkeys has done in this bedroom. The headboard looks vintage, the flamingo head mount and the tropical artwork make this room whimsical. It’s also quite colorful.

27. Canopy Bed

Image source: Puuwai Design & Construction

This bedroom designed by Puuwai Design & Construction is simply dreamy. There’s something magical about a canopy bed, especially when it’s draped with white linen curtains like this one is. It’s the ultimate tropical beach look. The light aqua blue accents look gorgeous next to the white bedding and tan carpet and bed frame. 

28. Ocean Life Inspired

Image source: Caroline Burke Designs

There are many ways to style a bedroom with tropical ocean life inspiration. In this Caroline Burke Designs bedroom design, she uses a unique tropical fish print wallpaper, a coral-colored upholstered headboard, and teal-colored bedding that gives ocean vibes. The dried starfish is the perfect accent. We’re also loving the glass lamp that you can fill with sand and seashells from your tropical beach vacation.

29. Bananas

Image source: Adore Magazine

We’re going bananas for this banana-themed tropical bedroom that was featured by Adore Magazine! The tropical leaf wallpaper behind the bed area has hints of yellow in them, which helps tie the overall look together with the yellow-colored bedding. This bedroom looks like a ray of sunshine on a summer’s day.

30. The Color Orange

Image source: Flynnside Out Productions

Orange is another color that goes well in bedrooms with tropical decor. The bright orange curtains accent the muted orange bedding in this Flynnside Out Productions bedroom. The bamboo bed frame transforms the room into a tropical styled space. We’re also loving the artwork above the bed and all of the natural light that filters in through the large windows.

31. Tropical Leaf Accents

Image source: Nicole Hollis

Sometimes it’s the simplest of accents that transform a room into a tropical theme. The large tropical leaf accent above the bed area is a great example. This bedroom has a lot of natural elements and earthy tones. The blue bedding that Nicole Hollis chose for this bedroom brings the ocean vibes into the room and gives this space a pop of color.

32. Sunshine Mural

Image source: Resene Colour

Brighten up the bedroom with a sunshine mural painted on the wall! This bedroom featured by Resene Colour is vibrant and perfect for a child’s bedroom. The sunshine is made up of colors you wouldn’t normally consider, like blues and purples, but blended together with the oranges, yellows, and reds, it works. 

33. Wooden Floors and Walls

Image source: Henderson Design Group

The island hut look is about as tropical as you can get. In this Maui plantation bedroom, Henderson Design Group uses wooden floors and paneled walls to create the look. Another feature we have noticed in island architecture is the domed ceiling, which makes the room appear larger. The natural tones throughout the room give it a tropical look.

34. Sea Turtles

sea turtles
Image source: Into the Blue Art

If you’re all about saving the sea turtles, you’ll want to incorporate these adorable creatures into your tropical room decor. How beautiful is this sea turtle wall art from Into the Blue Art? It coordinates perfectly with the aqua bedding and accents throughout the room. The tropical plant in the corner is a great addition to give this tropical vibes!

35. Surf Board Art

surf board art
Image source: Meant to Bee Home

We’ve seen a surfboard headboard, but that doesn’t have to be where the surfboards stop! Add surfboard art throughout the bedroom for an undeniable beachy vibe. The surfboard that Meant to Bee Home uses in this bedroom design color coordinates with the bedding in the room. We’re loving the light and muted colors that make this bedroom feel light and airy.

36. Colorful

Image source: Sarah Caligiuri

While muted colors can be beautiful in a tropical style bedroom, so can vibrant colors. This bedroom is eclectically decorated with accents in yellow, pink, coral, and blue. The natural greenery from the plants also helps brighten the space. Overall, this tropical bedroom designed by Sarah Caligiuri is full of vibrant colors and unique accents.

37. Rattan Side Table

rattan side table
Image source: pinkcobwebs1

This bedroom uses colors and rattan furniture that gives the room a retro style. The mint green and pale pink colors remind us of the 1980s. A rattan side table is a great addition to a tropical-themed bedroom, like this one featured by pinkcobwebs1 on Instagram. We also love the colorful tropical floral print that’s propped up on this side table. 

38. Jungle Print Accent Pillows

junge print accent pillows
Image source: Boho Interiors by Jodie Perry

Jungle prints pair nicely with a tropical-inspired bedroom. This tropical print accent pillow by Boho Interiors by Jodie Perry is colorful and vibrant. It features a colorful parrot, hibiscus flowers, and tropical leaves. This jungle print pillow looks especially stylish on a rattan chair. Accent pillows are a fun way to add style and character to any bedroom!

39. Conch Lamp

Conch Lamp
Image source: Stella and Nigel

Enjoy the dim lighting from a conch lamp like this one from the Stella and Nigel store on Etsy. A conch shell will certainly blend in well with your tropical-themed bedroom decor and serve a great purpose as a light too! Use it as a night light to add ambiance to the room.

40. Beach Themed

Beach Themed
Image source: Farm Food Family

How fun is this beach-themed bedroom? It’s a tropical twist on a traditional bunk bed set up. Farm Food Family uses various beachside accents to accomplish this look. The hammock is the perfect addition! We’re also loving the string of lights that go across the lower bunk of the bed. The tan-colored carpet gives the effect of sand while the light blue walls look like the water or sky.

41. Rattan Wingback Chair

rattan wingback chair
Image source: Perigold

This rattan wingback chair with a tufted cushion makes it appear more sophisticated than a traditional rattan chair. Perigold completes the look by adding a neutral-colored throw blanket, making this chair look inviting! Curl up here and read a book. As always, a tropical plant is the icing on the cake to make this room have a tropical style.

42. Add Texture

Add Texture
Image source: Brittany Ambridge

Every room needs elements that add texture. This Brittany Ambridge styled space showcases a lot of texture. The blanket in the woven basket, the tropical leaf, the ceramic lamp, the smooth glass table, and the frilled framed mirror all add to this effect. Plus, the look of the textured wallpaper is a nice addition. 

43. Ewing Blue Floor

ewing blue floor
Image source: Sargent Architectural Photography

The perfect shade of blue to use in a tropical bedroom is Benjamin Moore’s Ewing Blue. You could use it on the walls or even on the ceiling. In this bedroom featured by Sargent Architectural Photography, the designer uses Ewing Blue to paint the floor, which is a unique look. We’re also loving the patterned ceiling in this bedroom.

44. Nighttime in the Tropics

nighttime in the tropics
Image source: Sargent Architectural Photography

Let’s not forget about nighttime in the tropics! This bedroom is simply magical. The walls, ceiling, and flooring are all dark colored, which makes the light filtering through the windows resemble stars. The bright colors stand out against the dark-colored bedroom also. We’re loving the white wicker chair that’s sitting in the corner and is the perfect accent to the white bedding. This bedroom was featured by Sargent Architectural Photography.

45. Color Block Walls

color block walls
Image source: Home with Sisi

Vibrant colored walls are even more beautiful when the walls are painted in a color block style. These aqua and yellow color block walls featured by Home with Sisi are accented by colorful pieces of artwork on the walls. The painted pink frames are a nice touch! The overall look of this space is cheerful and gives off beach vibes.

46. Pattern Mixing

pattern mixing
Image source: Home with Sisi

Pattern mixing is always a nice touch to a decor style if it’s done just right. This Home with Sisi bedroom design does it just right! The black and white dot wall next to the peach-colored wall with tropical plant designs paired with the vibrantly printed bedding makes for a pattern-mixed tropical paradise!

47. Minimalist

Image source: Caroline Rydenfelt

A simple and minimalist style combined with the tropical theme creates a peaceful space. In this minimalist tropical bedroom, Caroline Rydenfelt uses dark wooden floors, trim, and a dark wooden bed. The walls are a simple white shiplap and the bedding is white linen. The white linen canopy over the bed makes this room look serene. The final touch of the tropical leaves is perfect!

48. Natural Elements

natural Elements
Image source: Houzz

This bedroom design is fairly minimalistic in style too. There are numerous natural elements used throughout the bedroom which add to the tropical effect. The carpeting is an earthy tone and the woven baskets give the bedroom texture. There are a variety of green plants in this bedroom. We are loving the white floor paired with the white walls and ceiling in this bedroom featured by Houzz.

49. Hammock Chair

hammock chair
Image source: Charles Aydlett Photography

If you have the room and an exposed wooden beam in your bedroom, why not add a hammock chair to relax in? This bedroom has an ideal design with the hammock chair overlooking a tropical view through patio doors. You could sit here and enjoy the ocean breeze while relaxing in the hammock chair. This bedroom was featured by Charles Aydlett Photography.

50. Hand Knotted Area Rug

hand knotted area rug
Image source: Wayfair

This hand-knotted area rug is the perfect color that makes it look like sand or woven straw. This Wayfair area rug looks fabulous on top of the dark wooden flooring. The teal accents throughout this space make it shine. The green tropical leaves add to the tropical look in this bedroom. We’re also loving the white table with natural wood legs.