55 Of The Best Red Bedroom Ideas In 2024

Red Bedroom Ideas

The color red invokes feelings of excitement, energy, passion, and desire. It’s a bold color choice but definitely helps make any room warm and inviting. There are numerous shades of red, so you can think beyond the firetruck red color that is often the first shade of red that comes to mind. 

Red can be used in a variety of design styles, from modern, to classic and traditional, to sporty and even to boho style. It’s a color that looks great as a complementary color in the room but also works well with contrasting colors, depending upon the look that you’re going for.

We’ve compiled 55 ways that you can use red to style and decorate a bedroom. From wall colors to light fixtures, to art, and all the way down to the flooring, we’ve got you covered. Here is all of the red bedroom inspiration you might possibly need.

1. Red Down Comforter

red down comforter
Image source: The Company Store

Sleep in luxury under a solid red color down comforter. This style looks excellent in a minimalist setting because the bright red color is all you need in the room when it comes to color. This red down comforter from The Company Store looks fabulous against a plain white wall.

2. Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Reclaimed Wood Console
Image source: Pottery Barn

It’s not often that you see red furniture, which makes it all the more unique. This reclaimed wood console table from Pottery Barn is a statement piece that will fit beautifully in a bedroom with farmhouse-inspired décor. The warm color complements the room while also giving it character.

3. Sophisticated Red & White

Sophisticated Red White
Image source: Architectural Digest

For a sophisticated look, finish the walls with red lacquer to give them a shiny appearance. Because the color is so bold, keeping with just a couple of colors in the overall color scheme is ideal. In this home featured by Architectural Digest, the designer stuck with strictly white and red and it’s gorgeous.

4. Intense Red

Intense Red
Image source: House Beautiful

Pick an intense red color and then use it to paint the walls, doors, and even window trim. Adding accent pieces like window shades, throw pillows, and lamps with less intense colors and pops of red will help tie the room together nicely. The House Beautiful blog used this look on a window seat area.

5. Hexagon Detailed Walls

Hexagon Detailed Wall
Image source: Andrey Avdeenko Photographer

Adding hexagon wood trim to an accent wall adds texture to the room. In this room designed by Andrew Avdeenko, a rust-red wall with hexagon trim is the focal point for the room. The use of muted blues, mustard yellow, and gold accents is a calming combination.

6. Coca-Cola Decor

Coca-Cola Decor
Image source: Henkin Shavit

Refresh your bedroom decor with a vintage Coca-Cola sign. In this bedroom styled by Henkin Shavit, the distressed Coca-Cola sign gives an otherwise plain white room a vintage feel. Because red is such a bold color, it doesn’t take much of the color to completely transform a room.

7. Painted Rough Edges

painted rough edges
Image source: Anastasia Kruseva

Here is another take on traditional color block walls. Instead of having clean, flat edges, consider using rough edges where the colors meet. This look adds texture to the room, giving it an artsy vibe. Who wouldn’t want to spend the evening in this room styled by Anastasia Kruseva?

8. Earthy Red

earthy red
Image source: Firmdale Hotels

There are so many shades of red that you can choose from when styling a red bedroom. The earthy red walls in this suite at Firmdale Hotels are warm and inviting without being over-the-top red. This shade pairs well with the mustard yellow and sage green furniture.

9. Bahamian

Image source: Veranda

There are numerous style elements throughout this bedroom, which was designed by Miles Redd and featured on Veranda. This home is located in the Bahamas and was styled accordingly, but with a bold new look. Redd used normal catalog items and added his own artistic flair.

10. Hollywood Regency Inspiration

Hollywood Regency Inspiration
Image source: DKOR Interiors

This Hollywood Regency residential home was styled by DKOR Interiors and features bright red walls with white trimming. The large, white, upholstered headboard covers the entire wall giving it a luxurious look. There is plenty of pattern mixing going on, with a variety of shapes on everything from the ceiling to the floor.

11. Bright & Bold Colored Books

Image source: HGTV

Book lovers will fall head-over-heels for this red bedroom that features bright and bold colored books on a large bookshelf that covers an entire wall behind the bed. You can purchase color-coordinated books on ETSY or you can simply peruse library book sales and garage sales to find books that will work for you. We’re loving this look featured on HGTV.

12. Artistic Elements

Artistic Elements
Image source: Emil Aliyev

Artistic elements can completely transform a room. This bedroom designed by Emil Aliyev is an artistic work just by itself! The rust-red color, mustard yellow, blue, and green colors go together beautifully and make this bedroom warm and inviting. Using trim to surround the light fixture areas adds dimension to the room.

13. Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom
Image source: Mohamed Ali

This bedroom looks like it is made for royalty with its gold accents and luxurious features. Mohamed Ali uses various shades of red throughout the entire room, literally from ceiling to floor, to achieve this unique and classic look. You’ll sleep like a king or queen in this room!

14. French Style Crimson

French Style Crimson
Image source: Elle Decor

Matching crimson red accents in this French-style inspired bedroom add to this historic English estate. The printed wallpaper matches the curtains and throw pillows on the bed. The gray canopy bed offsets the busy red pattern in this bedroom featured by Elle Decor. Traditional elements are used throughout, but the bright colors brighten up the room.

15. Upholstered Panel Headboard

Upholstered Pane Headboard
Image source: Wayfair

This design is in stark contrast to the last design that we saw! This is much more contemporary. The upholstered panel headboard is available on Wayfair and can be customized to your liking. You can choose the number of boxes, so if a headboard from floor to ceiling isn’t your thing, just order enough to fit your bed!

16. Tartan Wallpaper

Tartan Wallpaper
Image source: I Love Wallpaper

Evoke the Scottish culture with this Tartan patterned wallpaper. This wallpaper, designed by I Love Wallpaper, makes the room feel cozy and warm. The traditional red Tartan wallpaper is great on an accent wall, especially behind the bed. Add matching accents throughout the room.

17. Rustic Red

Rustic Red
Image source: Dunelm

A room styled with rustic decor can take on a unique look with painted red walls, or simply a red accent wall. In this rustic-inspired bedroom featured by Dunelm, wooden trim was added to the wall to give the wall texture and dimension. The neutral-colored comforter complements the room well.

18. Plush Red Rug

Plush Red Rug
Image source: rugs.com

Add a soft, plush red rug for extra comfort in your room. A round rug is unique and can be added as an accent piece on a wooden floor or even on top of a carpeted floor. We’re loving this plush red rug that’s featured on rugs.com.

19. Red Platform Bed

red platform bed
Image source: Wayfair

Make your bed a comfortable spot to read a book or watch a movie. This red platform bed featured on Wayfair has a comfortable, upholstered headboard that doubles as a supportive back for sitting. A child or a pet can curl up next to you on the small seat that is a part of this bed frame.

20. Red Clothes Rack

Red Clothes Rack
Image source: IKEA

If you live in a small space that doesn’t have a closet, you’ll need a clothing rack. Instead of going with a bulky, ugly clothes rack, go with a bright red and stylish one! The Nikkeby clothes rack from IKEA has room for hanging clothing as well as a couple of shelves.

21. Big Apple Paint Color

Big Apple Paint Color
Image source: CLARE

If you want to paint your walls red, but don’t want a bright, fire-engine red color, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. The Big Apple paint color from CLARE is a good example. It’s a warm and elegant color.

22. Red Accent Chair

red accent chair
Image source: Pooky

An accent chair gives you a chance to show your personality. Even if your room is mostly neutral colors, the addition of a bright red accent chair can transform the look of the room. Plus, you gain a comfy spot to sit and read a book. We like the one featured by Pooky.

23. Berry Inspired

berries inspired
Image source: Crate & Barrel

The berry-inspired comforter on this bed is striking with its clean white contrasted with the various shades of green and red berries. The simple red accent pillow and the red accent wall make the colors pop in this classy room styled by Crate & Barrel.

24. Mickey Mouse Chair

Mickey Mouse Chair
Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

If you’re styling a child’s room, why not go with a Mickey or Minnie Mouse theme? This Mickey Mouse chair by Pottery Barn Kids is adorable and every child would love to have this in his or her room! Pottery Barn Kids also gives the option to personalize the chair with a name.

25. Varsity Letters

Varsity Letters
Image source: PB Teen

Decorate a teen’s bedroom with sports decor and include these varsity letters by PB Teen. These varsity letters are made out of wood and cork, so they double as a pinboard where you can hang photos and other treasures. You can mix and match any letters or numbers that you wish!

26. Homerun Hooks

Homerun Hooks
Image source: PB Teen

Baseball fans will love this red homerun sign with hooks that’s sold by PB Teen. We love the look of baseballs in a wire basket on the dresser. Hang baseball hats and jerseys on the hooks. What a great accent piece for any room with a baseball theme!

27. Rose Colored

rose colored
Image source: Studio Joelle Magazine

Roses are red and your room can be too! All shades of red. This bedroom featured in Studio Joelle Magazine is like looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. This room has a number of very unique pieces, like the twisty bed frame, detailed curtains, chequered flooring, and a chevron bedside table.

28. Color Block Walls

Color block
Image source: 1894 Home

You’ve heard of color block walls, but have you heard of color block doors? 1894 Home did not skip over the doors when they color-blocked the bedroom walls with red and white and it looks great! The ornately detailed fireplace area looks beautiful painted red.

29. Striped Walls

Striped Walls
Image source: Haus of Hana Interiors

Whether you decorate the room with Mickey Mouse decor or not, the red and white striped lines on the walls, ceiling, and floors are striking. The Mickey Mouse chair that we featured earlier would fit in well in this room designed by Haus of Hana Interiors.

30. Red Aesthetic Collage

Red Aesthetic Collage
Image source: Haus and Hues Store

A red aesthetic collage is a great way to showcase your personality. You can create your own collage by sourcing out red artwork, quotes, or pictures. Or you can choose to purchase a red aesthetic wall poster collage kit on Amazon at the Haus and Hues Store.

31. Red on Red

red on red
Image source: Zlatica Vinsova Design

Red on red is a good look. The artwork above the bed offsets the red bed frame and the red-painted wall. This room was styled by Zlatica Vinsova Design. The comforter set was strategically chosen to include colors that you can find in the artwork, which ties it all together.

32. Spiderman

Image source: Havenly – Society6

Comic book fans and Marvel fans will love this bedroom that is inspired by Spiderman. The artwork on the walls is considered to be a minimalist design, which is available through Havenly – Society6. Red and blue accents throughout the room, including the bedding and ottoman tie it all together.

33. Storage Bench

Storage Bench
Image source: Wayfair

Storage benches are a fabulous way to add color to the room while also serving a functional purpose. This red storage bench from Wayfair is the perfect example. This red storage bench would work even in a room that is decorated with neutral tones.

34. Swing Arm Lamp

swing arm lamp
Image source: Emily A. Clark

A violet-colored comforter and muted red accents come together to make a tastefully decorated bedroom that’s designed by Emily A. Clark. The muted red lampshades on the swing-arm lamps create symmetry in the room and help bring out the red color in the abstract artwork above the bed.

35. Macrame Shelf

Macrame Shelf
Image source: Decorating Queen

This addition is perfect for a boho-inspired bedroom. A red macrame shelf is a unique piece that adds character to the room. Plus, we love supporting small businesses like the Decorating Queen on Etsy. What a gorgeous handcrafted piece!

36. Red Photo Frames

Red Photo Frames
Image source: Edyta Photography

Check the sale racks and search garage sales for photo frames of any style and color. Follow these DIY frame instructions by Edyta Photography and paint them bright red and put black and white photos in them. Hang them on a wall, collage style. This makes a beautiful decor piece where you can display some of your favorite memories.

37. Oxblood Red Bedroom

Oxblood Red Bedroom
Image source: Creative Contracting

A dark red hue makes a stunning color choice when paired with grays, whites, and other shades of red. While the name of this paint color, Oxblood, isn’t so appealing, the color itself is gorgeous! Creative Contracting got the style right on this one!

38. Red and Pink

red and pink
Image source: Sherwin-Williams

If you’re not afraid to go bold with your home decor, we recommend the bright red on bright pink contrast. It’ll feel like Valentine’s Day all year round with this color scheme that is shared by Sherwin-Williams. These colors create a room with a cheerful and fun vibe.

39. Red Ceiling

red ceiling
Image source: Intentional Designs

Traditionally, we think of painting the ceiling a neutral color and painting the walls in bolder colors. However, we can’t deny the beauty of this bright red ceiling with neutral colored walls. In this design by Intentional Designs, the red mirror and red printed headboards tie it all together for a cohesive look.

40. Abstract Art

Abstract Art
Image source: Home Depot

Red is a color that works fabulously in abstract art. These abstract art prints featured by Home Depot look amazing against the blue wall and give the room an extra pop of bold color. These would be easy to create on your own, just choose your own colors and get the supplies!

41. Red Brick Wall

Red Brick Wall
Image source: desportivovaledohomem

Red brick walls don’t have to be decorated with an industrial style. This room, styled by desportivovaledohomem, features a red brick wall in a boho styled room and it works well along with the rust-red painted wall. We especially love the special touch of the wicker swing.

42. Red Curtains

Red Curtains
Image source: Redd Kaihoi

We love the use of color in this bedroom design by Redd Kaihoi, but the best part of the design is the bright red curtains on each of the three windows. Hanging the curtains from floor to ceiling makes the room look larger than it is. 

43. Red Bamboo Mirrors

Red Bamboo Mirrors
Image source: Decor Pad

Get your DIY on and find some old framed mirrors that you can paint bright red. We love this idea shared by Decor Pad. They used old bamboo mirrors and they are gorgeous! It’s a simple and inexpensive idea that anyone can do.

44. Vibrant Florals

Vibrant Florals
Image source: Basma Kahled

This bedroom design by Basma Kahled is absolutely beautiful. The coral-red walls with the large floral paintings, sunshine-shaped gold mirror, fuchsia velvet chair, and luxurious bedding makes this space pleasant and cheerful. It’s a blend of cottage coastal vibes and elegance.

45. Luxurious

Image source: Eman Mahmoud

If you want to live a life of luxury, we suggest using red accents in your decor like what is shown in this design by Eman Mahmoud. Plush bedding, golden accents, unique art pieces, and red accent walls create a luxurious design.

46. Bold Color Combinations

Bold Color Combinations
Image source: Sophie Robinson

Bold color combinations make a room’s decor stand out. In this design by Sophie Robinson, the red and magenta complement each other in an unexpected way. The pendant-style hanging lamp, the red lamp on the bedside table, upholstered red headboard, and magenta accent pillows, ottoman, and rug create a cohesive and creative look.

47. Painted Side Table

Painted Side Table
Image source: Carolina Pine Country Store

Give old furniture new life when you use chalk paint to freshen them up. This red-painted side table featured by Carolina Pine Country Store is the perfect example. The specific color and chalk paint used on this side table is Emperor’s Silk by Annie Sloan.

48. Bricktone Red Paint

Bricktone Red Paint
Image source: Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for paint colors with a red hue, check out this Bricktone red paint color by Benjamin Moore. The black and white bed frame, paired with the Bricktone walls, and turquoise distressed dresser, along with multi-printed throw pillows that incorporate all of these colors is eclectic and warm. 

49. Minimal

Image source: Md. Zahedul Alam

Clean lines in this minimal design are accented by the gorgeous shade of red used on the walls and expertly paired with throw pillows and a throw blanket. This design by Md. Zahedul Alam is simple, elegant, and gives a calming vibe.

50. Red Mandala Tapestry

red mandala tapestry
Image source: The Bohemian Shop

An easy way to add lots of bold color to your bedroom is to hang a red mandala tapestry from The Bohemian Shop. The best part about this idea, there’s no painting involved! Simply hang the tapestry on the wall and you’re good to go.

51. Baked Cherry Red Paint

baked cherry red
Image source: Little Greene

The Baked Cherry paint color paired with a warm green is elegant yet relaxed. It’s uncanny how closely the Baked Cherry paint color resembles the color of baked cherries in this design by Little Greene. The dark-colored furniture complements this decor nicely.

52. Red Door

red door
Image source: The Guardian

There are so many gorgeous accents in this room, featured by The Guardian, that we don’t know where to begin! The bold red door with painted red trim is a nice touch. The ombre wall is absolutely beautiful. The various shades of reds and pinks make this an uncommon room design.

53. White and Red Glam

White red glam
Image source: MODSY

The shade of red on these painted walls makes the white accents stand out. The overall look of this room is red, white, and glam. The pure white accents with gold hardware against the red walls is a look that we love. This is a great design by MODSY.

54. Red Wine Inspired

red wine inspired
Image source: Rockett St. George

Grab a merlot and head to this red wine-inspired bedroom designed by Rockett St. George. The texture of the wine-colored walls gives this room extra character. The light gray bedding helps offset the abundance of red wine color in this room. Drape a chunky-knit blanket on the bed and you’re good to go!

55. Red Zig-Zag Shelf

Red zig zag shelf
Image source: Decor Pad

For a modern style bedroom, these red zig-zag shelves are the accent item that you didn’t know you needed! It’s a new take on book storage and we love it. This design was featured by Decor Pad. The shelves give a pop of color to any room.