The 40 Best Black Kitchen Ideas (2024 Update!)

Black Kitchen Ideas

Using the color black in kitchens has been rising in popularity. While black kitchen appliances have been around for quite some time and are known for hiding fingerprints well, there are more options for adding black to a kitchen than just installing black appliances.

We researched various ways that top designers and home decor experts use the color black in the home kitchen design. Some kitchens are designed to be primarily black while other kitchens use black as an accent color. 

In this article, we will share the ideas that we loved the most! You can expect to find architectural ideas, cabinetry ideas, shelving, curtains, lighting, flooring, and more. Sometimes adding black can be as simple as installing black chalkboard wallpaper or displaying a black clay fruit bowl.

There are so many ways that you can use the color black in your kitchen and we hope that these ideas will inspire you.

Black Kitchen Ideas That Will Inspire You

1. Farmhouse Elegance

farmhouse elegance
Image source: Brian Patrick Flynn

The color black looks amazing in farmhouse-style kitchens. Is it possible to have a farmhouse-inspired kitchen and not have a black and white buffalo check pattern? We don’t think so!

This buffalo check pattern and farmhouse décor go hand in hand. Brian Patrick Flynn uses this print within this kitchen design, from the Roman shades to the dishtowel, to the rug. 

The black cabinets and the unique square knobs with a golden finish are beautiful in this kitchen. The white accents throughout the kitchen help keep this room light and airy. We’re loving the wreath in the window!

2. Natural Elements

natural elements
Image source: Hot Crochet

Adding natural elements throughout a black kitchen helps lighten up the space. In this kitchen that was featured by Hot Crochet, the designer used natural wood in addition to the black cabinets and countertops. It’s a great look!

Plants and greenery are always a welcome addition to any decor. Choose a couple of different plants for variety and additional texture in the room. They help lighten up the otherwise dark room by bringing a natural element into the home.

The hanging, retro-style lightbulbs are a nice touch to the overall vibe. It’s also helpful to have a window that allows in a lot of natural light.

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3. Butcher Block and Black

butcher block black
Image source: Studio DB

Create a unique look in your kitchen with a kitchen island with half a countertop made out of a black surface and the other half made out of butcher block. This particular kitchen was designed by Studio DB for a trained chef who lives in a loft in Tribeca, New York City.

This beautiful black kitchen is perfect for both preparing meals and for entertaining. The black side of the kitchen island includes wooden bar stools for sitting. The patterned wallpaper gives the space an eclectic vibe. The glass cupboards make the room seem larger than it is.

4. Herringbone Tile

herringbone tile
Image source: Chris Bradley Photography

The herringbone-patterned tile in this kitchen is gorgeous! It is a sleek design that provides style to the room. The white grout lines help tie in the black cupboards to the white countertops. Painting the pipe in the corner is a good choice because it makes it blend in well with the cabinets.

The floating shelves are a nice touch to this kitchen and give the owner a space to display items that speak to him or her, such as the framed photo. The gold-finished hardware is a beautiful touch. This kitchen was photographed by Chris Bradley Photography.

5. Arched Doorway

arched doorway
Image source: Leanne Ford

If you’re in the process of designing a home, consider having arched doorways throughout the home. These arched doorways are especially striking when black trim is used. The double doors at the arched doorway to this kitchen designed by Leanne Ford are eyecatching and stylish. 

The style of the kitchen is accented by the look of the arched doorway. It gives the room and the overall home style an old-world vibe that we are loving! However, this old-world style is mixed with modern elements like the sleek gold-finished hardware on the black cabinets and the natural wood floating shelf.

6. Black and Chrome Cabinetry

black and chrome cabinetry
Image source: John Michael Kitchens

For a more masculine-style kitchen, black and chrome cabinetry is a nice touch. This John Michael Kitchens design features a straight-lined kitchen design with inset shaker style trim and satin black cabinets. The overall vibe is modern, although the stove has vintage-style handles both for the heat knobs and for the handles. 

The addition of the wooden floor, plants, and pottery give this otherwise cold and modern style a natural and warm touch. The marble backsplash lightens up the kitchen. Stainless steel cookware would fit nicely into the overall style of this kitchen. 

7. White Backsplash with Black Cabinets

Shapeless Studio
Image source: Shapeless Studio

A kitchen with black cabinets can be very dark, and if that’s the style that you’re going for– perfect! However, you may wish to lighten up the room. A great way to do this without forsaking style is to add a white backsplash above the black cabinets.

In this design, Shapeless Studio uses a small white tile as a backsplash. However, you can achieve the same look with a larger subway tile or even herringbone style tile. Not only does the tile lighten up the room, but it adds texture.

8. Chalkboard Wallpaper

chalkboard wallpaper
Image source: West Elm

Imagine the possibilities when you have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen! Even better, all you have to do is install a chalkboard wallpaper, like the one shown here by West Elm, to achieve the same effect.

You could change up the look in your kitchen by simply using chalk to write inspirational words or use stencils to create beautiful designs. You could even use it to write your shopping list. Naturally, a chalkboard is a great way to add black color to your kitchen without completely overhauling your kitchen design.

9. Kitchen Island Rack

kitchen island rack
Image source: IKEA

A kitchen island with a rack is an excellent way to create more storage if you don’t have a lot of cabinet space in your kitchen. This particular kitchen island with a rack is from IKEA and features black with a butcher block top. 

A kitchen island rack can be used to store pots and pans, cooking utensils and tools, or use it to hang your purse, sunglasses, and keys so that you never misplace them again. There is room on one side of the kitchen island for barstool-type seating and shelving on the other side for additional storage.

10. Matte Black

matte black
Image source: Absolute Architecture

There is something sophisticated about a matte black kitchen. It’s unconventional and stunning. While this kitchen has a light brown wooden floor and a white ceiling with roof windows, many matte black kitchens are black from ceiling to floor. We love all of the natural light that is allowed to come in through the windows.

The overall style is clean, with straight lines and modern flair. The stovetop seems to blend in with the matte black kitchen island in this kitchen designed by Absolute Architecture. The same can be said for the two ovens near the cabinet area. 

11. Floating Shelves

floating shelves
Image source: House and Home

The floating black shelves are the perfect addition to this black kitchen. The white dishes look gorgeous stacked on top of them. The kitchen has somewhat of a masculine vibe, but the style of the dishes balances it out with a feminine touch. We typically see floating shelves in a natural wood finish, but these are unique and go with the overall style of the kitchen perfectly. 

We are also loving the glossy brick look on the wall and backsplash areas, which gives this room an urban touch. This kitchen was featured by House and Home.

12. Domed Pendant Lighting

domed pendant lighting
Image source: Leanne Ford

This kitchen isn’t necessarily what we’d call a black kitchen, but it has just enough black accents to make the color stand out nicely. We love the large, domed, pendant lighting that Leanne Ford uses in this kitchen design. They fill the space between the kitchen island and the tall ceiling and are the icing on the cake for this room.

The black window grilles coordinate nicely with both the black domed pendant lights and the barstool-style seating at the kitchen island. Plus, let’s not forget the black basket-style pot for the plant, along with the various industrial-style elements that are unique to this building itself.

13. Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar
Image source: Erin Lynch

Every kitchen needs a coffee bar! This particular coffee bar space is lowkey but features all of the things that you would need to brew a cup of joe. The overall style is a blend between farmhouse style and boho style and we’re loving it.

The natural wood floating shelves look beautiful against the black paneling on the wall. This would be a great place to display any coffee lover’s decor and special coffee mugs that you pick up while traveling or coffee mugs that loved ones have gifted you. No kitchen is complete without a “coffee” sign, like the one Erin Lynch uses here.

14. Minimalist

Image source: R.Z. Owens Constructions

Here’s a new take on minimalist design that adds the color black to a style that is typically made up of neutrals. The kitchen is made of straight lines and simple, minimalist design styles. The matte black cabinets look great next to the natural wood finishes of the kitchen island and section of cabinets above the stovetop area.

The white countertop of the kitchen island helps lighten up this space. We also like the glossy gray backsplash that R.Z. Owens Constructions features in this kitchen. The large glass doors allow in plenty of natural sunlight, which is what a black kitchen needs.

15. Black Window Trim

Black window trim
Image source: FJ Interior Design

Having windows with black trim is an elegant and sophisticated look. Since most homes tend to have natural wood trim, this is a breath of fresh air. And quite literally, these large windows can be opened for a breath of fresh air! We’re loving the view and natural sunlight that comes in through these windows.

This kitchen is modern yet traditional, which makes it warm and investing despite the color scheme that often comes across as cold. FJ Interior Design did a spectacular job on this Abbey Chase kitchen design. 

16. Patterned Flooring

Patterned Flooring
Image source: Emily Henderson

Even though the matte black and natural wood cabinet combination tends to be fairly minimalist in its style, you can spice it up a bit by adding patterned flooring as Emily Henderson does in this kitchen.

Depending upon your budget, you can use tile in various colors or patterns or you can install laminate kitchen flooring. Many people don’t realize that you can use some chalk paints to paint a pattern onto a kitchen floor. If you do this, it’s a good idea to add a clear protective coat over the top to prevent wear.

17. Wall Paneling

Wall Paneling
Image source: Heidi Caillier Design

If you move into a home that is decorated with the dreaded 70s style wall paneling, then paint it! You can update the look pretty easily by applying a coat of paint. Heidi Caillier Design gives wall paneling new life by painting it black in this kitchen design. The grooves add texture to the room and give it a farmhouse vibe. 

The butcher-block countertops pair nicely with the black cabinets and wall paneling. We’re also loving the shelving located in the corner. The fresh flowers on the counter are a nice touch! 

18. Hood Canopy with Gold Detailing

Canopy Hood Gold Detailing
Image source: House Beautiful

Give your kitchen an elegant and sophisticated look with a black stove hood canopy with gold detailing. This style is unique and gives this kitchen a lot of character. Use gold-finished hardware on the cabinets to tie it all together. Jim Dove also uses gold-finished pendant-style lighting and a kitchen faucet in this same finish.

The light gray tile backsplash helps balance out the look of the stainless steel refrigerator. How gorgeous is the bright red door that you can view from the kitchen? We love how they placed red flowers and red apples on the countertops to bring out the color.

19. Chandelier

Image source: Tobi Tobin

This kitchen is in a 100-year old Hollywood farmhouse that was remodeled with glossy black painted cabinets and this crystal chandelier. Designer Tobi Tobin says that the look reminds him of “Paris apartments and grand French style.” It has the perfect blend of both farmhouse and elegant style. 

The striped wallpaper and the roman style shades are a nice touch. The crystal and brass chandelier is definitely a contrasting piece that makes this kitchen more sophisticated. The white countertops and ceiling help keep the room light. We love this modern design and eclectic style in this Hollywood Hills cottage.

20. Refrigerator Panels

Refrigerator Panels
Image source: Bailey McCarthy

One method that can completely change the look and style of a kitchen is by adding refrigerator panels. You can add refrigerator panels to match your cabinets so that the refrigerator blends seamlessly with the cabinets. 

In this kitchen, Bailey McCarthy uses black cabinets with brass trim on the refrigerator panels so that it matches the cabinets, but also has a unique flair that separates it from the rest of the cabinets. The specific color used for the cabinets is Benjamin Moore’s Onyx color. The brass countertops are a beautiful addition to this kitchen.

21. Black and White Photos

Black and White Photos
Image source: Nicole Hollis

If you’re going to have a black and white kitchen, why not use black and white photos to finish out the look? Nicole Hollis uses simple black and white frames to display the black and white photos in this kitchen and it looks spectacular.

We also have to mention the statement chandelier used in this kitchen. It is incredibly unique and beautiful and it adds an abundance of texture and style to this room. While white and gray seem to the main colors in this room, the addition of the black accents is what gives it life.

22. White Marble Countertops

white marble countertops
Image source: Catherine Kwong

Go for a California Modern style by adding white marble countertops on top of matte black cabinets as Catherine Kwong does in this kitchen. The ledge on top of the backsplash area makes a nice shelf to display photographs or pottery. The long countertop area has plenty of room for kitchen prep and even enough room to store coffee cups and cookbooks. 

The dark wood flooring gives this room a rustic vibe, despite the more elegant quality of marble countertops. As always, greenery or fresh flowers are always a welcome sight in any room!

23. Abstract Art

Abstract art
Image source: Jenn Feldman Designs

Black and white abstract art gives this black and white kitchen an artistic flair. The particular black and white abstract art that Jenn Feldman Designs uses in this kitchen design would be easy to recreate by simply drawing or stenciling on a geometric shape onto a white canvas and painting the shape black. 

The black and white rug is a beautiful addition to this kitchen and also provides texture. Having a tasteful mix of traditional and modern accents gives character to the room. We like how the window allows in plenty of natural light and is accented by the white countertops and walls.

24. Concrete Island

concrete island
Image source: EST Living

This black kitchen is ultra-modern and unconventional. This kitchen was designed to appear more as an art gallery than a kitchen. The concrete island is unique and gives this kitchen, featured by EST Living, character. While not shown in this particular picture, the concrete island is installed in a cantilever manner.

The traditional kitchen elements are mostly recessive, according to the designer. The refrigerator is concealed within the matte black cabinets. While this kitchen is unconventional, it is fully functional. It may be missing a few features, such as an exhaust system, but it was designed to meet the needs of the client. 

25. Statement Light Fixture

Statement Light Fixture
Image source: homesweethome_33

A statement light fixture can truly light up the room, both figuratively and literally. The series of circular lights on the two chandeliers over this kitchen island are unique and tasteful. It gives this kitchen an artistic flair and plenty of character.

While homesweethome_33 uses black matte cabinets, the statement lighting helps brighten up the room. The black cabinets are paired with dark brown countertops and dark-finished wood trimming and shelving. We’re also loving the industrial-style table and chairs on the other side of the kitchen island. 

26. Black Retro Fridge

Black Retro Fridge
Image source: AO

This kitchen is cute with its tiny white ladder used to display decor and the little retro-style black refrigerator. The fridge is fairly small, so this style would only work for singles or couples as a family would probably not have enough room for storage in it.

The overall style of the kitchen reminds us of a hipster style. It has boho elements ad retro-vibes. The paint job on the black accent wall gives this room additional texture and style. We’re also loving the potted plants that freshen up this kitchen, which was featured by AO

27. Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

wall mounted light fixture
Image source: Wayfair

Add both lighting and style by installing wall-mounted light fixtures in your kitchen. We recommend these Lammers 2 dimmable matte black vanity lights available on Wayfair. These could be installed above a kitchen sink window, that way when you are unable to use the natural lighting, you can flip a switch to turn these lights on.

The arms are adjustable so that you can adjust the light to shine where you need it most. Install Edison bulbs to add an additional element of style to these black matte and brass light fixtures.

28. Black Fruit Bowl

Black Fruit Bowl
Image source: Me and Mr. Jones

This black fruit bowl looks great within this black kitchen, but it also makes the colors of the fruit stand out even more. The style of these fruit bowls is unique, with a narrower bottom that opens up into the wider bowl.

This kitchen is modern with a European touch. We are loving the Sapienstone Pietra Grey neutral countertops that Me and Mr. Jones use in this kitchen design. They also use natural wood floating shelves to accent this kitchen. They have displayed flowers, pottery, and other decorative accents on these shelves. 

29. Black and White Marble Combination

Black White Marble Combination
Image source: Leanne Ford

Generally, either a black marble or a white marble is used within a kitchen design. However, Leanne Ford uses a combination of both in this kitchen design. It’s a unique look that gives this kitchen an artistic feel. Behind this kitchen island, there is a stove space that has black marble behind it, and then there are white cabinets surrounding it.

By using white marble on the kitchen island in front of the stove area, it makes the two stand out. The black marble on the kitchen island is located in front of the white cabinet area, having the same effect.

30. Vintage Blacksmith Soap and Lotion Caddy

vintage blacksmith soap lotion caddy
Image source: Pottery Barn

Having a soap caddy, instead of simply displaying store-bought soap in their original containers, adds style to the room. This Vintage Blacksmith Soap and Lotion Caddy from Pottery Barn features two glass bottles with a black industrial-style caddy and pumps.

If you don’t want to keep lotion in one of these bottles, you could put dish soap in one of them instead. Don’t take away from your beautifully designed kitchen by keeping store-bought hand soap and dish soap in their original containers on the counter!

31. Copper Accents

Copper Accents
Image source: Lyudmila Voynaya

Copper accents like copper cookware, a copper towel rack, a copper kettle, and a copper-finished exhaust hood stand out against the color black. The use of copper elements within this kitchen visualization by Lyudmila Voynaya gives this modern kitchen an old-world flair.

We also like the copper hardware that is applied to the black cabinets. The stainless-steel retro-style refrigerator is a nice touch. Hanging the cooking utensils on the towel rack is a great idea, especially if you don’t have a lot of cabinet space or counter space on which to store them. 

32. Boho Elegant

Boho Elegant
Image source: Paweł Pęcherzewski

This kitchen design mixes a variety of styles for an overall boho elegant effect. There are traditional elements, like the walls with ornate trim work, modern elements like the straight lines of the black matte cabinets, and boho elements like the use of greenery in the kitchen.

How gorgeous is the crystal chandelier above the black table? The gold finish on this chandelier pairs nicely with the gold finish on the hanging pendant lighting above the kitchen island area. These features give an elegant effect to this kitchen designed by Paweł Pęcherzewski

33. Rustic Wood Decor

rustic wood decor
Image source: Lil Rustic Sign Shoppe

Share a bit of personality by having rustic wood décor with fun quotes or sayings on display. This Lil Rustic Sign Shoppe rustic wood décor item says “this kitchen is for dancing”, but there are a number of ideas and options available on their Etsy store site.

Other options include “the secret ingredient is always love”, “simply blessed”, or simply “yum!” They are available with a black background and white letters or with a white background and black letters. They are the perfect addition to a black kitchen, especially if the overall style is more rustic in nature. 

34. Kitchen Island Wallpaper

kitchen island wallpaper
Image source: Mary Erker Signorelli

If you don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire wall in your kitchen, but you want to spice up the look a bit, consider installing a patterned wallpaper on your kitchen island as Mary Erker Signorelli does in this kitchen design.

This would be an easy DIY project that wouldn’t cost a fortune to buy the supplies and wouldn’t take up a substantial amount of time to complete the project. The black and gold accented wallpaper is a great way to add the color black in the kitchen without any painting required! 

35. Luxurious

Image source: AWTAD Architectural Designs

This black kitchen is both luxurious and large. You would need just the right space to be able to accomplish everything about this luxurious kitchen, but you can take some of the elements and incorporate these ideas into a small design. The black cabinetry with gold accents is one of the most luxurious features of this kitchen.

We love the concealed refrigerator and how it blends in seamlessly with the cabinets. The flooring that AWTAD Architectural Designs uses is unique and beautiful. With a mixture of woodgrain tiles, black tiles, and a stone tile look, it adds some artistry to this kitchen.

36. Rustic Style

rustic style
Image source: Pearson Design Group

This kitchen design uses a blend of dark-finished wood and black-matte cabinetry. The wooden beams give this kitchen a rustic vibe. While it’s rustic, Pearson Design Group also incorporates traditional and elegant features. We are loving the blacksmith-style features on the stove hood and the small bar seating area near the kitchen island because they give this room a lot of character.

The concealed refrigerator blends in seamlessly with the surrounding cabinets so that it doesn’t take away from the overall room design. The windows with black trim are gorgeous and let in lots of natural light.

37. Brick Accent Wall

Brick Accent Wall
Image source: Ocala Kitchen and Bath, Inc.

Having a brick accent wall gives the kitchen a rustic and industrial-type vibe. If you live in an old home with distressed brick walls, this will be easy to accomplish. If you don’t, brick masons can install brick to make it look like a vintage distressed brick wall.

Another idea, that is much cheaper, is to get a 3D wallpaper that looks just like a vintage distressed brick. You’ll only be able to tell it’s wallpaper if you get up close! We love how the various black features in this kitchen designed by Ocala Kitchen and Bath, Inc. stand out against the brick wall.

38. Light and Airy

Light Airy
Image source: HGTV

There are a million reasons why we love this HGTV kitchen. Despite having black cabinets, it has a light and airy feel. This is accomplished in part by the white trim surrounding the black cabinets, but also by the use of patterned white wallpaper and the white kitchen island countertops.

Let’s also not forget the large windows in the kitchen, which allow plenty of light into the room and are a must in any kitchen. This kitchen has a concealed fridge, which makes it look like just another cabinet rather than an appliance. We’re loving the pendant lighting!

39. Pops of Color

pops of color
Image source: Fireclay Tile

You can warm up a black kitchen and give it a welcoming vibe by adding pops of color throughout the kitchen. In this kitchen, Fireclay Tile uses fluorescent yellow candlesticks and a green fruit bowl with bright oranges. While you can’t see it in this picture, there are additional colorful artistic pieces further down on the shelf. 

We’re also loving the ratan-style wall-mounted lights that go well with the natural wood shelf. The black tile with white grouting is a nice touch. The retro-style refrigerator always gives a kitchen a lot of character.

40. Benjamin Moore Cheating Heart

benjamin moore cheating heart
Image source: Remodelaholic

You might be surprised at how many different shades of the color black there are. You don’t notice them until you see them all together. One of our favorite black paint colors is Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart color, which is shown on the cabinets in this kitchen featured by Remodelaholic.

It’s a lighter black color with gray undertones. It’s the perfect color to attain black cabinets without making the room too dark with a darker black color. Using white countertops and a white subway tile backsplash also help lighten up the room.