15 Unique Ideas For Medicine Storage At Home

Medicine Storage Ideas

Do you ever notice how the medicine in your home seems to multiply before your very eyes? A lot of times, you might not even remember picking it up at the store. You end up with random, half-filled bottles of cough syrup, pill packets that you can’t identify, and four different kinds of headache medicines. Plus, if you have kids, you likely have both the adult and the children’s versions of everything. 

To make things even more confusing, you probably don’t have one set place for all your medicines either. Instead, it’s more than likely that you have a few items in the bathroom cabinets, a few more in the kitchen, and maybe even some forgotten, expired bottles hanging out in your nightstand. 

No matter how you describe your medicine storage conundrum, there’s a solution to the madness. Check out these 15 clever ways to get your medicine storage under control so it stops giving you a splitting headache.

The Best Storage Ideas For Medicine

1. Locking Medicine Chest

Image source: Amazon

Keeping your medication in a locking case like this one from Amazon ensures everyone in your home stays safe and sound. The last thing you want is for your kids to get a hold of your meds, especially since not all child-proof caps are as child-proof as you might think.

This case offers several divided sections to help keep things organized and easy to see. If you have more medication than will fit in one case, opt for two and keep like medicines together in each one. Similar cases are also available in various sizes, colors and with different compartment setups. 

2. Drop Down Spice Rack

Image source: Lindsay Fowler via Pinterest.

Take a cue from your kitchen for your medication storage, like Lindsay Fowler via Pinterest. Many medicine bottles are similar in size to various spices, so a spice rack can become a perfect solution for corralling all of your medication. You can store boxed medicine in them as well.

Plus, since it’s advisable to keep medicines in upper cabinets for safety reasons, this drop-down spice rack makes reaching everything easy as can be, no step stool required. Opt for storing medicine you don’t use as often, or backup bottles, on the stationary shelf, and place more frequently-used medications on the drop-down section. 

3. Insulated Travel Case

Image source: Allermates

Many people choose to keep some medication on their person when they’re out and about, but even for these small amounts, you need a way to store them properly. This is especially true if you have a medication that you need to keep at a cool temperature but need to have with you at all times.

This insulated travel case with an ice pack from AllerMates is an excellent solution for storing medicine on the go that needs to be kept cold. Plus, the handy strap allows you to carry it easily, or you can opt to remove the strap and carry it inside of a purse or backpack. When not in use, simply store the ice pack in your freezer to keep it ready to go.

4. Convert a Bread Box

Image source: Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures

If you prefer a storage solution that blends into your decor, try this DIY idea from Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures. A bread box becomes a great way to gather all of your medicine into one place, and it creates a unique decor piece at the same time.

This one evokes a French-inspired, vintage feel, but you can choose from a variety of different styles and use your artistic skills to create the perfect match for your home’s design. To add an extra layer of safety, you can either keep the bread box in a high location, for example, the top of the refrigerator, or consider adding a small lock. 

5. Classic Travel Pill Cases

Image source: Amazon

These classic travel pill cases from Amazon are a great way to store some of your most frequently-used daily medications and vitamins. You can separate each kind of pill into its own compartment and easily fit them into a purse or travel bag, so you always have your meds with you no matter where you are.

However, it’s advisable to go one step further and label your sections to help identify the pills. You can either cut out a piece of the original packaging and tape it to the inside of each lid or simply make a label for each section. 

6. A Suitcase Becomes a Unique Medicine Cabinet

Image source: Pinterest

This clever idea from Pinterest is not only an excellent way to create more storage for your medication and other essentials, but it’s certainly a conversation starter too. A vintage suitcase gets new life when repurposed into a fun and quirky medicine cabinet complete with shelves.

You can even create a secure medicine cabinet using a suitcase with its own lock or even a combination latch. This idea definitely goes to show you that with a bit of creativity and effort, you can turn anything into your next treasure. Plus, you can choose a suitcase that goes well with your room’s theme or even paint it to add your own flair. 

7. Use Tiered Shelves

Image source: Amazon

Classic tiered shelves allow you to store multiple bottles on a deep shelf without losing sight of what you have. This is especially good when you’re storing similarly-sized bottles together since the ones in the back can easily get forgotten. Before you know it, you end up buying more of what you already have, simply because you can’t see everything when you look in the cabinet.

This solution from Amazon features four shelves, helping give your storage a lift, literally. The clear plastic material is durable and helps keep things visually light. They also make it a lot easier to reach items that are in the back of the cabinet or closet.

8. Repurpose a Shoe Organizer

Image source: The Frugal Free Gal via Pinterest

Shoe organizers have endless uses; really, you can store pretty much anything you can think of in them. The Frugal Free Gal via Pinterest decides to use their over-the-door organizer for medications and other supplies, keeping everything within reach without cluttering up shelf space.

If you go this route, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind: opt for clear pockets so you can see what you have, and don’t use this solution in a home with small children unless you put it on the back of a door that you can lock. Plus, notice that in this example, the medicines are all kept in the uppermost pockets. 

9. Create Emergency Buckets

Image source: Food Storage Moms

So, this concept from Food Storage Moms focuses on storing and organizing large supplies of medication and other essential supplies, specifically for emergencies. However, you can take a page from this playbook and apply it to your own home, especially if you have a large family or multiple generations living under one roof.

Buckets and pails of any size are a great way to corral bottles and pill packs, and you can opt for lidded versions for stacking or keep them open for easier access. Plus, if you want a portable storage solution for your medication, you’ve got that too. 

10. Install a Sleek Medicine Mirror

Image source: Wayfair

It’s an oldie but a goodie, a classic mirrored medicine cabinet hanging above your bathroom vanity. But, this sleek, frameless mirrored design from Wayfair isn’t anything like your grandma’s medicine cabinet of old. (You know the ones, so outdated and clunky that you bumped your head on it every time you leaned over to wash your face or brush your teeth.)

This modern hidden cabinet blends in well with any decor, and it features multiple compartments that provide an abundance of storage for all of your medications and other essentials. You can see everything when you want to see it and hide it away when you’re done.

11. Use Clear Turntables

Image source: Amazon

Turntables are a great way to store items on deeper shelves since you can rotate them to access what you want to reach without moving a bunch of stuff around. These clear turntables from Amazon are perfect for storing medication because the raised sides ensure bottles don’t go tipping over and rolling off shelves every time you take your medicine storage for a spin.

You can use turntables in closets, pantries, or cabinets, making them super versatile. Plus, you can find them in a variety of sizes and even double or triple-decker models, so you can get the style that works best for your space.

12. Simple and Effective Plastic Drawers

Image source: Bloglovin'

Stackable, shallow plastic drawers are a great way to take advantage of vertical space on shelves, easily holding pill packs, boxes, or even smaller bottles on their sides. The see-through drawers make it easy to see the drawer contents, while labels help for even faster identification. Plus, they make everything look extra-neat and tidy, as this setup by Bloglovin’.

Labels are great for drawers because then you know exactly what’s inside that might have shifted to the back. You can organize your medications by use or ailment or however else you prefer. The best labeling technique is the one that is the most recognizable to you, but also consider visiting guests or others in the household too. In other words, don’t get too confusing or broad with your labels. 

13. Repurpose Themed Photo Boxes

Image source: Dream a Little Bigger

If you prefer storage that keeps your items hidden, then repurposing photo boxes into pretty, themed medication containers is a great option. Photo boxes are relatively inexpensive and offer the perfect blank canvas for creating something that matches your personal sense of style and your room’s decor.

These boxes by Dream a Little Bigger drum up feelings of old-fashioned drugstores and pharmacies, giving a vintage flair to the space, but you can go with any design that floats your boat. You can use chalkboard paint and write directly on the box to identify the contents or create your own labels of choice.

14. Hang a Double Wall Shelf

Image source: Amazon

If you prefer to keep your shelf space open for other things like towels, hairdryers, and other odds and ends, then try these mounted wall shelves from Amazon. These double-decker shelves are clear, making it easy to see what’s on them, and you can either hang them on a wall or even onto the back of a cabinet or closet door, keeping your shelf space free and clear for larger items.

You can use multiple shelves to store as many bottles or boxes as you have. Or, use them in combination with other storage solutions to create an organized system that works best for you.

15. Organize Pill Packs with a Recipe Box

Image source: The Message in the Mess

When you open up your recipe box, you expect to find a collection of assorted recipes, perhaps passed down from former generations and gathered from a variety of cookbooks and other sources over the years. But, this recipe box from The Message in the Mess goes in a whole different direction, finding the perfect way to organize all of those random pill packs, as well as a way to identify them.

You can use the dividers that come with the recipe box to sort the medications, applying labels that work for you. Plus, you can clip the covers from the original packaging to keep them front and center for easy identification. Paper clip the packets directly to the packaging for even easier access.

5 Tips To Cure Your Medicine Storage Woes

There are some unique factors to consider when you’re storing medicine. It isn’t all about making items accessible and pretty; you also need to think about safety and proper storage requirements. It all starts with gathering your medications from throughout your entire home and bringing them all to one location.

Toss Out Expired Medications

Once you have everything in one place, start simple. Go through every single item, separating out anything that is expired. Place all of these items in a bag and put them to the side for proper disposal. This way, you’re only organizing the things that are actually usable. When it comes to disposing of the old medicine, you can’t just toss it in the trash or flush it down the toilet. 

Check with your local pharmacies for medication drop-off programs. Many places will have certain days of the month when they will accept old medications and dispose of them for you in a safe manner. With the remaining items that you plan to keep, sort them into piles of similar medication. 

Safety First!

Organizing medication isn’t like organizing your jewelry drawer. If the wrong person gets ahold of it, whether it’s children in the home (or even pets) or a visiting guest, there can be devastating consequences. Therefore, whatever storage solutions you come up with, it’s best to think high-up or locked. In other words, store medicine in upper cabinets or a locking container.

Or you can also utilize child safety latches on cabinets and drawers that contain medication. If you keep any medication in your purse, ensure you also keep your purse out of reach of inquisitive little hands and curious pets. 

Know The Storage Requirements Of Your Medication

Before you put your medicine away in a cupboard or box, check the label for the proper storage requirements. Certain medications need to be refrigerated or kept at a certain temperature. Therefore, ensure you get storage solutions that enable you to keep your meds at their full potency. If you need to use something special to administer the medication, like a syringe, inhaler, spacer, or other devices, ensure you keep these items nearby and in a clean container.

Always Label If You Remove Original Packaging

Yes, all of those boxes and bottles can become cumbersome, especially when it comes to travel. But, before you start dumping out pills or tossing out boxes, save the labels. Ensure you mark everything you need to know about the medication on the container you put it in, including the name, directions for use, and dosage information.

Don’t rely on your memory (or Google) to try and identify a pill weeks later. Also, before you transfer anything to another container, make sure it’s okay to do so. Some medications need to remain in their original containers to stay effective. 

Create A Grab-and-Go Travel Kit

Instead of gathering up all of your various medications every time you want to take a trip, have a ready-to-go travel kit prepared. Create a smaller container with labels of your medications, and keep about a week’s supply in it.

Keep this travel kit with your other medication storage, and when it’s time for vacation, you can grab it and know you have everything you need. You can replenish it after your trip. This is also a great thing to have at the ready for emergency trips, like evacuations or other unexpected travel. 

With these tips in mind, you can keep your medication storage from getting out of hand and make sure it’s always easy to access. After all, the last thing you want to mess with when you have a headache or a troubling stomach bug is to be searching for the thing that’s going to offer you some much-needed relief.